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Belladonna #2020

Belladonna Who is Belladonna In New York City she s known only as the mysterious masked woman who presides over the most exclusive opulent club of the times In Virginia s blue blood countryside she s known as

  • Title: Belladonna
  • Author: Karen Moline
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Belladonna By Karen Moline, Who is Belladonna In New York City, she s known only as the mysterious masked woman who presides over the most exclusive, opulent club of the times.In Virginia s blue blood countryside, she s known as the Contessa, the elusive heiress who flaunts convention and shuns human contact.But then there are a wretched few who remember her from The Club and knew her as a fresh faWho is Belladonna In New York City, she s known only as the mysterious masked woman who presides over the most exclusive, opulent club of the times.In Virginia s blue blood countryside, she s known as the Contessa, the elusive heiress who flaunts convention and shuns human contact.But then there are a wretched few who remember her from The Club and knew her as a fresh faced innocent whom they desiredd misledd left to the sadistic devices of a nobleman who robbed her of her youth, her dignity, and, ultimately her heart.As Belladonna s story, told by one of her faithful manservants, slowly unfolds, we learn the horrifying truth behind Belladonna s masks and her insatiable desire for vengeance It is a truth that involves betrayal, murder, depravity a truth so chilling that it will pit brother against brother, father against son, and will force Belladonna to ultimately confront the one man who can ultimately either destroy her, or set her free.

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      278 Karen Moline
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    1 thought on “Belladonna

    1. Isabella Ariel Nickerson is kidnapped and auctioned for 1 million pounds in 1930s England She finds herself the unwilling play thing of a club of men who get their kicks out of forcing sexual tortures on women Isabella is actually purchased by a man she knows only as His Lordship , a man she will dedicate the rest of her life to finding and destroying once she escapes her hell.The story is narrated by a man named Tomasino, one of the few men that Belladonna truly trusts along with his twin Matte [...]

    2. When a book is referred to as a trashy, female protagonist Count of Monte Cristo story, I m going to buy it Luckily this was purchased on a whim very cheaply at my local used book store for a dollar so no real harm done What all the encouraging blurbs and praise on the cover fail to reveal is that the entire story is being told in the most round about way possible by a eunuch and not Belladonna herself And when I say round about way, I mean he is possibly the most boring narrator ever, wasting w [...]

    3. I m about halfway through, and so far, I lovelovelove this book It s not literature it s not going to win any prizes or probably change any lives But damn, if it s not terrific How do I love thee Let me count the ways it was easy squeezy to get into story grabbed my by page 2 the drama is on the level of a daytime soap operal of the characters are deliciously larger than life rich folks richer than God rich, the good guys are spectacularly good even when they re being bad , the bad guys are exce [...]

    4. I first picked up this book as a teenager I was heavily into romance at the time and boy was I in for a surprise.This book has become my favorite novel by far It s dark, it s seductive and just plain fun I love the entire escapade of the Club Belladonna In fact, as an artist, I ve depicted many scenes from the themes nights in my illustrations This book really takes you into another world I think I just might read it again for the hell of it.

    5. From what I recall, a wonderful book, but one of those that you cringe while you are not able to stop reading If you cannot read about things related to SM, bondage and the like, then you shouldn t pick this one up But it is not about glorifying these things Rather it handles how it affects the psyche, when done to a person not by their choice.

    6. Engrossing read This is my second time reading this book, and I find that it was enjoyable the second time around

    7. While I love historical fiction, this is not the normal type of book that I dive into, however I actually read it in one sitting because I stayed up all night reading it It takes you through the time period s of the middle 1930 s through the late 1950 s and a brief glimpse into the future Belladonna is a young girl who gets kidnapped while she is in England visiting with her cousin June, and is essentially auctioned off by members of a sadistic Club that sells young girls , for the purposes of w [...]

    8. In 1935, His Lordship purchased 18 year old Isabella Ariel Nickerson for one 1 million in an auction for members of an exclusive club of rich Britons eager to satisfy their sexual appetites Isabella s transformation into Belladonna after than ten years of degradation is fueled by a desire to find and punish the club members, who had always worn masks and used code names Her quest for revenge is told by Tomasino, who with his twin brother had helped her and her baby daughter escape from this nig [...]

    9. This book is like a guilty pleasure, it s true At first, I thought it was going to be some contrite novel about some woman and her revenge, but surprisingly, the book was than that.I loved how the author really brought you into this world where everything was dark, but even through the darkness, things like humanity, unconditional love, and hope still came through This story about a woman s journey to hell and back and the people who came along with her was mesmerising I absolutely loved the ti [...]

    10. I read this almost 15 years ago when I was in high school It was on my keepers bookcase and all I remembered when I looked at it was it was good So I m re reading it to see if it should stay a keeper or not It s a novel of revenge for some pretty nasty stuff being done to an innocent 18 year old girl in 1935 The descriptions of the nasty stuff are in italics and come few and far between, but it is STRONG Think kidnapped and sold into sex slavery and rather descriptive writing The plot is how thi [...]

    11. Belladonna seems never quite to know where it wants to go Is it intended to be a darker take on Story of O dark erotica or is it straightforwardly a novel of revenge The author never quite manages to choose either The basic idea naive young American girl is kidnapped in late 1930s England to be a sex slave in a club for upper class s m debauchees, escapes, seeks a complex and bloody revenge is interesting enough And the setting the 1930s through early 1950s is nicely drawn But the sex never qui [...]

    12. This is by far one of the most wonderfully trashy books I have ever read It s filled with scandal and mystery It touches up on some sensitive topics sure it is definitely not for the fainthearted Belladonna is a very good read and will keep you engaged for days It didn t take me than four days to read it I couldn t put the book down at all Almost all of the characters are exceptionally developed throughout the whole story that spans over years Not only that, it has an interesting viewpoint, as [...]

    13. This is by far my favorite book No other book captivates, enthralls or occupies the mind like this book I have read it cover to cover at least a dozen times, if not A true novel of revenge, its graphic accounts in tasteful and shocking detail of Isabella s life of servitude, abuse and emergence as a powerhouse of her own will and determination, Moline takes you on the ride of your life Mystery, intrigue and vengeance of a kind only found in fiction make the reader both witness and insider to th [...]

    14. Oh myis is a perfectly wicked read I would rate this higher then the latest craze of Fifty Shades of Grey books Marketing, as always, has a lot to answer for I am confident that anyone comparing Belladonna to Fifty Shades of Grey Book One would come to the same conclusion So many emotions play out in Belladonna, as the story unfolds you want to weep for the character and those surrounding her, this explores dominance at it s cruelest, bittersweet revenge , love everythingis ONE book beats Fifty [...]

    15. I found this book at a Dollar Tree when I was in middle school It is undoubtedly not something I would recommend that an average 12 year old to read, but I was a little different Even though I m not a fan of soap operas or girly dramas, I love Belladonna She is deliciously complex and wicked This book is total escapism and I love it Karen Moline paint such a lavish, spare no expense, money is no object lifestyle that we all wish we could have The arrogant condescension of the narrator, Matteo, i [...]

    16. I read this book when I was probably far too young to read it, so when I found it in a bookstore I decided to buy it again and read it from a grown woman s perspective, and yep s still a really good book As it states on the cover this is a Novel of Revenge so if you are the type who likes happy go lucky, happily ever after bookswell this probably isn t the book for you If you like books with heroines who are deeply damaged and twisted If you read long enough into the book you ll find out why she [...]

    17. I got this book on a whim at a thrift store It was a good read but sometimes hard to follow because of the way the book is laid out The real story behind the reason for revenge is only hinted at during the book until you are over half done with it You almost have to read the book a 2nd time to incorporate all the new knowledge you learn so late in the game to see how it fits in with the story as a whole I feel like the story would have been a smoother read had it just been reorganized just a tad [...]

    18. this book was amazinge main character belladonna was simply devineke an angel of death she rose from the ashes of a broken shell forced into a slavery of sexe shook the world,and changed soo many lives that it wasnt even imaginable,she was seductive,elusive,and too beautiefull to beare was everything, and everyone who kne her agreedbut she was evilain and simple, belladonna had a mean streak, and an attitude of firead this book you will love it too.

    19. I do love a good revenge story A modern take on a Hellfire Club from the perspective of one of the victims I read the part of the book that was the diary of her captivity first it was decidedly erotic but not horribly graphic The other part detailing her contemporary life rise to power fame was a little tedious at times and the ending was abit of a let down but then I often find endings to be less than satisfying Butterfly by Harvey was miles better and now I want to re read the F VanWyck Mason [...]

    20. I would have given this no stars if I could have utterly trashy, and not even good trashy How the author of the wonderful Lunch the reason I bought this could have written this twaddle is beyond me The reviewer who described it as The Story of O written by Kathy Griffin and serialised in In Touch Weekly was spot on Avoid

    21. While there are some parts of this story that may offend somee tale is one of amazing strength This is definitely in my top 5 books of all time I absolutely love the story, the characters and even the not so pleasant parts of this book There is no finished this book date because I have read this book probably 3 4 times over the years It is just that good.

    22. A very gripping and raw type of read, you can figure out how awful her beginning experience, of course, but not the depth of where she goes after After and beyond and far into her lifee very unexpected happens A very deeply moving and engrossing read, one you won t want to put down and won t want to finish Great book.

    23. not what I expected and am not sure if that s a good thing or a bad thing the description makes it sound like the book borders on erotica, but actually there s very little sex warningrape it s an interesting read I was intrigued throughout

    24. Starts out slow, then picks up the pace If you ever wanted to get revenge on someone, you may want to read this book, it s the ultimate in revenge Then you won t have to take revenge yourself, you can imagine it after reading this It s ok, kind of dark but overall a good read.

    25. Some parts of the book are cringe worthy, and i m not sure if i will be able to get some of the images out of my head of the horrible things she endured while captured yet I could not put this book down because i had to know if Belladonna got her revenge.

    26. You have to hear this to appreciate it The narrator should have gotten an award for his preformance maybe he did

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