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Depraved 2 #2020

Depraved Bryan Smith is one of the most reliable and consistently entertaining writers working in the horror and suspense genres Ray Garton author of Live Girls Four years ago Jessica Sloan drove out to a ba

  • Title: Depraved 2
  • Author: Bryan Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Depraved 2 By Bryan Smith, Bryan Smith is one of the most reliable and consistently entertaining writers working in the horror and suspense genres Ray Garton, author of Live Girls Four years ago, Jessica Sloan drove out to a backwoods town to execute the rapist stashed in the trunk of her car She barely made it out of Hopkins Bend alive and emerged changed forever by the ordeal Now she s fresh Bryan Smith is one of the most reliable and consistently entertaining writers working in the horror and suspense genres Ray Garton, author of Live Girls Four years ago, Jessica Sloan drove out to a backwoods town to execute the rapist stashed in the trunk of her car She barely made it out of Hopkins Bend alive and emerged changed forever by the ordeal Now she s freshly discharged from the military and on the run after being framed for a murder she didn t commit Running out of options and with an assassin hot on her trail she heads again for Hopkins Bend, now a deserted ghost town But things are not as they seem in Hopkins Bend and Jessica soon finds herself plunged into another nightmare of depravity and madness DEPRAVED 2 is the sequel to the hit novel DEPRAVED, hailed by acclaimed author Brian Keene as one of the 10 best books of 2009 I look forward to spending a weekend with a new Bryan Smith book the way I used to look forward to spending a weekend with a new Richard Laymon novel In my view, there isn t higher praise than that Brian Keene, author of The Rising

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    1 thought on “Depraved 2

    1. This was just as crazy as the first book if not crazier Any Jessica Sloan fans out there I m one of them , will be happy to know that she s back and is bad ass than ever Now here is a woman that hasn t got any chance of passing a psyche evaluation.Jessica wakes up in an unfamiliar place and is trying to make sense as to where she is As her head starts to clear, she notices another woman sleeping on a sofa in the next room Skipping ahead a little bit Jessica realises she s been set up for a murd [...]

    2. This was a disappointment in comparison to the first book but with that said, I still plan to read the third.

    3. As a fan of Bryan Smith who owns some half a dozen of his titles, I d thought I knew what to expect when opening one of his novels Especially when said novel happens to be the sequel to one of his gory and disgusting efforts, namely Depraved Turns out I was kidding myself.Smith here effortlessly outdoes his first foray into the gruesome town of Hopkins Bend by detailing some of the outlandish and visceral tortures and torments ever visited upon a group of characters in a mainstream published w [...]

    4. I feel bad giving this 3 stars Depraved the original is one of my all time favorites in the splatter punk genre I love Bryan Smith and all his other works, so when I heard a sequel to Depraved was coming out I had mixed feelings For me the sequel just didn t have that special formula as the 1st one The multiple protagonist that you cared about were missing even the returning protagonist is so different I had to go back and read some from book one to make sure it was the same character from the 1 [...]

    5. Bryan Smith pulls no punches in this thoroughly enjoyable sequel to his popular 2009 horror novel, DEPRAVED DEPRAVED 2 takes place 4 years after events in the first book, and follows Jessica Sloan after she attempts to piece together her life Having been recruited into the military, and later black ops, Jessica finds herself on the run and pursued by an assassin, after a disastrous mission in Afghanistan And she ends up back in Hopkins Bend, site for the horrors that have shaped and defined her [...]

    6. 4 AND 1 2 STARSThe sequel to author Bryan Smith s popular Depraved is better than the first book in every way possible The writing itself shows a vast improvement over the original story, both technically and creatively In Depraved 2, Smith also ratchets up the violence to unbearable levels, taking the reader into truly taboo territory Reading almost exclusively horror, it takes an awful lot to make me uncomfortable, but this book had me feeling queasy and sick at certain points In a good way, o [...]

    7. This book is not for everyone This is intensely unpleasant, downright disgusting hardcore horror Its also brilliantly plotted and insanely effective and involving storytelling There are things in this book that made me feel sick to my stomach I questioned myself than a few times while reading it, why do I read this stuff In the end, it is the mark of a truly effective and gifted writer to elicit that type of response from the reader Add in the fact that all of the characters rang true, from the [...]

    8. This is the sequel to Smith s book Depraved I loved the first book and found it a wild and crazy ride This one was likeable but came short for me We see some of the surviving characters from the first book in this nightmare I say nightmare because it s a nightmare Nobody would want to be in these situations The characters that are crossing over from the first book to this book are warped and not the same The town experience has changed them and not for the better This again has some raping, lots [...]

    9. Not nearly as good as the first for a couple of reasons First off, all my favorite characters from book one where killed off and the characters in this book, though likable, just where not as good Secondly, I think the shock value was wore off in book one Not that I was that shocked being a hardcore horror fan and all but this book just didn t live up to its predecessor At parts it felt like it was trying to be over the top just so it could measure up to the first book and it didn t pull it off [...]

    10. Bryan Smith continues to impress and I have yet to read a single book written by the man that has not completely enthralled me from start to finish Depraved 2 is no exception Smith knows how to propel a story into high gear like no other, continually driving the reader and his characters further into darkness and depravity Obviously you should read Depraved first before diving into this sequel But be warned This book is not for wimps Bryan Smith will shock you He will cripple your emotions This [...]

    11. Here s how I feel about Bryan SmithOkay so anyone who reads my reviews or got to know me a bit on knows that I am enamoured with Richard Laymon and I am a HUGE horror buff.whether it be movies or books So, here s how I feel about Bryan Smith and his work Anyone who is worth his salt as a horror buff knows who Fred Dekker is For those of you who don t, he made two absolutely genius horror comedies in the 80s that were way ahead of their time He did it on a limited budget with very little marketin [...]

    12. Gratuitous filth and over indulgent excess for their own sake do not bother me But weak dialogue and paper thin characters do get tiresome after a while There is a sense of sameness to the majority of Smith s works that I have learned to accept and take in stride, because it works as often as it doesn t.Unfortunately, Depraved 2 is another example of its failure to properly engage Make no mistake, this book is pure grade z schlock splat, pulling out almost every stop in the playbook to try to ho [...]

    13. Love Byran Smith Bryan Smith has yet to disappoint If you ve never read anything by Bryan, what the hell are you waiting on

    14. Awful sequelVery letdown by this it was poor compared to depraved one Save yourself a good few hours and skip it.

    15. Depraved 2 returns us into the horrifying world of redneck cannibalism, dark and terrifying magic, and psychopathic insanity Jessica Sloan returns to Hopkins Bend after being framed for a murder she did not commit Jessica is different now After escaping the nightmare of Hopkins Bend, she entered the military and continued her descent into darkness She s returned stronger, craftier, and much less sympathetic toward humanity as a whole Along the way, we are introduced to several other point of vie [...]

    16. It s been a year about since I read the first one and I remember liking it than this one BUT, I m still giving this one five stars because it was amazing all on its own It didn t even seem like a sequel Also, Daphne was insufferable from the start and I could not wait for something horrible to happen to her oops, I ll put spoilers lol so I was super happy about her demise chapter I loved the inclusion of the zombies even though I don t really like zombie novels on their own because, as I descri [...]

    17. Looking at the other reviews for this book, I was kind of expecting to be disappointed.Actually, I was pleasantly surprised I liked Depraved 2 There are a lot of elements to this novel I enjoyed the whole Sienna Baker, as witch raising the dead, story line.Yes, it was a pretty out there element, but I thought it fit in well with the general craziness of Hopkins Bend Though I was hoping poor Abbie might somehow survive, I ve read enough of this author now to know that happy endings don t exist in [...]

    18. A Worthy SequelNo, it is not as good as the first one It is a bit outlandish than the first, too But, it is another solid book from Bryan Smith and an enjoyable experience There were plenty of gory, disgusting moments and lots of action I will definitely be on the lookout for Depraved 3 which the author says is in the works Wholeheartedly recommended.

    19. I love this author I had doubts about finishing this book because I m so over the zombie thing but it was only about a chapter long and worked well with the book I love how he talks explains the book at the end BEST part of the book all the little questions you might have are answered at the end I will definitely look for and read books by Bryan Smith

    20. After reading the first book I couldn t wait to get stuck into the 2nd part, although the 2nd book wasn t as good as the first it was definitely brutal, it was probably one of the most sickening books I ve read, I ve given this book 4 out of 5

    21. ZombiesThis book was ok I really loved book 1 I didn t really like the zombie twist at all Daphne was a good character loved reading her chapter Hopefully book 3 is better.

    22. WOW Loved this than the first Really hope Bryan ends up doing a part 3 can t wait to see what Sienna gets up to next.

    23. InterestingThe whole book seemed to take you on a whole different level compared to the 1st book I loved the direction it took

    24. Well it was a fun ride I wasn t as hooked into the main characters as I was in the first book I need a break from this stuff After reading a Laymon and 2 Smith I need something lite

    25. Loved Depraved, but stuggled at times to get through this It had it s moments, but overall I found the characters unlikable and the plot a bit too contrived.

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