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Monster Hunter Nemesis #2020

Monster Hunter Nemesis in multiple New York Times bestseller Larry Correia s Monster Hunter series Agent Franks of the U S Monster Control Bureau is a man of many parts parts from other people that is Franks is nearly se

  • Title: Monster Hunter Nemesis
  • Author: Larry Correia
  • ISBN: 9781476736556
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Monster Hunter Nemesis By Larry Correia, 5 in multiple New York Times bestseller Larry Correia s Monster Hunter series Agent Franks of the U.S Monster Control Bureau is a man of many parts parts from other people, that is Franks is nearly seven feet tall and all muscle He s nearly indestructible Plus he s animated by a powerful alchemical substance and inhabited by a super intelligent spirit ancient th 5 in multiple New York Times bestseller Larry Correia s Monster Hunter series Agent Franks of the U.S Monster Control Bureau is a man of many parts parts from other people, that is Franks is nearly seven feet tall and all muscle He s nearly indestructible Plus he s animated by a powerful alchemical substance and inhabited by a super intelligent spirit ancient than humanity itself.Good thing he s on our side More or less.Sworn to serve and protect the United States of America from all monsters by one of the country s founding fathers, Franks has only one condition to the agreement no matter what the government learns of him, no matter what is discovered concerning his odd physiology or the alchemy behind the elixir that made him, the government is never, ever allowed to try and make like him Such is absolutely forbidden and should the powers that be do so, then the agreement is null and void Project Nemesis in a secret location, using sophisticated technology and advanced genetic engineering, the director of the very agency Franks works for is making like him And the director is not content with making one Nope, he s making thirteen.Now all bets are off, and Hell hath no fury like a monster betrayed Particularly if that monster happens to be an undying killing machine capable of taking out vampires and werewolves with one hand tied behind his back.

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      318 Larry Correia
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    1 thought on “Monster Hunter Nemesis

    1. This book was not what I had expected, but I don t care I love the Monster Hunter Series The books are action packed, fast moving and lots and lots of fun Awesome, yes, but not high brow literature by any leap of the imagination Unlike the other books in the series, this book did not focus on one of the MHI agents Instead, the author gave us a good, long look into Agent Franks of the U.S Monster Control Bureau Agent Franks is a one man wrecking ball Not the Miley Cyrus style wrecking ball Franks [...]

    2. Posted toThe Literary Lawyer The Weakest Link is Still Strong 3.5 StarsIt appears that I am out of fresh Larry Correia material and I have to settle in for the long wait once again.Monster Hunter Nemesis takes the series down a side street of the overall story development In a manner similar to Monster Hunter Alpha, this installments focuses on one character and reads like 4.5 than 5 in the series This was not the best in the series, in fact, it is my least favorite That said, it is a still a d [...]

    3. Ooh, what to say of this book xD I think this one is probably my favourite of the series But that is in large part due to the audiobook, I fracking adore Oliver Wyman s narration for these characters, that man can do no wrong in this Universe, from what I have heard so far ___ Mind you, I have only heard the five original books, and not the two spin offs xDI think Franks is hilarious, but I probably have a sense of humour on the maybe slightly weird and terse side, growing up with a dad from Aal [...]

    4. This is an excellent book, as are so far all the Monster Hunter International volumes That is of course they are excellent brain candy This is not great literature with a deep insightful message that will change your philosophical view of lifewell, probably not any way Then again if you pick up a book titled Monster Hunter Nemesis expecting War and Peace there may be a problem anyway.The story is expanding here as most UF series seem to from simply the adventures of a group of Monster Hunters an [...]

    5. There was no way you were behind that attack There were way too many survivors Franks nodded He appreciated the compliment.Just when I m sure the series can t get any better, Larry Correia proves me wrong this time with a little help from Franks Talk about a man with a past Talk about a man with no future Talk about a man whose story is gut wrenching Talk about all these men and you re talking about Franks My feelings for him rank right up there with my undying love for Zsadist, and that s a hi [...]

    6. What was that part about the valley of death Oh, yeah, Yay, though he walks through the shadow of the valley of death, Franks fears no evil Cause he s the meanest son of a bitch IN the valley This was a great sequel I think it is possibly my favorite Franks is wonderful character As much as I wondered if we would see the growth in Franks I was just as pleased when I finally saw some Franks has huge depth, perhaps than any other character in the MHI Stable.I would also say that this book let Cor [...]

    7. Absolutely LOVED it I really like Franks and we get a LOT of his backstory here The book was funny, but in a different way than one that follows Pitt I m glad we got a different POV in this one, though it was odd seeing Owen through Franks eyes I still HATE Stricken Kinda miffed his boss wasn t named, even though a character knew who she was Same with Strayhorn s mom She was mentioned, but her actual name wasn t in the text, even though a character said her name I guess it s classified, as Frank [...]

    8. This just came out as a Baen eARC Electronic Advanced Reader Copy essentially an unproofed galley, still needing final editing before publishing Baen sells these a few months before the dead tree versions hit the market for those of us willing to pay a premium to not have to wait a few months.Worth Every Penny.Damn, that was a fun read.It looks like there will be one or two books in the MH series, building to a pretty damned incredible climax that I cannot WAIT for WRITE FASTER, LARRY TAKE MY [...]

    9. No bones about it I am a slow reader Worse, I am a serial book buyer and starter, and years can pass after I buy a book before I actually start it, to say nothing of finish it.Except for anything by Larry Correia.Somehow, Correia has figured out the secret combination to writing novels that are fun, satisfying, and one hundred percent engrossing If you re going to interrupt me while I m in the middle of one of his novels, the house better be on fire Not because I won t come otherwise, but becaus [...]

    10. LOVED LOVED LOVED Frank s book and love where the story ARC is going I was surprised at some of the reveals of Frank s background and can t wait for the next book

    11. This is the fifth book in the Monster Hunter International series and it s another like Monster Hunter Alpha where we step away from the main group and the main character and focus on others The main focus of this one is Agent Franks, but several POVs are represented.As always, I love how Corriea handles third person POV His characters voices are unique to each individual which is refreshing I often find other authors characters sound so much alike that POV switches are confusing than anything [...]

    12. There is no way that any review I write about Monster Hunter Nemesis is going to have any sort of effect on anybody s decision to read it If you re a fan of the extremely popular MONSTER HUNTER series, then you re going to read Monster Hunter Nemesis, the fifth book If you re not, you won t And if you re not in one of those two camps, you have no reason to be reading this review But still I have to write it, because that s my job.So, for those of you who ARE fans, what you can expect here is exa [...]

    13. Soooo 3.75 I m gonna round up for GR just because of the epic battle between Franks and Earl Worth the price of admission.So Franks is set up by Unicorn surprise there Mr Correia loves the bad guys whomever they might be depending on which book you re reading at the time getting the upper hand and manipulating things beyond the point of WTFville.If you ve been reading this seriesyou know what to expect lots of action, comic book violence, huge injustices, guns, explosives, questionable morals, a [...]

    14. An okay read, but easily the worst in the series Terrible plot thin characterizations repetitive character idiocy resulting from plot requires it riddled with cliches thoroughly predictable worth reading only for the details about Franks nature and past which was generally pretty surprising and earned it 1 additional star and the fact that it will be necessary to understand any future books If I re read the series, I ll just skip this one in the future.

    15. I received an eARC Electronic Advance Reader Copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Review Franks is like the definition of does not give a sh t He s cold He s got extra hearts, but he doesn t have a heart ArcherWhen I heard that the MHI 5 will be Frank s story, I wasn t really excited We all know him as the MCB s number one weapon and that he isn t actually a human So, I thought his story is going to be boring, but I was wrong Sure, Frank rarely talk about his past and emotion he s [...]

    16. Excellent series as always Action packed page turner Not the best in the series but very good Finally Agent Franks the stoic and nearly indestructible character get his own book He s a relentless hard ss which I happen to love about him He goes after the bad guys and monsters with no apologizes or equivocating Very cool to final get his backstory and worth the read However while you can start here if you haven t read these before you should get the first in the Monster Hunters international seri [...]

    17. Es ligeramente menos interesante que los anteriores, aunque mantiene el nivel de calidad que me gusta de Larry Correia Y lo que m s me gusta es que se trata de un side quest que sienta precedente para los siguientes libros de la serie Es una manera inteligente de seguir adelante con la historia, poni ndonos al d a con el estatus de los protagonistas del resto de los libros pero sin hacerlos protagonistas de ste Si te gustan los libros donde el armamento y el humor son primordiales, junto con una [...]

    18. This straightforward read brings frankenstein s monster against a werewolf including special guest stars that includes the son of frankenstein s monster, cthulhu types, a host of fallen angels There s even a very special accountant that drops in on the fun.I hope you like guns And pain Lots and lots of pain More than anything, I was struck by how very patriotic the whole novel was It was one of the most literal mind bending For God and Country pastiches I ve ever read, but it wasn t hokey Or at [...]

    19. I usually don t like the MH books I was introduced to Larry Corriea s writing through the Grimnoir Chronicles I loved those, but the MH were just a bit too rambunctious and thoughtless for my taste However, this book I do like I could have given it four stars, but figured that I d go with five because of tha vast improvement, and because the idea behind Frank s creation was so novel.

    20. A fun non stop assault Franks takes center stage in this installment The crew from Monster Hunter International make a supporting cast appearance Even though this is part of a series the story is self contained and can be read alone but why would you Recommended

    21. Typick agent Franks Sakra, Franksi Z tohohle se st len m, vra d n m a mrza en m nedostane Jen se d vejte Po p e nten t hle knihy m te jen dv mo nosti Bu se schoul te do klub ka a za nete si cucat palec nebo pra t te do stolu vyk iknete Kde je sakra ten dal d l.

    22. OK, so here s a recap of the main viewpoint protagonists for the MHI novels so far 1 Owen2 Owen3 Earl4 Owen5 FranksYes, Franks If that sounds like an awesome choice for a protagonist, then that would be because you re right it is I ve already covered a lot of my general feelings for this series before The books got a lot better starting with 3, and are strongest when the main character is anyone not named Owen, although Owen is also improving as the series goes on These rules still hold, and thi [...]

    23. What a crazy read This series is ridiculous but so addicting I don t know what it is about it that I just can t help but enjoy I guess I like the characters and the monsters It s really interesting This book was cool because we got another different POV It was primarily from Franks POV There were a few new characters introduced but mostly older ones It was a very interesting tale What an action packed adventure.

    24. Correia rozobral Franksa a na pln z klady view spoiler Padl anjel hide spoiler v slu b ch pozem anov Bojov exorcisti v zva 2018 7 do tan kniha

    25. I would give this one 3.5 stars if I could It is not as good as the other MHI books but it still kept you wanting to read I can t wait to read the next one in the series.

    26. Most critics of Larry Correia s books see the intense violence and the old fashioned libertarian bent of his politics and fail to go any deeper.There is an overwhelming trend in current fiction for character driven stories rather than plot driven ones, and this is to me a bad thing since I am a fan of the latter Classic SF was all about the IDEA, and not so much the individuals who existed to flesh out the action The same applies to the Monster Hunter series.At first glance, the series is all ab [...]

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