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Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well #2020

Thanks for the Feedback The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well The bestselling authors of the classic Difficult Conversations teach us how to turn evaluations advice criticisms and coaching into productive listening and learningWe swim in an ocean of feedback

  • Title: Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well
  • Author: Douglas Stone Sheila Heen
  • ISBN: 9780670014668
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well By Douglas Stone Sheila Heen, The bestselling authors of the classic Difficult Conversations teach us how to turn evaluations, advice, criticisms, and coaching into productive listening and learningWe swim in an ocean of feedback Bosses, colleagues, customers but also family, friends, and in laws they all have suggestions for our performance, parenting, or appearance We know that feedback is essentThe bestselling authors of the classic Difficult Conversations teach us how to turn evaluations, advice, criticisms, and coaching into productive listening and learningWe swim in an ocean of feedback Bosses, colleagues, customers but also family, friends, and in laws they all have suggestions for our performance, parenting, or appearance We know that feedback is essential for healthy relationships and professional development but we dread it and often dismiss it.That s because receiving feedback sits at the junction of two conflicting human desires We do want to learn and grow And we also want to be accepted just as we are right now Thanks for the Feedback is the first book to address this tension head on It explains why getting feedback is so crucial yet so challenging, and offers a powerful framework to help us take on life s blizzard of off hand comments, annual evaluations, and unsolicited advice with curiosity and grace.The business world spends billions of dollars and millions of hours each year teaching people how to give feedback effectively Stone and Heen argue that we ve got it backwards and show us why the smart money is on educating receivers in the workplace and in personal relationships as well.Coauthors of the international bestseller Difficult Conversations, Stone and Heen have spent the last ten years working with businesses, nonprofits, governments, and families to determine what helps us learn and what gets in our way With humor and clarity, they blend the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology with practical, hard headed advice The book is destined to become a classic in the world of leadership, organizational behavior, and education.

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      171 Douglas Stone Sheila Heen
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    1. Disclaimer I received this book as a giveaway on the premise that I would review it Also, the version I read was an Advance Readers Copy and some changes may be made in the final version.We ve all been there You go above and beyond busting your butt on the job for a year, but your boss evaluation says meets minimum standards and no pay raise Your mother asks for the thousandth time why you can t be like your Nobel Prize winning sister who married a brain surgeon and has provided Mom with two lo [...]

    2. A must read for anyone who interacts with others that is everyone for that part Feedback is just that a statement that we receive in a formal setting or nonchalant Giving feedback as the two authors state can be rewarding for others as well as you the giver , or it can be horrific as well, either way Three takes on that helping you, helping themselves the relationship and helping an origination team The book is filled with information, stories on getting better results from on feedback the best [...]

    3. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Anything I quote may have changed in the final version.This was a very difficult book to read I am never good at being criticized, and magnify that difficulty by taking everything as criticism Ha I m also in the position of giving feedback to a crew of librarians and can always use ideas for how to do this in the best way What I really like about this book is that it examines what the problems are, focusing on the per [...]

    4. Note I received this book for free through the First Reads program.Thanks for the Feedback attempts to break down why the feedback we get often seems unfair or invalid, why it is so difficult to receive feedback hint the two are related , and presents doing so as a skill that can be improved The book is well researched and well documented, and the information is interesting and useful, for the most part I found the following two insights to be the most helpful.First, the book makes the distincti [...]

    5. This is a must read for anyone out there seeking to improve in their personal and professional lives Feedback is everywhere and knowing that it is a powerful device, equally capable of bringing great benefit or great harm, helps us all navigate in our social and professional spheres.

    6. Thanks for the Feedback The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen, is a book on the technique behind receiving, analyzing and engaging feedback Most jobs in the modern world come with yearly or even frequent formal evaluations Most people receive other forms of feedback everyday, whether it be a criticism of your most recent project at work, tips from a co worker that may or may not be wanted, or comments and conflicts with friends, romantic partners and ra [...]

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    9. Surprisingly good I assumed this book would be centered around feedback as in something you get from bosses at work or similar , and while that is mostly the case, this book dives into far than that tiny niche This book is really about introspection, relationship building, and making interactions with others pleasant and effective.The feedback in question can be applied to any relationship customer provider, co worker, subordinate superior, and perhaps most importantly the marriage.Dealing wit [...]

    10. I won this book through.Since we all give and receive advice,this book is a must read,if you are interested in being an effective communicator.I would especially recommend this book to supervisors,and also to men having difficulty communicating in a marriage.I found the text interesting,and motivating for my personal improvement.Like anything in life,we need to accept responsibility for our communication with others.The first step toward better communication is to read this book.

    11. I m SO glad I started the year with this book, because its effect and its teachings are extremely valuable and they re also a perfect fit for this stage of my life Thanks for the feedback is a dense book, but its clear structure and helpful examples make it worth reading The insights on how to receive and deliver feedback in a way that is helpful, meaningful and constructive have changed the way I look at feedback conversations and most conversations too, even if they re not specifically related [...]

    12. I dread feedback I ve dreaded it all my professional life After reading the book I believe I had really bad experiences with feedback, both parts a culprits of it, but this book is great with helping with that.It helped me put a name and understanding what is going on.It thought me that I can not control how the feedback in given but I can control how to take it and get something out of it either things to improve or just experience on getting to know me better and the reasons I m a certain way [...]

    13. Thanks for the Feedback is pretty skimpy with the science, but I found it to be an incredibly practical guide to improve feedback type conversations The authors define this scenario broadly everything from employees annual reviews to nagging your significant other They are communications negotiations experts and do a great job providing examples of the many different types of feedback and strategies Most of the material is geared around learning to receive feedback better, but you ll learn tips [...]

    14. This is one of the most important books I ve read in the last few years There are so many books and articles out there about how to give good feedback, but this is the first book I ve read that focuses on the receiving end My biggest takeaway is that in any feedback situation, it s important to throw defensiveness to the curb, listen for the deeper story, and ask questions until you attain the tidbit you can use to learn and grow as a person Feedback from anyone, whether you expected it or not, [...]

    15. This book takes a different perspective than most books on feedback and tries to help the reader get better at taking feedback rather than giving it This was valuable to me in two ways First, I am terrible at taking feedback, and this book helped me see ways I could improve and understand the patterns that make feedback hard for me my tendency is to take feedback too seriously and become discouraged by my lack of competence at anything ever Second, although the authors are mainly concerned helpi [...]

    16. Fantastic book about receiving feedback, which we can do in any situation Reviews useful tips when receiving feedback from colleagues, partners, friends, family, or anyone and what can potentially get in the way Would recommend to anyone who seeks to improve himself herself and who is open to learning.

    17. I received a copy of Thanks for the Feedback from First Reads.This book is a true game changer I feel like the advice that Stone and Heen give in Thanks for the Feedback are very useful and practical, and I know there are way too many of us who need to learn how to give and receive feedback in a better way It s like I keep doing the same thing everyday and never realize that it could be better, and this book gives me concrete advice on how I can better myself and, in turn, better others The firs [...]

    18. Receiving feedback and reading self help books can be somewhat similar experiences At their best, they re instructive, but they can also put me on the defensive Receiving feedback from a real live person does that much powerfully than a book can, but on the other hand, a book is much likely to bore me This one mostly did even though parts of it contained excellent advice on how to reduce defensiveness in the face of feedback.The book divides feedback into three types appreciation, which everyo [...]

    19. When I look back on the feedback I have received over the years, I can t think of one instance when the feedback was delivered well It was either nonexistent, rude and unprofessionally given, or not exactly what I was looking to hear I was seeking coaching but I got praise, or vice versa.It s easy to point the finger and blame when we receive poorly delivered or inaccurate feedback But unfortunately like the old quote goes, You can t control what happens to you, you can only control how you reac [...]

    20. Um dos momentos mais importantes da vida de um escritor o momento quando recebemos cr ticas, avalia es e sugest es em rela o aos nossos textos Sem uma mentalidade de crescimento, de estar sempre aprendendo e querendo melhorar, a arte da escrita se torna muito mais dif cil de se dominar Acredito que se escreve para ser lido, e o feedback ou a resposta, o eco, a rea o palavra dif cil de se traduzir corretamente , o impacto, o retorno do que escrevemos important ssimo, vindo de todos os tipos de le [...]

    21. Incredibly insightful, thorough, and helpful book This covers not just feedback , but all of communication and conversation having since anything that isn t just FYI involves some elements of feedback The topics often boiled down to don t assume that you know everything and communicate clearly and be open to others viewpoints , but somehow the repetition of those themes didn t become redundant or boring Instead, each thorough delving into a new aspect of the topic usually came up with several a [...]

    22. Insightful Great actionable advice Wisdom delivered with ample doses of humor Just as good as their book Difficult Conversations How to Discuss What Matters Most co authored with Bruce Patton.I like especially the quote from Anne Lamott s book in chapter 10 HOW GOOD DO I HAVE TO BE on the subject of boundaries Writer Anne Lamott puts it this way Every single one of us at birth is given an emotional acre all our own You get one, your awful Uncle Phil gets one, I get one And as long as you don t h [...]

    23. There are many extremely helpful tips in this book for managing feedback Some of my favorites are using the word and in place of the word but as the latter tends to negate everything said previously , making sure to avoid switch tracking switching topics during an argument , and cultivating a growth mindset seeing oneself as constantly learning and capable of change The last point was the most impactful for me, because at times I see challenges as fear inducing barriers rather than opportunities [...]

    24. I received an ARC of this book for free through First Reads I found this book very helpful in so many ways, I learned a lot of tips about how to receive feedback properly, and also how to develop good communication skills It explains it all so meticulously that I didn t have any trouble on understanding the ideas, the authors really did a great job in this book Plus, in the acknowledgments part, I was really impressed when I read that all the examples mentioned in the book were based on real lif [...]

    25. I just finished my advanced copy of Thanks for the Feedback The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well which I received via I found the book to be very helpful in expanding my understanding of personal and professional communication While the title calls out receiving feedback , Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen did a great job of expanding it into providing feedback as well The numerous examples were helpful and provided reflection to past and current situations where communications were an iss [...]

    26. This book talks about the different types of feedback appreciation, coaching and evaluation and when each is useful, how to best solicit meaningful feedback, and how to understand and overcome your natural triggers to feedback Overcoming triggers to feedback is my main action point from this book, and I appreciate being able to understand this better There are three types of triggers truth trigger That feedback is wrong , relationship trigger After all I ve done for you, you re saying this and i [...]

    27. Excellent, practical advice on how to receive feedback, and even how to give it The authors discuss different types of feedback support, coaching and evaluation and how these roles differ In my role as manager, I am often coach and evaluator After reading this book, I now understand why both of these feedback types sometime don t work with the same person e.g the individual might receive coaching well, but be unresponsive to evaluation.The book also informs about the state of mind a person may b [...]

    28. I won this book from the GoodReads giveaway I was so excited to get this book as it would be beneficial to my career Inside different explanations of feedback were given The author included tips on how to make feedback useful He explained that to do so you ask specific questions to interpret the feedback in a coherent translation Many examples are given throughout that were very helpful in understanding the feedback further Not only is this book great for receiving back but you can also use it [...]

    29. I had so many aha moments while reading this book The clarification of different types of feedback appreciation, evaluation and coaching was interesting and enlightening My favorite part was the explanation of the different triggers how to dismantle them to hear the feedback Finally, I enjoyed learning about how we are wired to react to feedback This put previous interactions with friends, peers, managers and subordinates into perspective Everyone should read this book I will recommend it for m [...]

    30. This book has quite a bit if useful tools and frameworks to make feedback conversations valuable whether you are the giver or the receiver of the feedback Underneath most of the book s lessons is the overarching requirement to swallow your pride because we can all find ways to be effective in dealing with other people At some level all of the stories, examples and tools had this at their core, so I found it hard to read the book straight through It almost felt repetitive toward the end I see t [...]

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