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Smug the Magic Dragon #2020

Smug the Magic Dragon Getting a date with the cute barista is living the dream And maybe like actually literally a dream when he starts breathing fire Words complete

  • Title: Smug the Magic Dragon
  • Author: Domashita Romero
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • Smug the Magic Dragon By Domashita Romero, Getting a date with the cute barista is living the dream And maybe, like, actually literally a dream when he starts breathing fire.Words 10006 complete

    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK Â Smug the Magic Dragon - by Domashita Romero
      236 Domashita Romero
    • thumbnail Title: UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK Â Smug the Magic Dragon - by Domashita Romero
      Posted by:Domashita Romero
      Published :2020-04-09T17:43:11+00:00

    1 thought on “Smug the Magic Dragon

    1. like this smile smile smile smile grin grin supergrin smile smile smile sadsmile boner smile smile grin grin boner boner boner BIGBONER BIGSMILE smile smile happysmile the end.

    2. Oops A cutesie guy in hooded footie dragon pajamas who has sex on his nan s old quilts in a man sized dog bed A few too many sugar cubes for my liking, sorry Still Domashita s psycho humble fangirl Only just tried out Domashita s work Make sure to check out my all time favorites

    3. Aaand she does it again.This woman is unbelievable.a dor a bleadj.1 Delightful, lovable, and charming.2 Worthy of adoration.I case you needed a clarification Which you didn t, but I just want to point out how this story is deserving of love in two different ways because it s absolutely enchanting and because it s masterfully written.Fucking adorable.I mean, seriously A magic trick playing, fire breathing, alternatively shaped dragon called Smug, with a little dog and eyes the same colour of Stil [...]

    4. Written January 22, 20143.3 Stars slightly wacky and touching cuteI read El Presidio Rides North by Domashita Romero before Christmas, and it was a hilarouis fun and wacky story Let s se was Smug the Magic Dragon is and offers Smug it was ridiculous to even think of that as a name, but it was easier on the internal monologue than Perfect Handsome Man at the Coffee Shop I Wish to Marry told him how much he owed for his drink and handed it over Adam become somewhat fond of the very handsome guy wh [...]

    5. Oh my word that was adorable Sweet, funny, romantic, and original It was the perfect pick me up for a cold, slow, slightly stressful winter day.

    6. I want to kiss a dragon, too Now listen, everyone should read this You all need to read this.Romantic Sweet Perfectly odd like all of us are, and apparently dragons, too Adam and Smug each have their own magic and then recognize it in each other Instead of shying away, they both risk it and take a chance The coolest thing is, no matter who these two would be, they re clearly meant to be together They would have found each other They would have believed each other Beautiful Humorous Sexy and uniq [...]

    7. 2.25 or thereaboutsI feel precisely like Sister Ratchett at the moment, like the mother of all party poopers.I did everything right, I waited until I d slept for a night, so wouldn t still be irritated by sub par writing from the evening before I delved into the reviews of Julio, Emma and Anna, and set myself up to appreciate cute Only none of this helped in any way.This author obviously doesn t do it for me Not at all Not even a bit Yes, that story was cleverly written which is why it gets 2 , [...]

    8. Smug is the cutest dragon ever 3.5 stars for him alone You have to suspend reality if you want to enjoy this But once you do, it s all fun and a little magic view spoiler Smug was absolutely adorable when he was on stage performing his magic tricks or when he was shy in front of Adam yet being honest about his dragon heritage or when he was anxiously waiting to see if Adam would not believe him and walk out view spoiler Mr Smuggles was just so cute and a perfect sidekick.So, do you believe in ma [...]

    9. 3.4 starsOh I so happily suspended logic and sense for this oneand enjoyed my dive in this little magical story which left me with a grin across my face.

    10. i came for the title.i stayed for the adorable dialog and the M M erotica so well written it made me wish i was queer so i could get a little of that.i should have said i arrived for the title oh well.

    11. Ho boy I m brave enough to say what I think after seeing such a wonderful ratings To all those readers who think this is the best story ever, good for them, but, I have to be honest, I enjoyed far reading the reviews than this story This is not my cup of tea at all.I m sure I m the minority, I stopped reading it from the part when they were kissing and Adam compared the kiss like licking a battery I m afraid I didn t find it cute or adorable, I found it boring.

    12. I loved it This was such a well written, sweet, and funny read I m really sad it wasn t longer I can understand why some people might not love it At the same time, though, I want to recommend this to people I have to read of this authors work sometime.Thanks for the recommendation, Alice

    13. It was ok, but a bit disappointing There s a lack of the usual spark that you can easily find in any other Ms Romero s works The dragon pajama sounded a bit childish, and the smoke breath thing made me think of a bad case of halitosis

    14. 3.5 stars.Aww this is so adorable and so very unique Smug is a magic little dragon with a clever little dog who will steal your heart for all of an hour or so that it takes to read this little short.A lovely lighthearted little inbetweener that could do with a sequel or 6 I think I m very interested in Smug and his genealogy, and seeing this relationship properly evolve would be a treat Smug still has many tricks and quirks to be revealed I think Plus I want to get back to his lair, it s so cosy [...]

    15. Smaug the Magic Dragon I ve never read about a fascinating dragon ever Smug is just adorable and different No I won t say , just that it s so worth getting to know him As this book is free and short What s holding you back The author created a unique story here, and I especially love the subtlety of her narration She is telling one story, but there is so much to read between the lines.

    16. 2,5 stars.The story didn t grab me in any way and I didn t feel any emotional connection to the MCs, but I still appreciate the creativity and the writing skills of Domashita Maybe it was just a bad timing for this book.

    17. Oh the inner conflict of having to low rate something from an author whose work I usually relish For what its worth, I started off enjoying this unusual story but then it devolved into too cute, too sweet and too pleased with itself, smug indeed.

    18. 4.5 stars rounded up Utterly delightful I feel this could become my cheer the fuck up storyke a book version of Amelie.Loved it.

    19. At first, I thought the story was cute yes, I use that word, can t help it, even if other reviews use it too I enjoyed Smug being smug with his magic coins and cards I liked magic in my stories but then it became, I dunno, a bit too much What with the dragon pajamas, and twist of being dragon itself, and kissing that feels like tasting a battery Huh I guess, for me, the whole dragon thing doesn t smoothly written or explained and I ended up feeling like I m being shoved into an urban fantasy sto [...]

    20. Awww This was just too cute I have yet to read a Domashita Romero story that I didn t enjoy They re all so unique She has quite an imagination I only wish she d write a full length novel as I m always left wanting .If you like fluffy stories with a little bit of magic, you ll probably enjoy this one It is very, very sweet though, so if that s not your thing maybe try another DR, there are so many good ones to choose from after all.

    21. 3.5 Starsd then they were kissing again, wet and sweet, spark and smoke.Sweet, sweet, sweet A cute and delightful love story It s full of magic, thick, soft, fluttering lashes and little puffs of smoke.You have to read this so that you too can say you read about a gay dragon and his lover.Very cutesy, so just make sure that ll suit your mood Free here archiveofourown works 1036518 Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog attentionisarbitrary

    22. Put a little dog named Mr Smuggles in a dragon costume, and you can sell me anything But even without Mr Smuggles, this would be an absolutely delightful story Sweet and silly and a little bit sad, and just so damn cute.

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