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Jani and the Greater Game #2020

Jani and the Greater Game Jani and the Greater Game is the first book in a rip roaring spice laden steampunk action adventure series set in India and featuring a heroine who subverts all the normsIt s and the British ru

  • Title: Jani and the Greater Game
  • Author: Eric Brown
  • ISBN: 9781781082058
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jani and the Greater Game By Eric Brown, Jani and the Greater Game is the first book in a rip roaring, spice laden, steampunk action adventure series set in India and featuring a heroine who subverts all the normsIt s 1910 and the British rule the subcontinent with an iron fist and with strange technology fuelled by a power source known as Annapurnite discovered in the foothills of Mount Annapurna But they ruJani and the Greater Game is the first book in a rip roaring, spice laden, steampunk action adventure series set in India and featuring a heroine who subverts all the normsIt s 1910 and the British rule the subcontinent with an iron fist and with strange technology fuelled by a power source known as Annapurnite discovered in the foothills of Mount Annapurna But they rule but at the constant cost of their enemies, mainly the Russians and the Chinese, attempting to learn the secret of this technology This political confrontation is known as The Greater Game.Into this conflict is pitched eighteen year old Janisha Chaterjee who discovers a strange device which leads her into the foothills of the Himalayas When Russians spies and the evil priest Durja Das find out about the device, the chase is on to apprehend Janisha before she can reach the Himalayas There she will learn the secret behind Annapurnite, and what she learns will change the destiny of the world for ever

    • [AZW] ✓ Jani and the Greater Game | By ✓ Eric Brown
      437 Eric Brown
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    2. Although a bit silly at times, with some lazy plot points that border on embarrassing, Jani and the Greater Game was a fun read that left me wanting to read in the series Eric Brown has built an intriguing alternate history here, one that merges steampunk with minor spoiler here alien technology, and peopled it with some interesting characters.Actually, to be honest, the villains are a rather one dimensional racist caricatures, but the heroes are refreshingly diverse a smart young woman of mixe [...]

    3. 3.5 stars I received a free ARC from NetGalley This fact has no bearing on my review You can Read this and other reviews at Things I Find While ShelvingThis book is the kind of thing a lot of people myself included want to see of in our fiction a story with a character of color as the MC.Jani and the Greater Game is set in India in the early 1900s Jani is a half Indian, half English girl, educated in London, going to school to study medicine She s strong, intelligent, beautiful, and I loved her [...]

    4. Wow.I picked up this book thinking it would be a fun steampunk,what I got was a science fiction with mostly serious tones A tone that exaimined privileged for the rich, for men a tone regarding war and war crimes.This is a book I HIGHLY recomend if you want an original story.This is a HIGHLY recomended book if you want insight in the indian colonial time,well the end of it.Also, its the first in a series so from this great world is to come.

    5. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Jani and the Greater Game is a well researched, alternate universe historical set in British Raj India and with distinct steampunk accents The dialogue and descriptions are some of the best for historical accuracy that I ve read in a long time and for once, it really stays true to steampunk genre But somewhat flat characters and, if I am to be honest, lazy storytelling ultimate prevent this from being as engaging a read as it could hav [...]

    6. Jani and the Greater Game is not your usual Eric Brown, at least not at first blush There are no huge space ships, or alien invasions or travel among the stars, at least not judging from the synopsis on the back of the book Instead, we re given a YA steampunk adventure set in an alternative 1910 British Raj Yet it turns out Jani and the Greater Game actually is classic Eric Brown the book explores societal change and how his characters react to this, though in this case the change isn t brought [...]

    7. Eric Brown, you had me with India And that beautiful cover with steampunk mechanical elephant just sealed the deal Immediately, I remembered French show The Sultan s Elephant In a book where boundaries to imagination do not exist how awesome it could be Jani and the Greater Game turned out to be a surprise It didn t have as much steampunk as I expected Mechanical elephant appeared but he was only one of transportation devices used Instead, Jani and the Greater Game had an unusual science fiction [...]

    8. I never imagined that at my age, I could still enjoy an alternative history speculative fiction steampunk novel, but this one was so surprisingly well written, with such great characters adn sweeping plot, that I simply fell in love The heroine Jani is smart and lovely, not in the modern day Girl with a Dragon Tatoo way, but in a truly feminist but still human way Officer Alfie, Jani s father, the Morn and Anand are all heart warming characters, fully developed and true to life The villains are [...]

    9. This was a light and fun read I wouldn t call this steampunk there wasn t really any steam tech in it It was alternate history with clockwork elephants and light sabers It wasn t profound or particularly well written wasn t poorly written either , but I still really enjoyed it and will most likely read the next book.

    10. Originally published at SFFWorld.Jani and the Greater Game Multiplicity 1 is Eric Brown s new novel, a steampunk adventure and departure from his usual sci fi offerings As a fan of Brown s work I approached this novel with some apprehension Would it be as good as his sci fi works Would the change in genre work for me Would it, ultimately and simply, be a good novel The answer isn t quite as simple as a yes or no The full synopsis from the publisher It s 1910 and the British rule the subcontinent [...]

    11. For me, there has always been something fantastically diverting about a good steampunk tale I m a bit of a daydreamer, and I ve always found that this particular sub genre is the most effective at capturing my imagination I love that promise of far flung locations, of rip roaring adventure and of reinventing the familiar to make it strange and new.In all honesty, I was pretty much sold as soon as I saw the cover to this novel Kudos is due to artist Dominic Harman for such a wonderful image Three [...]

    12. This review and others are available on my blog Jani and the Greater Game is a good old fashioned adventure story set in turn of the century India, but it isn t quite the world we know Jani Chaterjee is a young woman, half Indian, half British, who finds herself in possession of an object that could change the world forever, and reveal the dark secret at the heart of the Empire s astounding technological revolution.This is an alternate, steampunk version of history built partly out of a solid gr [...]

    13. There s a lot to love in this not quite steampunk novel Jani is a delightful heroine, whip smart and wise beyond her years, torn as she is between India and England in the days of the British Raj The other POV characters are also a lot of fun, even if some of them border on caricature at times I do wish that the traipse through the subcontinent were drawn out, even as the high speed of the mechanical transportation is a plot point as well as a part of the worldbuilding The pacing, plus the rela [...]

    14. I had high expectations for this book I was excited to find a steampunk novel that didn t focus on England, that took other cultures into account in a respectful and non colonized way Unfortunately I was disappointed.Admittedly Brown does try to question the colonialist attitudes of Britain through than one character, although it seems to be lip service than anything revolutionary or of any real substance I was also disappointed by the lack of any true amalgamation of steampunk and Indian cult [...]

    15. Though not the greatest of Steampunk novels I have read, Jani and the Greater Game is certainly very inventive and the setting is intriguing The Indian subcontinent in an alternate early twentieth century timeline is that setting and it is a wonderful idea It is often the case that I will keep reading a book if the central idea intrigues and this book is no exception There is just so much potential in the premise, even if it isn t quite fully explored here This first volume feels like its merel [...]

    16. Steampunk is revisiting and revitalising old genres and eras Sally forth then to Raj India, for this gloriously rich account of a young woman from two worlds who starts off riding an airship and ends up riding a clockwork elephant Jani is a medical student with a mixed heritage and when the British airship in which she is riding over the Kush is shelled by Russian forces in nearby Afghanistan, she gets caught up in an international squabble The power source in this tale is not coal but a new min [...]

    17. Time period, British rule of India in a alternate history Steampunk, murder, mystery and conspiracy An enjoyable tale of a young woman returning home to India to her ailing father Not all is as it seems Annapurnite discovered in the foothills of Mount Annapurna has been the saving grace for British world domination Many creative inventions abound because of Annapurnite Among my favorite being MEL At times, Janisha Jani Chaterjee is too dim witted, falling repetitively into bad situations One wou [...]

    18. Libro para adolescentes con sabor steampunk y toques ex ticos modelo India La verdad es que el libro empieza muy bien, con zepellins y aliens cautivos, para luego vulgarizarse con situaciones demasiado t picas con un final que deja muy claro que habr segunda parte y que vuelve al inter s del principio De especial menci n el elefante mec nico de la portada Libro absolutamente menor de este buen autor de SF C

    19. It was fun, but I never really felt too strongly about anything that was happening It all felt a little distant, and maybe just not quite the right balance between real unreal for my tastes The ending was a little abrupt This is one of those 3 stars because it s solid technically, but lower 3 stars because it was a little lacking on purely personal appeal.

    20. I ended up underwhelmed by this one I had high hopes for it Steampunk set in India with what should have been a strong female lead Ended up feeling like a melodrama Too many captures and escapes, too many sets of villians and not enough story I will probably at least sample the sequel to see if it gets better.

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