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Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy #2020

Power to Save the World The Truth About Nuclear Energy Power to Save the World The Truth about Nuclear Energy by Cravens Gwyneth

  • Title: Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy
  • Author: Gwyneth Cravens
  • ISBN: 9780307266569
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy By Gwyneth Cravens, Power to Save the World The Truth about Nuclear Energy, by Cravens, Gwyneth

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      230 Gwyneth Cravens
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    1 thought on “Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

    1. For anyone who is truly concerned about the environment and is willing to accept that we ve been given a bunch of feel good bones while oil and coal manufacturers politically maneuver our leaders and the media into positions that ensure their profits and bypasses any regulation to curb their underestimated environmental impact At times, the book is a bit heavy handed as Cravens dispels myths about radiation, nuclear power, nuclear waste, and the impact of the nuclear industry on the environment [...]

    2. Hoo boy Giving this a rating of 4 because I think the information presented in the book is really valuable, but man this writing style really grated on me after a while and it was a struggle to get through the final few chapters That being said, I ve always been very pro nuclear, so I think if I were wary of nuclear power in the first place I would have appreciated the way this book was written a little bit .

    3. Interesting, well researched, definite proof that using my almighty nuclear engineering skills I can take over the world Thank Gwyneth when I m older and run everything, will you

    4. Gwyneth Cravens grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Sandia Mountains in the distance With Sandia National Laboratories close by, she worried that the Soviets were going to bomb her home into oblivion As she got older, like many Americans, she associated nuclear power with nuclear bombs and thus became anti nuclear After relocating to Long Island, she joined protesters in successfully preventing the Shoreham nuclear power plant from ever coming on line It s now something she regrets.In the ea [...]

    5. A thorough look at nuclear energy and the options the world faces for power in the future Cravens was an organic gardener in the 1970s, marched against the Bomb as well as a nuclear power plant in NY state, she is a classic north easterner who wrote for the New Yorker and now a novelist by trade so her liberal credentials are impeccable She writes about her journey of learning about nuclear energy from a starting point of knowing nothing and so takes us with her on the path of discovery She want [...]

    6. For me this book was annoying It is a green nuclear book that argues that nuclear power is necessary to save the world from global warming The author does this by taking tours with a nuclear scientist through the whole nuclear cycle from mine to power plant to waste storage repository The author also takes a tour of a coal plant which emphasizes how bad coal is from an environmental standpoint for generating energy Much of what the book does is talk about radiation pollution, and the book does a [...]

    7. Daughter read this book for her Biology debate and told me that it may change my opinions about the right kind of energy to use in the future here I am After finishing the book in two days, I have to sayI m impressed Gwyneth Cravens presented a very complex and scary subject in most people s mind, including mine in a way that is fun and simple to read She addressed every fear that we have, including waste disposal, safety, radiation, cost, cancer risk, about nuclear energy which most were specul [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book Anyone who is totally against nuclear energy should give it a read I haven t read anything in depth from the opposing viewpoint, but this book definitely opened my eyes about what science has done to make nuclear safe Who knew that plans for disposing of nuclear waste had already been worked out for a few different locations Who knew that power plants that use nuclear waste as fuel, therefore greatly reducing it s half life and quantity had already been developed This [...]

    9. This book is easy to read written like a novel It s definitely pro nuclear energy and would be good to read alongside an anti nuclear energy book It presents such a bright view of nuclear energy that it may seem like propaganda at times However, since there are so few few pro nuclear energy books out there, I believe this gives the book value The book was written before the Fukashima accidents.

    10. A firsthand experience of a women, who grew up in the backyard of Los Alamos and feared nuclear power, and her journey researching nuclear power Starting with a little background on how nuclear power works and then delving into the process from mining to electricity production, her position on nuclear power is changed as she learns about the safety of nuclear power Highly recommended to gain insight into the industry and learn about the safety of nuclear power.

    11. This definitely made me think again about nuclear power I ve written before about the issue of nuclear waste disposal, but this book made me think the barriers to doing that right are political than physical.But still, I have a hard time seeing the world ramping up nuclear fast enough to make much of a dent in our growing greenhouse gas emissions, or to replace dwindling fossil fuels.

    12. Very well written and informative book about nuclear energy in the US A must read for anyone interested in future energy supply.

    13. If I was sold on mass civilisation, I would be sold on powering it nuclear by this book Resold me on Deep Science geekdom.

    14. SUMMARY Power To Save the World is a great read for anyone interested in environmentalism, climate change, energy, and or nuclear It challenges assumptions about nuclear energy that you might not even realize you have Its weaknesses are that Cravens seems to emphasize Dr Richard Rip Anderson s expertise to the point of exaggeration, and that Power to Save the World is a bit outdated now since it was published in 2007, it doesn t include the 2007 2009 recession or the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi react [...]

    15. First of all, I am pro nuke That said, I am also in favor of retiring current reactors and replacing them with ultra efficient significantly less wasteful Fourth Generation reactors, which are barely mentioned Unfortunately, there are fossil fueled power plants which should have been phased completely out by now that should be retired too There s so much time and so little to do wait strike reverse that phrase While Ms Cravens book is something of a one sided look at the issue, facts are present [...]

    16. This a book written by a person who used to be anti nuclear, but who changed her mind after learning about it and being concerned about climate change and other damage caused by fossil fuels The book reports a kind of a road trip through American nuclear installation throughout the fuel cycle I found the book to be factually mostly correct and while I knew most of the stuff already there was also some new things to learn I was somewhat annoyed by excessive girlishness in some chapters The author [...]

    17. If you are looking for a good pro nuclear book, this is pretty good She covers all the base, talks about contamination risks, terrorism, nuclear proliferation and weapons, all the stuff that you need to address The main drawbacks are a Tends to go on and on and on pretty well written but too much exposition b Thorium reactors are mentioned but not really discussed To me, thorium is the way to go and I d like to hear about that c The emphasis is on power to maintain business as usual a continua [...]

    18. Ultimately I like the book It was definitely worth reading however, I think it missed an opportunity It s evident that the author is accustomed to writing novels as her ability to describe surroundings and senses is fairly talented Yet for this topic a scientific, visual approach would have been much effective Using modern data visualization techniques would really do justice to one of the underlying themes of the book which is let the dataset change your mindset E book technology would also [...]

    19. So far pretty good I had to return it to the library and with school going now don t know when I ll finish It is interesting because it talks about how so many are afraid of nuclear energy and gives the truth about it I think it s interesting because the author was originally against it and when she learned about it she realized how helpful it will be Especially interesting to me with the elections and the party who s motto is now yes we can says no to everything practical like nuclear energy an [...]

    20. Great overview of the argument for a nuclear power revolution Author, once a skeptic, becomes a believer after her investigation of the nuclear fuel cycle and the probabilistic risk assessment performed to investigate long term storage and current safety issues Did you know that if you took all of your power needs from nuclear sources for your entire life, the waste would fit into a container the size of a coke can If you used coal your waste would occupy hundreds of rail cars

    21. I was sold on the need for an expansion of our nuclear power industry years ago However, this book vividly demonstrates why nuclear power is the only viable source for large scale power that does not contribute to the change in our climate It also makes it clear that those who are opposed to nuclear power are, in a word, stupid They are either ignorant of the facts or they are purposely conjuring worst case scenarios in order to scare the populace.

    22. I tried reading this, but I didn t find it entertaining enough to finish it I had no real problem with the content or her arguments My difficulty was that I was expecting fun non fiction book Lots of imformative books find a way to be entertaining, this one didn t and so was a slow and somewhat boring read.

    23. A great overview on nuclear power, covering the fuel cycle from cradle to grave Gwyneth tears down popular assumptions and fears, replacing them with truths and hope If you have any doubts about the safety and cleanliness of nuclear power, you should read this I would now rather live right next to a nuclear power plant than I would an overripe banana.

    24. The case for nuclear power as a way to tackle climate change written by a very green environmentalist who personally visits uranium mines, nuclear and coal power stations, nuclear waste storage facilities and talks to all the experts Really opened my eyes to the data Not quite convinced but thinking hard about it.

    25. A nice read, there are some new facts and viewpoints It s researched well Cravens seems a little too enthralled with Rip Anderson, but the guy does know his stuff I d like to see a little time spent with opposing positions.

    26. I first heard about this book on the Dennis Prager show on Nov 6, 2009 I heard him say something like, you will be exposed to radiation by eating a banana than if you lived within a 50 mile radius of a nuclear power plant.

    27. Not always easy to read, but very thorough The author walks the reader from her anti nuclear stance second hand ignorance to her pro nuclear power stance by interviewing nuclear scientist and learning about nuclear power in various ways first hand knowledge.

    28. Good story but a bit dated I d recommend a newer book now This is pre Fukushima, and obviously, pre WIPP leak It would be great to have this author update the book for both of those and their impacts on the politics of nuclear energy.

    29. I have barely begun this book and have already found that so much of what I know about nuclear power is false It s a scary topic at least for me that I hope to find much less scary by the time I m done.

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