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The Dark Tide #2020

The Dark Tide An explosion rips through New York City s Grand Central Station one morning destroying the train Karen Friedman s husband a successful hedge fund manager is riding in to work Days later with many

  • Title: The Dark Tide
  • Author: Andrew Gross
  • ISBN: 9780061143427
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dark Tide By Andrew Gross, An explosion rips through New York City s Grand Central Station one morning, destroying the train Karen Friedman s husband, a successful hedge fund manager, is riding in to work Days later, with many bodies still unidentifiable, Karen resigns herself to the awful truth her husband of eighteen years is dead.On that same day, a suspicious hit and run accident leaves a younAn explosion rips through New York City s Grand Central Station one morning, destroying the train Karen Friedman s husband, a successful hedge fund manager, is riding in to work Days later, with many bodies still unidentifiable, Karen resigns herself to the awful truth her husband of eighteen years is dead.On that same day, a suspicious hit and run accident leaves a young man dead in Karen s hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut Ty Hauck, a detective, becomes emotionally caught up in the case and finds a clue that shockingly connects the two seemingly unrelated events.Months later, two men show up at Karen s home digging into Charles s business dealings Hundreds of millions of dollars are missing and the trail points squarely to Charles With doubt suddenly cast on everything she has ever known, Karen, with Hauck, steps into a widening storm of hedge fund losses, international scams, and murder And as the investigations converge, these two strangers touched by tragedy are pulled into a deepening relationship and unwittingly open the door to a twisted and deadly conspiracy.With its breakneck pacing, plentiful twists, compelling characters, and abundant heart, The Dark Tide confirms Andrew Gross s place as a master storyteller at the top of his game.

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    1 thought on “The Dark Tide

    1. Well, this was another one of those Reader s Choice books from the library Normally, I m not very interested in the trashy thriller genre Overall, though, the book was okay The plot was somewhat interesting although rife with editing problems , but the author seemed much interested in the romance part of the story than in developing the story itself well.And maybe it s just me, but I was extremely bugged by how every character repeatedly said the name of the person they were talking to When I m [...]

    2. Let me preface with the fact that I downloaded this to my Kindle during a free promotion period so I can t really feel cheated out of my money My time is another animal altogether The book starts off interestingly enough with a somewhat believable family, with a rich business man father, two kids and a homemaker wife whose life takes a turn for the worse after a terrorist attack on a subway I personally thought the terrorist angle was a bit lame, but i guess it served the purpose and since the s [...]

    3. This book appears to have been written by someone who a has English as a second language b has heard of both love and sex and has experienced neither c has a fascination with blood and how is courses through veins in many and varied ways d is writing for people with an IQ of around 50 ande is writing for people who have no critical faculties at all.Favourite horror line A surge of validation ran through Hauck s veins If you like this, I really don t know what to say The complete lack of critical [...]

    4. I m giving this book a 3.5 but because I really enjoyed the main character I added another 1 2 star Lots and lots of different reviews for this book from 1 2 stars up to 4 I have to say this was a very long story and a very detailed explanation to the main character Ty Hauck a good guy that seems to get himself in trouble and has to run and hide If you like police detective type stories you should like this one I feel that it is a promise for a very good series and I really am looking forward to [...]

    5. The editing and as a result the dialogue in this novel is atrocious There is simply no need to repeat characters names in every spoken line in a novel most people who read books are not idiots Really Kieran Yes reader, I m afraid its true this novel is badly let down by the poor dialogue But Kieran I think, and Kieran don t hate me for saying this, but maybe you are being unfairly picky Kieran No reader I am not The festering dialogue weighs down a good story like a stone anchor, oh and Reader I [...]

    6. 3.5 stars Karen Friedman s husband Charles takes the car to the shop so he has to ride the train to work that morning to the hedge fund company in New York City that he owns and manages An explosion occurs at Grand Central Station and Charles never makes it to work as hundreds are killed Across town, Detective Ty Hauck investigates a hit and run of a young man and discovers Charles Friedman s name and phone number in his pocket Neither Hauck or Karen see a connection to Charles About a year late [...]

    7. Fast paced, deception, lies, conspiracies, plot twists excellent One morning, while at her yoga class, Karen Friedman, along with everyone there, learns of the bombing at Grand Central Station At first, Karen feels horrible for the people involved in some way Until that same horror starts to sink in her husband had taken the train to work that morning after bringing the car in for servicing Trying not to panic, she tries to reach him but he s gone The first bomb was set off in the first two cars [...]

    8. The Dark Tide is the first in a series featuring detective Ty Hauck and the first that I ve read a third, Reckless, was published in 2010 Gross may be familiar as James Patterson s co author on several books as well, but he s a well established author in his own right.I thoroughly enjoyed this one, although there were a few spots that challenged my realm of credibility just a bit The plot involves misuse of investment funds think billions, not millions that extends all the way from Connecticut [...]

    9. Perhaps the best term for Andrew Gross entertaining novels might be the Wall Street thriller His books are solid action mysteries that center around white collar crime Of course, being a crime novel it is very major white collar crime with than a few murders involved For a mainstream bestseller thriller, it is pretty good Ty Hauck is an interesting homicide detective with his own baggage and an eye for the strong but vulnerable blonde Romance ensues but it is the crime plot that prevails A real [...]

    10. A real pageturner Gross s knack is to keep the suspense going, you want to find out what happened The characters are than game pieces that the author moves around the novel to solve the novel They seem flesh and blood The plot is good, a man appears to be dead in a bombing at Grand Central Station Another man is killed in a hit and run A cop meets the wife of the bombing and starts to investigate the hit and run Meanwhile other people are out there looking for the man as well.Will he be found W [...]

    11. Meh A lot of build up for very little action I m giving it a 2.5 and I m rounding up because it s the weekend.

    12. This book earned 2 stars from me because it was a free download and I love getting a freebie now and then I used to read James Patterson books and wanted to see what Andrew Gross was like as a writer I was pretty disappointed with the book though It was just okay I kept reading it because one of my Facebook groups was reading it together and I wanted to be able to hop in there and discuss it a bit But sometimes it was difficult moving forward with this story.I liked the fast emotional punch that [...]

    13. Part mystery and part romance, Dark Tide would make a great soap opera or mini series A thirty something mother of teenagers from Gold Coast CT, whose husband is a financial advisor with aspirations to become a high flier, becomes a widow when his train is exploded by terrorists The ace detective, whose wife left him after their little daughter died in an accident that he might have prevented, has merely been going through the paces, his life empty and his guilt debilitating When the wife, Karen [...]

    14. Andrew Gross used a 9 11 esq situation to provide a means of escape for Charlie Charlie has been living a lie, creating shell companies and illegally moving around money to create a wonderful lifestyle for his family Unfortunately, forces are starting to close in as his empire collapses and he uses a terrorist bomb as a means of escaping the mess he has gotten himself into His wife and children mourn, but one day his wife watches a clip of the bombing and recognizes Charlie s face as he flees th [...]

    15. This book had me at go A gripping story that begins with the explosion mentioned in the summary I do NOT believe in Spoilers in my submissions and proceeds to take tge reader on a fast and scary literary roller coaster Ty Hauck is the main man introduced in this first book of the Hauck seriesgotta tell ya, he is one of my all time favorite Heroes up there with the likes of Alex Cross, Harry Bosch, Stone Barrington, Shane Scully RIP S.Cannell for me.Regardless, Dark Tide is a tought provoking pag [...]

    16. So repetetive, everything names, events, exclamations like why Charlie why and minor plot points, well everything is repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated And then repeted again, lest we forget something A rather dull reading experience.

    17. The first Ty Hauck series book from author Andrew Gross, The Dark Tide , is a meandering tale that for 420 pages Paperback , leads the reader through a set of expected situations just like a formula on a blackboard Having previously read a stand alone thriller from author Andrew Gross, Eyes Wide Open , my expectations were somewhat muted from the outset I gave, Eyes , a somewhat generous three out of five stars, 2.75 realistic However I jumped into, The Dark Tide , secretly hoping that since I [...]

    18. Probably like 3.5The comments about stale dialog mostly repeating the other person s name a lot do ring true occasionally, but honestly, it s only occasionally Don t go by those.It could have used some editing to tighten it up a bit, but overall it was a well developed story with some heart pounding suspense Didn t quite buy into Ty s parting comment to the russian at the end, but other than that, it was a good story.

    19. Andrew Gross un 15 saniyeden sonra okudu um ikinci kitab Gizemli Sular bu kitab n daha s r kleyici , konu ve kurgu bak m ndan daha tatmin edici buldum Karakterlerin baz lar na k zd m ve sinir oldum Kitab n tamam na bak nca ise sevdi im bir kitap oldu.

    20. First book I ve read by this author Complicated financial plot but interesting characters I ll read another of his.

    21. First in the Ty Hauck thriller series this one s financial and revolving around a woman mourning her husband with a suspicious Ty investigating in Greenwich, Connecticut.In 2009, The Dark Tide was nominated for the ITW Best Thriller of the Year.My TakeOkay, I knew how it would end It s a plot type that is so common, but for me, it s always the journey How the author takes us from the start to the conclusion and what the characters encounter along the way, as you never do know what a writer will [...]

    22. Hold on to your hat, this is going to be a roller coaster ride Charles Friedman is a hedge fund investor who does well by his wife Karen and their two teens Samantha and Alex.One fine day, Charles heads off to carry the car in to be serviced, planning to take the train from Connecticut into New York to work His wife Karen heads off to yoga As she is exercising, she is shocked when everyone gathers around a tv after bombs rock the train her husband is on, the one he called her from moments earlie [...]

    23. Book 1 in the Ty Hauck series This novel is an attention grabber right from the startwareIt is a never ending fast paced story of deception, lies and conspiracies It opens one morning at yoga class, Karen Friedman and her friends learn of a fatal bombing at Grand Central Station Karen at first, felt terrible but her emotions go into high gear when she realizes that her husband Charlie, a hedge fund manager, has taken the train to work She later finds out that a part of her husband s briefcase ha [...]

    24. I listened to THE DARK TIDE by Andrew Gross on a cross country trip, so one could say I was a captive audience since it was either the book on CD or listening to talk radio or some inane hip hop music station and no, I don t have Sirius radio.At any rate, the book began with an interesting premise and could have been fairly compelling read or listen had it not been for some of the following 1 the author repeated the same information over and over again as I trying to fill up pages maybe he gets [...]

    25. This is Andrew Gross s second mystery thriller and both are excellent If you are a fan of James Patterson you will find that Andrew Gross writes in the same vein In fact, Gross has co authored 5 books with Patterson,and for my money Gross s books are much better His books have better characters, better plots, and better endings They follow the same style as Patterson in that the chapters are very short and the story moves at a very rapid pace.Charles Friedman is living the good life in New York [...]

    26. Wow, what a heart racing, action packed reade perfect way to escape reality on a cold afternoon Charles Friedman, a wealthy and successful hedge fund manager, was on a commuter subway train that was bombed by terrorists near Grand Central Station He was thought to have been killed and burned up in the tragedy His wife and children accept the inevitable and move on with their lives until terrifying threats and unexplained coincidences cause his wife Karen to doubt everything she new about her hus [...]

    27. This is my first time reading a book by this author and I wasn t all that pleased I m kind of picky so don t mind me but I don t like the fact the author over detailed things repetitively example at the beginning.e author described the area the characters lived in twice within 2 mins of the book and used the exact same words to described the area Also, the author described Karen s brown eyes than once within the first 5 mins.e second time her brown eyes were mentioned had NOTHING to do with wha [...]

    28. This suspense novel had a lot of elements that I enjoyed A hero, Ty Hauck, who inspires trust and confidence, but who is dealing with internal brokenness due to the prior history of his family Along with Karen Friedman, the reader is very anxious to discover, what is really the truth about her husband Charlie The Caribbean Islands setting alternating with New York City and suburban Old Greenwich, CT The intrigue of the transactions involving mind boggling sums of money, and the ways in which thi [...]

    29. Ok, first of all the plot Very interesting, slightly unbelievable in parts, but a good read.Now we move onto the characters.what the hell The main people in this book, Karen and Charles Friedman are the most annoying characters I have read in a while, especially Karen She is a whiny annoying mess of a woman I know your husband just died, but honestly, after just 3 months would you start having sexual feelings for the policeman who isn t even in charge of the case As well as annoying she seems ki [...]

    30. This book is one of my favorites I gave it 5 stars because I love suspense and that is exactly what this book brings It is filled with twits and turns and leaves you anxious to find out what happens next Karen, the main character is so worried that her husband is on the train with the terrorist bombing I got a call from him, Heather At eight thirty four He said they were pulling into Grand Central in a while that is one of the most dramatic quotes in the book found on page 22, because it shows h [...]

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