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The Second Amendment #2020

The Second Amendment A BiographyBy the president of the prestigious Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law the life story of the most controversial volatile misunderstood provision of the Bill of Rights At a t

  • Title: The Second Amendment
  • Author: Michael Waldman
  • ISBN: 9781476747446
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Second Amendment By Michael Waldman, A BiographyBy the president of the prestigious Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, the life story of the most controversial, volatile, misunderstood provision of the Bill of Rights.At a time of renewed debate over guns in America, what does the Second Amendment mean This book looks at history to provide some surprising, illuminating answers.The Amendment wasA BiographyBy the president of the prestigious Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, the life story of the most controversial, volatile, misunderstood provision of the Bill of Rights.At a time of renewed debate over guns in America, what does the Second Amendment mean This book looks at history to provide some surprising, illuminating answers.The Amendment was written to calm public fear that the new national government would crush the state militias made up of all white adult men who were required to own a gun to serve Waldman recounts the raucous public debate that has surrounded the amendment from its inception to the present As the country spread to the Western frontier, violence spread too But through it all, gun control was abundant In the 20th century, with Prohibition and gangsterism, the first federal control laws were passed In all four separate times the Supreme Court ruled against a constitutional right to own a gun.The present debate picked up in the 1970s part of a backlash to the liberal 1960s and a resurgence of libertarianism A newly radicalized NRA entered the campaign to oppose gun control and elevate the status of an obscure constitutional provision In 2008, in a case that reached the Court after a focused drive by conservative lawyers, the US Supreme Court ruled for the first time that the Constitution protects an individual right to gun ownership Famous for his theory of originalism, Justice Antonin Scalia twisted it in this instance to base his argument on contemporary conditions.In The Second Amendment A Biography, Michael Waldman shows that our view of the amendment is set, at each stage, not by a pristine constitutional text, but by the push and pull, the rough and tumble of political advocacy and public agitation.

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    1 thought on “The Second Amendment

    1. Okay, if you don t want to read an anti NRA rant, and I wouldn t blame you if you didn t, then please avoid reading these comments But I m a bit rankled right now because of what that group is doing in my state of NH As I write this, a bill is being passed to allow anyone with a gun license, and that includes just about everyone, to carry a concealed, loaded weapon Shame on the NRA and their backers The only people benefiting from this are the gun manufacturers So I guess all that ridiculous Rep [...]

    2. An absolute must read for anyone who has even a passing curiosity about both the gun debate in this country, and how the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution While it does suffer from a touch of unnecessary snarkiness towards the end, it still does a wonderful job of covering pretty much all the bases in the history of this contentious subject Of course, those who think they have a God given right to own an assortment of machine guns are likely to find this book rather disagreeable, but the [...]

    3. Eye opening and essential reading for every American who cares a wit about the gun debate, politics, and history of the constitution There s even a true conspiracy detailed in this book hint 200 years of precedent undermined by a cabal of like minded law students, attorneys, government officials and judges all belonging to or supported by this group This isn t anti NRA as much as CNN isn t fake news this is shedding the light on a topic the right has for decades sought to conflate and confuse It [...]

    4. This book needs to be read and analyzed by everyone who has an opinion regarding the 2nd amendment Regardless of political party or ideology, this is a book for all Americans Any debate in our current political arena will need to pass through this book and the implications and objective evidence it provides The fact that there is little to zero mention of individual gun rights ownership until the post Civil War period is staggering against those who make the argument that we need to go back to t [...]

    5. When I look at reviews of books like this, I get depressed Many people evaluate it in terms of preconceived political values The author clearly has a perspective, but he is pretty much on target about the uncertainty of the meaning of the Second Amendment For those of you unfamiliar with this part of the Constitution, one of the Bill of Rights, here is what it says A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be [...]

    6. The Second Amendment stands a little bit uneasily on the line between history and advocacy It has a clear objective, which is to show that the DC v Heller decision in 2008 was, by finding an individual right to own and carry a firearm, inconsistent with both the original intent of the amendment and with its entire history of judicial interpretation He makes his case well, and I think that he is probably right But at the same time, the evidence that he gives pretty clearly suggests that the right [...]

    7. Although this book touches on gun control, it is far focused on the history of the 2nd amendment, and how it has been interpreted over the time There was a tremendous amount of information in this relatively short book that I didn t know, for example, the fact that the NRA was once in favor of reasonable gun control laws, but that it was taken over, in a pretty blatantly hostile manner, by people who held hard line views against any sort of regulation at all, and who complete changed the charac [...]

    8. I was a bit disappointed I am a lefty and absolutely on the gun control side of the argument and was hoping this would be a even handed dissection of the 2nd amendment, its creation and subsequent legal life While there s a lot of great information, there s a whole lotta snark, too, which might be entertaining to someone like me but is also wildly counter productive As witnessed by the reader scores of practically exclusively 5 stars The Gun Lobby does not want you to read this book or 1 star Br [...]

    9. Michael Waldman s book was an absorbing read, I can t say enough good things I have to admit I am a moderate where gun legislation is concerned I don t want to take away the privilege of ownership but I want some perimeters in place How do we balance individual rights with public safety The true meaning of the second amendment by the framers of the constitution has long been under debate Grounds for defense of that argument have come from numerous places It is one very powerful but single senten [...]

    10. The first part of this book is far stronger than the second part The first part goes through the history of the 2nd amendment from the beginning in the late 18th century The author is clear that the Framers weren t answering the question we have today about individual gun rights but were rather trying to protect a bygone republican institution, the citizen militia, which does not exist today I stopped reading in the second half because the author ranges through too many topics in American histor [...]

    11. Illuminating and a bit depressing It was illuminating to learn the legislative history of the 2nd Amendment during the drafting, debates, and passage of the Bill of Rights The NRA, Tea Party, et al, want us to believe that the first half of the amendment A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state doesn t matter Indeed, Waldman tells us that an edited, abbreviated version of the amendment is emblazoned on the lobby wall of NRA HQs the right of the people to keep a [...]

    12. The Second Amendment A Biography by Michael Waldman is an important book that looks at two important things regarding the Constitution First, it is a history of how the Second Amendment has been interpreted Second, and perhaps importantly, it wrestles with how to interpret the Constitution today, showing how the theory of originalism does not work as a coherent theory of interpretation So first the history of the amendment The Second Amendment is notoriously difficult to interpret because it ha [...]

    13. This is really a very fine book I couldn t go five stars because the author s liberal bias did show strongly in the last two sections of the book I m sure he s smart enough to know that snark doesn t help your case, but I suspect he felt so strongly about the subject that he couldn t help himself especially when discussing District of Columbia v Heller.

    14. This book started out a bit confusing There are three parts to the book The first was not to convincing The second part was super convincing, and the last part continued the convincing part Take aways textual analysis sucks just like it does for bible analysis major intellectual failure Recent SCOTUS decisions are mired in loopy analysis.

    15. The Second Amendment a biography, by Michael Waldman Simon and Schuster, 2014 Waldman is president of the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law he was Bill Clinton s chief speechwriter from 1995 1999 He is scrupulously fair but makes his position very clear Until the National Rifle Association set about to change the way the US read the Second Amendment, in the 1970s, everyone knew that it was primarily about creating a self defense force, not about letting anyone who wanted to own [...]

    16. The 30 Years War and our debate over guns are characterized by religious fervor, violence, and anger stemming from differing interpretations of a shared seminal text I m one of those people who thinks the 2nd Amendment relates to the establishment and maintenance of militias designed to protect our government not overthrow it as the modern militia movement seems to believe in lieu of a standing army and that its inclusion likely had something to do, at least in part, with southern white minority [...]

    17. Another very good book about the way the Second Amendment has been interpreted since its adoption The author shows that the Amendment was interpreted as a collective right citizens could bear arms in the context of being available to serve in a militia by the courts throughout history until the historic Heller vs DC case in 2008 that changed the interpretation to an individual right for self defense, hunting, or sport He also shows how the NRA changed from an organization largely supporting gun [...]

    18. A Biography is an apt title for this comprehensive and insightful review of the second amendment Spanning the pre colonial era to the 21st century, Waldman s book tracks the changing definition of second amendment powers, from the original protection of state militia to the current protection of the right to bear arms Delving deep into the minds of James Madison and the men of the Constitutional Convention, Waldman travels from the days of the Founding Fathers to the Civil War to the New Deal to [...]

    19. I just thought I knew what the second amendment is all about, who knew there was so much to know about how this amendment came into place Waldman does an excellent job of giving the history of our founding fathers first and the state of affairs that lead to the creation of the second amendment He follows its history through the founding of the NRA and the current laws that apply to carrying concealed weapons and the right to have a gun for protection in the home this is a fairly recent law I liv [...]

    20. An extremely relevant and enlightening look at the second amendment of the U.S Constitution I highly recommend this well written book to anyone grappling with their own opinion on the need or relevance on their right to bear arms The Second Amendment a history offers a perspective the few modern citizens know about.

    21. The book is a timely and informative discussion of the origins and meaning of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution as well as a survey of the changing attitudes in America and on the Supreme Court toward gun ownership.I wish it contained a road map in addition to the lessons learned, however Where do we go from here

    22. At times I found the prose hard to follow The history, research, balance, integrity of the reasoning and the jurisprudential ennunciations are all superb Every person who thinks about government or guns should read this packed little volume More discussion such as this balanced look is necessary in our news media.

    23. Very interesting 2nd Amendment was all about organized militias Individual gun ownership was a matter of civil law, not the Constitution.The current attitudes are the result of NRA propaganda, since the NRA has become the representative of the gun industry.

    24. eh, not bad but not great obviously a bit biased, although it makes some excellent points seems a bit too short, thoughnd of lacking in meat perhaps

    25. This is a sober, intelligent, well researched and highly informative look at the Second Amendment I was surprised at what I learned.

    26. at times a bit biased and you can see it coming through however lots of good research and different views really looks clearly at the amendment and not the debate.

    27. For anyone looking to understand the origins of the 2nd Amendment, how it s been interpreted over the last 200 years, and the implications of the most recent Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions, this book is a must read Given how infused the gun debate in the United States is with fundamentalist 2nd Amendment rhetoric and arguments, it might be surprising to many readers that interpreting the 2nd Amendment to mean individual gun rights is largely a recent phenomenon For over 200 years pr [...]

    28. Be advised that this is a Lefty book lock, stock, and barrel the author is obviously severely butthurt about the Heller decision I don t really know who his intended audience is, but he implies that the gun sales spiked after Obama won cause of racism, and calls AR 15 owners gun toting boys, there are many such cringy moments in this piece That being said, I give this book three stars for at least having a coherent argument The crux of his thesis targets Originalism, the idea behind the Heller d [...]

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