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  • Title: Task Force Bride
  • Author: Julie Miller
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Task Force Bride By Julie Miller, None

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      415 Julie Miller
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    1. Things are really heating up in the hunt for the Rose Red Rapist Coming home from working a wedding Hope sees a white van like the one supposedly used by the rapist Later that night she sees the van again, shortly before another victim is found When she calls 911 to report the sighting Pike Taylor and his dog Hans are sent to talk to her Pike has been trying to get to know her for months and now they are being asked to pose as a couple to draw the killer out.I loved both Pike and Hope Pike has b [...]

    2. I enjoyed Julie s latest book very much I ve read all of the Precinct books and they never disappoint I like all of her characters, especially how they are all different This latest book has Pike and Hope They are not your typical handsome and gorgeous characters but a plain Jane and experienced K 9 cop They have to pretend they are a couple to lure a rapist out of hiding I so enjoyed that Pike was kind, compassionate and patient with Hope to help her through her abusive background to trust him [...]

    3. Another category romance that had the nerve to leave a cliffhanger unresolved issues at the end Pffffffttttttttttttttttttt.

    4. This was a roller coaster but I LOVED IT I suck for pretended relationships.So the search for the Rose Red Rapist continues.Hope is driving home, after dealing all day with a nervous bride, her parents and all the drama But it seems someone has other plans for her that night, a white van is too close behind her Assuming is just a tailgater, she pulls over and allows the vehicle behind her to pass but in those milliseconds she gets a glimpse of the driver s face, well most likely his eyes because [...]

    5. 4.7 Star Review Task Force Bride The Precinct Task Force 5 I recommend this book.I enjoyed this book by Julie This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, and betrayal.If you have not read the below from this series I would recommend reading those books first they are all by Julie.The Marine Next DoorKansas City CowboyTactical AdvantageAssumed IdentityPike Taylor is part of the Task force in charge of solving the Rose Red Rapist case Hope Lockhart is a woman that owns a business in the neighbo [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book I ve read many of the books in the precinct series and loved each one The best part about this series is each book stands on its own, and you can read them out of order and not feel lost The series is about Kansas City being terrorized by a Red Rose Rapist The KCPD works around the clock on the case but the rapist never leaves any clues behinds to follow I m glad Julie brought back many of the same characters from the other books In this book Hope sees a man wearing a [...]

    7. Hope Lockhart has had a troubling past but she has put it behind her and opened Fairy Tale Bridal Located in a revitalized area of downtown Kansas City the location was perfect Until the Rose Red Rapist decided to make it his hunting grounds For almost a year the women of Kansas City have been terrorized by this monster But now there is a chance to catch him Office Pike Taylor and his canine partner have been patrolling the neighborhood around Hope s shop for months But now Pike has a new assign [...]

    8. Task Force Bride was a great story that kept me turning the pages late into the night In this story, Julie Miller writes characters you care about and can relate to on several levels The heroine, Hope, spends her life making sure the beginning of a couples happy ever after will be a perfect memory As a wedding planner watching others find their true love, she fears she will never find hersere are too many ghost from her past that keep showing up The hero, Pike, is a K9 officer that has walked hi [...]

    9. In Miller s romantic suspense novel, officer Pike Taylor was fascinated by wedding planner Hope Lockhart With the Red Rose Rapist still on the loose, Taylor and his canine companion are on patrol in her neighborhood and would be until the killer was caught Hope was a survivor and with that came the walls she built around her for protection When Pike is assigned as her undercover bodyguard fianc , the sparks ignite and he will struggle to keep his responsibilities with the task force separate fro [...]

    10. Thank you Julie Miller for such a wonderful read I could not put TASK FORCE BRIDE down read it in one day Julie Miller has a lovely writing style making it very easy to get lost in the story In TASK FORCE BRIDE I found myself warming to the damaged heroine Hope Lockhart from the very beginning As to Pike Taylor, our hero, I could just put him in my pocket He s a keeper.

    11. Another great story I only wish there were flashbacks of how Pike and Hope found themselves in each others company before this book takes place It would have made their history sound even interesting.

    12. This was my favorite one of the series so far Totally loved the scenario, the relationship with Pike and Hope and Hans and we finally know who the Rose Red Rapist is Can t wait for the final book, assuming we ll find out who the cleaner is and that whole weird relationship

    13. Julie Miller is one of my favourite MB authors I know that when I pick up one of her books, I m going to enjoy it and this book was no exception Hope Lockhart owns a bridal boutique and works as a wedding planner, which is an ironic choice of career for her because she doesn t plan on ever getting married She doesn t plan on getting close to a man, ever Her douchebag father, Hank, raised her in such a horrific environment after the death of her mother at age two that Hope trusts nobody Her scars [...]

    14. A rare misfire in the Intrigue line There s a thin line between fragile and whimpy pain in the ass, and Hope was definitely the latter She s a thirty two year old virgin who s afraid of her own shadow and she was so annoying Julie Miller kept telling us Hope was brave and strong, but Hope s actions kept showing us otherwise.And even the action wasn t any good At one point Hope discovers her brakes have been tampered with and the rapist s white van is now chasing her down the road I thought cool, [...]

    15. I loved this one I wasn t planning on loving it this much but I couldn t help it Pike was perfect and Hope was amazing and together they were beautiful I loved their love story, the chemistry and Pike was so in love with her I couldn t help but swoon We got to know who the Rose Red Rapist in this book and I have to say I suspected him all along The Cleaner is yet to be revealed and I gotta say this book sucked me in with all the romance and the mystery like no one else.The Ending was perfect for [...]

    16. So, I am a Julie Miller fan She likes to write unusual heroines and heroes, and this book is no different the heroine is plain, overweight, and has a disfigurement I should have loved this book, but something just fell flat I didn t believe the romance between the two characters the heroine had an extremely abusive past and this rarely translates to being able to be a partner in a whirlwind romance I found myself not caring about the mystery as much as I should have I just couldn t connect with [...]

    17. 3.5 actually.Ok, some thoughts I was totally surprised by who the bad guy was not This is the third arc in a row for the author where the bad guy was right under their nose And someone the victims knew fairly well Oh, and someone OCD andodd This goes back to do we have to have a story arc Really Beyond that, the h is variously described as being curvy, plump, etc and the woman on the cover sure isn t.As for our coupleI liked them well enough, although for a smart woman, she was kinda dumb there [...]

    18. One of the local businesses that has been the focal point of the Rose Red case comes under scrutiny here Hope Lockhart owns the local bridal shop where one of the victims was attacked Hope is guarded, shy and covered up than any woman needs to be Officer Pike Taylor, with his K 9 partner Hans walks by the bridal shop a few times every day and has given up trying to understand why Hops dislikes him so.More and of the Red Rose case comes out in this one, but in order for that to happen, Hope has [...]

    19. Very enjoyable Hope is a great character her fear leaps out at you from the page, but it is a perfectly valid phobia so you really sympathize with her Pike is great, too I was a bit confused, because he gets teased and even says himself that he is not much of a man to use the right words, and he certainly seemed fluent to me, but that s a minor point.I would have liked to see of Pike and Hans his canine partner I love the relationship of man and dog, especially working dogs And while Hans has a [...]

    20. I loved this book so much if I could I would have given it 10 stars I loved Hope she is such a survivor and I loved Pike too They were so good together He is just the kind of man I would want in my life Someone who is patient and willing to break down the walls that she built up It was such a great story I want to know what happened after This is for sure a must read.

    21. Hope Lockhart owns a bridal shop and has been the target of criminal activity Police Officer Pike Taylor and his police dog have been assigned to protect her She s shy, afraid of commitment, and importantly, terrified of dogs Of course, there s a romance this is a Harlequin.

    22. I liked the characters, especially her past and secrets Excellent plotting throughout the series I love officer Pike and his canine partner.

    23. It s a bit disappointed that I found out the identity of the serial rapist too early He and his accomplice s pov give themselves away.

    24. Loved it Loved it, this was the first time I read anything from this author It will not be my last This book has everything you could want in a romantic suspense.

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