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The MacGregor's Lady #2020

The MacGregor s Lady The last thing Asher MacGregor newly titled Earl of Balfour wants is a society wife though he has agreed to squire Boston heiress Hannah Cooper about the London ballrooms When he s met that obligat

  • Title: The MacGregor's Lady
  • Author: Grace Burrowes Roger Hampton
  • ISBN: 9781452642246
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The MacGregor's Lady By Grace Burrowes Roger Hampton, The last thing Asher MacGregor, newly titled Earl of Balfour, wants is a society wife, though he has agreed to squire Boston heiress Hannah Cooper about the London ballrooms When he s met that obligation, he ll return to the Highlands, and resume the myriad responsibilities awaiting him there At her stepfather s insistence, Hannah Cooper must endure a London season, thouThe last thing Asher MacGregor, newly titled Earl of Balfour, wants is a society wife, though he has agreed to squire Boston heiress Hannah Cooper about the London ballrooms When he s met that obligation, he ll return to the Highlands, and resume the myriad responsibilities awaiting him there At her stepfather s insistence, Hannah Cooper must endure a London season, though she has no intention of surrendering her inheritance to a fortune hunter When she s done her duty, she ll return to Boston and the siblings who depend upon her for their safety or will she The taciturn Scottish earl suits her purposes admirably until genuine liking and unexpected passion bring Asher and Hannah close For if the Scottish earl and the American heiress fall in love, an ocean of differences threatens to keep them apart.

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    1 thought on “The MacGregor's Lady

    1. Oct 8, 2013I won an ARC of this book on Grace Burrowes blog So psyched Nov 1, 2013I haven t received the ARC yet, but GB has put up a sneak peek on her blog here.Dec 11, 2013Got my signed ARC in the mail today Merry Christmas to me Thank you Grace Burrowes.

    2. I ve given this a B for both narration and content at AAR, but unusually, am rounding up here rather than down, because I think it s nearer 5 stars than 4.I knew before starting to listen to this story that narrator Roger Hampton faced a Herculean task to appropriately and consistently voice not only the hero, heroine and new secondary characters in this novel, but also to portray all the other MacGregor siblings and their respective spouses four couples , plus their cousin by marriage and his w [...]

    3. Sharply written Hannah is a gift I must admit that I was puzzled by the opening I couldn t quite understand why Asher MacGregor, the newly titled ninth Earl of Balfour, was meeting two women from across the Atlantic and and escorting them to London for the season What was the link Who had asked him to meet them and why Gradually a fuller picture emerges.Hannah Cooper, heiress, or Boston as Asher calls her, is stubborn and single minded, enduring all for her family As her tale emerges we become e [...]

    4. Lately it appears that if you ve read one Grace Burroews book, you ve read them all This book especially seemed to take on a sad almost depressing theme Through this ENTIRE book, neither of the main characters were happy When they did enjoy themselves, it was very brief, followed by pages and pages of sadness I read this book with my face scrunched and my brain wondering why is this book sooooo.t good I read this book through the end, saying to myself, it s going to pick up and it dide last two [...]

    5. I wanted to like this book after reading the other books in the series However, I found neither the hero or heroine likable The heroine was stubborn in the extreme and kinda stupid Yes, she had a good reason to want to avoid marriage and return home, but had no plan to solve her family s problem She ignored advice or help that might actually improve her family s difficult situation Then the hero is a self absorbed jerk I never got why he thought it was ok to abandon his Scottish family and let t [...]

    6. HAPPY RELEASE DAY Once again Ms Burrowes gives us a new couple to care for, while bringing in characters that we grew to love from previous books The motto for her stories can be summed up this way Family Firstd ForeverI do love that When Asher calls on his family they immediately rally around him He needs them to help him launch Miss Hannah Cooper in the Marriage Mart Even though he has already proposed to herd been turned down.Hannah has her reasons, and as the book goes on and we find detail [...]

    7. I cried off all my mascara in the last twenty percent of this book or so because I was so sad Saaaaaaad So so so saaaaaadddddddddd I really wasn t sure how they were going to get their happily ever after Well, I could, but it seemed impossible, because she has to be in Boston and he has to be in Scotland and the law was horrible back then, but then it all got fixed, and I was all YAY But then I was all, WHY DIDN T YOU TELL HER EARLIER and WHY DIDN T YOU TWO TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS AND SOLVING T [...]

    8. A sweet and lovely historical romance, The MacGregor s Lady was a wonderful read I really enjoyed reading this book It was a wonderful conclusion to a great series.Hannah was a good heroine She wasn t the type to live the way others told her to live and she was very loyal to her loved ones That was also a problem, though I liked that she was so devoted to her family, but it frustrated me that she could see no alternative but to return home, when there were other solutions to be had It was irrita [...]

    9. Beautiful conclusion Charming conclusion, for Grace Burrowes s MacGregor trilogy, with her book The MacGregor s Lady I enjoyed reading this lovely historical romance I loved her previous book Once Upon a Tartan, which was filled with action, this one is set at a slower pace It s the story of Asher and Hannah Asher has to escort the beautiful heiress Hannah to London in order for her to find a suitable husband, but she doesn t want to marry She only wants to return to Boston where her family live [...]

    10. Very emotional read and Asher and Hanna made a great couple I just felt lost at first because Asher was presumed dead in the last book and when the story opens he is hale and hearty and back with his family Took BG awhile to bring us around to how he ended up back in the fold I knew GB would do it though and I hope that we get some novellas of this familyey are such fun.

    11. Very good book Asher has returned to Scotland after being declared dead, to take up his responsibilities as the earl He has no intention of marrying, having a tragedy in his past that has made him unwilling to risk his heart He has been coerced into escorting Hannah and her aunt around London, after which he will return to Scotland and his duties there.Hannah has been forced by her stepfather to go to London and find a husband She has no plans to marry instead, she will return to Boston to watch [...]

    12. Somehow I missed seeing this author, but have now read one of her books, as will be looking for to read Eldest brother Asher MacGregor, declared dead, after he went to Canada, as no one heard from him again, until he shows back up Hannah Cooper, from Boston is in London to have a saeson And her stepfather is hoping to marry her off This couple have no idea what lies ahead of them Everything they are planning to happens doesn t I found the family bond for both Asher and Hannah, very strong Famil [...]

    13. 3.5 starsI usually enjoy Ms Burrowes stories, but I found the pace of this story a little on the slow side I really wanted to love the story with an American in British society While I liked both characters, Hannah and Asher, I didn t quite feel their connection A good story, but something was missing.

    14. Author Grace BurrowesFirst published 2014Length 406 pagesSetting Edinburgh and London, in the time of Queen Victoria after her 8th child, Beatrice, born 1857 Sex Not frequent Equal, chatty Mutual satisfaction There is a background m m character.Hero Scottish Earl, trained physician, part Mohican view spoiler Widower hide spoiler Heroine Heiress from Boston Abusive stepfather in Boston Has a limp from childhood accident.Trigger Aunt is addicted to opiates equivalent to prescribed meds.Series Book [...]

    15. Grace Burrowes The MacGregor s Lady 3 in the MacGregors series The story of Asher MacGregor, the lost lord of the MacGregor family I was expecting the story to be about Asher s return to the family, but it is not his return is already a fait accompli when this story starts out and not much is said about it at all in this book This book starts out when Hannah, the heroine, debarks in Edinburgh from a ship that belongs to Asher Asher has been coerced into escorting Hannah, a rich heiress from the [...]

    16. Originally reviewed for Historical Romance Lover blogAsher MacGregor has been charged with escorting American heiress Hannah Cooper through London s ballrooms to find her a titled husband He has spent the last several years in Canada and the last thing he wants to do is escort someone to parties while in London.Hannah Cooper is only in England to satisfy her step father desire for her to marry Unfortunately, Hannah would rather be back home waiting to be of age to get the inheritance that will p [...]

    17. I really enjoy Burrowes writing, but the story line ofMacGregor s Lady didn t make sense to me I had questions than answers view spoiler Why is Asher s cranky uncle having him escort Hannah Why is Hannah s stepfather trying to marry her off, when he won t be able to control her money Especially, since at the end, her grandmother said that the step father was going to have her committed Why did Asher fight the idea of getting married for so long or not tell his siblings about his past, etc What [...]

    18. Oh these two goes in and shakes them by the neck But I understood, I understood.Asher is finally back in Scotland and settling down as an Earl He wants to do the best he can I really liked him, he was crush worthy.Hannah has been sent to find a husband She does not want to because she wants to be in Boston protecting her mother and brothers from their stepdad Yes you can see where this is going.First there is friendship where he takes her to a pub That was funny Then they start to fall, but they [...]

    19. Yet another Grace Burrowes read, yet another top notch review This is starting to get woefully predictable I kind of hated the sound of this one from the synopsis and put off reading it as a consequence I needn t have worried because it was great, as ever The reasons for Asher to be shepherding Hannah about London in search of a husband seemed flimsy and the villainy seemed tacked on but overall another winner I loved the interaction between the h h You can see them and feel them falling in love [...]

    20. Excellent story Although I do wonder about Burrowes s choice of MacGregor for her heroes surname The name was outlawed through most of the 1600s and 1700s It was un outlawed in 1774 but the fella s McGregor relations were still treated with suspicion in the 1990s when they went to Scotland Yeah, it s possible there was an earl named MacGregor in the mid 1800s, but not likely.

    21. Best book in the series Reasons not to marry were a little contrived but it played out ok Calling the american Boston made me fall in love fast.

    22. This was the third book in the Victorian era Highlander Scots MacGregor trilogy and the one I was really waiting for finally to know what was up with that oldest MacGregor sibling who was missing presumed dead, but everyone still hoped was alive I am glad to report that Asher and his backstory did not disappoint He was so worth waiting for His heroine Well, about her later.The story begins when Asher MacGregor, the returned prodigal, has reluctantly taken up his duties His uncle has emotionally [...]

    23. So I started out not particularly liking Asher His family thought he was dead I was very mad But I loved the other books in the series, so I kept on Grace Burrowes never disappoints, so I expected to be happy.And I was OMG, just an awesome book I spent the last third of it crying Bad crying, can t breathe the next day and puffy eyes crying I liked there wasn t insta love I loved revisiting the entire MacGregor family I loved the sensual scenes Heck, I even loved the heartbreak, because I ended u [...]

    24. This book has me back and forth I liked it but then I couldn t wait for it to be done The language was proper British but the pace of events were all over the place One minute they were on a train and the next sentence they were weeks in London There wasn t any transition to take my mind there A lot of jumping back to see where the transition happened and see if I missed something I did like the characters, Asher MacGregor Hannah Cooper I like the attraction they had and that they just went with [...]

    25. I must admit that I was frustrated with Hanna and her stubbornness about returning to Boston But at the same time I couldn t fault it She was really trying to save her family, and they needed her.There were some moments in this book, right at the end, when I couldn t stop crying a little and needed to take a respire so I could continue This was a very emotional story for me.What I didn t like was the ending I feel it was rushed, and I wanted time to savor what was happening and take a breath Th [...]

    26. I ve really enjoyed this series and I enjoyed this book as well mostly Having the long lost heir return from the wilds was a hope and expectation built up throughout the previous books and I felt the treatment of it here was disappointing The book starts after he s already been back for a while and you have to piece together what happened from little crumbs throughout the book And in the end I felt like the backstory still had too many holes for my taste The wheres and whys and hows are left lar [...]

    27. I wanted to love this tale of prodigal son Asher and American heiress Hannah, and I think I would have if it had been written as a short story The main characters are unique and series favorites return, but the plot seems to drag on toward an obvious conclusion.

    28. This book was somewhat tedious with its continual harping on a problem that can t be solved by a woman The general story was okay but the only solution to the problem became irritating.

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