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The Gathering #2020

The Gathering After Danielle turned eighteen she joined the Dyken gathering force and traveled to another planet to help save an entire race But after witnessing a young man suffering she begins to question her pe

  • Title: The Gathering
  • Author: Victorine E. Lieske
  • ISBN: 9781465830074
  • Page: 385
  • Format: ebook
  • The Gathering By Victorine E. Lieske, After Danielle turned eighteen she joined the Dyken gathering force and traveled to another planet to help save an entire race But after witnessing a young man suffering, she begins to question her people s methods.

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      385 Victorine E. Lieske
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    1 thought on “The Gathering

    1. This story offers a two person POV in the beginning that captured my interest Danielle and Shayne meet during The Gathering where Danielle appears in Shayne s world briefly when Shayne is taken and placed in the Holodome A supposedly safe haven for people Author Victorine E Lieske s setting and character development carried me into the worlds with great descriptions of place and rounded characters each with their own purpose in the story My reason for five stars is simply because I couldn t stop [...]

    2. This is a prequel whether it announces it or not While the book was good and I liked it it was way to short to give a proper review I also hate when a book is posted and it does not give you facts such as this is part of a series or the prequel to another book I am looking forward to reading the next full book The Overtaking because this left a lot to be desired I think it was needed to set the stage for how Danielle meets Shayne but, the entire short story was too short for me.

    3. Pretty slowNot much happened Characters were introduced but no real story plot development seemed to take place At least I couldn t really figure out the purpose of anything that was happening After reading the first 3 chapters of book 1 in the series free at the end of the short story , things make a little sense but now I just don t like the short story because I feel deceived.

    4. This is a short prequel to The Overtaking It caught my interest and made me want to read the next book The world and the premise are intriguing I already like Shayne and Danielle and am curious to see where their paths lead.

    5. This is a short novella that leads into the full length novel The Overtaking It had a sample of The Overtaking at the end of the Novella Even though the novella was shorter than the sample of The Overtaking, it sets up the book nicely This isn t the type of book I normally read but I have enjoyed other novels by this author that I really enjoyed I am now excited to read The Overtaking My advice, read this novella first.

    6. Very short novella that is a prequel to The Overtaking A great start, but so short and ended so abruptly Definitely got me in the mood to read the main novel Not sure how it will be, but initially felt very much like the Host by Stephenie Meyer We will so how the real story goes I m intrigued though, as I was a Host fan

    7. I liked the characters and world It is a standalone though it doesn t really answer any questions I kept thinking there was a lit going on than the main character was being told I m definitely picking up the rest of the series to find out.

    8. This was so short that I wasn t sure what to think It was interesting, it felt a bit like a commercial Effective, if that s the case I do want to know about the characters and the worlds they inhabit.I look forward to reading by this author.

    9. Very quick read basically an intro teaser chapter and the first three chapters of Overtaking, which is available in the Prime Kindle owners lending library I may or may not read on It s interesting and well written, I just also feel like I always see what s coming next We ll see

    10. This book is a prequel to the book The Overtaking This was an interesting story but it was enough to get me interested in buying the book This short story is just lacking in areas I felt like it does not give enough information to make me want to buy the other book.

    11. having just read the actual book this relates to, I really couldnt be bothered to read this It s just some of the main story from Danielle s point of view that wasnt included in the main one so it seems.

    12. Conceptually, this isn t a bad story But it needs to do This is a case of a short story that appears to exist merely to get the reader to read the novel Lots of potential But it doesn t really go anywhere Would have gotten stars if something notable happened.

    13. I rather liked this short story It gave the air that there something a lot sinister going on, and I was disappointed when I didn t find out whether or not my hunch was true But it was still a fun, easy read.

    14. I had already read the Overtaking so this was just a quick little insight into what happened before it I do mean quick, its a short story.

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