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You Are Here #2020

You Are Here In You Are Here sixteen year old Jennifer Whitman wishes she could just disappear After her father s death her family lost everything including their home and comfortable way of life With the help

  • Title: You Are Here
  • Author: Liz Fichera
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You Are Here By Liz Fichera, In You Are Here, sixteen year old Jennifer Whitman wishes she could just disappear After her father s death, her family lost everything, including their home and comfortable way of life With the help of a local charity, they ve relocated to downtown Phoenix But Jenn has unfinished business back in Paradise Valley.Sixty six days ago, Jenn fell in love with seventeen yearIn You Are Here, sixteen year old Jennifer Whitman wishes she could just disappear After her father s death, her family lost everything, including their home and comfortable way of life With the help of a local charity, they ve relocated to downtown Phoenix But Jenn has unfinished business back in Paradise Valley.Sixty six days ago, Jenn fell in love with seventeen year old cowboy William Finnigan and then he shattered her heart She s been avoiding him ever since But if Jenn wants to reclaim her beloved horse, she ll have to stop running Jenn needs to face Finn one last time so she can put her past behind her and truly start over.

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    1 thought on “You Are Here

    1. When a young teen loses her heart and her home in the same day, how does she pick up the shattered pieces and go on when her family s destination is unknown Get ready for a heartbreaking story as seen through the eyes of Jennifer and prepare to be deeply moved when the pain, humiliation and loss is lived through the heart of youth Never doubt the resilience and maturity a teen can demonstrate as Jennifer goes from hiding behind a new name and a shocking haircut to learning there is life after lo [...]

    2. A second ago life might have seemed normal But now we remembered just how far from normal we really were We were all one step away from shattering into a million pieces.Jenn falls in love with Finn, only to find him with another girl On that same day, Jenn and her family loses everything With the help of A New Start they are able to piece their lives back together They are relocated to downtown Phoenix, and Jenn is forced to leave her horse, Honey, behind But to get Honey back Jenn has to go bac [...]

    3. Beautifully written heartbreaking A lovely short story that captured the angst and anxiety of a family suddenly homeless I was encouraged by the wonderful program, A New Start, that helped a downtrodden mom with kids find her way again.A sweet little hint of romance made this novella truly delightful Add in the awesome blurb from Liz Fichera s upcoming book Played, and it was a great read for the evening Now I am excited for Playedways something good coming from HQN Teen my fave YA authorsFicher [...]

    4. It was a great and quick read I like that it promotes hope, and that there s always a second chance, and that there are people who are willing to help out when you need it the most, even help from strangers.

    5. A sweet, short read that answers an interesting question What would it be like to lose your home in the blink of an eye, with no money I think it would have been amazing as a full length novel, but I enjoyed it much than Red At Night by Katie McGarry which is a shame I love her books My only complaint is not enough Finn I also think that mini drama was unnecessary I wish she hadn t seen it in the first place, though I like her reaction to the situation I would imagine feeling a lot of pain and [...]

    6. Jenn is heartbroken when Finn chooses another girl over her Then something worse happens She loses her home and her mom has to figure out life for her family in a homeless shelter while looking for job prospects With the help of new friends, maybe Jenn can get what she wants Jenn pulls at readers heartstrings as her life unravels, but there s always hope.

    7. This review can also be seen onCristina s Book Reviews For being a very short story, this book was incredibly substantial.This book touched the topic of homelessness and financial instability It was very heartbreaking and impacting seeing Jen and her family go through this The pain of losing your home is unimaginable, but somehow Liz Fichera manages to capture that feeling and convey it accordingly I could sympathize so much with the characters and it was definitely very difficult seeing them go [...]

    8. I loved the message this novella was trying to convey It was so powerful and full of impact that I found myself pondering about my own life situation I was filled with these strong emotions, and I sympathised with our main character Jenn.As for the romance, it was pretty okay for me I thought the plot itself was going to revolve around that aspect so I was surprised when that wasn t the case For me, I would ve wanted to see interaction between Jenn and Finn.Overall, I really liked this novella [...]

    9. I love the idea of this book it is about a real women that started a charity that helps get women that lost everything for one reason or another This author won a contest where she had to write a story based on this women and put her own spin on it This story was about a young girl who loses everything after her father and grandmother die and he mother can t keep up with the bills It is about Jenn and her horse Honey and boy she loves that works at the stables Great little story.

    10. No wonder it was so short Short Story Oh.But, I loved the format With the 25 days, etc, and loved the friendships and focus on what Abby Jenn s family is going through Romance was a background and it wasn t until the end did it really show up.Some language tho, which spoiled it Loved the plot though 3 and 1 2 stars

    11. This was a cute little story It actually seemed like something that could ve happenedeven though I still have enough faith in humanity that things wouldn t have gotten so bad and friends would ve helped out But the way the story works out, I thought it was good I liked the characters and didn t mind the way it ended.

    12. I wish it had been longer It was a combination of serious and cute, and I really liked it.

    13. A wonderful story that can happen to anyone Life can change in an instant, and with help from strangers and friends, and hope one can move forward no matter how hard the path is.

    14. Just a short review This book was fun, though I didn t always like the main character Instead of just asking Finn about the girl, she immediately assumed bad thing that he was cheating on her, and even when she saw those posters in her city, she ignored it Didn t even think he might want to see her or discuss the situation with her, didn t think he might miss her We only see Finn in the beginning and at the end, which was a shame, he is a great character and I really liked him, sad that just one [...]

    15. Jennifer loves her horse Honey and even so enjoys the long rides she has with Finn until one day when she sees Finn with another girl Instead of confronting Finn, Jennifer runs home and is confronted with the site of the authorities repossessing her home and throwing her family out After her mother comes home, Jennifer finds out that her family is homeless and basically has no money left Through the next few chaotic months, Jennifer is consumed with trying to survive in her new world But she d [...]

    16. Nice quick read.Liked Jenn Abby, I can t imagine what I d do in her shoes I think overall, she handled things as well as anyone her age could Or any age, maybe.The only thing I disliked about this story, was Finn view spoiler Yeah, he wasn t really bad in the end, but I gotta say, I thought Jenn s thoughts on the guy were not that out there The guy was pressed against a girl, caressing her cheek A girl who turned out to be his cousin Um Sorry, but NONE of my cousins has ever behaved like that to [...]

    17. What happens to Jennifer and her family is an eye opener for the reader as we get to experience her pain at the loss of her father then later the loss of her home and almost everything in it.This is a sobering read that touches on the subject of being homeless and displaced from all that is familiar.It is a heartfelt look through Jen s eyes that has honest emotions as she, her mother and brother slowly learn to cope with their new life and even important embrace any positive aspects of it.

    18. This was a cute novel I could never imagine going through what Jenn and her family went through She is one tough cookie to have her whole life change in a blink of an eye and roll with the changes like she did Because this was so short, I feel like I missed something But overall I think this was a good book and think other readers would really like it as well.

    19. Bravo to Harlequin for hosting the More Than Words contest, which chooses three everyday heroines to highlight in their stories Homelessness and poverty are all too real for so many teens Thankfully, there are people willing to help

    20. This is a very short story about Jenn, who s family lost their home and thinking that she lost the boy she was in love with, struggling to find her way back to normal Sweet story

    21. It portrays the anguish of a family loosing home and everything they know Also the agony of a girl in her first love.

    22. whoa great story it s easy to be forgetful when you re grieving, even forget those things that you believe most people wouldn t.

    23. You Are Here by Liz Fichera had such a promising beginning that I was a little disappointed about where it went and didn t go I found the plot to be an interesting concept that could have been developed I think where the story fell a little flat was after Jennifer attended school and started to make new connections I felt like it jumped from her starting to adjust to a new life and straight to the confrontation with Finn I knew it was a short story but I still felt that it could have been cente [...]

    24. This was a short story based around dealing with moving forward after tragedy strikes and your family loses everything that they know It focuses on some of the charitable organizations that can help families recover from that devastation The story centers around a teenager s young love and how that can be affected by life altering circumstances It was an ok story, and a quick read, but nothing particularly memorable.

    25. This was sad Jenn s life fell apart in the blink of an eye She had of course major miscommunications with everyone including her mother Then it just ended Not bad but it got the point a crossed.

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