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The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company #2020

The Leadership Pipeline How to Build the Leadership Powered Company None

  • Title: The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company
  • Author: Stephen Drotter James Noel Ram Charan
  • ISBN: 9788126531226
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company By Stephen Drotter James Noel Ram Charan, None

    • [PDF] Ý Free Read ½ The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company : by Stephen Drotter James Noel Ram Charan É
      Stephen Drotter James Noel Ram Charan

    1 thought on “The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company

    1. One of my most favorite books on management A bit dry at times, but I ve read it after a very strong recommendation It systematizes in a similar way many organizations engineering ladders are designed for showing level appropriate work, and helping role changes be successful value transitions.Very good for people starting as a manager of others, to manager of managers, on up If you only read the levels from one above you down to the IC level, you will quickly gain insights and a framework to thi [...]

    2. Appears to be very clearly articulating how to differentiate and dwell in the complex corporate structure This is my first leadership related book So, I really don t have anything to compare against I don t think, I could ingest everything in this book at one read Sections of this book needs to be re read when the reader reaches different passages of leadership Becauses the text about other passages could be easily understandable but not relatable This is worth for the read Lacking continuum in [...]

    3. This is a book for upper management in medium to large corporations and organizations I m in the midst of applying the many ideas in this to our management transitions passages within our organization The book is helpful on identifying different skills, values and time allocation to each level, as well as assessment and development tools.

    4. I liked this book It is a much thoughtful approach to leadership and leadership development than similar books I have read or been exposed to I also anticipate it will have re read value as I progress through my career.

    5. Great book The essential idea of this book is phenomenal Working out the particulars is difficult It s not a great read per se It s rather blah But thinking about the concept is great The last chapter was great because of the specific application to one company.

    6. I feel truly ambivalent about this book, but on balance net positive.The pros it s actually a really thorough analysis of how to think about leadership, management, and problems therein that pop up across companies And it provides reasonable, real world courses of action that remedy common leadership and management problems The authors are aware of the limitations of their framework they acknowledge some companies will combine layers, and not everyone is the same, but they separate all the layer [...]

    7. Well wasn t that just a big pat on the nack from the good ol boys club Ugh Conceited and elitist biased tone According to the authors, if you don t understand or agree, you re just dumb Funny how their golden example, GE, has been dominating the news with all their problems Maybe some something to consider for yet another version Oh, and don t forget the last chapter s plug for their how to book Ugh Hopefully the next leadership book club book is a little modern.

    8. Highlights Build leaders instead of by them.We need leaders on all levelsLeadership Passages 1 Individual contributor technical competence2 Self manage others expertise overpowers direct reports vs manage them Define assign work Appropriate for skill level attitude of be available Build social contracts Decreased autonomy, paperwork clogs pipeline 3 Managers of managers coach careQ Doer individual contributor or leader Role clarity

    9. It is great to know what is the six passages of leadership and at which passage are you Understand that and how did organization especially leader navigate the passages to ensure full pipeline of leadership Know who is your successor in order for you to ve forward and know where will you be heading to next.

    10. stopped on p155the book should be a blog post.The first 155p I read are full of weasel words and empty of numbers or quantified evidence Content is both hard to read and hard to trust Could be a great book had it replaced the weasel words by numbers.

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