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The Playboy's Proposition #2020

The Playboy s Proposition Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B BZWLARYWho says a girl can t have it all Nonnie Crawford agrees to spend five nights with Michael Weston five nights exploring her newly discovered fascin

  • Title: The Playboy's Proposition
  • Author: Deena Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Playboy's Proposition By Deena Ward, Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00BZWLARYWho says a girl can t have it all Nonnie Crawford agrees to spend five nights with Michael Weston, five nights exploring her newly discovered fascination with BDSM and her craving to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful, dominant man.She wants to please the charming playboy, but Michael soon proves himself to be a stNote Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00BZWLARYWho says a girl can t have it all Nonnie Crawford agrees to spend five nights with Michael Weston, five nights exploring her newly discovered fascination with BDSM and her craving to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful, dominant man.She wants to please the charming playboy, but Michael soon proves himself to be a stern taskmaster, pushing her further, faster than she prepared herself to go.Even while she is drawn tightly into Michael s sexual hold, she cannot forget Gibson Reeves, the man who initially set her on this sensual journey He invades her dreams, as inscrutable and commanding in her fantasies as ever he was in real life.Soon enough, Nonnie will learn secrets about both men, realize that what seemed a simple decision, was not so simple after all.And she will have to discover the answer to a difficult question before it s too late How far is too far Warning adult material This book contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature, including exhibitionism, M f M, bondage and consensual domination and submission, which some readers may find objectionable The Power to Please, is a planned four part series of novels chronicling Nonnie Crawford s journey into the alluring but sometimes dangerous realm of BDSM.After ending her disastrous ten year marriage, Nonnie finds herself irresistibly drawn by desire She yearns to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful and dominant male.Two Doms vie for Nonnie s submission, the enigmatic Businessman and the charming Playboy Both men want to guide her sensual journey and lead her to places she never imagined she might go.Knowing who to trust is always a challenge, and the odds of Nonnie making a mistake are multiplied when she s gripped by the thrill of new passion Her choices prove the difference between perfect bliss and utter ruin.In the end, she must answer a critical question in a relationship that s all about the exchange of power, who holds the ultimate power to please

    • [PDF] ☆ The Playboy's Proposition | by ☆ Deena Ward
      Deena Ward

    1 thought on “The Playboy's Proposition

    1. This one is a complete about face What the HELL Holy shitdark, compelling, some, hardcore BDSM, I m pushed past my comfort zoneowing where this is goingh, yet I can t put it down What is she thinking M F M Voyeurism

    2. Oh my Well this was quite the book Some parts were hot as hell and others pissed me off at characters so badly that it made me want to fling my Kindle across the truck.Wish someone would read it so we could talk about it and I could actually say, OMG Could you believe it when

    3. This book is a cautionary tale I personally think the author should put a better, stronger warning to readers as it pushes the boundaries of true consent and there are elements that could trigger some people There is a reason there are safewords and checklists And that reason is for relationships to truly be safe, sane and consensual.It s not just a BDSM cautionary tale either There is a reason you have instincts, patently ignoring them because you want to believe what someone else says is a sli [...]

    4. I am a little unsure how many stars to give this book It was pretty well written, but the way the story unfolds is frustrating I kept thinking the main character Nonnie was making all these huge mistakes How she could continue to play with Michael her dom was beyond me, he was such an ass most of the time I kept thinking I must be spoiled by Lexi Blake The story plays out and all is explained, so that part worked for me Also, I did download the next one I don t know, it just doesn t rate 4 stars [...]

    5. 29 year old Nonnie is searching for something It s probably something two thirds of the universe is chasing.I wanted to be swept away in a grand and passionate love affair I wanted it to wrap itself around me and raise me out of the monotony I had made of my life, of myself I needed that perfect love to vindicate my past I knew from book one The Businessman s Tie, that she wasn t going to find that in this book Certainly not with Michael Weston the man with the charm of a continental playboy I h [...]

    6. I have a lot to say about this book so if you don t want spoilers then look away people Okayyou re still here so here goes I loved the first book and was okay with her decision to spend time with The Playboy first He wasn t my choice but I went with it, her logic made sense After that all hell broke loose Now, I m not in the lifestyle so all my experience comes from things I ve read and I certainly know that a Dom sub relationship is based on what the Dom and sub want, nothing But I never saw a [...]

    7. This second book of The power to please series was just as great as the first I demanded the second one to read for review I was so anxious to see what Nonnie did next To see how far Michael would push her limits Nonnie and Michael were great together He showed her pleasure and pain she never knew she could feel or enjoy Nonnie knew her vanilla life was not enough and this new found world of the BDSM scene is something new and exciting Michael is still sexy as hell with his crooked little smirk [...]

    8. I figured out where my comfort zone ends This book brought me there and then skyrocketed me into fucksville with an asshole of epic proportions as the mayor I would like to make a u turn and head back towards rainbows and unicorns please Seriously, people like one of the MC s in this book are why the BDSM community catches hell He s everything a Dom shouldn t be However it is clear how easily those unfamiliar and unwilling to ask questions from experienced folks can be manipulated into letting b [...]

    9. The Playboy s Proposition is the 2nd book in The Power To Please series by Deena Ward It continues Nonnie s introduction to the world of BDSM In this story, Nonnie has to decide whether or not she wants to embrace the submissive side of herself She needs to learn that being a submissive doesn t mean that she s not a strong woman She also needs to decide if Michael is the right Dom for her.The sex in this book is HOT and intense It also had a few dark scenes that showed the dangers of BDSM with a [...]

    10. Oh my, I can t wait for the 3rd book in this series I try hard not to give away too much in my reviews but I have to say that this one really disturbed me at times I was VERY happy and relieved with how this ended

    11. I really came to hate Michael For Nonnie being a new sub Michael pushes a lot of boundaries He never seems to take her innocence into mind He doesn t protect her and makes numerous mistakes Can t wait to read .

    12. I really enjoyed the continuation of Nonnie s story Sexy, smart and well written I anxiously await the next installment.

    13. The Businessman s Tie was hot, so this was VERY different like some other reviewers have said, it s a cautionary tale, but unlike many I didn t feel Nonnie was stupid or that Michael s abuse was misrepresentative of the BDSM lifestyle because this book is not about BDSM, but dangerous relationships which can happen in vanilla beyond kink relationships too This can be a universal problem for many regardless of age, gender or lifestyle.It is set up from the start Michael is a manipulative and dang [...]

    14. This book was absolutely great A fun and fast paced read I ll start by saying I m really not a fan of erotica and this book is beyond erotica It s adult sex, dilemmas, complications and decisions It is not too raunchy to where if you really don t read erotica you don t enjoy it it was an enjoyable read and I m looking forward to reading the next book From what I know of this lifestyle the book is fairly spot on but can be misleading because most Doms in real life aren t tie wearing millionaires [...]

    15. Here s the second book in a set of four by Deena Ward This book is however a bit explicit at least to me I don t do spoilers, so you ll have to read the book series The entire series is written well and tastefully When I read this genre, I do wonder just how far some ppl go or are willing to go Deena did an excellent job with this and allowing us to see the progression of our main characters I always find that there are many deep layers to men especailly who partake in this lifestyle The women [...]

    16. This was a difficult book to read But I think that was the whole idea I think the author wanted us to figure out for ourselves that this went past the SSC boundaries I hated Michael right from the beginning I hated that she allowed herself to be taken that way But she was new and didn t understand I think that is what the author wanted us to understand I was pushed to read to the end, hoping that he would come around, but he did not, and I think that is what we were supposed to understand There [...]

    17. This book was so boring and annyoing and disgusting Michael aka playboy was such an asshole who manipulated Nonnie over and over again There was nothing sweet or sexy about their dates He was a creep who kept persuading her to do things she didn t really want to do He s not a dom, he s an asshole I wanted to delete this book for every page that I read so I started skipping towards dialogue to see if stupid little Nonnie would come to her senses and tell him to fuck off She took her time doing ju [...]

    18. I read this book from start to finish in one setting I couldn t get enough The majority of this book made me hot under the collar At different points when reading, I found myself holding my breath while turning the page, eager and half afraid to see what would happen next I will say that this book was graphic It wasn t the kind that will scare you away, it just made me feel for Nonnie I felt that this book came alive in a way most books lack At times, I could honestly imagine myself in Nonnie s [...]

    19. Okay.This was even better than the first book in this series What the main character Nonnie thinks about and how she comes to conclusions to settle her thoughtse Just bought 3 So glad these books are not short books thrown together to make a series These are actual book size If you want to read something different and definitely not for the faint of heartad this book

    20. I really liked this book where we see of the relationship between Nonnie Michael.There were times I wanted to strangle her for the choices she was making, but we see her growth at the end of the book As usual, Deena Ward has an amazing voice and the ability to captivate readers

    21. This was difficult to get through I won t spoil anything but the balance or self respect and self exploration was definitely explored in this book Ultimately I gave it three stars b c I wanted Gibson On to book 3 where I think I ll be getting it.

    22. While I enjoyed this book, I didn t like Michael Weston s manipulative lying ways with Nonnie It was his job as her Dom to put her needs first take care of her too many times he failed her miserably I have wanted Nonni with The Businessman from the beginning.

    23. okay so when I finished book one I said I was a Micheal fan not so much although I am impressed with how the author shows the fun and dark side of BDSM so I will be continuing the series

    24. This one had me squirming It was fun, steamyense, and at time had me a little uncomfortable at the graphic roughness But it s been a great series thus far on 3 now.

    25. Another OMG I squirmed a lot during this book, am looking forward to book 3 but gutted the last book 4 isn t out yet, because I am not going to want to wait for the conclusion arghhhhh

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