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The Nanny Murders #2020

The Nanny Murders Zoe Hayes who works as an art therapist in an institute for seriously deranged patients is the single mother of an adopted and adorable little girl named Molly Zoe gets involved in the missing nanni

  • Title: The Nanny Murders
  • Author: Merry Jones
  • ISBN: 9780312998622
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Nanny Murders By Merry Jones, Zoe Hayes, who works as an art therapist in an institute for seriously deranged patients, is the single mother of an adopted and adorable little girl named Molly Zoe gets involved in the missing nannies case when Molly, playing in the snow, makes a grisly discovery She finds a piece of litter that turns out to be a human finger.One of Zoe s neighbors but which one seemZoe Hayes, who works as an art therapist in an institute for seriously deranged patients, is the single mother of an adopted and adorable little girl named Molly Zoe gets involved in the missing nannies case when Molly, playing in the snow, makes a grisly discovery She finds a piece of litter that turns out to be a human finger.One of Zoe s neighbors but which one seems to be a serial killer Zoe and a mysteriously scarred detective named Nick Stiles team up to catch the killer when suddenly Zoe becomes the prey.

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      403 Merry Jones
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    1 thought on “The Nanny Murders

    1. I loved this book One of those quick grabs off the library shelf and so glad I did Great mystery and I love Zoe and her daughter

    2. In the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark comes this deliciously written woman in jeopardy novel from a wonderful new talent Zoe, a single mother with an adopted daughter, discovers that one of her neighbors could be a serial killer Someone is busily dismembering Philadelphia s terrified nannies Zoe and a mysteriously scarred detective named Nick Stiles together try to prevent the murderer from striking again, but the killer has targeted Zoe.I have found another favorite author She IS in the tradit [...]

    3. 1 Zoe Hayes, art therapist amateur sleuth, dark cosy A woman drifting through life puts herself and her daughter in jeopardy when nannies start disappearing and body parts begin to turn up in her neighborhood I was afraid this was a mommy track cute mystery, centered around precious kids and their plush lifestyles and schedules, something I m not fond of But although the first hundred pages are almost excruciatingly slow, they aren t bad, and by page 150 things really get moving and this becomes [...]

    4. This book was described as in the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark.However, I found Zoe to be far less intelligent than most of Higgin Clark s charachters She becomes unreasonably angry with a man that she has known only a short time because he does not confide all of his personal secrets or work related secrets to her She call him dishonest repeatedly I found myself shaking my head at this Would she divulge work related information to almost a virtual stranger just because she was sexually attra [...]

    5. Very boring and I had to work exceptionally hard to keep my head in the game, but the very end was quite creepy and almost had me wanting to give the book a higher rating Zoe Hayes, the lead character, lives in an upper class close knit Philadelphia neighborhood where the local nannies begin to disappear Zoe, an art therapist in a mental hospital, and her daughter are quickly thrown into the foray when Molly finds a human finger in the snow and with this clue, Zoe knows that the serial killer ha [...]

    6. This was a rather odd mystery book in many ways and it took me awhile to get into it The main character, an art therapist who works at a mental institution is narrating the story She lives in a not so nice neighbourhood with her adopted daughter and local nannies are disappearing from the area with increasing frequency When her daughter finds a bloody finger out in the snow it all moves very close to home She likes the new detective Nick, but can she trust him Charlie says there is evil around a [...]

    7. I liked this book because it was set in Philadelphia, a city I know well, and mentioned the Pink Rose now closed an awesome pastry shop that brings back many dating memories But as for the book, it only earned 3 stars in my eyes because it was disjointed I think this being a debut novel that the author is talented but tried to do too much and succeeded in doing less because the plot line drifted and the characters, well, acted out of character and were not fully developed, especially Zoe, the ma [...]

    8. Another quickie thriller by an author I hadn t heard of I love exploring new authors as I am new to their methodologies and twists and turns occur when least expected This story deals with a single mother of a 5 year old adopted girl, who gets blown into a whirlwind investigation of disappearing nannies in the neighbourhood, where all neighbours, especially males are suspects She also is attracted to the handsome detective who is leading the case, and who has a few dark secrets of his own The st [...]

    9. This is Merry Jones debut novel and to say the least, it was stunning I loved every minute of it and had trouble putting it down The plot was well put together and I found the characters to be very believable Zoe is such an amazing mother, friend and art therapist She s someone you d love to have in your life as she is quite stable and generally, lovable Merry Jones really had be going, trying to figure out who the Nannynapper was I had an idea of who it could be, but new information kept poppin [...]

    10. This book had such an interesting premise and I was immediatly drawn into the mystery However, I felt like that author completely let go of the mystery and turned it into a romance novel The main character irked me because she couldn t have an honest conversation with the man she s supposed to be dating, gives in to her exhusband and lets him walk all over her AND makes decisions that no sane mother would make.

    11. This book was immensely entertaining and wonderful The main character, Zoe Hayes, is so believable and human You d want her in your life She loves her adopted daughter, loathes her ex, is taunted by her unused stairmaster, and when a sexy yet secretive detective enters her life she is realistically doubtful Of course, this is a murder mystery, and the Philly neighborhood, with all if its quirks and quirky neighbors, is the perfect setting for weird Don t miss this one

    12. This started out slow then which should have been a warning There was not just one, but THREE implausible endings, all wrapped up together at the end good for horror stories, not so much for mysteries By the time I got to the real end of the book, I was exhausted and couldn t believe the main character didn t need years of therapy starting immediately.

    13. I enjoy cozies and any mystery where I learn about a new world, whether that that be about Italy or fashion or Pennsylvania Dutch cooking or medieval history I chose to read this novel because it was set in Philadelphia I did like the local color However, there was too much going on in the book and the characters and situations weren t realistic enough for me.

    14. This well plotted mystery thriller provides an afternoon of entertaining reading for female mystery readers The only however is the casual sexual relationship between protagonist and detective The protagonist is easy to like and well characterized, and the mystery takes several unexpected twists before the thriller ending.

    15. Zoe Hates, is witty, single mom who springs into action to protect her daughter and her neighborhood The thing that kept this from being a 4 in my scale is the bright heroine, stupid move syndrome I do so hate when the characters put themselves at risk by doing ridiculous things, like heading into the lions den and hoping he doesn t wake up.

    16. this one got good reviews from authors i enjoy reading the story was a good one, but i almost didn t finish it because it has a bit of a slow start then the ending felt a bit rushed and disjointed i will look forward to her next book and the continuing story of zoe

    17. A great book I didn t figure out exactly who the killer was, but I didn t fall for the red herring Very entertaining, not overwhelming with gory details, and I m excited to find out that it s the first in a series I ll definitely be looking up the other novels

    18. This book could have been easily written by Mary Higgins Clark Almost but not quite The book started slowly and did not pick up until at least 1 2 through and had way to many characters to make the book meaty All in all this was a good first effort.

    19. Needed character development I didn t find it too believable Couplf of red herrings and actual solution came too quickly, almost like oh I ve run out of pages.

    20. Loved the local color, since it is set a few miles from where I live I found the protagonist believable Love her relationship with her daughter.

    21. Mystery Fan Check out the Zoe Hayes series The first one perfectly blends the world of single motherhood with amateur sleuthing.

    22. This book was just okay It held my interest, but certainly was not one that I could not put down I enjoyed the extra twists and turns at the end.

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