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East of West, Vol. 2: We Are All One #2020

East of West Vol We Are All One The second volume of the most exciting new book in the industry is here We Are All One follows our cast around the fractured future scape of America as we learn about a world that s rapidly coming to

  • Title: East of West, Vol. 2: We Are All One
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta Frank Martin Rus Wooton
  • ISBN: 9781607068556
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • East of West, Vol. 2: We Are All One By Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta Frank Martin Rus Wooton, The second volume of the most exciting new book in the industry is here We Are All One follows our cast around the fractured future scape of America as we learn about a world that s rapidly coming to a end.Collecting East Of West 6 10

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      141 Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta Frank Martin Rus Wooton
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      Posted by:Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta Frank Martin Rus Wooton
      Published :2019-08-01T08:50:11+00:00

    1 thought on “East of West, Vol. 2: We Are All One

    1. There was really great character development in this volume At times the story is a bit confusing and takes some intense focus and thinking to sort out But it s so worth it There are a ton of threads going on at once, and the pacing is so well timed, that by the time you get farther along something from earlier pops up to surprise you even though you should be expecting it I love that about this series It s also combatting historical and social stereotypes and assumptions in a really interesting [...]

    2. Bullet Review Lord have mercy, is Hickman full of himself How the flying frak does he keep track of his whatever izing Still easier to follow than Avengers coworker was nice to share, and if he donates vol 3, yes, I ll bite Otherwise, no way.

    3. W.H.A.T.T.H.E.F.U.C.K.Pretty much sums it up Death and his wife had a kid The Kid ain t dead He s on a quest to save the kid He ll take down everyone on the way.The 7 States of the US and their alliance is falling apart, everyone turns on everyone The Message is a crock of shit The interesting part will be to see how they rip each other apart.We get some background on the Texas people, this includes a BRUTALLY OBVIOUS ripoff of Judge Dredd Like I m serious, how is this not Copyright infringemen [...]

    4. It s been a long time since I read volume 1 of the TPs of this series, but I cannot remember why I rated it so highly Maybe I was feeling generous that day Maybe, that day, sneaking my reading in at Barnes and Noble because the library didn t have this series yet, I felt like I d found something new and different That was in the earlier days of my comic book graphic novel reading Now, I m unsure about this whole setup.I do like the setting of the book this alternate America split into several so [...]

    5. Awesome series continues being awesome What s it about Not gonna go there If you read volume one you pretty much know and if you haven t I m gonna confuse you and spoil an amazing book.Why it gets 5 stars The story builds up and continues to be crazy and interesting The art is still freaking awesome.The characters are so awesome and get even interesting We re even introduced to some new ones who are very interesting and important.This is East of West so expect lots of amazing action scenes Lots [...]

    6. I really liked this installment of East of West The art was on point just like in the last volume but the writing was amazing There were a few really great lines Also there was a lot world building we got to see some of the different nations which I liked It was amazing and I can t wait to continue on with this series Spoilers I swear is there no one that keeps a hold of their extremities these days Yes, yes I see now You have two bloody hands, therefore a traitor must be among us How could I h [...]

    7. Something is fundamentally wrong with East of West This alternate universe story of the end of times may be full of awe with its grandiose artwork worthy of reverence, rivaling Vaughan s Saga and Y The Last Man Unfortunately, East of West messes up with one rudimentary element in a what would have been an excellent material character personality.Critically acclaimed graphic novel runs like Aaron s Scalped, Gaiman s Sandman and Koike s Lone Wolf and Cub have characters having the most interesting [...]

    8. I m still kind of on the fence about this one It s an interesting world, and the plot is thickening nicely But it feels just a little overly bombastic The characters all seem to be hamming it up, and the book just takes itself so seriously Minor characters die in droves, and everybody seems to be scowling It doesn t need jokes or rainbows or anything, but it just doesn t seem to actually possess the weight it s trying to throw around, if that makes any sense I m liking it, but it feels hollow I [...]

    9. 4.5 starsThis series went to another level with this volume, it was way better than the first one, coherent, it introduced us to the characters properly, we got flashes from the past, it s just amazinge writing is fantastic, it s very poetic, very quotable, the concept is just so Original.i m definitely continuing on with this series.

    10. 4 Not as exciting as the first one StarsOh well, I don t know I wanted , perhaps Xiaolin, of her, please But still intrigued as f is just so captivating

    11. A decent follow up to the first volume that continues the what the fuck is going on plot line This was a bit slow and plodding I m guessing that it s probably building up to something but it just didn t grab me This is a strange series and I m pretty sure that it only gets stranger and confusing as it goes along but it s not too bad.

    12. Didnt really get where this was going Seems to be all over the place Great artwork though Dont think I ll continue much further Deaths journey just seems to be dragged out with random other side plots.

    13. No he podido resistirme a seguir leyendo esta historia despu s de leer hace pocos d as el tomo espa ol, as que han ca do los n meros que completan el segundo tomo americano y tengo que decir que la historia se asienta, una vez asumida la locura de g neros Y no solo Hickman ya est mas suelto a la hora de poder empezar a contar mas cosas, sino que el dibujo de Dragotta alcanza cotas picas por momentos, y no solo en sus paginas completas de un solo dibujo Nota tambien para esa diferenciaci n de col [...]

    14. I love it It s beautiful sure but the story is really captivating and intriguing.There s different storylines but they re all linked together to form a much bigger picture.Also, the world built here is quite fascinating Never seen anything like it so I m enjoying it even _ Can t wait to read volume 3

    15. Again, this is of a 3 1 2 stars rounded up to 4 I think one of the downsides to this volume is that there s a lot of setup he s looking for his kid, she s looking for money, she s looking for an eyeball , and not much explaining about what has come before, but you know what It s a good setup, in that I m definitely going to get the next volume to see where the story goes Will he find his kid Will she get some money Will she get an eyeball Just kidding, that last one is answered in this volume, [...]

    16. It took me time to finish this one because I d no motivation to read it The story was easier to follow and understand than in the previous volume, but the amount of violence was too high for me Luckily, I found Death s parts interesting and I enjoyed to learn why he s no a part of the four The art was still good, with a nice use of colors I m not sure I ll continue the series as I m not curious about what will happen next.

    17. Reread in April, 2016 Makes way sense upon reread First read August, 2015 I did still enjoy this, but it was even harder to follow than the first one I was confused 90% of the time And I feel like not a lot happened Yeah, wasn t as good as vol 1 for me, but still entertaining I am looking forward to seeing where it goes, tho.

    18. 3.5I still really enjoyed this installment, I just had a little trouble following the political story At times, I had to re read speech bubbles and, even forgot a character name or two But, I will be happy to re read this series in the future because the art is so beautiful and Death s story is very engaging, as well as the overall plot.

    19. Dirty politics, gruesome mutations, Death bargains for answers Do I have a clue as to what is all going on No But Hickman keeps cranking up the intensity of these stories, and it s a fun ride, so on to the next volume.

    20. At the beginning of the first book I did not care for this artist, but by the end of the second book, I must confess, I like this illustrator s style quite a bit This is a twisted story.Fun

    21. I m starting to understand why this series has a whole History of the World of book the mythology is so dense But , like, in a really exciting and absorbing way.

    22. La historia planteada en el primer volumen sigue creciendo aprendemos un poco m s sobre el mundo donde se desarrolla y aparecen nuevos personajes que prometen tener importancia m s adelante A n as no termino de engancharme Es el t pico c mic que seguir a leyendo si cae en mis manos, pero que no entrar en mi lista de compras.

    23. although violent than most of my favorites I love this series I can t hardly tell you why perhaps it is the futurism the characters

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