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Udaas Naslain / اُداس نسلیں #2020

Udaas Naslain This novel narrates about the different aspects of a generation The novel is so exciting that the reader will love to read it than once Feudal system of undivided India British Hindu Muslims are mai

  • Title: Udaas Naslain / اُداس نسلیں
  • Author: Abdullah Hussein
  • ISBN: 9789693500738
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Udaas Naslain / اُداس نسلیں By Abdullah Hussein, This novel narrates about the different aspects of a generation The novel is so exciting that the reader will love to read it than once Feudal system of undivided India, British, Hindu Muslims are main characters of this novel.

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      476 Abdullah Hussein
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    1 thought on “Udaas Naslain / اُداس نسلیں

    1. 4.5 5This has to be one of the greatest novels in Urdu literature I don t necessarily agree with all of the author s ideas and views, however, this book is by all good standards an immense literary achievement Countless memorable moments that made me think, that made me almost tremble, afraid, this book over all is depressing Yes as the name suggests, it is extremely depressing, but it makes points, some valid, some I don t agree with The study of the characters is ridiculously deep The situatio [...]

    2. YOU KNOW IT S A MASTERPIECE WHEN EVEN CAMEO APPEARANCES ARE SO WELL WRITTENSometimes you read a book and you no longer care about the story or moral of it, you just keep sinking in the characters of it, this is that book This book itself doesn t have a particular centralized plot rather than that it revolves around the evolution of characters.There were many passages that made me STOP and THINK Many that I reread and won t forget.This book is depressing as much as it can get but it also reveals [...]

    3. Beautiful One of the classics of the golden era of Urdu Literature At times the leap was a little too much and a little too often for me though But you can expect that when the story spans over almost 40 years The best thing about the novel is how the writer paints the picture of the pre partition Indian Subcontinent The rural and the urban Takes you back to time and makes you wanna live those times You actually feel like you wanna walk through the fields of Roshan Pur and experience one of Rosh [...]

    4. I really got no idea that what s it all about But whatever it is, it s Sad.We are sad generations We were Peasants, We are labor now and we will someone else in coming years but one thing will be sure and is sure that we ll be sad and we won t be able to do anything.

    5. Probably, the best Urdu novel and undoubtedly the finest book on indopak partition I stayed mesmerized for many days after reading this novel.

    6. I don t know like I don t know most of the times after finishing a book what exactly do I feel about it One thing s for sure the book had a deep message But, with all due respect, I did not like the bluntness of this book The message delivered by portraying the village life of the people before partition takes us to the era where we weren t present But oh how so depressing, it was

    7. This novel can surely b a pride of Urdu literature There is something I would surely say that the pre partition era and all scenarios portrayed bitterly but in such a beautiful sense, the character of naeem and other characters psyche are awesomely displayed Manzar Kashi is spell bounding,

    8. i bought it from Islamabad literary festival in 2013 and take a autograph from Abdullah Hussain.When i start this book i can t put it down and just in a single day i finished it.

    9. what is the point of life none, everything gets eaten away in the face of death we lose our individuality and our identity when we die and people only remember us through the events that we had gone through or had been associated with when we were alive history only remembers events and not individuals this is what i got from this book it is depressing as hell and there is no end to the story its just continuity that you get from the story one generation after another the human misery and sadnes [...]

    10. One of the best classics i have read so far in English and Udru Literature combinedly It took me so long to get to the end of this story and at some points I did not agree with the writer s ideas but in the end i would have to say Udaas Naslain worths it to be called a Master piece.Finest ever fiction written on the issues which gave rise to the idea of a new separate state and in the first place gave birth to the word freedom in the people of British India and most importantly Abdullah Hussain [...]

    11. This is a beautiful and sad novel as suggested by the title, it s a story about sad generations The story starts a generation before partition of India and ends immediately after partition, it follows the lives of protagonists for almost fifty years as they go through global events like Word War I and the different facets of independence movement in India at the same time dealing with their own crisis at personal level, trying to answer the existentialist questions The final take away from the n [...]

    12. the books takes a very fine start the main character of the novel evolves from nowhere and starts living in the environment created and speculated by the supporting characters the living style of the people seems to be odd sometime because here in pakistan, i have never witnessed such a scene may be its because of the generation gap and living status however, the hero overwhelms the whole story with the help of a side hero who hates him for no obvious reason the story describes the situation of [...]

    13. I have mixed feelings about this book, there were sparks of genius here and there and paragraphs which I immensely enjoyed but then there were long stretches of plain boring narrative I couldn t relate to the characters but the emotion of being human was very well captured and the narrative was quite haunting The story line was pretty mediocre but it was stitched with craft The overall mood I shall say, did resonate with my person but it was not a moment of awakening I shall compare it to a good [...]

    14. It started very well, the details of every scene were very good and you can feel to be a part of it At times it reminded of Hemingway s Farewell to arms and For whom the bell tolls But, I could never really know the inner lives and struggles of the characters Some points of the story were not clear, like why Naeem left Azra after their initial meeting etc Characters weren t explored completely, eg I really wanted to know about Azra.It s certainly one of the better Urdu novels, but I wanted a bi [...]

    15. Seldom we find a book which absolutely matches its title It is so sad, depressing, whatever you want to call it The characterization and picturization of the plot is amazing Those who want to learn the art of knitting the characters of different generations, should read this book The writing style reminds me of one of my favorite crime movies one upon a time in America Absolute class

    16. Master piece, Abdullah Hussain has written one of the ,if not the greatest novel of urdu literature.Depiction of village has made me speechless Superb its beyond any Ratings.

    17. A book worth read, specially taking deep into the issues of partition relates to masses who suddenly had to leave their homes of decades to unknown lands, without religious connotations.

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