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The Hidden Life of Prayer #2020

The Hidden Life of Prayer A classic of spiritual devotion edited for a new generation of readers Opens the closed door to the secret place of effective prayer experienced by many historical saints

  • Title: The Hidden Life of Prayer
  • Author: David M. McIntyre David M. M'Intyre
  • ISBN: 9781556613654
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hidden Life of Prayer By David M. McIntyre David M. M'Intyre, A classic of spiritual devotion edited for a new generation of readers Opens the closed door to the secret place of effective prayer experienced by many historical saints.

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      263 David M. McIntyre David M. M'Intyre
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    1 thought on “The Hidden Life of Prayer

    1. This book will help you to pray It strings together what some of the great prayer warriors of the past have had to say about prayer p.20 You ll hear from hall of famers like Andrew Bonar, Robert Murray McCheynne, and Richard Baxter Unfortunately, this wisdom from the ages also comes with the original packing, and some readers will struggle a little with the older styles of writing.Our equipment for prayer is a quiet place, a quiet hour, and a quiet heart Of course, in our noisy world, it s hard [...]

    2. Very good, challenging book on prayer Full of quotes from other, earlier writers I recommend this book for anyone who wants to become serious about their prayer life.

    3. This is a very good little book on prayer If it was any other subject I d probably be inclined to give only 4 5 stars but since there seems to be such a shortage of good books on prayer I m feeling generous This book is really a collection of high quality quotes and devotional thoughts on the subject and lacks a thorough biblical treatment on prayer Nonetheless I found it very helpful and encouraging.

    4. This is a very good addition to works on prayer such as those from Beeke, as well as classic authors such as Luther It serves to reinforce the necessary commitment we must all have to a life of private, contemplative prayer This work also reminds us that God wants us to pray, and through that prayer, we draw closer to him and receive the spiritual nourishment we all need as Christians Well worth the time to read.

    5. This is the second time I am going through this book with Tim Challies and his readers June 2012 Good book, but personally I don t like that at times it seems to be a collection of quotes, than a narrative.

    6. A short and easy to read book on prayer MacIntyre brings to bear scripture and teachings from saints throughout church history to encourage and admonish the Christian to pray, and pray fervently The middle chapters follow the ACTS process The best chapter is the last one, on Open Recompense There he writes on praying with expectation of an answer and what it means to pray God s will.

    7. Een boekje om in alle rust door te lezen Geen leerboekje om je gebedsleven nieuw leven in te blazen maar veel meer een boekje om te ontdekken wat het ware gebed, door Gods Geest tot stand kan brengen en waardoor het ook een boekje vol troost en zekerheid wordt.

    8. Very helpful teaching in learning how to pray Marked up, notes made and now quite ugly Deducted a star only because one chapter was a little dry.

    9. Written with old language Helpful yet dense Kind of like eating kale, and only kale for a long time Good but hard to fully appreciate and apply Hoping I can remember something I read here

    10. At 128 pages, this is booklet than book, but it s got enough substance to merit a review nonetheless Unlike Foster s Prayer Finding the Heart s True Home, MacIntyre breaks the topic into only 8 chapters The opening chapter reiterates the value, importance, and difficulty of prayer In the second chapter, MacIntyre addresses the need for a quiet place, a quiet hour, and a quiet heart The third chapter, on directing the mind, encourages Christians to realize the presence of God, be honest, and com [...]

    11. The front cover of the edition I have says A book about secret prayer using the experiences of some of God s prayer warriors This book does not so much examine Scripture to learn about prayer as it shares what others have said and practiced concerning prayer I m not saying it s unscriptural or that it never uses Scripture, just saying that wasn t its primary aim It is helpful to learn from other Christians and overall I found this a helpful book But such a strategy also has its downfalls For one [...]

    12. Should you read this Maybe It depends on who you are Are you a Christian believer, follower of Christ who is looking to experience a bit life in their prayer life Yes read it Does prayer seem complicated and difficult to approach for you This book may help to organize the ambiguities of prayer for you This is a good read on prayer M Intyre presents a lot of true points and continues to keep your heart and mind on intentional prayer It is profound yet simple in application My only complaint is t [...]

    13. I have to confess that I could not justify completing this book I did get through about 1 3 of the book and was not finding it helpful Reasons for this1 Those who pray well, work well Those who pray most, achieve the grandest results This appears to have a name it and claim it sound to it Am I misunderstanding it 2 There does not seem to be a distinction made between those who are called to the ministry and those who are not While I believe that we should all be in prayer, it is one thing for th [...]

    14. I m a little ambivalent about this work There were some helpful observations and quotes in it, but the work wasn t easy to read or particularly cohesive Basically the author exhorts believers to genuine secret prayer He describes how prayer should comprise praise, confession and requests petition.One useful section describes, biblically, the reasons for unanswered prayer.I did find it helpful that the author calls us to a relationship communion with God rather than presenting a list of requests [...]

    15. This excellent little book on prayer is soul stirring I read this book this Sunday afternoon in a matter of a few hours However, this is a book I will surely refer to often for tips, quotes, and exhortations to maintain a strong prayer life This book isn t for wimps If you don t want to be challenged to grow in your prayer life, leave this book alone There are some powerful quotes and illustrations to drive home key points, but Mcintyre s aim was to focus on the Bible He does just that Enjoy thi [...]

    16. Fantastic book Makes heavy use of quotes from outside sources but this has the effect of strengthening and clarifying the line of thought in most areas of the book, although in one notable place he slips into quoting Bunyon s Pilgrim s Progress without seeming to notice it or point it out properly.Clearly a man of God s word, his purpose in writing is to help the reader come closer to God in prayer and this was certainly achieved in my own life All in all an excellent book which could do with be [...]

    17. The main lesson on prayer is do it Do it Do it Do it You need prayer God requires prayer You want what prayer brings, namely intimacy with the Savior and God s grace and glory extended to the ends of the earth So, do it Don t just applaud the theory of prayer Don t just admire those who engage in prayer Don t just talk about prayer or read about prayer or write about prayer Do it Encouraging and challenging book I may have to go through it again Narration was excellent, as is expected from Heath [...]

    18. This book has much good material only I quite dislike the authors presentation style Not sure if it was the time he lived in or just the way he writes but it s a bit a of a difficult read This one is worth reading however there are many worthwhile nuggets of truth to be found I discovered this book through John Piper s recommendation in a prayer conference he highly recommended it for every Christian.

    19. Short review This was ok But there are may others that I think are better that were written about this time and theological inclination I would suggest EM Bounds or RA Torey first Maybe it is because I have read a number of books on prayer from the era But this just did not seem to add anything to the discussion.My full review is on my blog at bookwi the hidden life of p

    20. Writing at the close of the 19th century, McIntyre explores the purpose and power of prayer in the Christian s life After explaining the necessity of prayer, and the proper frame of mind with which to engage it, he breaks prayer itself down into elements worship, confession, and request To conclude, he discusses the effects of prayer on our lives While choppy in places due to outdated sentence structure , this book is a challenging encouragement and recommended.

    21. I really enjoyed this book on prayer While the style of writing was old fashioned, listening to the audio was enjoyable The ideas given were practical and encouraging My favorite part of the book was the many, many quotes and poetry songs from various sources It has given me lots of other books to add to my reading list

    22. I cannot give this book high enough praise Winseome, inspiring beautiful in places I often find myself riciting the small snippets of verse laiden throughout The quotes, numerous and potent, stick and guide as one undertakes the endeavour I will, God willing, be revisiting and drawing from this small gem for a lifetime to come.

    23. A profound glimpse into the dynamics of a life of prayer A classic filled with quotes and antidotes that stretch and inspire one s faith I m marking it as one worth a re read down the road, as I am sure that I ve only begun to glean the riches found here.

    24. A short read on the subject of prayer This book doesn t offer too much, but is a resource in collecting quotes and anecdotes from others on the topic The structure of the book is basic and I d recommend it as a primer, but certainly another book needs to consulted for meatier substance.

    25. I was most helped by M Intyre s chapter on the equipment of prayer a quiet place, a quiet hour, a quiet heart.

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