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Only You #2020

Only You Fate may be trying to hold back Paige Levine but Paige has other plans After a traumatic childhood the spirited redhead worked her way through college and into a job in the Governor s cabinet But wh

  • Title: Only You
  • Author: Joya Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781477824375
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Only You By Joya Ryan, Fate may be trying to hold back Paige Levine, but Paige has other plans After a traumatic childhood, the spirited redhead worked her way through college and into a job in the Governor s cabinet But when a steamy scandal threatens to pull her under along with the guilty parties, Paige finds herself unemployed Miserable, she seeks solace in tequila shots and a steamy encoFate may be trying to hold back Paige Levine, but Paige has other plans After a traumatic childhood, the spirited redhead worked her way through college and into a job in the Governor s cabinet But when a steamy scandal threatens to pull her under along with the guilty parties, Paige finds herself unemployed Miserable, she seeks solace in tequila shots and a steamy encounter with a gorgeous delivery guy Little does she know that the deliveryman is actually Leo Savas, powerful shipping magnate and just the man to give her a job when she desperately needs one.As Leo s glorified gopher, Paige slowly wins her handsome boss s trust and his heart But when the scandal at the Governor s office hits the papers and Paige finds her good name unfairly tarnished, the woman who s worked so hard for everything wonders if her new life and new love are lost forever.From the bestselling author of Break Me Slowly comes a sensual new story in her Sweet Torment series, about letting passion be the ultimate boss.

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      Joya Ryan

    1 thought on “Only You

    1. sigh Yet another mediocre book sigh Yet another mediocre bookPaige worked in the office of the governor of NY But when scandal touches her old boss, and extends to her, she finds herself jobless She ends up sleeping with the delivery boy she met at work, then leaves him at the bar When her former boss sets up an interview with a friend of his, it is gasp the delivery boy she wham bam thank you man d at the bar And he s the CEO She talk s her way into the job, and we are treated to the formation [...]

    2. Meh, maybe 2 1 2 3 stars The beginning was okay, the middle dragged You got a bit tired of Paige and her pretending pushing the world away blah blah blah after a while It s loosely got a Cinderella feel, and even eludes to the fact early on Leo was pretty awesome, and the HEA was strong

    3. I had the amazing opportunity to read Only You by Joya Ryan.Only You is about Paige Levine and Leandro Savas Paige had a traumatic childhood where no one stood by her or believed in her Her home life was a wreck She worked her way through school and college and ended up with a job in the governor s cabinet Scandalous activity at her work threatens her and her job Then she meets Leo, who she believes is a delivery guy and her world changes Everything she thought she needed to fit in changes Thoug [...]

    4. Interesting enough I m a romantic at heart anyways so I tend to cling to the characters So yes, I cried The narrator fell short for me As far as changing her voice for the different characters she did well, but her voice when she wasn t voicing others, didn t seem to fit the Paige s character at all.I m a romantic at heart anyways so I tend to cling to the characters So yes, I cried The narrator fell short for me As far as changing her voice for the different characters she did well, but her voi [...]

    5. Emotional rollercoaster I went through a spectrum of emotions with this one Giggling, tears, and plenty of blush worthy moments A must read for Romance fans.

    6. I was given the amazing opportunity to read an arc of Only You and I can t thank Joya Ryan enough I have read several of her other books but this one is by far my favorite Only You is one of those books that you tell yourself just one chapter and before you know it you have read the entire book It s that good Every Single Chapter left me aching for .Paige Levine is a go getter Running from a past where no one believed her, Paige finds herself in NY with her best friend She has supported herself [...]

    7. Enthralling, scandalous, steamy love story Loved it Only you is a gripping story of two individuals with sordid past brought together by a political sex scandal, the very scandal that threatens to rip them apart.Leo and Paige both have trust issues derived from past deceit Their attraction for each other is fierce but is it enough Not only is Paige determined to keep their relationship strictly professional seriously I wanted to strangle her a few times , but both Paige and Leo find it difficult [...]

    8. This I must say is by far one of my favorite books by Joya Ryan, and I loved them all From page one this story grabbed me and before I knew it I was reading the words the end.Paige s character was one that I loved from the first book in the series, Breathe you in She is head strong, independent women who had a hard childhood When a scandal that involves her boss breaks, Paige feels her job is threatened and decides to resign rather then get fired Deciding to drown her sorrows at the bar, Paige h [...]

    9. This was my first from Joya Ryan and even though I jumped in to the Sweet Torment series with book two I don t feel like that hurt my enjoyment of the story at all Paige has tried very hard to put her painful past behind her She s put herself through college and earned a position in the Governor s office But when a scandal rocks the political scene Paige is left unemployed and close to becoming homeless After drowning her sorrows in a few shots of tequila Paige has a hot, one night with the man [...]

    10. WOW I am not sure how to even put this review into words I discovered Joya Ryan through a blog chat she was participating in and I read Only you first and then eventually devoured everything else she wrote This one book has left me with a book hangover I loved it from beginning to end I cried and laughed and had every other emotion out there for this book I loved Paige She was so strong and feisty but all she wanted was love And there was Leo Holy Hotness He was so incredible as a character and [...]

    11. When u had a life full of rejection, untrust, u may not growth up strong like Paige She was being rejected by everyone, her mother, her friends, her work n someone she trust I thought about it, if u always being rejected, u may choose to cut your life in short, that s the easy way to stopping the mess, but Paige didn t.The first book, I do thing think Amy is good n so did Roman, but in the second, I just felt disappointed in Amy, when Amy was rejected by her parent, Paige was there for her, gave [...]

    12. i dont usually write reviews but im going to come out and say that paiges friend was a bitch her fiance, the govenor has a scandal involving of his people and even though it doesnt name paige, her friend cuts her out of her life i totally get not seeing paige because that could be bad for everyone but youre telling me she couldnt call amy apparently knew enough of what was going on to keep her distance, but seriously and what the hell was Leos excuse he thought he was losing her seems to me like [...]

    13. In Only You by Joya Ryan, Paige Levine has trust issues She has lost hope in others because the people around her have shown so little faith when she tells the truth She looks only to the future and getting ahead When a political scandal envelopes her life and steals her career, she seems to have no where to turn Then Leo Savas enters her life and offers her a job that just might provide Paige with the control she so desperately needs Will the intense chemistry they feel for each other bring the [...]

    14. What an awesome read Thank you Joya Ryan for pulling me out of my three star hump This five star read had everything a girl could ever hope for It was sexy, it was sweet, it was interesting, it had great characters, a beautiful love story with my required HEA You will adore Leo and saucy but ultimately kind Paige This was a refreshing read as the plot line and flow of the story was something I hadn t read before For heat level I d give it about a 4 out of 10 which is a solid SEXY rating in my bo [...]

    15. Very enjoyable read I love this author s writing style and unique storylines Paige Levine, who we met in book 1 of the series, is focused and hardworking After a traumatic childhood event, she knows she can only count on herself Her career is her life When a scandal erupts in the governor s office she finds herself jobless, and therefore homeless She lands a job working for a very powerful shipping tycoon and the chemistry between them is intense but sleeping with the boss is never a good idea A [...]

    16. Only You Inta attraction for Leo and Paige leads us on quite the steamy adventure Their chemistry is off the charts They pull towards one another is immediate and they certainly act upon it What I loved the most was the romantic build and development of their relationship They are in for a bumpy ride and scandal over shadows this couple immediately but the risk may be worth the wait A smart, sassy, heroine and a strong, powerful alpha male what a fabulous combination and a great read Michele McM [...]

    17. THANK YOU FIRST READS I think that some people have to deal with what she did because the parent does not want to live alone I think that no matter what that a parent should listen to that child When you grow up a significant other should listen to you also and not just jump to conclusions about you lucky for this girl her boyfriend did not waste time and believed her and they lived happily ever after.

    18. OutstandingI gave this book five stars because it hit all my requirements in a romantic book It capture your attention from the first chapter and never let it go until the last chapter Leo and Paige, are so right for each other, even with the difference backgrounds The story line was so first class Glad to see theses two characters have an happy ending I look forward to reading books from Joya Ryan in the future 5 stars from me

    19. The second stand alone in the Sweet Torment series is as good as the first and I couldn t put it down The author seamlessly blends an interesting plot, multi faceted characters, and spicy romance I really like Joya Ryan s writing style, and love that she always incorporates a couple complete unsuspecting twists in the story.

    20. I received a free copy of this book from First Reads.There was nothing special about this story Broke, gorgeous, misunderstood, down on her luck Paige saved by alpha male, rich, arrogant, playboy Leo Excuse me while I yawn All I could concentrate on through the book was how shitty her friends were treating her and then how quickly she forgave them and all was well Puh leez.

    21. My heart breaks every time Paige narrates her feelings, past and how she must surviveGoodness gracious I sobbed, cried, wailed and wept reading the last part of the book I literally had to use a my blanket just to soak all those tears A very, very good read

    22. Great book I really loved this story This book came to me at the right time Had a hard time putting it down, kept my interest for sure Love these kind of romance books Will recommended to friends for sure Thanks for a great read with a happy ending

    23. This was a enjoyable contemporary romance, with good character development and chemistry between the main characters I enjoyed this book a lot than the first book I felt like there was at stake, and I just cared for these characters.

    24. Better than the firstBetter than the firstI have to admit I really liked this story way than the first book I loved the strong female lead and really loved the dynamic between her and Leo Well written and developed.

    25. I enjoyed this book but it didn t really suck me in I liked the synopsis but the book had a mellow theme, with little cause for excitement or attraction.

    26. Liked it a lot than the first one I didn t think I would, and I almost didn t read it, but I m glad I did I m following this series

    27. Pretty goodthis was a good, quick read even though the story line was fairly similar to every other new age romance out there I still enjoyed it

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