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Pimeä #2020

Pime Ethanin ja Isabelin el m on muuttunut t ydellisesti sen j lkeen kun heist tuli Aikavartion j seni Nyt my s Matt Isabelin veli ja Rochelle Mattin entinen tytt yst v saavat totutella ajatukseen et

  • Title: Pimeä
  • Author: Marianne Curley Kaisa Kattelus
  • ISBN: 9789513132644
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pimeä By Marianne Curley Kaisa Kattelus, Ethanin ja Isabelin el m on muuttunut t ydellisesti sen j lkeen kun heist tuli Aikavartion j seni Nyt my s Matt, Isabelin veli, ja Rochelle, Mattin entinen tytt yst v , saavat totutella ajatukseen, ett hekin ovat nimettyj eli historian suojelijoita Menneisyytt muuttamaan pyrkiv n Kaaos j rjest n johtaja, jumalatar Lathenia, haluaa kostaa Vartiolle sielunkumppaninsaEthanin ja Isabelin el m on muuttunut t ydellisesti sen j lkeen kun heist tuli Aikavartion j seni Nyt my s Matt, Isabelin veli, ja Rochelle, Mattin entinen tytt yst v , saavat totutella ajatukseen, ett hekin ovat nimettyj eli historian suojelijoita Menneisyytt muuttamaan pyrkiv n Kaaos j rjest n johtaja, jumalatar Lathenia, haluaa kostaa Vartiolle sielunkumppaninsa Marduken kuoleman.J rjest n toimet k yv t yh rajummiksi ja se onnistuu muuttamaan historiaa, niin ett nuoret alkavat huomata huolestuttavia muutoksia omassa nykyp iv ss n Samaan aikaan Ethanin iti masentuu yh syvemmin h nen on mahdotonta olla ajattelematta Marduken vuosia sitten surmaamaa Sera tyt rt n.Mutta sitten tapahtuu jotakin viel pelottavampaa Ethanin opettaja ja Isabelin syd men vienyt Arkarian katoaa Isabelin johtamana, kuolemattomia ja omaa johtajaansa Loriania uhmaten nimetyt l htev t etsim n Arkariania kolkosta pimeyden maailmasta.

    • [MOBI] Ã Pimeä | BY ☆ Marianne Curley Kaisa Kattelus
      464 Marianne Curley Kaisa Kattelus
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    1. First of all, I have to say I am not a native english speaker so, please, I prefer to not be attacked, if I made any mistakes Instead of do that, it would be nice if you corrected me, thank you This book is the second book of The Guardians of Time trilogy which is about to become a tetralogy in the future, yay I have to say to not read this review on the app, because spoilers tags that I always put are removed and I don t want to spoil anyone If you are reading this review on your computer, go o [...]

    2. I liked this one so much better than the first It continues on a year after the events of the last book, but gets right into the action It really never stops I m glad I continued with the series This entire series has a huge case of insta love, though Everyone seems to have a soul mate, and the way they discover their soul mate is by being unable to look away from each others eyes when they first meet When I read the first book, I thought it was going to avoid this kind of thing but it turns out [...]

    3. San r m 4,6 dan falan 5 puan.Ne desem hi bilmiyorum Cidden Bu seriyi daha nce okumama ra men beni hala heyecanland rabiliyor ya stelik de okurken, olaylar hat rlamama ra men Muhte em Karanl k, ilk kitap An lan dan sonra ge en bir y l n ard ndan ba l yor Karakterler bir ya b y d Ki bence hala k kler Pehh.Okuduk a olaylar hat rlamamdan kaynakl olarak kitapta aralarda s k ld m Biraz bundan puan k rd m ki benden kaynakl bir sorun Ama ne yapay m, akl ma tak l yor.Onun d nda, olaylar ok g zeldi Ger ek [...]

    4. Este libro consigui gustarme un poco m s que su predecesor Si bien Los Elegidos se me hizo corto, creo que el giro de tuerca que la autora introduce en este segundo libro resulta espectacular Y, especialmente, me gust que, esta vez, fuese narrado por Arkarian en lugar de Ethan, aunque Isabel se mantiene como narradora femenina Y se la ve m s fuerte, m s madura, m s due a de su magia, con lo que resulta un personaje todav a m s incre ble y redondo.No obstante, pienso que el papel de Arkarian ha e [...]

    5. I liked the Dark, I don t have anything bad to say about it, but I don t really have anything spectacular to say either The plot kept moving and the characters developed well I liked that this book centered on Arkarian because he s the best to be honest The Dark was a fun read, so that was a plus.Isabelle Arkarian I approve and I liked the way Lorian gave his approval in the end of the book it might be a little much though I dunno Matt He s extra special now Cool I guess.Rochelle Still not sure [...]

    6. I did really like this book but I really missed seeing the story from Ethan s perspective Arkarian is cool and all but he was cooler when I couldn t see inside his head and maintained that air of mystery Also the whole love story between Arkarian and Isabel seemed a little forced I know they re soul mates or whatever but it was like suddenly Isabel was head over heals for Arkarian after just being in love with Ethan in the last book Anywho Arkarian s inner thoughts about Isabel also took away fr [...]

    7. I haven t read book one, so wasn t too sure if I would get into this book or not Writing style is first person and present tense, not read many books like this before Normally the first person books I have read seem past tense as if telling a story of what has happened, rather than what is happening Took a little time to warm to this style of writing, and even once I finished I was still a bit unsure if it s something I would get used too.The book starts out with the Goddess of Chaos, building [...]

    8. El libro fue incre ble desde el inicio del mismo vemos el otro lado de las cosas, a trav s de los ojos de Latenia, la diosa del Caos, conocemos las intenciones que tiene, que son obviamente la de vengarse y dominar el mundo, ya saben lo obvio.Arcarian e Isabel se embarcan en una nueva misi n, pero de pronto l es encarcelado y raptado por los ecuaces de Latenia ahora, los guardianes deben encargarse de ir a rescatarlo, pero el camino no ser f cil deber n ir al inframundo y enfrentar much simos ob [...]

    9. This is one of my all time favorite juvenile young adult series because it has many genes action, adventure, time travel, fantasy, history, a little romance all wrapped into one well crafted, imaginative plot This is a MUST read for almost any reader, because of its broad diversity.Ethan is a normal, modern day boy when he s awake, but when he sleeps his powers awaken as a Guardian of the Named The Named are a secret organization whose purpose is to preserve and protect history as we know it fro [...]

    10. This is like a 3.5 The second installment in The Guardians of Time series was a lot enjoyable than the first part, so I am glad that I kept going with the series The Dark follows our heroes into a dark otherworld to rescue on of their own to try and regain balance and keep The Order at bay It kind of goes to plan As with the first book there were a number of plot twists that I was able to work out before they were revealed so the shock factor was missing for me Still, this was an ok read and I [...]

    11. There is a girl name Isabel and she would do anything to save Arkarian who was kidnap by the order of chaos and they were determined to destroy everything about Arkarian exsitances in the world and Isabel along with Matt and Ethan work together to do whatever they can to save him I really like this book because it Has a very interning setting and plot to it that makes me want to read the book to find what happen in the end, a very thrilling book that make you ask yourself what happen to it when [...]

    12. Gave book 2 a chance It was as bad as the first Some of these characters are so irritating I wanted to reach through and snack them How is the rating for these so high She clearly has no training as a writer.

    13. 2.5, really Me gust much simo m s el primero, este se me ha hecho muy predecible y no me convence del todo el final, la verdad.Adem s, echo de menos a Ethan narrando _

    14. Sin duda me ha gustado m s esta segunda parte, aunque la primera tambi n me enganch el cambio de narradores ME HA ENCANTADO A ver que tal la tercera.

    15. This book is the second book in the Guardians of Time trilogy I really enjoyed it The author did something unique in this book The first book was from the perspective of two characters and in the second one she switched to a different character s perspective I thought it worked really well This story was fast paced A lot was going on in the back round and the author did a good job of conveying that without being too obvious about it I really like the world this trilogy is set in I thought it was [...]

    16. Arkanian is kidnapped by the goddess of Chaos, and Isabel, Matt, and Ethan choose to journey into the dark parallel world where he is being held to rescue him.Really, there s so much I could say in description, but why bother The plot twists, such as they are, are nothing but clich after clich Isabel and Arkanian refuse to admit their romance until the end, though everybody but them seems to know they re in love Matt is the only character with any depth, and that s because he s the only one who [...]

    17. EthanIsabelLorian and Arkarian are back in this action packed sequel to The Named.This time our two narrators are Isabel and Arkarian and a new warrior has joined the named as one of the final players in the prophecy With Marduke s death the Goddess has become and relentless in her pursuit of power She has lost Rochelle to the Guard and her soul mate Marduke is lost in the world between worlds Lorian and the Guard are hard pressed from all sides Veridian and Angel Falls need to be protected fr [...]

    18. Este libro sigue la estela de su antecesor El estilo de la autora es caracter stico y fluido, alternando el punto de vista de los dos protagonistas esta vez son Isabel y Arkarian Recuerdo sentir cierta decepci n cuando Ethan fue excluido y not que perd a fuerza y protagonismo en la narraci n a favor de Arkarian, un personaje secundario tan misterioso como atractivo Es un chico de 600 a os, pero tiene el aspecto de un adolescente es f cil adivinar que su poder es la eterna juventud Tiene el pelo [...]

    19. If you are searching for an intense novel, look no further than Marianne Curley s The Dark, book two of the Guardians of Time Trilogy The story is told in the points of views of two main characters Arkarian and Isabel These two are a part of a group called The Guard, and they protect Earth s timeline and keep history in check Their personalities do not really develop this was done in the prequel, The Named The Dark begins one year after Marduke s the antagonist group The Order s leader death Thi [...]

    20. I can t believe I m saying this, but I actually liked this second book of the trilogy better than the first That s never really happened to me before Usually, the second book in a trilogy is like the inbetween story and just a bridge to the finale, but this book stood out on its own and was better than the first I felt like this one had way action and certainly romance The way the relationship between Arkarian and Isabel grows even when they re away from each other just blows me away And in th [...]

    21. Oh the nostalgia I am seriously loving rereading these books, even though the writing is not terribly good There is a lot of exposition and convenient, obvious sentences like, She had never noticed how green his eyes were before to set up a later climactic recognition Because of the less than brilliant writing, I unfortunately cannot bring myself to rate this book than 2 stars.However.I love the concept of these books So much This book also decidedly upped the peril from the first book that mak [...]

    22. Me esperaba mucho m s, la verdad Si ya el primer libro me pareci regular, el segundo simplemente me decepcion.Lo primero que me molest fue el cambio de narrador ech much simo de menos a Ethan, quien en el primer libro se hab a convertido en mi personaje favorito La narraci n, que ya en un comienzo me hab a llamado la atenci n y no precisamente en un buen sentido por lo plana que era me aburri much simo y me complic el avanzar De ah que me haya demorado una semana en leerlo.Los momentos Isabel Ar [...]

    23. A continuation from The Named Lathenia the Goddess of Chaos is furious because she has just seen her soul mate killed Fu ri ous She blames it all on Arkarian the head of the Named, the Guardians of Time, those that go back into the past to thwart the Goddess attempts to change the future by changing the past because her power grows with chaos The Goddess plots against Arkarian s life Can the Named stop the Goddess plans The Named was told mainly from Ethan s and Isabel s perspective The Dark is [...]

    24. Book 2 of the Guardians of Time Trilogy continues to follow the time traveling lives of the 4 main characters you meet in the first book Isabel, Arkarian, Ethan, and Matt In this book, Arkarian has been captured by the Goddess of Chaos and has been taken to the Underworld Isabel, Ethan, and Matt must now face the darkness down there, to rescue him, before he is gone forever.Just like the first book, the chapters alternate between two of the main characters In this book, however, you are given th [...]

    25. Setting as it affects plot Exposition Isabel and Ethan are training Matt to be a better leader so he can lead the Guardians A dark storm breaks out and they go to Arkarian to see what it was Arkarian later explains then tells Isabel, crush, that he has to go on a mission with her ISabel I m going to be your partner Curley 42 Rising Action Arkarian gets kidnapped by wrens and their leader Lathenia While captured Arkarian figures out Lathenia s plan on how she is going to kill Arkarian But that wo [...]

    26. This book took me a lot longer to read than it should have Mostly because I had books that had holds on them that we re due before this one was due, and a little because this book was a little slow in getting started The whole thing was Arkarian s kidnapping, and it seemed to drag on and on and never end Though it did eventually pick up and get better and in the end I found I did enjoy this book Getting started and into this book was pretty hard, I found myself drifting away, but finally after a [...]

    27. This sequel is well worth the read The pace was good, and the characters were strong and well written It was great to finally read chapters from Arkarian s perspective It was fun to hear from his side of the story and get a better feeling for his character I really felt like I was watching everything that was happening to him The detail of the underworld held a creepy fascination The acid lake, the Wren, and Sera, for that matter, added a realness to the place that I just couldn t shake I would [...]

    28. I absolutely adored this book The characters have a lot of charisma, and they are weird, which I love D I still don t know why a blue haired freak can t live in the normal world, I meanI see blue haired freaks all the timeJust sayin.I ve recently gotten into the whole Time travel thing, and so far I m liking the idea of this Changing history, don t we all wish we could do that meet some of the greats I m getting off topic arn t I Ok back to what I was suppose to be saying, This is a great read, [...]

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