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Flanders #2020

Flanders Flanders is the breakout novel by Patricia Anthony whose award winning science fiction has transcended the genre through the sheer power of her storytelling Anthony s first true mainstream novel it

  • Title: Flanders
  • Author: Patricia Anthony
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: ebook
  • Flanders By Patricia Anthony, Flanders is the breakout novel by Patricia Anthony, whose award winning science fiction has transcended the genre through the sheer power of her storytelling Anthony s first true mainstream novel, it is a powerful evocation of the First World War and the passage between life and death that reveals itself to one young soldier.World War I, Flanders, Northern France The BritFlanders is the breakout novel by Patricia Anthony, whose award winning science fiction has transcended the genre through the sheer power of her storytelling Anthony s first true mainstream novel, it is a powerful evocation of the First World War and the passage between life and death that reveals itself to one young soldier.World War I, Flanders, Northern France The British trenches grow wet and foul For Travis Lee Stanhope, a Texan sharpshooter serving in an English unit, the war is not hell, but home Each night he ventures into No Man s Land between his comrades and the German trenches, and waits At dawn, he begins his methodical sniping of enemy troops Then he returns His confirmed kill list is exemplary.But Travis Lee is changing His senses are ravaged by the unending scream of shells overhead His mind is numbed by too many rations of rum His soul is bled dry by the constant death all around him.And yet, in his dreams, something still lives He sees a world like the war, yet unlike, where the living are the same as the walking dead The people there are his comrades killed in action Sometimes they are stranded with him on the battlefield Sometimes they lie in glass covered graves in an Eden like cemetery He tries to ease their pain But no one can ease his pain And it will take than death, and than dreams, to make Travis Lee realize that he may have a function in this war beyond killing his enemies.

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      327 Patricia Anthony
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    1. The awful shadow of some unseen Power Floats though unseen among us visiting This various world with as inconstant wingAs summer winds that creep from flower to flower Like moonbeams that behind some piny mountain shower, It visits with inconstant glance Each human heart and countenance Like hues and harmonies of evening, Like clouds in starlight widely spread, Like memory of music fled, Like aught that for its grace may beDear, and yet dearer for its mystery.Hymn to Intellectual Beauty by Percy [...]

    2. FLANDERS, Patricia Anthony s Lost Novel of WWIApril 2, France, Reserve AreaDear Bobby, Yesterday my new Captain Miller, ordered me to go with the new subalternAfter an hour s pleasant stroll, we came upon what looked like a crude bar ditch, with a few soldiers lining one side and peering off across an orchard.Right then the lieutenant throws himself down, yelling, Four in Four in The Tommies lining the ditch begin to shout Hed doon And then I heard wasps buzzing.The Lieutenant waved frantically [...]

    3. Rating 4 of fiveThe Book Report Travis Lee Stanhope leaves Harvard for France to join in the fighting of The Great War WWI to thee and me , as so many of his generation of young American men did, on the side of the Allies He chronicles his experiences as the lone Texan among European officers and men who, unlike the cruel and dismissive Yankee boys he s been spending his education among, chaff him good naturedly about his accent and his origins.He becomes, by virtue of his origins, a sharpshoote [...]

    4. Amazing how a book can be so beautifully written and movingly sad at the same time As for my review, I am deferring to my friend Jeff Keeten whose poignant and thorough review was why I read the book in the first place I am happy that I did read it, too I m also happy that I finished it because of the sadness I felt In my opinion, that is an excellent writer one who can bring me to tears since I m not a teary person at all Chateau Woods Walking Over the Mud PlanksThe book is in an epistolary fo [...]

    5. If I didn t know that it would confuse potential readers, I would label this book as Horror Or maybe True Crime Because that s what it is, in the end Travis Lee Stanhope leaves America in 1916 to join the British Army in France He s hoping for some adventure and a break from the Yankee snobbery he is enduring as a scholarship student at Harvard The story is told in a series of letters that he writes to his younger brother, Bobby As time passes, he stops sending the letters, and instead uses them [...]

    6. A guy at work gave me this to read He wanted to get my opinion on it, as he couldn t get into it I know how frustrating it is to give people books and want a verdict So I bumped it to the top of my reading and attatck it.I m not sure if it was because of the prejudice that may have been handed on to me with this book, or if the first 100 pages or so weren t as well written as the rest of the book But it took me that long to get into the book From there on in, I was hooked Infact, I discovered yo [...]

    7. I read Flanders soon after it was released I had read and enjoyed one of Patricia Anthony s science fiction novels and thought Flanders was also scifi I am a professional military historian, and I was floored by this book I rank it at the top of the war novel genre, and especially at the top of World War I trench warfare fiction It is tough, it is gritty, it is heartbreaking, and it is true in spirit It kills me that I recommend it time and again to avid readers who don t know it exists, then wo [...]

    8. Absolutely incredible, I wish I could give it ten stars Beautifully written, insightfulStill crying Definitely a re read.Re writing this s been two weeks since I read this and I m still bereft Nothing I ve read recently is up to the standard of Flanders I wish I could go back and discover it again.

    9. Beautiful, haunting book and this from an avid anti war reader I despise reading about war, it bores and offends me But this book ranks as a favorite very interesting, despite its subject.

    10. This is a book that captures the days of the Battle of the Somme in 1916 The book begins before the Battle of the Somme it wasn t until after the Great War had concluded that the two choices of names one a water way, the other of a small town nearby had garnered the name through the British Nomenclature Division of Battles It was this Battle that ended the German attempts to take Verdun What is entailed within the pages of this wonderful novel is the scene of what the normal British and Canadian [...]

    11. Anthony, best known as a writer of SF, chose World War I as the setting and focus of this novel While I had issues with some things pour for pore, some hazy historicity, the nagging issue of Travis Lee s redneck voice from a man of his times who both graduated from Harvard and quotes Shelley at length , overall those are nits, given the emotional power of this story, the beauties of most of the prose, and the visceral feel of being in the trenches on the western front If, for the 100th anniversa [...]

    12. On the surface, this is a story about a sharpshooter from Texas who fights alongside the British in the early years of World War I The layer below is a story of ghosts, of life, of death, of the power of the universe Underlying all of that, a story of profound spiritual transformation.The final pages gave me chills, left me sobbing I knew what was coming It didn t matter.This is a transcendent work of art.

    13. Story Travis Lee Stanhope is a misfit that doesnt fit in at school or home So he volunteers to join the British army at the onset of WW1 Travis quickly shows a talent for sharp shooting that moves him to the front lines It s not long before the constant battle and terrible conditions begin to wear on Travis When he sleeps he begins to dream of a peaceful grave yard where a girl wearing a calico dress walks among the graves Even frightening to Travis is that he begins to see the people he has sh [...]

    14. 4.5 Flanders is the Southern Gothic World War I novel you didn t know you wanted, and is a significant entry in the war is hell genre.Our Texan narrator, the surprisingly compelling and uncorny Travis Lee Stanhope, signs up to be a British sharpshooter and struggles with all sorts of demons and ghosts, both figurative and ambiguously supernatural An epistolary novel composed of letters whose destination becomes increasingly unclear, the prose is sharp and evocative and Travis Lee is an unforgett [...]

    15. I read this based on the description which I don t remember whose review it was from A closet intellectual Texan country boy volunteers and serves with the British army in Flanders He bonds with his Jewish, gay captain over poetry, earns a reputation as a crack sniper, and begins to see possibly real ghosts as the horrors of war erode his sanity This is a very slow book, slower than I would have liked It s kind of boring, in places kind of gruesome, in places duh, war and sometimes I felt as tho [...]

    16. Amazing how a book can be so beautifully written and movingly sad at the same time What is entailed within the pages of this wonderful novel is the scene of what the normal British and Canadian grunt would have faced during this tumultuous affair Ms Anthony is quite the detailed author Her ability to tell the story, place it together and provide the back drop to the larger events in the most miniscule of detail is nothing short of outstanding Her knowledge of phraseology, weaponry, equipment, un [...]

    17. Next year 2014 is obviously the centenary of the start of the First World War There will be a plethora of books published about this era I strongly recommend you read this it is a very detailed, graphic portrayal of the First World War through the eyes of an American who has graduated from Harvard but seeks adventure in Europe He mixes with the working class of the English and Middle Upper Class of the officers , he is a sharpshooter by trade and it is horrific at the countless waste of human li [...]

    18. Gorgeous book, one of my all time favourites True, it might just be a bit over the top at times, but the writing is at times so wry and the end so tragic, that I couldn t help crying my eyes out I loved the way Travis Lee pretty much went to pieces, I adored the scenes in the graveyard and I m totally in love with Miller.

    19. Woah, this book reaches into the dark corners of the mind like nobody s business Patricia Anthony is ruthless in her description of WWI trench warfare, and it is a brutal, heartbreaking read Anthony also incorporates some, um, interesting humor my favorite the medal worthy golden cigar of a poop That it doesn t feel forced is a testament to her writing.

    20. A book that kept pulling me back Anthony creates a world filled with death, grit, heartbreak, and all with beautiful prose Her characters are touchable and her imagery vivid A very good read for anyone looking for storytelling at its pinnacle.

    21. I read this book twice I never do that Patricia Anthony seems to have channeled a soldier from WWI to write Flanders The details are amazing, but don t bog down the story Anyone who appreciates historical fiction will be hooked right away.

    22. A powerful and poignant epistolary novel about a young mans experiences in the trenches of WWI, and the the ever thinning line between life and death In a senseless war of brutal murder, there are still issues of morality and honor that transcend the battlefield and must be faced by individuals and units Hugely talented author, that I intend to read of.

    23. The novel is set in the trenches of WWI The main character is Travis Lee Stanhope, a Texan sharpshooter who serves in an English unit and sees ghosts He writes to his brother at home, and we see the war through his letters, life that s at turns desperate and funny and innocent and brutal and haunting and loved.This is one of the most beautiful and moving books I ve ever read.

    24. A fiction novel that I picked up in St Andrews, Scotland, this story is written in journal format by a WW1 soldier There is a grace to the writing and the characters that is understated and a certain beauty is undeniable even and sometimes especially during the darker moments One of my favourite world war reads.

    25. This was one of the 1999 RUSA Notable Books winners For the complete list, go to ala ala mgrps divs rus

    26. This is a new release from Event Horizon EBooks, an e book reprint of the original 1998 Berkely Ace printed edition Note that the rating is posted by the publisher.

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