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Critique of Modern Youth Ministry #2020

Critique of Modern Youth Ministry The Church today does not expect what it ought to from children and their parents and this can be attributed in large part to a flawed concept of youth ministry This need not and should not be so Thi

  • Title: Critique of Modern Youth Ministry
  • Author: Christopher Schlect
  • ISBN: 9781885767035
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Critique of Modern Youth Ministry By Christopher Schlect, The Church today does not expect what it ought to from children and their parents, and this can be attributed in large part to a flawed concept of youth ministry This need not and should not be so This essay discusses the reasons behind the problem and proposes some biblical solutions.

    • [PDF] ☆ Critique of Modern Youth Ministry | BY ✓ Christopher Schlect
      Christopher Schlect

    1 thought on “Critique of Modern Youth Ministry

    1. A short book that ll take maybe half an hour to get through if that But it s very insightful into the misguided notions of what youth ministry should be and how they came to be in the modern American church He also explains how to correct the church s present understanding of where youth ministry s place is, from a Biblical perspective, SPOILER ALERT give it back to the parents I highly recommend it to all pastors especially youth pastors, yes, even the good ones

    2. This was a surprising gem If you take his thesis on generational interaction and run with it, this applies to many, many things than just youth ministry Succinct and important.

    3. A short, concise argument to awaken churches and pastors to not allow parents to surrender their authority and role in a child s development for the glitz of a seemingly awesome youth ministry program.

    4. A needed challenge to and critique of one of the modern church s most precious sacred cows Insightful and incisive enough to get the point across, but without smacking of a holier than thou attitude or falling into overreaction.

    5. Required reading for elders, prospective elders, and fathers I found the historical background regarding youth culture and youth ministry the most interesting since I have encountered some of the other critiques in other reading.

    6. Takes about 15 minutes to read and it s straight to the point Fathers and mothers are wholly responsible for bringing up children in godliness If youth groups act as a surrogate we have gone terribly wrong If children do not come face to face with Almighty God in every aspect of their lives, their fathers, through abdication, are bringing them up in practical atheism We must therefore reject the appalling notion of the model youth minister as a recently graduated extrovert who looks and acts jus [...]

    7. A brief but helpful book The author looks at the roots and development of youth ministry to what we know it as today Generally it s an unquestioned institution among Christians today Even with trainwreck after trainwreck few stop considering how it should be done and question whether it should be done at all I m amazed at how something that existed only so recently in history can be so ingrained in our thinking that to question it is out of the question.The conciseness of this book means it s ea [...]

    8. Excellent This book traces the history of teen culture who according to Mr Schlect Is a new phenomenon In the one room school house kids of all ages learned together at their own pace But when evolutionary theory was applied to the school system kids of the same age stayed together for many years and by the 1950s a teen culture had developed These trends influenced the church and youth ministry was born The down side of this was that fathers began to abdicate their roles and failed to teach thei [...]

    9. ExcellentThis is an excellent book and, against what others have said, the conclusions are biblically supported It is worth considering as someone who has volunteered in youth ministry for many years, I have never known a person to become converted and stay converted apart from Godly parents.

    10. 2 1 2 stars topsSome of the stuff Schlect brings out are legitimate concerns However, his overall tone and dogmatic demeanor over issues far complex than he makes them out to be made this book rather disappointing to me.

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