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Bad Bye, Good Bye #2020

Bad Bye Good Bye Bad truck bad guy bad wave bad bye A boy and his family are packing up their old home and the morning feels scary and sad But when he arrives at his new home an evening of good byes awaits bye to

  • Title: Bad Bye, Good Bye
  • Author: Deborah Underwood Jonathan Bean
  • ISBN: 9780547928524
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bad Bye, Good Bye By Deborah Underwood Jonathan Bean, Bad truck, bad guy bad wave, bad bye A boy and his family are packing up their old home, and the morning feels scary and sad But when he arrives at his new home, an evening of good byes awaits bye to new friends, bye to glowing fireflies, bye to climbing trees The New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood s spare text and the Boston Globe Horn Book Aw Bad truck, bad guy bad wave, bad bye A boy and his family are packing up their old home, and the morning feels scary and sad But when he arrives at his new home, an evening of good byes awaits bye to new friends, bye to glowing fireflies, bye to climbing trees The New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood s spare text and the Boston Globe Horn Book Award winner Jonathan Bean s lush, layered illustrations perfectly capture the complex emotions of moving day The child centric transition from dreary morning to cheerful evening comforts young readers facing big changes of their own.

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      154 Deborah Underwood Jonathan Bean
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    1. As a mother who recently spent the better part of twenty hours in a car with a three year old and a three month old baby, I feel a special kinship with parents who have also engaged in the ultimate endurance sport travel with children If you feel no particular sympathy for those engaged in this activity that is because you have not experienced it firsthand yourself But even when my daughter was projectile vomiting regularly and even when the breast pump tipped to one side spilling milk all over [...]

    2. OMG, I love this book This is the PERFECT book to read when a family is moving or someone you care about is moving away It really captures the good bad feelings associated with making such a major and stressful life change This will start the conversation.

    3. For the words, the only thing about this book is the word play on badbye goodbye Underwood also did well at writing so the rhythm stayed clear But I thought this was the sort of overdone topic and style that editors weren t supposed to be interested in even looking at any How about a book where a kid moves away from home, but learns to feel better and it will rhyme I guess once you ve got a foot in the door and you have an editor you can pitch ideas the regular public couldn t even get an agent [...]

    4. In only 80 words, Deborah Underwood is able to capture the raw emotion and reality of change in this case of leaving an old home and familiar friends and moving to a new town with new surprises From the sadness of bad boxes and bad byes to the hot seat and long naps of the journey to the new house and good friend , Jonathan Bean matches each pair of words with equally expressive illustrations His illustrations follow the mood of the story from sad blues and grays in the beginning which transitio [...]

    5. Poetic and sparse, the words help a little boy go from being mad because his family is moving, and he has to say goodbye to friends and favorite things I love Jonathan Bean s pictures filling the pages in overlays as they travel and as they arrive There are moments of happiness as the boy discovers people and things that help him feel at home New town New Park New street new bank The book shows well that there are two kinds of bye , a good and a bad one I imagine conversations of how word meanin [...]

    6. No matter the meaning or how it is said, goodbye is edged initially with sadness either you or someone else is leaving When the choice to go is not yours it s even harder in some cases an act of bravery Bad Bye, Good Bye Houghton Mifflin Harcourt written by Deborah Underwood with illustrations by Jonathan Bean is about going from the familiar into the unknown frightening or exciting or a little bit of both.My full review bit TIkhe8

    7. You feel the constant motion of the story with every illustration in this great little picture book about moving So much emotion and uncertainty was captured at the beginning of the story The nice bits of hope and interest in the new surroundings at the end Few words are given, but few are needed to accomplish what the author set out to do Excellent all the way around

    8. Review 9 Summary Bad Bye, Good Bye tells a story about a little boy and his family who is heading to live in a new town The little boy is sad because he has to say goodbye to everything and everyone He cries as they drive away leaving a friend behind As the family and movers pile boxes and other things into the new house, the boy meets another kid who just happens to live next door At the end of the day, he says goodbye to his new friend.Theme The theme of this book is that it s never easy to mo [...]

    9. A family is on the move from their old home to a new one Things start out all bad but as the story goes on the pages begin to show brighter colors and the young boy realizes that maybe moving isn t so bad Quick read with few words on each page but the pictures really tell the story in this one

    10. Cute story of a move showing the kids very unhappy to move Attitudes change slowly in the travel to the new home, and then change occurs as they settle in.Very very few words per page this is a story told in emotional illustrations.

    11. While the text in this book is fairly simple the story is told mostly in the pictures maing this story of a family moving preschool and up or one on one

    12. Nice and pithy book about moving with strong illustrations No surprises but at least it doesn t go on and on

    13. A child is sad to leave friends and family when he moves with his family to a new neighbourhood Bad bye when leaving good bye when he finds he can be happy and have new friends.

    14. moving lovely little book with vivid illustrations and very simple text about moving house and settling into a new place Ideal for this transient environment

    15. 3.25 starsWhat happened A family is moving and one of the children is less than eager to go along He stands by while the boxes are stacked into the moving truck, waves goodbye to his friend, and is off on a new adventure The roadtrip itself is unpleasant the car is packed and stuffy, it s a cloudy day, and everyone is sad and frustrated Slowly but surely, though, the clouds clear and the tone of the story calms The children take naps and have snacks and see a big rig go by Once at their hotel, t [...]

    16. The book I choose to nominate to win the Caldecott for 2015 is Bad Bye, Good Bye, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Jonathan Bean This book looks like it is illustrated using tissue paper with paper mache It has a 2 dimentional look to it, but it really makes certain objects stand out This type of artwork also paints a good picture of the scene for that page There is a lot of color in certain places and black and white in others, and I think the color is meant to make the objects s [...]

    17. On a rainy day, a boy and his family are packing up the moving van and heading to live in a new town The little boy pulls at the boxes, tugs at the movers, and cries as they drive away leaving a friend behind As they head to their new home, gray clouds clear from the sky and the sun comes out Maps are pulled out, naps are taken, and the day brightens Night is spent at a motel with a pool and then the next evening they pull into their new town Everything is different and new, a new room with new [...]

    18. The book Bad Bye, Good Bye is a simple story that conveys a very good message about moving away that anyone can relate with The minimalist usage of certain patterns of words gives the song some what of a sing song quality that could make it somewhat difficult to read aloud but, otherwise I highly recommend it for a classroom library.The pictures in the story in my opinion are the fuel that drives the story with the words acting as the heartbeat of the story The way this is achieved is with a ver [...]

    19. Summary A family is moving and the young boy is very sad, he has to say goodbye to everything and everyone But when they get to their new house he starts finding things he likes and at the end of the day he says goodbye to his new friend.Critique The first few pages of the story were confusing, and it was hard to tell what the author was talking about I would have liked there to be context I the beginning The author stuck with the theme of good bye thought the story Each page was short only say [...]

    20. Moving is never easy, especially for kids Bad trucks, bad moving guys, bad waves, and bad byes However, at the end of that long drive is another place full of new friends, fireflies, and climbing trees.As a person who moved almost nine times before I was nine, I appreciate a good moving story In fact, this story brought back memories of one of those scary moves where we moved a couple states away I remember not feeling well, mild depression, anger, crying, and a whole range of emotions in betwee [...]

    21. Having moved 27 times thus far , I wish there were books like this for young readers While I know I have moved a lot, moving now seems to be part of American culture Bad Bye, Good Bye is a great book for children who are about to move, or even those who are going through a major life change.Throughout the book we see the many emotions that can come up when moving to a new home We see both the good and bad, from sadness and anger to excitement and happiness We also see that everyone has feelings [...]

    22. Bad Bye, Good Bye is about a little boy who is moving to a new home and place The book starts out with the little boy having his toys taken away, waving goodbye, and sitting in a stuffed car All bad things, until, he swims in a pool, sees his new town and room, and meets a friend Just like that, he goes from having a bad day to a pretty good day filled with many changes.I liked Bad Bye, Good Bye The book really did a good job of describing what might happen when your moving I thought the author, [...]

    23. Underwood, D Bean, J 2014 Bad bye, Good Bye New York Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.Booklist ReviewChoiceSimple and to the point is what I would say about this book It is an easy read and there is definitely some rhythm to it I like that through its simplicity you learn the story of a boy who is moving and is sad and mad at the same time I think that is really relatable, especially to a child that moves a lot, which I did growing up Through the story and illustrations, things seem to brighten and not [...]

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