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Midsummer Magic #2020

Midsummer Magic An enchanting and entertaining novel that will delight fans of Katie Fforde and Veronica Henry Recently engaged Josie is visiting her parents in Cornwall with best friend Diane fianc e Harry and his

  • Title: Midsummer Magic
  • Author: Julia Williams
  • ISBN: 9781847563576
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midsummer Magic By Julia Williams, An enchanting and entertaining novel that will delight fans of Katie Fforde and Veronica Henry.Recently engaged Josie is visiting her parents in Cornwall with best friend Diane, fianc e Harry and his pal Ant Josie can t wait to start wedding planning, if only Harry was interested, and Diane and Ant weren t at war with each other.As the four make amends over a drink iAn enchanting and entertaining novel that will delight fans of Katie Fforde and Veronica Henry.Recently engaged Josie is visiting her parents in Cornwall with best friend Diane, fianc e Harry and his pal Ant Josie can t wait to start wedding planning, if only Harry was interested, and Diane and Ant weren t at war with each other.As the four make amends over a drink in the local pub, they meet Freddie Puck, a well known TV hypnotist and find themselves agreeing to a dare to stay out all night on the hills by the standing stones.Local mythology says a young married couple will find true happiness if they can last a whole night there on Midsummer s Eve But as night time falls, not everyone seems to have remembered the boundaries of love

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    1 thought on “Midsummer Magic

    1. If you want a story where people get confused about who they love, you d be better reading A Midsummer Night s Dream.It s not that there s anything really awful about this, but it s heavy handed The issues about the relationship confusion are too dragged out, and I didn t really believe any of the relationships.This was a quick read Fluffy I knew exactly what I was getting, but it isn t one I d urge people to read.

    2. A clever modernization of A Midsummer s Night Dream The story begins with the breakup of Tatiana and Auberon Bron in 1982 and then jumps forward to modern day and a couple getting engaged Josie and Harry Add to the mix the couple s best friends Diana and Ant Anthony who knew each other years ago and hate each other and there is already confusion Just like the original play, the four find themselves embroiled in a mix up involving changing loves and emotional fights, only the instigator is not a [...]

    3. I was very excited about Midsummer Magic, as I d read novels before by Julia Williams and very much enjoyed them, and so I could not wait to get started The cover of Midsummer Magic is very beautiful, I could not stop staring at it and I honestly believe that it is one of the most stunning book covers that I have seen this year.Josie is recently engaged to her fiance Harry, and caught up in the excitement of the wedding, she decides that a trip to her family home in Cornwall is what they need, s [...]

    4. Summer just wouldn t be summer without at least one version of A Midsummer Night s Dream and as I missed the Shakespeare in the Park production this year, I was delighted to disappear into this book instead Harry and Josie are getting married and are spending Midsummer in Cornwall with Josie s family and their potential best man and bridesmaid, Ant and Di Josie is lost in bridezilla madness, Ant and Di aren t speaking having discovered a part of their past within each other and Harry s just conf [...]

    5. I have received a copy of this book from publisher for review.I was not familiar with Julia Williams books before but when I say the cover of her new book, the title and synopsis I thought it would be something very summery and something very for me.Please do remember that those are all my personal opinions, thought and feelings This book didn t work for me At all The first half of the book concentrates on the coming wedding of Josie and Harry and I just couldn t stop to roll my eyes or sigh wit [...]

    6. Easy going I d give this 3.5 rather than 3 for it s readability Liked Josie Didn t really click with Diane but didn t dislike her Was amused by Ant Thought Harry sounded a tad weak.An entertaining take on Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream.

    7. Originally posted at beckiesbookmix I was immediately drawn in by the cover of this book I know they always say don t judge a book by its cover but wow this one is just so pretty I have heard good things about Julia Williams books so I was looking forward to reading Midsummer Magic.Josie is over the moon when her boyfriend Harry proposes She cannot wait to dive head first into wedding planning with the help of her best friend Diane To celebrate, Josie, Harry, Diane and Harry s friend Ant decide [...]

    8. I was instantly attracted to this book by its cover What a lovely combination of colours it really makes it stand out.This was a lovely, heartwarming read and I thoroughly enjoyed it Based on Shakespeare s a Midsummer Night s dream, this was an entertaining, funny read with lots of plot twists and turns.From the start I knew something was going to happen when Josie and Diana did a pagan Halloween tradition to determine the beginning letter of the person they were going to marry Diana got H and J [...]

    9. Midsummer Magic landed on my doormat just a few days after Midsummer s Night Pretty much perfect timing Julia Williams has taken inspiration from A Midsummer Night s Dream by giving Shakespeare s characters and storyline a modern twist Described as a captivating modern day tale that will delight fans of Katie Fforde and Veronica Henry , Midsummer Magic is an entertaining novel.The plot is split between two time frames Entertainers Tatiana and Bron and TV hypnotist Freddie Puck are followed throu [...]

    10. It took me a little while to get into this book, but once I did, I really enjoyed the read It is something of a modern day version of Midsummers Night Dream, following Josie, Harry, Di and Ant who are on a weekend wedding planning visit to Cornwall When they meet celebrity hypnotist Freddie Puck in the pub, he makes them a proposition that they be hypnotised for a TV programme he wants to make This is where I really started to enjoy the book as events unfold the plotline gets very twisty and tur [...]

    11. Loved this book Brilliant summer read Easy to get into I think I was hooked by the second chapter.Josie is with Harry and has just moved in with her.Dianne is Josie s best mate and Ant is Harry s best mate who is currently travelling Josie has a Halloween party where Harry proposes to Josie and then a wedding needs to planned.This is where all four go to Josie s parents house in Cornwall and where finally Diane and Ant meet but to every ones surprised they have met in their past and it was not g [...]

    12. When engaged couple, Josie and Harry, bring along their best man and chief bridesmaid for a planning weekend at the bride s parents house, little did they know that the attendants who had yet to meet actually shared a tumultuous history One night, at Midsummer s Eve and with the help of some local mythology and a mischievous hypnotist these four people have their lives turned upside down in a comedy of errors.Though a comedy of errors that s not really worth reading it s a good thing this book w [...]

    13. When newly engaged Josie goes to visit her parents in Cornwall with her fianc , and his best friend Ant and her best friend Diana, the idea was to begin making wedding plans, but when they meet a well known TV hypnotist called Freddie Puck in a local pub and he invites them to take part in a hypnosis experiment to do with a local myth Freddie claims that he can hypnotise a couple and make them fall in love on Midsummers Eve at the stepping stones just like it says in the myth.The four agree to t [...]

    14. Originally posted on samanthascw.wordpress 201I didn t even finish this book, that was how horrible it was It started off okay, until they went to Cornwall Things started to go downhill from there From the part where they reached Cornwall to the part where they actually met up with Freddie Puck to be hypnotised, I got really bored reading it I felt that it was too draggy and dwelled on too many insignificant events I remember thinking when the hell are they getting hypnotised Then they finally g [...]

    15. For once I m actually lost for words I do not know what to write 10 minutes later After looking over my notes and staring at the cover of Midsummer Magic, which is a very beautiful cover I must add, I realised that I couldn t find the right words to write because I was completely confused and disappointed by what I had just read.The book starts off well but quickly starts to lose its way I didn t like it cutting off into the past with other people it didn t flow right at all for me It s like it [...]

    16. My mum bought me this book for my 17th I liked the look of it cause I m from Cornwall and I love summer However I didn t really like this book I found the story line really bland and repetitive The author kept repeating themselves with what the characters were feeling and I got bored To get into a book I feel you need to make an attachment to the characters and as I don t think they were described particularly well I didn t I also feel a good book should help you visualise what s going on, there [...]

    17. At first I thought this was just going to be another soppy romance The kind where once you ve read one you ve read them all After I started, it just seemed to have something that other romances don t Yes I could predict the ending about 3 chapters in I knew who would end up with who But at the same time Julia kept me guessing all the way through, I found myself rooting for who I wanted to end up together, and at some points I was generally worried they wouldn t get together Lo and behold by the [...]

    18. Well written clearly structured plot but the narrative was quite dull Most of the time, it did not enthral or engage me fully The development characterisation of Harry, Josie, Diana or Ant, did not really progress very far either They were not multi dimensional enough for my liking.Please see comments for my additional comments about this book.Overall This book was ok but not really my sort if thing I found continuing reading it, very tough at times Next time I decide to read another chick lit s [...]

    19. This is my 4th book by Julia Williams and, if I did not already know how cute her books, I would doubt reading any by her This book was okay and fun to read for summer but not what I am used to with her books I could not get involved in the characters as much as her other books The idea of the play on A Midsummer Night s Dream by Shakespeare really drew me to this book I did like the idea of the plot but for some reason it did not hold my attention Josie, Diana, Harry and Ant are likeable chara [...]

    20. Clearly the author is a big fan of A Midsummer Night s Dream and as such tries to re write the story in a contemporary fashion Unfortunately the result is a confusing, repetitive and far too long story I felt no empathy for any of the characters and by the middle end couldn t care less who ended up with who The scenes of enchantment start off as farcical and end up being so long winded and unbelievable that I just wanted to skip past it all and get to the end It was a difficult read and hard to [...]

    21. This was like drinking a cool glass of water on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day Just what it said on the tin, but with the added twist of being a play on the story of a Midsummer Night s Dream I always love a modern take on Shakespeare plays, and although you have a pretty shrewd idea of what is going to happen in the end, everything flows along nicely and easily, the characters are easy to get to know if one or two are a little irritating, and you generally feel absorbed and content wh [...]

    22. I ve like all previous Julia Williams books, and this one didn t dissapoint.The mixed messages and stories that were weaved thanks to the hypnotism kept the pages turning and it really was a case of waiting to see exactly what was going to happen next.I have a love for Cornwall, and have happy memories of holidays there including trips to the Minnack theatre, so my imagination was in overdrive

    23. Like other people have said, the cover is really pretty I love the colours This was a good book All of the characters were annoying at some point I lost track of how many times the four friends were in love with their partners, then had a fall out, swapped partners and then decided they liked their original partner However, the night on the cliff was very eventful and the ending was sweet.

    24. A capa fez me pensar que seria daqueles romances light e cheios de humor, mas n o Gostei, n o conhecia esta autora e achei o tipo de enredo e escrita muito parecidos com Laura Dave Tentar perceber que casais se formariam at ao final do livro foi um desafio Quando Freddie come ou a sua experi ncia de hipnotismo e todos aqueles 4 personagens passaram a apaixonar se uns pelos outros, mas desencontrados, foi uma confus o, mas no fim tudo se comp s.

    25. This book was fun I don t get to read a lot of chick lit so this was a nice break for me Sometimes these types of books get annoying with each character holding back their thoughts with each other That wasn t the case here, at least for me The characters were real and very different from each other My only problem is that I don t understand English slang Being American, I didn t get it.

    26. I loved it To be honest, at the start I was struggling to find that grasp, yano the one that pulls you in gets you hooked and gets you picturing the characters I couldn t find that right away it came And by George could I put this book down I was hooked Half way through I thought I ve dissed the ending, was pretty disappointed in how it looked like it was going to turn out I was wrong It took a different direction and I loved the ending Give this a read

    27. I was intrigued by the idea behind this novel a contemporary version of Shakespeare s Midsummer Night s Dream But I m afraid that, although I quite enjoyed it in some ways, it failed to fulfil its potential The writing was over wordy and the narrative was uneven and sank into absurdity when it seemed that the author became too intent on reflecting the events of the well known play It just didn t work like this, I m afraid, and became unconvincingly silly What a shame.

    28. I read and studied A Midsummer s Night Dream whilst I was at school and absolutely loved it.This I enjoyed but did find it seemed even chaotic There s was lots of mad cap affection changes throughout and it was really quite hard to work out who loved who and how on earth it was going to end A fun happy manic book.

    29. A book should not be judged by its cover, but the story of this one is as pleasantly entertaining as its cover With the twists of Midsummer Night s dream in a modern day scenario, the story gets amazing with the playfulness of hyptonism and innermost desires in the absence of conscience A decent read all in all.

    30. I received this book free through First Reads.This book is a perfect summer beach read Four friends on a visit to Cornwall take part in an experiment with a TV hypnotist, as they try to see if a local myth is true things don t turn out quite how they expect.I enjoyed reading this book, it is a light hearted, fun read for the summer.

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