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Fallen Into the Pit #2020

Fallen Into the Pit Best known in America for her brilliantly imagined twelfth century Benedictine monk detective Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters has also enthralled fans on both sides of the Atlantic with her superbly co

  • Title: Fallen Into the Pit
  • Author: Ellis Peters
  • ISBN: 9780892965199
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fallen Into the Pit By Ellis Peters, Best known in America for her brilliantly imagined twelfth century Benedictine monk detective, Brother Cadfael, Ellis Peters has also enthralled fans on both sides of the Atlantic with her superbly constructed stories featuring British police detective George Felse Inspector Felse first appeared in what has since been called a classic of the genre, Fallen Into the Pit NeBest known in America for her brilliantly imagined twelfth century Benedictine monk detective, Brother Cadfael, Ellis Peters has also enthralled fans on both sides of the Atlantic with her superbly constructed stories featuring British police detective George Felse Inspector Felse first appeared in what has since been called a classic of the genre, Fallen Into the Pit Never before available in the United States, this multilayered, most ingenious whodunit is long awaited and, as mystery fans will soon discover, well worth waiting for Understand me once and for all, fighting is something not to be considered short of a life and death matter It proves nothing It solves nothing, Chad Wedderburn tells thirteen year old Dominic Felse A classics master who fought with the Resistance, Wedderburn came home to Comerford to teach school Ironically, when the peace of the little village is shattered by the murder of a former German prisoner of war, it is the peaceful Wedderburn who becomes the primary suspect Police Sergeant George Felse is deeply disturbed that his son Dominic is the one who discovers the body, and that the boy has begun doggedly pursuing clues in Comerford s isolated countryside Murder is a deadly business, and the closer young Felse comes to the truth, the likely he is to become a victim himself His father knows this all too well, and for the first time in his career his personal life is threatened by his policeman s duties Now, as George Felse uncovers the skeletons in the closets of Comerford s best citizens, he begins to understand the forces that may drive men or women to desperate acts But will he deduce enough to forestall another tragedy or stop a killer with a twisted mind and bloody plans Rich with the hues of the Shropshire countryside and its vividly drawn character portraits, this irresistibly suspenseful mystery is still further reason to place Ellis Peters alongside Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and P D James as

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    1 thought on “Fallen Into the Pit

    1. Oh no I have discovered a new to me mystery writer, as if I weren t already following enough of them I blame it on My Big Fat Reading Project It just keeps getting fatter, but better my project than me Ellis Peters is a pseudonym of Edith Pargeter, a British author who is best known for her Chronicles of Brother Cadfael historical mystery series Both that series and her Inspector Felse series are set in Wales I don t recall reading any mysteries set in Wales before.In 1963, the author won the Ed [...]

    2. The surprise pick of the week for me Why surprised I am a well established fan of Edith Pargeter It s the music of her writing style and her delightful characterisation If she were a visual artist I d say she can draw a sketch of a person in a few lines that captures their essence.Inspector Felse is a much better character than I had expected and though the first few pages seemed to be a bit impenetrable, I persevered I was rewarded by a delightful little murder mystery that left me wanting I h [...]

    3. Over all I prefer the Brother Cadfael series, just to get that said and put aside But this series had plenty to offer Deep themes, good characters, interesting setting, a smart kid who wasn t a smart aleck American writers take note I forgot I was reading Peters sometimes and thought it was a Christie book, altho the lack of wry humor brought me back to reality And with the kids so deeply involved in the story, the book also had a whiff of Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew In fact, it would appeal to kid [...]

    4. I read maybe five chapters and quit The subject was too stressful and dark for me It was about some Germans who were being expatriated to England after WWII One particular man seemed to be still in sympathy with Hitler He caused some trouble where he worked and was sent to work on a farm owned by an Englishman and his wife, who was Jewish and German That s when I decided I really did not want to spend my time reading this book I thought that I would try it since I really did like the Brother Cad [...]

    5. The first of the George Felse mysteries my favorite Peters I ve never taken to Cadfael A kind of sad and uneasy story Beautifully written I especially like Chad And, of course, Dominic Bunty and George don t get quite as developed as in later books June 2010

    6. Somewhat disappointing The book starts out fine because the author writes so well, however, then came the big mistake IMO Instead of it being a Sergeant Felse mystery, it is dominated by his 13 year old son, Dominic and his friend, Pussy Don t ask me what I think of that nickname I really do not like books which rely on the precocious ingenuity of children It devolves into, See the teenager do his stuff, and has the prerequisite danger for the child Meh The other problem is that I suspected the [...]

    7. In case someone doesn t know, the title is from Psalm 57 6 they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves I have read several of Peters Brother Cadfael mysteries, and this one is just as well plotted and written She can handle the language without making glaring mistakes, too However, I found this particular novel unpleasant and a bit overlong I suppose she needed the length to accomodate all the twists and turns she wanted to throw in, but none of the charac [...]

    8. I listened to this as a Recorded Books audiobook, read by Simon Prebble one of my favorite narrators I have long loved the Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael books, but had never read any of the Inspector Felse series This is book 1 in that series, and I liked it very much It was first published in 1951 and is set in Britain after WWII.Although Inspector George Felse, his wife Bunty and their 13 year old son are featured in this story, it really seems to revolve around the teenaged boy, with his cleve [...]

    9. I m giving this a 5 a 4.65 star, because it s so much than just a mystery The characters are so deftly written that I can see them clearly, especially the main villain of the piece, the victim himself Peters draws him without a trace of pity she shows no mawkish sentimentality about his childhood or empathy for his background In these days when we ve gone so full circle that it s scary to contemplate telling the truth as we see it because of the fear of being labelled as uncaring or worse , it [...]

    10. The small village of Comerford is trying to come to terms with the end of the war and integrating the returning men back into the lives they left when it is rocked by a murder Much darker than the Cadfael series but well plotted with interesting characters including a couple of youngsters who are precocious but believable I listened to the audio version read by one of my all time favorites narrators Simon Prebble

    11. This is an EXCELLENTLY written book I can t STAND the nazi character who later is the murder victim He s too real and I got pissed of while I was reading Sometime s a person is too real when you read them.

    12. Peters is an excellent writer and I am delighted to find a new series to read this summer I am giving it 3 stars because this isn t great literature just a very well written diversion.

    13. I m a longtime fan of Peters Cadfael mysteries who had run out of Cadfaels, so I decided to try an earlier novel of hers It took a few pages to get into the diction of the 1950s she occasionally employs a turn of phrase that has fallen out of use but in the end I thought the book was excellent Now, the mystery itself ends up being a little bit predictable, especially if you are used to Ellis Peters The social commentary, on the other hand, was incisive It was distressing how apposite the book fe [...]

    14. The book is about chad Wedderton, a war hero, who teaches classics at the village school Comerford When Chad returns from the war, he assumes an anti violence persona, confusing the locals, since they expect a war hero to never shirk necessary acts of violence But Wedderton isn t easily riled, though the boys in his class constantly try his patience, and learn quickly he is steadfast in his resolve against violence.A prisoner of war, a German, is murdered in the woods, and many suspect Mr Wedder [...]

    15. A new series for me Always loved Cadfael and had no idea there were others by Ellis Peters Battered and torn the set arrived in the charity book shop where I help and I brought them home This is the first in the series, a good mystery with very real and in depth characters EP has a wonderful way of making a picture with great economy and interest The main character, Dominic Felse, son of George the local police sergeant sets himself, with his friend, the task of solving an unpleasant murder of a [...]

    16. Reading this book for only the second time, after having read countless other books by Ellis Peters in the decades since I first discovered them, I am struck by how little difference there is in the writing, from this, her first book, to the very latest ones And I mean that in a good way Characters start right on being fully fleshed and three dimensional, and the keep, loving insight into human nature and the realities of life are right there from the beginning, to be built on through the years [...]

    17. This book, penned in the 1950 s, could have been a 3 star for me had it not been painfully slow to get into the plot It s also of a YA murder mystery than what I d expected, but that s forgivable Why I rounded down to two stars was the wooden and stilted prose, and characters that just were difficult to connect with There are better British mysteries from the period, but fans of the author will probably disagree Just wasn t my cuppa tea.

    18. I can t say I enjoyed this book, but it is very well written It is as much about the impact of traumatic events on people and communities as it is a murder mystery Also, the first murder victim was so unpleasant it was a shame anyone had to be convicted of his murder.

    19. I was nearly half way through the book before I really got into the story It is definitely worth the wait, though, if you are willing to meander along I ll be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series.

    20. An early mystery from an outstanding writer I figured out the whole story early so the mystery will not intrigue the reader but the peep at England recovering from WW2 certainly will.

    21. Did not make it through the first chapter of this book Way to wordy, overly descriptive, boring and confusing

    22. 1951, 1 Sergeant Felse, a small coal mining district in Comerford UK Deaths of an ex Nazi and of a judge s son, with a policeman s son in the thick of it all genteel police procedural rural style, with beautiful characterizations Four stars plus.Over twenty five years before she began the historical series for which she is now best remembered Cadfael , Ms Peters started this then current series starring Sergeant Felse, a hard working and intelligent village policeman This first in series is smoo [...]

    23. I ve long admired Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael series Many years ago I read a few of her modern day mysteries and I recall reading the first and perhaps 5th inspector Felse mysteries Recently I began rereading the series This review contains thoughts pertaining to the entire series.The first book takes place in rural England in 1952 while Felse is still a sergeant It deals with issues we are still facing today, and if only for the realization of how deep the human struggle runs, is still sociall [...]

    24. This is the first in the Inspector Felse mysteries by Ellis Peters AKA Edith Pargeter, and having read quite a few of her Brother Cadefal mysteries, I wasn t sure what to expect And then it seemed to go very slowly at first and I wasn t sure I was going to like it But its a great story about a small British community slowly healing after World War II There s a couple of veterans, one of whom is trying to live down the reputation as a killer he got during the war, and a German refugee that soon s [...]

    25. Ellis Peters has done it again after starting mystery after mystery and fighting it out in the first 10 chapters this was a breath of fresh air It took me almost as long as the protagonists to figure it out and even after I knew who done it I was still interested because the characters were so well developed and real I was tempted to give it 5 stars but I realized this was because it had been so long since I d read a decent MYSTERY I love brother Cadfiel and will probably continue reading that s [...]

    26. Fallen Into the Pit is a complicated book that does contain a mystery but is much a glimpse of post War England The story begins by speaking of a schoolteacher who was a member of the Special Forces during the War and one of his students is Dominic Felse, who s father is a Sergeant of the police This teacher is trying to move away from his past, he did what he did and now wants to move on with his life as does the farmer s wife who was once a Jewish refugee Into their lives comes a former Germa [...]

    27. Kort na de Tweede Wereldoorlog vindt in een Engelse plattelandsgemeente een moord plaats en even later een tweede De plaatselijke politiechef weet met veel moeite en veel hulp van zijn zoontje van 13 jaar de zaken op te lossen De schrijfster, nu heel bekend door haar lange reeks middeleeuwse misdaadromans met broeder Cadfael als speurder, schreef dit boek meer dan 40 jaar geleden Veel eigenschappen van haar latere werk zijn er al in te vinden het rustig ditmaal soms wel wat al te rustig voortkab [...]

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