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Forever Spencer #2020

Forever Spencer Brandon s POV for Anything Like Me Please note that this is a novella to Anything Like Me and should be read after Forever Spencer is through the male s point of view and doesn t cover every detail of

  • Title: Forever Spencer
  • Author: Kimberly Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 414
  • Format: None
  • Forever Spencer By Kimberly Knight, Brandon s POV for Anything Like Me Please note that this is a novella to Anything Like Me and should be read after Forever Spencer is through the male s point of view and doesn t cover every detail of the story Brandon Montgomery didn t believe in soul mates until he met Spencer For years, he watched his best friends, Jason and Becca, have the life that he d always waBrandon s POV for Anything Like Me Please note that this is a novella to Anything Like Me and should be read after Forever Spencer is through the male s point of view and doesn t cover every detail of the story Brandon Montgomery didn t believe in soul mates until he met Spencer For years, he watched his best friends, Jason and Becca, have the life that he d always wanted He wanted to find that special one His soul mate His forever.Now that Brandon and Spencer s enemies are on trial for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Spencer, Brandon is focused on making her happy Brandon wants Spencer to be his forever, but when an unexpected houseguest arrives and becomes a bad influence, will Spencer finally have enough of Brandon and leave him, or is their love strong enough to overcome every obstacle they ll face

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      414 Kimberly Knight
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    1 thought on “Forever Spencer

    1. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewAhh man I love these two Spencer and Brandon s has come to a close, but will forever be in my heart This book reminded me how powerful a connection that they have together and how when you see the one you know it s them I loved going through their story in Brandon s POV Scenes that I wondered what was going on his head, we got to hear about I was soo looking forward to the wedding scene and it did not disappoint Brandon is so head over heals in lov [...]

    2. From the moment I saw her at club 24, I declared that I was going to marry her.I had no idea that she would be the first and only woman to capture my heart and not let it go.Brandon Montgomery wasn t really the type to settle down Yes, he has had girlfriends but none that was his forever That all changed with Spencer walked into his life Now he can t see any part of his future without her by his side as his wife.With the danger behind them and a trial looming Brandon is doing everything he can t [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to be part of Kimberly s beta team and so I received an advance copy of this book It is a perfect ending to Spencer and Brandon s story from Brandon s POV It is from Brandon s POV so some things in it are similar to Anything Like Me and it should be read after it There are also new thing that aren t in the other books and that is one of the things I love about it Kimberly carried on the story in Brandon s POV with him telling about all the things that happened to Spencer in al [...]

    4. I was given an ARC for an honest review.I KNEW there would be babies in this book There was bound to be Now seriously, it s a great book I love when authors, if they feel the need to write a short story, make the story interesting and not just a dull continuum of words that don t make sense at all This was not the case Kimberly has a great story in this book It just captures you from the start to finish and there is a LOT to read Babies, party, making up and a lot Don t want to spoil it for you [...]

    5. It has been a while since I read Anything Like Me and it was nice to see it through Brandon s POV Brandon realizes that he has changed since his brother Blake came into town Spencer and he try to move forward in planning their nuptials but Blake living with them and dragging Brandon out all of the time causes problems The trial also weighs heavily on them both and he finds himself trying to make Spencer happy any way he can It was very well done from his POV and answered some questions I had in [...]

    6. The perfect final installment from our Brandons he really feels like ours now This was all about finding their HEAe engagement e weddinge finding how to fit together and e brother We all remember Blake and of course can t help but love him but he does seem to cause friction wherever he goes and takes Brandon with him As always love Brandon s take on things making the story seem fresh and newAnother fab installment and am sorry it s now over but with Blake s story in the future we may get a littl [...]

    7. I have loved this series from start to finish and this book from.Brandon POV was the perfect way to finish the series reading the book from his pov was brilliant to know that he was going to marry Spencer before he had even spoken to her the things that have gone on between both of them have been sad but had a happy ending well done Kimberley Knight xx

    8. I have loved every single book in this series Kimberly Knight you are amazing It had been a while for me reading the first series of books then reading this series from Brandon s POV Reading this second series served as a reminder of how awesome the first series was and refreshed my brain on a great story

    9. Once again K knight has done it again Forever Spencer is from Brandons POV You learn just how much he is in love with Spencer and will go above and beyond to make Spencer happy You will even in love with Brandon At the end of the book you learn about their future Go preorder and if it is after August 18th go one click this awesome POV

    10. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Forever Spencer and Kimberly did not disappoint Her books for me keep getting better and better and this one was no exception I loved how much I felt from Brandon and how you could truly see how much he loved Spencer and couldn t wait to spend his life with her This will definitely be a book I keep on my re read list 5 stars

    11. Very different point of view coming from the male character.Following Spencer s story was wonderful, this book puts it in a new perspective I loved reading Brandon s point of view Following the emotions he felt after Reading Spencer s books first made it clear as to why he did some of the things he did.

    12. Omg I loved it i m not going to say to much to Brandons story away what i am going to say is Kimberly Knight you did it again Brandons POV is great i loved reading his side of the story and if anyone that hasn t read this series you really have to you will loved 5 stars

    13. I loved the series when i first started reading it and Brandon s POV just made it even better I cant wait to read about Blake Spencer and Brandon are an awesome couple and this was a fun and loving couple to read about.

    14. Loved it Loved it Awesomeness Loved this series so much Kimberly brings Brandon to life I loved getting his Point of View, and all the extras must have companions to the BS series.

    15. Once again Kimberly has done it I love love Forever Spencer Brandon Montgomery will forever be my first BBF This is a great ending to the BS Series Once you start this book you won t be able to put it down Go one click

    16. Kimberly nailed it Again I m sad to see Brandon and Spencer come to an end I have loved getting into Brandon s head and seeing how he felt and what he thought That man LOVES his girl I look forward to form Kimberly Knight

    17. Hot Damn This book is amazing Hot, hot, hot Brandon and Spencer, Love this series Can t wait to read about Blake

    18. Ok Brandon s POV was so hot my Kindle was on Fire I loved this book in his words can t wait for Kimberly.3

    19. I received the first book free and loved the story so much I bought the whole series Very well written not a boring chapter in any of the books It all started the day Spencer had a 2 week free pass to a new gym she was going to try out to write a story about it Brandon who owned the gym saw her on the running machine and from that moment on she captured his heart He went down and started running on the machine next to Spencer and when she was done he said Hi and that started their story together [...]

    20. I have absolutely loved this series and following Brandon and Spencer in their beautiful love story The addition of the novella series has been a fantastic end to the journey of this couple.Forever Spencer has been all I hoped for and much, much Once again seeing how much Brandon truly loves Spencer has melted me into a puddle several times Have reread each book before the novellas and it is truly amazing how Kimberly has nailed the alternate perspective perfectly Brandon is undoubtedly hot too [...]

    21. Its always sweet hearing the male POV, especially when the originals are generally in the ladies POV.It would have helped ME had I recently finished the 3rd book Anything Like Me, or maybe even read it again Oh Well I did remember the original book obviously the girly side of things like the Wedding planning and the rows being longer, guess boys only see what they want.What does come across is just how much love Brandon has for Spenser, how he can t stand bot being around her for too long I d f [...]

    22. I was gifted this book for an honest review I was truly suprised from this series and how it blew me away that I could not put it down till now Reading Brandon POV helped me in so many ways and getting what he thought about all the situations that Spencer and him was put in It was nice to get his take on finally getting justice for what the ex s did to them Plus the brother who didn t mean to, but did cause some major trouble that almost broke up Brandon and Spencer The wedding was really awesom [...]

    23. AmazingBeautifully written I could read about Spencer and Brandon 24 7 no matter what pov it is in I loved the story from beginning to end I would ve loved to have read Brandon kicking Blake s butt for what Spencer saw I would ve also liked to have read about the planning of the baby too it just jumped to Spencer was being so far along and then it was like boom he s being born it wasn t like in Spencer s side where they said they were ready and were having a baby shower and opening a box to rel [...]

    24. I received a complimenty copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review.I loved the final installment of the BS series from Brandon s pov In this book we see how much Brandon blames him self for all that Spencer has gone though at the hands of his ex girlfriend, and ex team mate from his collage days the love he has for Spencer is beyond anything he can really explain We see Brandon deal with his brother Blake helping him set up his nightclub business even though Blake s [...]

    25. Once again, I ve loved the added scenes and hearing from Brandon s perspective on others The epilogue was SO CUTE Honestly, I was a bit sad at the end of Spencer s POV but with this epilogue I was greatly rewarded It would be interesting to have a book about Blake So many times I wanted to throttle him so it would be nice to see what becomes of him and Stacey It was also be a bonus to see if he would move on from his man whore ways I mean really Mrs Robinson, ya my like for him was knocked down [...]

    26. I loved reading this book when it was from Brooke s POV but there is always something when you get into the mind of Brandon that shows you just how much SIMPLY he is I was blown away by the way the emotion and guilt he suffered, because of everything Brooke had been through His commitment and devotion to her had me crying like an awed little girl looking at her prince The dynamic between Brandon and Blake was fun and I can t wait to see of him in the futureAhem Kimberly This book, this series, [...]

    27. ARC WINNER I have fallen deeper in love with Brandon and Spencer this complete series will continue to be a part of me always Brandon s POV was a way to understand the love he feels for Spencer and what he is willing to do to make her happy This was a wonderful book Kimberly you did it once again I couldn t get enough of the love they feel for each other Through the heartache and obstacles their love never faltered Amazing job

    28. Our last book and so glad to have it in Brandon s point of view We see how truly in love he is with spencer and it is so special and wonderful to read.Seeing his take on things with the wedding plans, the trial, as well as other issues that arise was fantastic He is so loving and caring when it comes to her and does his best to do right by her I do hope that maybe we will be graced with of Brandon in the future

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