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El congreso de literatura #2020

El congreso de literatura C sar es un escritor que se gana la vida haciendo traducciones y que lleva una vida secreta de cient fico loco Poco despu s de ganar una fortuna resolviendo el enigma centenario que encerraba el extra

  • Title: El congreso de literatura
  • Author: César Aira
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • El congreso de literatura By César Aira, C sar es un escritor que se gana la vida haciendo traducciones y que lleva una vida secreta de cient fico loco Poco despu s de ganar una fortuna resolviendo el enigma centenario que encerraba el extra o monumento conocido como el Hilo de Macuto, es invitado a un congreso de literatura en la peque a ciudad de M rida Camuflado bajo el aspecto de un inofensivo escritor en rC sar es un escritor que se gana la vida haciendo traducciones y que lleva una vida secreta de cient fico loco Poco despu s de ganar una fortuna resolviendo el enigma centenario que encerraba el extra o monumento conocido como el Hilo de Macuto, es invitado a un congreso de literatura en la peque a ciudad de M rida Camuflado bajo el aspecto de un inofensivo escritor en realidad se propone llevar a cabo un plan maestro clonar a Carlos Fuentes y crear un ej rcito de intelectuales poderosos para as dominar el mundo Algo que no le sale exactamente como esperaba Biodispositivos de clonaci n port tiles, antiguos as y colosales gusanos azules en poqu simas p ginas, C sar Aira construye una historia delirante y divertid sima.
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      368 César Aira
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    1. I like weird books What can I say I like books of the sort that cause some to roll their eyes and wonder WTF is this People read this shit the sorts of books that are hard to place by genre, other than that anti genre sometimes called Literary Fiction The ones that frequently provoke one word reviews Boring The sorts of fiction that prompt sneers of book snob or, in my case, dilettante it s cool, I ve been called worse.I don t care so much about the story I do, of course, care about the story, b [...]

    2. I am not kidding when I say that Cesar Aira is the most fiercely free writer I have read He is one whose greatness relies on the vehemence against great tome y literature I have described his writing methods in reviews of other books by him, so I won t go into those Suffice it to say that he is almost always writing a manifesto for his style, which includes a liquid and senseless plot that the narrator keeps tangling and untangling the efforts are for all to see You read the manifesto and a slap [...]

    3. Der Erz hler ist im Grunde eine schwer gest rte Pers nlichkeit, jemand dessen private Beziehungen desastr s sind, berhaupt seine Beziehungen zu anderen Das Gel chter schreckte mich auf Ich hatte ganz vergessen, dass das Publikum ja auch reagieren konnte Dem entflieht er, der bersetzer, in dem er St cke schreibt, R tsel um verborgene Sch tze l st und, denn Wissenschaftler ist er auch noch, Menschen klont Nein, nicht irgendwelche Menschen, sondern Carlos Fuentes Denn, so der Plan, der k nne dem Er [...]

    4. C sar Aira is the Roomba of literature Like the little robotic vacuum cleaner that goes off in all directions, he keeps going straight forward until he bumps against an obstruction, then that straight line becomes a series of Ptolemaic epicycles that delight in their wild divagations.As the result of pure chance, the narrator also called C sar discovers a pirate treasure that makes him fabulously rich As a combination playwright and mad scientist, he decides to clone the Mexican author Carlos Fu [...]

    5. The main character in this book sets up a metaphor of himself as a Mad Scientist But this metaphor is actually apt for Cesar Aira himself, as his books always seem like experiments in the best sense of the word But not the type of experimental writing a la Joyce or Stein that is interested in pure language play not that Aira isn t interested in language, but it is only one part of his experiment In most experimental writing you at least have a sense of the experiment being somewhat finished, p [...]

    6. How to Avoid Magic Realism, Surrealism, Logic, and StructureAnother spectacular book by C sar Aira He s very uneven, but at his best, he has occasionally been the world s best writer He can outpace conventional narration, magic realism, surrealism, absurdism, and philosophic fiction.This time I ll zero in on just one quality of his imagination that sets him apart from most other authors This book begins with a short chapter describing how the author, a certain C sar, famous writer and mad scient [...]

    7. Nothing could please me than an appropriation of B movie tropes in a mock literary context by a wickedly talented author in the service of absurdism Unfortunately, unless I m missing something, this isn t it Plotless and essayistic I can handle, if the author has something to say, or if he says nothing in a beautiful way But Aira says nothing clumsily with maximum confusion Dead, dull, uninspired for this piece of empty bravado I reserve the special hatred we feel when someone we had trusted le [...]

    8. I came across this book by accident and decided to read it, despite reading some not so promising reviews.The premise of the story is a mad scientist who tries to clone famous writer Carlos Fuentes I enjoyed most things about this book the storyline, the language used and the narrator s inner monologue in particular It s a very enjoyable novella,and a quick read I didn t care too much for how the book ended but I m definitely interested to read of Aira s books.

    9. A sci fi autofiction entertainment One big LOL at revelation of the provenance of the beasts causing trouble toward the end Inventive, unpredictable, cartoonish, forward flowing, good natured sometimes to a twee ish fault , self consciously whimsical aware of yet unable to resist the temptation to follow the author s whim , metafictional, sometimes maybe a little too apt to explore the old reality irreality questions , a tactic that bores a hole in my attention see Bioy Casares s The Invention o [...]

    10. the literary conference, a slim work by the very productive c sar aira, is both fantastic and inventive the argentinian author has written over sixty books, though, as yet, only five have been translated into english a sixth, the seamstress and the wind, is slated for release early this summer this novella, defying easy categorization, incorporates elements from a number of different genresra s main character, a translator and playwright, sets about fulfilling his dream of world domination throu [...]

    11. Kein Faden kann aus dem Nichts gekn pft werden, oder Aus seiner Rippe sch pft Cesar eine Eschersche Konstruktion von Leben und Literatur, Original und F lschung Die Textur der Un Wirklichkeit in allen Spielarten der Klonierung, am sant, verstiegen, befremdlich.

    12. The flight forward technique pushing the story onward with any device available to the writer s imagination, hurdling over the pauses and revisions necessary to create logical, believable plot developments seems attractive to me as an idea than as demonstrated in this short novel But apparently Aira cranks out a handful of these short novels each year, and a very uneven output should be expected I wonder what the best examples from this writer are Sometimes I m unsatisfied with authors who try [...]

    13. I liked this book And I say that with a bit of hesitation because the amount of liking I feel about this book just goes over the line into liking that is drawn in the sand between dislike and like This was a strange reading experience As far as narrative goes, this one has very little, and that is really saying something since the book is only 90 pages long But in a metaficitonal way, the book is fine with that You see, this book is alive in a way It goes off on tangents and refers to translatio [...]

    14. Cuantas dudas para decir algo de este libro Pero como me re C sar Aira tiene el don de la prosa y es ocurrente hasta el delirio.

    15. The Literary Conference borders on no, delves into the ridiculous in the best way possible A superlative stylist and being translated by the superlative Katherine Silver , Aira s matter of fact tone somehow manages to stay in tact in a book that begins as a puzzle adventure in Venezuela, turns into a mad scientist take over the world science fiction, and ends as a B movie and still manages to be about the creation of art.Allow me to elaborate In the first section, The Macuto Line, a relatively [...]

    16. An interesting person, whose reviews I enjoy, gave a pretty negative review to a different book by this author, but the things he didn t like about it were the kind of things I usually look for whimsicality his word , restlessness, metafiction, genre mixing and humor It sounded like Aira s work would be right up my alley, a lot like the kind of books I write short, absurdist, comic surrealist, sincerely weird , and it turned out to be just so Cesar Aira is Argentinian, and it continues to amaze [...]

    17. Somehow Aira has managed to fit into 90 pages besides the titular literary conference, which the narrator only minimally attends, anyway the recovery of legendary pirate treasure, the cloning of a literary genius that would be Carlos Fuentes , and the irruption into a beautiful Sunday morning in M rida of a host of what the Japanese call daikaiju giant creatures that result from human experiments gone stupendously and catastrophically awry And then pads it well with banal metaphysical blathering [...]

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