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Epiphany #2020

Epiphany Epiphany the final installment of The Destined Series continues the stories of four best friends from college who are making decisions that will set the course for the rest of their lives Mira and S

  • Title: Epiphany
  • Author: Ashley Suzanne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Epiphany By Ashley Suzanne, Epiphany, the final installment of The Destined Series, continues the stories of four best friends from college who are making decisions that will set the course for the rest of their lives Mira and Skylar have had their share of painful pasts, troubled presents and an unknown future When Skylar finds himself getting involved with his MC, it puts strain on his relatEpiphany, the final installment of The Destined Series, continues the stories of four best friends from college who are making decisions that will set the course for the rest of their lives Mira and Skylar have had their share of painful pasts, troubled presents and an unknown future When Skylar finds himself getting involved with his MC, it puts strain on his relationship with Mira, who quickly learns that trust isn t as easily given as she would have thought Will they be able to make it through and get the happily ever after they both dream of With Danny s life now on the rocks, he continues to grasp at straws, trying to find a place for himself in the world Between a career that isn t what he thought it would be and dealing with the fall out with Mira and Skylar s relationship, he struggles to move forward until the job offer of his dreams lands directly in his lap Will he jump at the opportunity or fight for the love he s lost Kylee s recent success has caused Jacoby to feel left out, leaving him resenting her career When an unexpected turn of events forces them to make a life changing decision, will they be able to make it out unscathed This group of friends, this family, are all searching for signs to lead them in the right direction Will a moment of deja vu be the epiphany needed to move toward the happily ever after they all desire

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      476 Ashley Suzanne
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    1 thought on “Epiphany

    1. Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.Wow, this book is my favorite in the series I absolutely love the Destined Series by Ashley Suzanne, and reading Epiphany brought out so many emotions for all of the characters Epiphany is the last book in the series, and as much as I don t want to let these characters go, I absolutely loved how this series ended.Skylar and Mira are the main characters in Epiphany, most of the book revolves around them, but don t worry we still get Danny [...]

    2. This was bitter sweet Right now I m an emotional mess Ashley takes you on many highs and many lows I can t even really give too much info about the book without giving it away If you know Ashley at all, you know where she takes the story It was epic and I am so sad there will be no Sky and the gang Skylar is probably in my top 5 favorite book boyfriends of all time He is the sweetest man ever and he does not disappoint this time around The way he loves Mira is irrevocable Mira, I love the girl [...]

    3. Favorite Quotes You tell me the things that are non negotiable and I ll make sure to never ever go against them Mira, I promise you on everything that I love, I ll never ruin us Ever I do hope that one day I ll be able to build up some kind of immunity to that sly smile that tells me he s thinking something dirty I want you because you re smart I place a kiss to her forehead Loving A kiss to both eyelids Beautiful A kiss to the tip of her nose And most importantly because if I don t marry you, I [...]

    4. Where do i start This book was so amazing I loved Every word from the very first page to the very last page She did these characters justice in their HEA Its been quite a journey for Mira and Sky and i couldn t be happier with how things ended up This book wasn t all rainbows and butterflies and i wouldn t have expected it to be I cried sad and happy tears through out the whole thing.Mira and Sky have the kind of love that everyone looks for in life They may not always have everything figured ou [...]

    5. TEAM SKYLAR This book was the perfect ending to a perfect series I laughed, I cried, I yelled but it was still nothing short of perfection.I couldn t recommend this book if I wanted to, the whole series actually has stolen my heart from the very first page of Mirage Screw the bad reviews everyone should read this series and at least give it a shot The characters are so easy to relate to and just fall in love with, you won t be disappointed

    6. This is the conclusion to Mira, Skylar, Danny, Kylee, and Jacoby s story.Mira and Skylar have had a roller coaster ride of the last few years to finally get to the point of where they are But is their relationship finally at a good place or is it going to be tested again I spare a glance at my disheveled appearance and strangely, I feel like I look different Like I m finally a whole person, finding the other half of my soul Danny is struggling to heal his broken heart and build his relationship [...]

    7. I have been a huge fan of Ashley Suzanne s since the very beginning I swear her writing gets better and better with each progressing book in this series This book revolves around the lives of Mira, Skylar, Danny, Kylee, and my man, Jacoby And as always there s lots of drama I mean, how can you not have drama in these books Syklar and Mira are tested with the ultimate decision and at one point, I kept second guessing myself I was like, Holy Smacks Did that just happen It s hard to not give anythi [...]

    8. This is definitely not a stand alone I highly recommend you read the rest of this series first.What a perfect and beautiful ending to this series I m kind of sad because this is the end and I have really fallen in love with the characters Ashley did a wonderful job wrapping up everything for all of the characters There were some really tough times throughout the book for all of them There were also some times that gave me a good, unexpected laugh to cut through the tension that was building up I [...]

    9. Epiphany a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear wayAshley Suzanne has definitely given us an Epiphany I LOVED Mirage, Inception, Awakening, and Fa ade HOWEVER, Epiphany BLOWS them all out of the water Ashley concluded this 5 book series giving so much justice and angst to her characters Mira stays always the sweet, loyal, honest, and a lil sex pot just as Skylar stays caveman protective, smoldering hot, loyal, and dedicated to his one and only, Mira Kyl [...]

    10. What a GREAT follow up to this series WOWch an emotional and beautiful story.I loved Sky from the beginning and this made me fall in love with him even He has such a huge heart, so passionate and loves this s t outta Mira I love his strong personality but he s also not afraid to show his soft side but only to her I love Mira and her spunk She has the greatest personality She is just as passionate as Sky and their love runs so deep.This book ran the gamut of emotions I lol d, I cried like a litt [...]

    11. I love reading book series I always find myself way to wrapped up in the characters, but I m guessing, that s just what the authors want When I found out that Epiphany was going to be the last book in The Destined Series I wondered how it would end And with complete trust in Ashley Suzanne, I knew she wouldn t leave us hanging I read it in a day, absolutely could not put it down Once I finished, I quickly text a friend who I also knew was reading it, if she finished She hadn t but asked my opini [...]

    12. Yet again Ashley never fails a fantastic ending to the Destined series Im sad to see it end as just fell in love with the characters If you havent read the others it is a must before reading this book I have to say I was a little worried knowing how Ashley is with her other books that we wouldn t get closure but you do in the final book Yout get the whole gang in this which is nice to see how all there stories play out I am not one to cry and go figure Ashley was able to make me cry in this book [...]

    13. Skylar and Mira s story continue in Epiphany They are now living together and enjoying their new found happiness But when truths are revealed can the two lovers continue living in their paradise Just when life starts to look up, the rug is pulled out from underneath them They are left feeling stripped and hopeless Skylar is determined to remind Mira exactly why they fell in love This book had me crying tears of sadness and joy Was the perfect ending for this series Absolutely adored it Amazing w [...]

    14. 5 SUPER AWESOME STARSOMG, I am even MORE in love with series than ever I cannot believe that I put off reading this for so long This was sooooooo great and I am sooooo happy for everyone The Epilogue was just ahhhhh what to say but utterly beautiful and fantastic and sigh just a PERFECT ending in every single way I am just so damn stinking happy for them ALL including Danny too Congrats to Ashley Suzanne for a Grand Slam of a series I look forward to much from her in the future and I will NOT b [...]

    15. Ashley ended this series in the perfect way, it did Justice to the stories of every character I m sad to say goodbye to Mira, Skylar, Kylee, Jacobi and even Danny Lol A definite must read to finish out a fabulous series That s all I ll say because too much would spoil some really great parts Five stars of course Highly recommend Oh, and don t think I didn t catch Renee, Ash Thank you for adding me to your book, it means everything Xoxo

    16. I loved this book, once again Ashley is a true mastermind This book will make you laugh, cry, and warm your heart It is so great to continue on with the lives of Mira, Kylee, Skylar, Jacoby, and Danny, it definitely could not have ended any better Their stories were wrapped up beautifully although I am sad for it to be over, I just love this group I don t want to give away any spoilers so I want say any but this series is truly a MUST READ

    17. Let me just say WOW This is amazing series I m a total mess right now What a perfect ending to this series I m kind of sad because this is the end and I have fallen in love with the characters Ashley did a wonderful job wrapping up everything for all of the characters The story is brilliantly put together and perfectly paced It flowed effortlessly It starts off fantastic from page one and there was never a dull moment.

    18. Wow What an ending to this amazing series This book allows us the final leg of the 4 friends that have matured and proves that anything can happen and heartache can be overcome I m sad to see them go but can t wait to see what else she has to offer Make sure you have tissues on hand because Ashley will have you ballin yet again The ups and downs will have you on an emotional rollercoaster that you won t want to get off of This book is hang over worthy.

    19. I don t know where to begin My heart is aching, but in a good way This story was so well written, the lives of these four friends ends just how I pictured I am so happy, yet sad that this is the end of the Destined series You ll laugh, and you ll cry as these four friends go through the challenges of life Well done Ashley, I am so very proud of you

    20. This was a great ending to Mira, Skylar, Danny Kylee s story The series ended the way it was meant to Suzanne did a fantastic job with this book It had drama, laughter, tears, and most of all love While I hate to see these characters their stories come to an end, I look forward to future books from Suzanne Thanks Suzanne for allowing me the pleasure of getting lost in your characters.

    21. BreathtakingThis series is one of my favorites because it game me that WTF just happened.I never seen half of it coming it was definitely different than anything I have read I loved Skyler this is definitely a re read.

    22. I love this book and series Sad to see it come to an end but so glad it ended in a happy ending Sad tears and happy tears were shed during this book but it is definitely my favorite out of the series.

    23. I love ashley suzanne I m so happy with the ending of this series and sad is over If you haven t read any of her books I recommend you to do it

    24. Loved their journey and Happy ending they all found their happy I absolutely loved the scene when Mira is reading Euphoria, epic moment for sure.

    25. As far as I know, this was the final book in the Destined series, and it goes out on an awesome note.When I first started it, I thought some of it was a little silly in the beginning After I got a little in to it, I thought it was great The characters did show some immaturity and some conclusions felt a little rushed, but all the scenes felt honest and realistic It s hard to stay in a story when what you re reading doesn t seem believable That is not an issue here I like the humor and the diffe [...]

    26. Ashley Suzanne s Epiphany is the last book in the Destined Series Mira and Skylar are together, Kylee and Jacoby are still dating, and she is really fond of his 5 year old daughter, and Danny is with Melissa but is thinking of taking a job in New York But Skylar is spending and time with the MC and is secretive about what he is doing Mira is used to not knowing a lot about what is going on there, but he is closed lip than ever When she goes to surprise him, the Prez s wife, Kimmy, spills the [...]

    27. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.What can I say about this series that I haven t before I absolutely loved it It was so beautifully written The love that was in this book and with all her others I just loved She made you feel what the characters feel Made you feel like you were with family I can not wait for what Ashley does next Cause I m a fan.

    28. A wonderful ending to a phenomenal series I m sad that we have to say goodbye to these characters that I have grown to love In this the final book, the author gives the characters their HEA and the closure the readers are wanting, but not without some bumps and bruises along the way Needed a few tissues.

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