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Vengeful Spirit #2020

Vengeful Spirit On the planet of Molech the Titan Legions go to war against the armies of Horus Once the favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind the name of Horus has become a curse to the loyal defenders of the Imp

  • Title: Vengeful Spirit
  • Author: Graham McNeill
  • ISBN: 9781849705950
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vengeful Spirit By Graham McNeill, On the planet of Molech, the Titan Legions go to war against the armies of Horus.Once the favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind, the name of Horus has become a curse to the loyal defenders of the Imperium, and a rallying call to the traitor forces tearing across the galaxy While their allies wage war on a thousand different fronts, the XVIth Legion descend upon the KnighOn the planet of Molech, the Titan Legions go to war against the armies of Horus.Once the favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind, the name of Horus has become a curse to the loyal defenders of the Imperium, and a rallying call to the traitor forces tearing across the galaxy While their allies wage war on a thousand different fronts, the XVIth Legion descend upon the Knight World of Molech 8211 home to House Devine and their feudal levies, and a principal seat of Imperial military power Just what could have drawn Horus to attack such a strongly defended planet, and what might he be willing to sacrifice to fulfill his own dark destiny

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    1 thought on “Vengeful Spirit

    1. With the last several books, we ve seen a growing trend among big installments While showing no signs of halting the ongoing exploration of the Imperium s last days as a semi benevolent empire and the war which destroyed all, it s hard not to notice there s been some streamlining Rather than the episodic or semi individual stories we had previously, many novels now directly link into countless short tales and other books We saw this with Betrayer, Scars and Unremembered Empire, and even Vulkan L [...]

    2. With several story lines active sometimes with jarring lack of transition, I could not lock on to any of them as interesting I loved seeing Loken s return to the series outside of the Garro spinoff , but his plotline felt lifeless and inconsequential We are introduced to yet another eternal with no explanation or back story Horus himself remains an inconsistently painted character is he the ruthless evil from one book, or is he the tragic hero from another Or is he the pathetic fool from this on [...]

    3. Epic This was a real page turner for me Death Guard, Sons of Horus, Fulgrim, Ultramarines, Dorn, Knights Errant, Russ, Blood Angels and an Eternal Too much, too much

    4. The battle of Molech The transmogrification of Horus The return of Gavriel Iacton to the Vengeful Spirit.Some HH books are these ohby the way kind of stories We all know the tale, it was 10,000 years ago So much so that it is now really just vague legend So we miss all the small chess moves that made up the greater story But too many stories are rather pointless There were twinned, failed assassination attempts back in book 5 or so Oh, okay But they failed, other than one of the Sons being kille [...]

    5. Overall I was really disappointed by this book.It had some good points through the story, but it just felt like it was a lets jam our latest products in here by GW.It is a shame as this is the first book I have been disappointed to read by McNeill.I would rate this as the the 3rd worse in the series after Battle for the Abyss and Descent of Angels.

    6. holy cats this book took forever to finish Full disclosure, the book was fine, but i just wasn t feelin the Horus Heresy as much as i thought i was when i started it.Graham McNeill can be a little hit or miss for me Sometimes his books are great and really scratch an itch, and other times i just can t get into it This book was very much in the 2nd category Overall it was fine, and some important stuff happened But my biggest complaint was when it came time for all the action The actual invasion [...]

    7. Wait, Loken s alive The main character from the opening of this series who was apparently dead and buried and gone gone gone, just suddenly randomly pops up in this one and he s alive Because there was an obscure audio play that brought him back Whut See, this is the problem, it is unreasonable to expect the readers to listen to every single audio play, every single tiny little short story GW release as ridiculously over priced padding Most of the readers I would wager are just reading the main [...]

    8. Damnital See what I did there Graham McNeill is basically the only author in the BL who seems to either care or just get the assignments that push the story forward How long has it been since Counter crushed me with the death of Loken Too long Loken is back and leading a squad of Malcador and Garro s Knights to infiltrate Horus flagship, Vengeful Spirit Aside from Loken so many great characters from the books and audio dramas are back Oh and by the way, sarcastic voice, Horus has found the plane [...]

    9. So I tried to read this book two years ago, the translated version It was weird, short, blurry ending Then I figured out the book was not fully translated so I just read a part of it, oh well Now I decided to get back to it and give it another shot, in English NOW SPOILERS Not a fan, not at all Even though McNeill s writing is fairly good, the events in this book are upsetting to say the least, and not in a good way It s not a tragedy that rips your heart out of your chest, no, it s just fuckin [...]

    10. This was easily one of the best HH books written Great dialogue, character arcs that are meaningful And finally portrayal of characters as not painfully edgy A very solid view of Horus and his Legion Without all the edgy bad guy badass villain with motives ftw A great read, I d suggest it to all HH fans It does go between 4 POV so if you don t like that swap this may not be the book for you.

    11. Graham McNeill has two kinds of books First one is in my opinion not bad, just meh yes I am looking at you Ultramarines and Sigmar, or Outcast Dead for the that matter Second kind could be described as Holy Shit DID YOU SEE THAT Wow that was unexptected, wait what Oh my it is going to etcetera etcetera Vengeful Spirit is the second kind.Yes, it has another Perpetual sideplot and boring one for that matter And Imperator class titans are becoming punching bags on par with Avatars of Khaine, no mat [...]

    12. Horus goes and fights shit.That s pretty much it, there s some kind of mystic power thing, but it feels not really that relevant, McNeill aays in the afterword that he petty much wanted to just focus on Horus which works and return to the Luna Wolves Sons of Horus characters in the first few books Both of these things are nice, and the fighting itself is pretty nicely described, with Horus showing off all th qualities he s got Brute force, guile and deceit and supernatural powers, to win But it [...]

    13. Too many story lines, all of which may have been good on there own as 300 page novels But in this book they come off as half baked and poorly developed Which is a shame Just focusing on the Knights and Horus mournval would have made for a much tighter and focused readAlso because I am not willing to splash out on everything the BL does, all there over priced audiobooks and mini novellas I wasn t aware that Loken was back from the dead I was disappointed when Garro was spun off into this medium D [...]

    14. The much anticipated Sons of Horus story has its ups and downs Regardless my personal opinion I recommend reading this one.I don t like bolter p rn, and this book has it plenty which takes us to my word of conclusion Disappointment Or well, at least a 50 50 disappointment The best parts of the story are really REALLY good, but the book would ve done better with 200 pages less that, or less, includes the whole battle.The best selling quality 40K books are that prevail in plot and dialogue, not b [...]

    15. As it stands, an in depth synopsis would have made a brilliant dozen or two pages worth of material in a WD, Codex or Forgeworld HH book But as a novel It s a tide of relatively stagnant, stinky water Not as bad as sewage explosion, but a bloody nuisance to wade through when it s seeping its way across your book collection And by book collection, I mean compared to the rest of the Horus Heresy in which Scars Prospero Burns sit atop it all for me.

    16. One of my least favourite HH books so far It just didn t feel like it had the soul that many of the others do It was basically lifeless Reveals, which weren t reveals because only the characters got to know the secrets not the reader Other characters with no back story or depth essentially not doing all that much Hmm A HH battle book by the numbers The that Horus is written into the stories, the less I like the character.

    17. A great story overall but some inconsistencies in the combat forced you to over think The main battle for the planet had the same scale as Calth in Know No Fear but it felt as if the really epic parts were skimmed over far too quickly I like McNeill a lot but it always felt as if he was capable of throughout the book.

    18. I cannot believe how bad this book was I mean I ve read all the horus heresy and this should is easily the worst out yet, I was extremely dissapointed.

    19. Good story documenting Horus slow decent into darkness I like Aximand s return to the spotlight, and enjoyed most of the characters The combat was tedious at times, but the building of the world it was set on was particularly good, and it painted a truly apocalyptic vision for what was happening.

    20. The Warmaster, Sons of Horus, with former Luna Wolves Loken and Iacton deliver in this book for me Its bittersweet seeing these characters on the same book again, with them being fully on opposite sides this time.

    21. All the worst tropes of the series in one book A new Perpetual character as boring and contrived as all the others A kill team sent to assassinate horus yawn and Horus is after some mcguffin so he can be godlike, I guess

    22. A exciting return of focus to the series namesake, Horus Lupercal of the Luna Wolves, Warmaster and favoured son of the Emperor of all Mankind A real feel that this book has turned a corner in the storyline, as Horus commits fully to the path he is on, without the lingering suspicion that arch villain Erebus is behind everything.

    23. One of 40K s better books I have to say It does get a little bit of a slog with the Knight Houses drama etc but hey, it is about a galaxy suffering from endless war So

    24. Easily within the conversation of top 5 entries in the Horus Heresy series Yes, it has its flaws, but it pushes the larger narrative forward in a splendid manner, while continuing some of the excellent character development that we have seen glimpses of.

    25. Now, I know that I really have enjoyed almost every single Horus Heresy book than I have a right to I can t even count how many By the Gods I have started reviews with this year as I have read nothing but HH this year But fecking hell By the Gods is a real understatement here This shall be the start of By Horus Since he has clearly won the battle against the Gods and has conquered them Or so he thinks And as I am a loyal son to him, I would like to think he is right This novel, has jumped to my [...]

    26. In this book, number 29 in the Heresy series, Horus finally returns to center stage It was great seeing the XVI Legion again, after having been absent for so long The story was epic, truly epic, and the action as always with Graham was superb There was very little in my opinion to complain about What was great Obviously seeing Horus and the rest of the Sons of Horus again, after so bloody long, was a treat Horus is the kind of leader that you can t help but to admire Minor spoiler The quest for [...]

    27. Wow This book was a great page turner, I really couldn t put this book down until I finished it I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, why not 5 Well chapter 23 contains a crucial scene, we are told something important happens but we are not shown any details which dissapointed me If a novella or an audio drama is released showing us just what happened that would be awesome, but if not then what a lousy thing to do to the fans.Pulling together plot lines from Nemesis, Fear to Tread, Angel Exterminat [...]

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