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The Boy in the Smoke #2020

The Boy in the Smoke On a cold night Stephen Dene went to the Eton boathouse to perform a desperate act But someone stopped him along the way sending his life in a new and decidedly strange direction leading him to Lond

  • Title: The Boy in the Smoke
  • Author: Maureen Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781471403224
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Boy in the Smoke By Maureen Johnson, On a cold night, Stephen Dene went to the Eton boathouse to perform a desperate act But someone stopped him along the way, sending his life in a new and decidedly strange direction leading him to London, to two new friends, and to a world of shadows and mystery.

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      136 Maureen Johnson
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    1 thought on “The Boy in the Smoke

    1. Stephen and Regina protecting one another from their parents Stephen having to live without his sisterStephen s dad threatening him Peter saving StephenStephen saving PeterHappy policeman StephenSuddenly remembering the ending of the Madness Underneath

    2. 5 Words heartbreaking, sad, dark, wonderful, interesting.It is not bad that I ve called this book sad, dark and heartbreaking It is good and it is necessary.If you have ever read the Shades of London books then read this If you plan to read the Shades of London books then read this And if you don t plan to do either Read this anyway.This short broke my heart as I read it, and it made me understand Stephen so much I thought I d read it in a flash, but I ended up reading it twice, and taking my t [...]

    3. Excuse me whilst I find a gif to properly represent my feelings.One month later update I feel like I could do better.

    4. 3.5 starsStephen s POV prequel novella This was a pretty decent read, Stephen was a far endearing and likeable narrator than what s her name in the main novels It was quite interesting reading about his past, his horrid family, and how he ended up being a policeman ghostbuster The only thing I really, really hated was the poorly written Britishisms ugh, just ugh.

    5. Stephen.Oh my poor Stephen.After reading this short story, I definitely understand a lot about him He was horribly treated by his parents, the only person that truly cared about him died, and he had no place to go Be forewarned though the second part of the story is the most heartbreaking part Seriously, I NEVER cry in books or short stories, but that one damn part made me cry like a baby After reading this, you ll want to go give Stephen a cupcake and cuddle with him and make sure he s OK And [...]

    6. When I saw this on , I knew I just had to read this.A new story Prequel Stephen perfect combination.This prequel tells us about Stephen, starting when he was young, then when he went to Eton and what happened there to the hospital and further.I really loved this story, loved that we finally find out about Stephen who is after all a very important character in the series His past was really sad we had some hints here and there I believe in the main books , his parents were utterly crap Seriously [...]

    7. Wow I m shocked by all these awesome reviews Am I the only one who thought that Regina was kind of just as much of an asshole as her parents And yeah, I can t like a book, if I hate all of its characters Stephen whom I liked a lot after reading the first instalment in the series, now has lost his value in my eyes There s of course such thing as abuse emotional in this case from parents who are rich, yet this story in no way made me see that anyone would want to solve the problem, they were just [...]

    8. Since I am in the mood for guy protagonist lately, I decided to venture out of my usual sub genres in Young Adult and read this book The Boy in the Smoke is a novella and prequel for a series I haven t even read, but I managed to enjoy this book a lot nonetheless.We are introduced to Stephen, a quiet boy trained to obey authorities, and his dysfunctional family In the cold house where his parents never have time for him, Stephen s only friend is his sister, Gina But Gina, cheerful yet self destr [...]

    9. Full Review yabookaholic123 20I loved this little novella I loved reading about our main character Stephen and to see how he became who he was and what his family situation had been like when he was growing up I also loved the ghost aspect in this story and this little novella even left me so heartbroken for such a short book, but because of this novella, I really can t wait to start and read the Shades of London series

    10. Got this book for free yesterday as part of world book day, finished it last night Wow It was amazing But I only just found out its a prequel, can t wait to read the others

    11. I have the Shades of London series in my list for my Series challenge and I decided that I ought to start with the shorter book that is also the beginning.This novella starts in a very prosaic way, with the story of Stephen, a boy of a wealthy family that is ignored by his parents He wants to be a policeman and do something useful but since he s always been a good boy and do what he s supposed to, he ends up going to Eton and continue to be ignored by his parents.There are some big issues dealt [...]

    12. I always knew Stephen s parents were douchecanoes, but I honestly never thought they would be THIS bad And it s wonderful to finally have the real details into his back story plus, the good old fashion ghost portions were AMAZING And to finally know what his sister was like and to have her name given was a great piece to the puzzle, and seeing her personality and how she treated him also gives some good indicators as to why he latched on to Rory so quickly, despite how standoffish he could be wi [...]

    13. A well written and interesting ghost story, with only 80 pages it was a breeze to get through It tells the story of Stephen Dene, who comes from a rich but dysfunctional family His parents are hideous After attempting suicide, Stephen is able to see ghosts and befriends a boy named Peter who drowned at his school and is stuck in a limbo state This ability leads him to a new life in London, where he becomes a ghostbuster of sorts, and doesn t have to see his vile parents again.I enjoyed every pag [...]

    14. This book made my year After reading The shades of London series last autumn I was literally left in an emotional rut, I was a mess.I think I re read the last page of the Madness underneath like 500 times still not able to acknowledge what happened.This book only made me love Stephen as a character , I sooooo need the next book now.

    15. So good A great little story about how Stephen joined the force Since he s my favorite character so far, it was nice to read a little about him view spoiler The ending was kinda sad, though I really liked Peter, and although this is what he wanted, it was sort of depressing to see him finally pass on hide spoiler

    16. SO FULL OF ALL THE STEPHEN FEELS I can t words right now Only feels But surprising feels Like, feels where you d expect them, but also SO MANY FEELS WHERE YOU WOULDN T I just Gah.No coherent review coming If you ve read books 1 and 2 in this series, get your hands on this novella whenever it becomes available to you, because you NEED IT That s all I ll say.

    17. I really enjoyed reading about Stephen s past We always got little bits in the books, but to really get the whole thing was awesome I think anyone who loves the series need to read this You get to see Stephen under a new light.

    18. OHMAHGOD STEPHENNNN If you read the Shades of London series, you have to read this novella THE FEELS.RatingsOverall 10 10Plot 5 5Writing 5 5Characters 5 5Cover 3 5

    19. Forgot how good this series is and now I am desperate to read The Madness Underneath And to re read The Name of the Star.

    20. A quick and easy read.Horrid rich parents and two kids wanting to break their chains.Good little ghost story.That s it really.

    21. I liked this short story than I liked The Shadow Cabinet It s a nice backstory of Stephen which helps us really understand him and where he s coming from.

    22. I got this book for world book day because I thought it would be a great way to sample Maureen Johnson s writingAND I LOVED IT I have to start this series now

    23. A quick read and a must for everyone who s read the The Name of the Star and The Madness Underneath Both sad and adorable.

    24. Full review at bronzelock619 2017 09 the boy in smoke shades of london 05ml.This short story, or should I call it a novella as it is definitely long enough to be one, gives us the chance to learn about Stephen s past, which is wonderful since he was really tight lipped about it throughout the series It showed the reason his sister s death affected him so much As he said in The Shadow Cabinet, his sister was there for him, even skipping her tests, when his parents forgot to fetch him at the end [...]

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