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The Lingerie Shop #2020

The Lingerie Shop When finance executive Madison inherits a lingerie shop called Naughty Bits she decides to leave behind her staid career and explore her every forbidden desireMadison is a control freak with one wish

  • Title: The Lingerie Shop
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9780698135963
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook
  • The Lingerie Shop By Joey W. Hill, When finance executive Madison inherits a lingerie shop called Naughty Bits, she decides to leave behind her staid career and explore her every forbidden desireMadison is a control freak with one wish to lose control Her hidden submissive cravings have led to a string of disastrous relationships So when she inherits her sister s North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty BWhen finance executive Madison inherits a lingerie shop called Naughty Bits, she decides to leave behind her staid career and explore her every forbidden desireMadison is a control freak with one wish to lose control Her hidden submissive cravings have led to a string of disastrous relationships So when she inherits her sister s North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty Bits, she jumps at the opportunity to dump her boring finance career and bad history and try her luck down South.But before Madison can settle in, she catches the attention of the owner of the neighboring hardware store Sexually dominant Logan Scott can see the hunger for command in Madison s eyes and is anxious to help unleash her submissive desires He presents her with three very tempting gifts handcuffs, erotic cards, and an open invitation to join him at a submissive s training session.Faced with the realization that she can t sell fantasies to her lingerie customers without embracing her own, Madison accepts Logan s offer Now, she s about to discover just how far her desire can take her

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    1. 4 stars Review posted April 14, 2014From Boston to the small town Matthews on the outskirts of Charlotte From selling stocks and bonds and managing the investments of powerful millionaires and corporate businessmen to inheriting her late sister s business and selling sexy lingerie and BDSM accessories That s quite a change for our heroine Madison and requires some adjustments Add in the fact that Madison fed a few kinky fantasies over the course of time and being in the presence of her new neigh [...]

    2. Naughty Bits Part 1 is a sexy novella with a faithful promise of amazing things to come Madison inherits her sister s sexy lingerie shop so she ups sticks and moves her entire life to start a fresh, leaving behind her boring career and a collection of disastrous relationships She craves to lose control and embrace her submissive tendencies, she just doesn t really know how to go about it As luck would have it her shop neighbour is one very sexy master of dominance.Logan ScottLogan oozes charisma [...]

    3. 4 Relinquish Control on your own terms StarsI have discovered that Joey W Hill has a very beautiful way of writing Her words flow at a subdued elegance She is meticulous at explaining the world of BDSM, IMO.The Lingerie Shop is the beginnings of an intricate series it starts with a sister, Madison, coming to terms with her inheritance from her sister, Alice A sister that knew her better than she was willing to know herself.We learn of Madison s desires and fears How she is her own worst enemy Bu [...]

    4. 3.7 to 4 hours A very, very promising beginning I generally dislike serial novella because I suck at waiting for each book to come out but this is Joey Hill, so I made an exception Naughty Bits is a story about Madison just lost her sister and with her loss comes Naughty Bits A Naughty Bits is a lingerie shop Madison has had a strained relationship with her sister but after her death, she was surprised that her sister Alice gave Naughty Bits to her But that s not the only item that Alice gave Sh [...]

    5. A closet submissive with a Type A personality inherits a sex store How is this a good thing Madison loses her beloved sister, Alice, to a sickness As part of Alice s will, Madison inherits Naughty Bits a lingerie store which also sells sex toys It also caters to the tasty forbidden fruit BDSM Madison is a disturbed character She s annoying to me because she doesn t understand to concept of living life She goes through the motions and just wants to reach the end goal Does she even know what the e [...]

    6. I don t think Joey could write a bad book even if she tried Logan and Madison s journey will certainly be an emotional one can t wait for the rest of the novellas.Full review at the end of part IV because it s impossible to review each part and do it justice.

    7. When Madison s sister dies and she inherits the Naughty Bits lingerie shop she sees it as the perfect opportunity to get away from her boring job and start a new life for herself She didn t realise how hard it would be to turn her hand to selling sex toys though and it looks like she s going to need some help learning how to make her customers comfortable She has been burying her submissive side for so long that she has no idea who she really is any and the incredibly sexy Dom from the shop nex [...]

    8. 3,5 stars A very good start of what I believe will be another amazing love story by one of my favorite romance authors Reading blurbs of Ms Hill s books always leaves me wondering how exactly the story will go, how the main characters will get together, and most importantly how they will fall in love, but what my imagination comes up with never comes close to the wonderfully written tales Ms Hill is an expert in Madison and Logan s is no exception The beginning of it, at least, but I m quite con [...]

    9. 3.5 stars A very promising start to a serial and, if you can believe it, my first book by Joey Hill horrified gasps If you aren t burnt out by all the BDSM books on the market and you are in the mood for a serial, I would give this book a go It is a decently hot read thus far, but this novella is still just a tease for the main event, which is probably coming a couple of books later in the series Our sub in the closet has yet to get down and dirty with her kinky self, yet what I ve seen of her c [...]

    10. 3.5 starsShort storyrt 1 of a series Due to the short length, I did have some trouble connecting fully with the characters and story But it s well written erotica, and I would absolutely read the next installment.

    11. This is only book one in the series, but I get the feeling that I am going to like it It has a romantic element, so it s getting at least 2 stars for that alone I miss romance True, honest, emotional romance The lead female character I hope will mellow a little as this carries on She s a little high strung at the moment But Logan, the leading male, I ve got my hopes up He s so far go that whole, firm, but kind thing going on and I LOVE that in my male characters I ve needed this kind of book, I [...]

    12. Originally posted at fictionvixen review naught Remember me by showing your naughty bits once in a while Madison has lived her life as a woman in control of everything that is until her sister, Alice s recent death Leaving the corporate world and Boston behind, Madison sets out to take over Alice s lingerie and sexy toy shop, Naughty Bits, in North Carolina Naughty Bits provides everything from the classy sensual to the blatantly sexual props in order for couples to expand their sexual boundarie [...]

    13. Review featured on books n kissesThis is the first in the series and the meeting of Madison and Logan First off if you are not into erotica then pass up this story Second this story is very short It only has about 80 pages and their story continues into the next novella Naughty Bits 2 The Training Session This story is about Madison realizing what she wants and her deceased sister giving her the chance for that to come true We didn t get too involved with Logan yet but so far he is an interestin [...]

    14. OK, maybe I m a fan of Joey W Hill, and she can do no wrong etc, etc, etc , but I m beginning to dislike part stories, not just b c they leave one slightly high and dry, but that it costs me MONEY to buy all the parts when combined the price would be considerably lower And, IMHO I expect this series to come out in a print book at a lower price not long after the final chapter.Leaving alone the contentious bits, I LOVE Logan He s strong, determined, quite kind and in a way, lovable , and totally [...]

    15. Naughty Bits the name of a unique woman s lingerie store and the new series of novella s by Joey W Hill the store was inherited by Madison from her sister From investments in Boston the store owner in charlotte Madison is a submissive in her fantasies Next door is a Hardware store owned by Logan and employee Troy Logan the Master and Troy the sub in training.This first part of four is classic Joey W Hill and the reason I love to read her books, well written erotic BDSM romance with believable ch [...]

    16. Ms Hill has done it again, her new series The Lingerie shop is brilliant Naughty Bits Part 1 is a look into knowing yourself and going with your desires Ms Hill s ability to draw yourself out from yourself and into the story is uncanny Madison, the submissive girl in this delightful tail of BDSM, changes you You become Madison, you feel what Madison feels, you desire the same desire as Madison Logan s dominate pull, sucks you into self dreams The book is all the way around worth reading I highly [...]

    17. Oooo La La 3.5 starsEven though I m not a fan of the protagionists, I respect how Ms Hill chose to characterize her She isn t likable and I think that is part of her awakening process A sexually repressed woman inherits a sex shop and finds a sexy kinky dom waiting in the wings to help her open up.

    18. Madison has been looking for love in all the wrong places all her life She s naver had a successful relationship but does have a great fantasy life A submissive to her soul, whether she admits or recognizes it, she s always been drawn to the BDSM lifestyle When her free spirited sister dies and leaves her Naughty Bits, a lingerie and adult toy store Madison leaves the corporate world behind to fulfill her sister s wish that she run the store When she meets Logan, a self professed Dominant and Tr [...]

    19. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley Relinquish control on your own terms This is going to be one of those reviews containing numerous quotes I did try to restrain myself but found myself highlighting section after section In the end I had to leave quite few very wonderful quotes out of this review because it was just getting too long Joey W Hill has a wonderful way with words and explains the intricacies of BDSM in a way that embellishes the beauty of the life style without e [...]

    20. Cliffhanger This is NOT a complete story.Good writing, interesting story, but this is only one of several that would complete the story, at least 4 required to finish it seems, though I m not absolutely sureI would have rated it a 4 except for the cliffhanger.

    21. I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The gist Madison s sister died after an unknown illness and left Madison her lingerie store The neighboring store is owned by Logan Logan is a Dominant and he s going to end up training Madison as a submissive.Okay, so here s the thing this story really didn t make a whole lot of sense to me and it might have something to do with my lack of understanding of the characters Madison has always felt like she should be a submissive in [...]

    22. April 5, 2104ARC Review of NAUGHTY BITS I THE LINGERIE SHOP by, Joey W HillReviewed by Jaycee for Books N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, talon ps category books coAt a book Convention last summer, Ms Hill announced that her immediate future held a four part serial offering I smiled sweetly in the audience, all the while my so not a serial fan mind screaming, NOOOOOOO The purist in me was loathe to accept that the Queen of the Erotic Romance, the Head Honcho of the art of the story, the CEO of all that [...]

    23. A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.Serial novels have been a popular trend in romance for a while now, and frankly, it s one I ve grown tired of These days I m limiting myself to serials written by my favorite authors, and with no than five parts NAUGHTY BITS qualifies on both counts, although I ll admit I would probably waive the five part rule for Joey W Hill She s one of my all time favorite writers of contemporary BDSM erotic ro [...]

    24. Full Reviewibookclub review nauI can t fully guarantee you that this is a spoil free review I m undecided about this book Not in a bad way Stuck on what to rate it There were many things I liked about the story but it also goes back and forth, to flashbacks and her dreams, where it seemed most of the story took place I don t have an issue with flashbacks and dreams but I don t want them to take over the whole story I need a present tense.Madison s sister Alice dies and leaves her the lingerie sh [...]

    25. 2.5 Stars.I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.75% of the book is where the story ends I understand that it s a novella, but the fact that 100% of the book couldn t be dedicated to the actual story is a major let down While a preview of the next serial is nice, I couldn t care less about previews for some other book.This started off really promising, and emotional Madison has recently lost her sister to an unnamed illness Her sister Alice, has left Madison her lingerie [...]

    26. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Madison has recently lost her sister Alice and after her passing, she becomes the new owner of Naughty Bits, a store specializing in lingerie and sex toys After getting her sister s estate squared away, she needs to make a decision if she is going to continue with the store or go back to her old life She decides to make a go of it, but upon opening, she finds that she doesn t have what it takes to connect with her custome [...]

    27. 4 Erotic Stars eARC for Honest Review from Penguin Group So this is part 1 of a serial novel and so far I am hook, lined and sunk into the story Now this is the first Joey W Hill book that I have read gasp don t be a hater I know Joey Hill books have been blowing up GR for awhile but thankfully I finally got on board Joey knows how to write erotica There is an ease and exploration to the desires and wants instead of lust and smut.In this first part, Madison inherits a lingerie shop from her sist [...]

    28. This book was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was under the impression that I didn t like serial stories Having really enjoyed the last two I ve read, I m rethinking that.This installment was a great kick off, and it definitely peaked my interest enough so I have to read the next one Madison uproots herself from a life she wasn t really enjoying to go to North Carolina and carry on her sister s legacy a lingerie shop that carries much than sexy little numbers But the sh [...]

    29. Naughty Bits Part I The Lingerie Shop has all the elements that make a Joey W Hill novel worthwhile reading The very interesting main protagonists, a good character driven plot, erotica with bdsm as background at its best and of course romance that is both gut wrenching and so very engaging Its also a serialized novel of which I have gone weary of but being a Joey W Hill novella, this one definitely made it on to my reading list right away The story starts with the reader finding Madison trying [...]

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