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The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President #2020

The End of Greatness Why America Can t Have and Doesn t Want Another Great President Title The End of Greatness Why America Can t Have and Doesn t Want Another Great President Binding Hardcover Author AaronDavidMiller Publisher PalgraveMacMillanTrade

  • Title: The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President
  • Author: Aaron David Miller
  • ISBN: 9781137279002
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President By Aaron David Miller, Title The End of Greatness Why America Can t Have and Doesn t Want Another Great President Binding Hardcover Author AaronDavidMiller Publisher PalgraveMacMillanTrade

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      370 Aaron David Miller
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    1 thought on “The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President

    1. I asked for an advance copy of this book because I d seen one insightful comment that Miller had written about the Israeli Palestinian issue that made me think of that discussion in a new way I don t recall that statement now, and wish I did It might remind me of Miller s strengths It would be kinder, perhaps, not to review this recent book at all, since the end of greatness is a difficult argument to make, and Miller s loose and casual style slapped around a couple of ideas but did not convince [...]

    2. A rambling survey of American presidents which were great, which had traces of greatness, which were so so, and which were losers I guess historians have a parlor game of ranking the presidents, and this book is part of that game.The author says that there were three great presidents Washington, Lincoln, and FDR, and it is very unlikely that we will ever have another great president It is the author s thesis that three C s are required crisis, character, and capacity A president can only be grea [...]

    3. We argue, endlessly and enthusiastically, about the greatest examples of things we care about Untold hours have been spent, over countless rounds of drinks, debating who was the greatest midfielder, the greatest novelist, the greatest political orator, the greatest character actor, the greatest whatever We have these arguments because they take us deep into the details of subjects we re passionate about Bench or Fisk Beatles or Stones Betty or Veronica They re fun, in part, because they don t ha [...]

    4. The End of Greatness Why American Can t Have and Doesn t Want Another Great President by Aaron David Miller, New York Palgrave Macmillan 2014First things first Miller s title sets him up for failure It defies even the murkiest conception of common sense to argue that Americans don t want a great president I hazard the guess that it s impossible to define great president in a way that would satisfy most readers.More substantially, The End of Greatness isn t a worthwhile read for me because, right [...]

    5. This book is a mix of history, political theory and analysis It s really very interesting I loved the discussion on what made The Greats great and different insights into different presidents And I felt like I was enlightened by his theories on why Greatness in the presidency might not happen again But there was LOTS of repetition I kept thinking didn t he say this already It would have been a better book if it had been 150 instead of 250 pages long Still glad I read it.

    6. This is quite a good book, but the you know about the American presidency, the less essential it is It is a fabulous textbook for undergraduates, because it is well written and presumes almost no knowledge of American presidential history It is a tad on the repetitive side, but again, that works great for a textbook The essential theme is that we cannot expect to have another Washington, Lincoln, or FDR again any time soon, or perhaps ever, because our modern media environment, political polari [...]

    7. 2.5 5This had some good information in it I appreciated the idea that we have to tone down our expectations for the presidency what we expect of them is just not possible, and that s ok, they can still make change for the better, not everything has to be earth shattering and all at once But, it was also quite repetitive I could have gotten the same information in about 80 pages Plus, I read it for school, so it s obviously not something I would read for fun of my own accord.

    8. I liked this book a lot Miller made cogent arguments for what we need a President to accomplish has changed and why I thought his categorization of Presidents into Great and near great was interesting and very useful I am glad I read this as it has given me a deeper appreciation into how and why the Presidency has changed over the last 200 years However, this book is for American history buffs and is a little academic I enjoyed t but it may be too technical for all readers.

    9. Interesting discussion of Presidential QualitiesHe made his real points in the first 7 chapters Could have shortened the book Still a good over view.

    10. While Americans revere former Presidents who they consider to have been great, they seek to elect their successors in the same mold then are upset that those they elect don t measure up In THE END OF GREATNESS, Aaron David Miller tells why the chances of another George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt occupying The White House are practically nil His writing style is clear and easy to understand He forms his arguments carefully and with precision We have a lot of great a [...]

    11. There is certainly a lot I disagree with in Miller s analysis, and since I am not a believer in the Great Men school of historical thought, this isn t a huge surprise.At its worse moments, the book seems to be clinging hard to that archaic perspective while immersing itself in a river of structural problems facing the nation.But at the end if the day, I cannot disagree with the central thesis or the major points.We have set unrealistic expectations for the president, and as such he can do nothin [...]

    12. What makes a US president great How can we evaluate our presidents, past and potential This very readable book answers this questions in a reasonably objective way.Examples are plentiful concepts are clear and he uses topic sentences, thank goodness.Notes while reading Part I Greatness Revealed Washington, Lincoln, FDR 3 C s of greatness crisis, character, capacity Crisis most important must be nation encumbering to change national character, values, institutions Character ambition, physical cou [...]

    13. I was initially skeptical that I was going to enjoy this book but the author drew me in and the arguments he made are quite valid The book is broken into 3 parts, which I liked Part 1 defining what a great president is according to the author Part 2 focuses on the post FDR era and why the times narrowed the chances of having another great president Part 3 delves into why we can t and don t want another great president.The author s definition of greatness in a president is also broken into 3 main [...]

    14. Though some of the ideas were very interesting, the writing needed much tighter editing Same thoughts presented again and again Better if condensed and had been written as an long form essay I value Miller s thoughts on foreign policy and midEast, so this book was disappointing.3 measures of great presidents character, crisis, and capacity getting things done Capacity includes transformative actions.His choice and many others for greatest indespensables Washington, Lincoln and FDR.Miller suggest [...]

    15. A short but interesting look at Greatness in the US Presidency He states his reasons for considering who were the great presidents Washington, Lincoln, and FDR and why America shouldn t look for future great ones Each of the three faced consequential threats to the country and were able to construct solutions along with vision that not only got the country through the crisis but put in place policies to guide it onto the future.He argues that the lack of a major crisis is not something that we s [...]

    16. Not profound, but very valuableIf you sat down to discuss the subject of what makes a president great and why we haven t seen such greatness in recent memory, you would likely raise many of the same points as Miller But you wouldn t raise them as completely, as clearly, and as interesting as he does The book is not profound, but it is immensely valuable especially given its brevity.I recommend this book to those who are disillusioned with the presidency and our politics It puts much in perspecti [...]

    17. I certainly don t agree with everything in this book However, he posits an interesting argument that we have built up the presidency so much that greatness has become an unrealistic expectation given that true presidential greatness requires a national calamitous crisis It was a thought provoking read that explored what makes president s great capacity, crisis, and character and how the near greats missed the mark I especially enjoyed his review of President Obama through his state of the Union [...]

    18. I have been a fan of Aaron David Miller s writing for a while and I thought this was a nice change of pace for him, considering he is forced to always talk about the problems in the Middle East, given his background The way that he constructs the argument is fascinating and is worth considering when we think about why we cannot have another great president Definitely worth the read.

    19. Very good book and Mr Miller makes a great point of you ve read the book you ll get that the word Great here is a ironic The point here being that to be a great President you need huge eventsd do we want that just for the sake of having a Great leader Anyway, a very interesting and well thought out book.

    20. This book helps answer the nostalgic question, Why isn t our country great like it used to be and also Why doesn t the President do something Miller states the US has had three great presidents, Washington, Lincoln and FDR He discusses the conditions that make it impossible for that kind of greatness to appear again.

    21. Solid read but not a favoriteI liked the book and had good insight into what makes great vs good vs average presidents, however, it felt like it dragged on in the last third of the book, repeating the same themes.

    22. Good book with interesting perspective of our Presidents historical significance Based on Miller s criteria for greatness, I believe he got in right in naming Washington, Lincoln FDR as our only truly great presidents.

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