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I, Claudius/Claudius the God #2020

I Claudius Claudius the God Clau Clau Claudius the stammerer was known as a buffoon and a pitiful fool He made it his business to watch from the sidelines and record the antics funny violent and lustful of the imperial househ

  • Title: I, Claudius/Claudius the God
  • Author: Robert Graves
  • ISBN: 9780140093148
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • I, Claudius/Claudius the God By Robert Graves, Clau Clau Claudius the stammerer was known as a buffoon and a pitiful fool.He made it his business to watch from the sidelines and record the antics, funny, violent and lustful, of the imperial household as its members vied with each other for power Then he found himself Emperor.From the great days of Augustus and the cruelties of Tiberius to the deified insanity of CaligClau Clau Claudius the stammerer was known as a buffoon and a pitiful fool.He made it his business to watch from the sidelines and record the antics, funny, violent and lustful, of the imperial household as its members vied with each other for power Then he found himself Emperor.From the great days of Augustus and the cruelties of Tiberius to the deified insanity of Caligula, he records a story breathtaking in its murderousness, greed and folly Throughout the swings of fortune, his own disastrous love affair with the depraved Messalina and surprisingly successful reign, his voice sometimes puzzled, sometimes rueful, always sane, speaks to us across the centuries in two great, classic historical novels.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ I, Claudius/Claudius the God | by ✓ Robert Graves
      271 Robert Graves
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    1. This stuttering, doddering, somewhat foolish Roman monarch, whose reign was nestled between that of the brutally murdered madman Caligula and the suicide selecting megalomaniac Nero, owes much of the public s actual awareness of his rule to Graves inspired fictional memoirs Growing up either ignored or despised in the sprawling court of Augustus Caesar, Claudius is re imagined as a scholastic boy with a sharp mind who suffered a dearth of confidence and lacked for any opportunity that would allo [...]

    2. Ah, the story that launched a thousand melodramas about the Roman Empire At last I know the inspiration for HBO s Rome, Showtime s Spartacus, and yes, even Gladiator For this is where it all began every tale of debauched and insane emperors and cruel, manipulative women being the power behind the throne All can trace their lineage back to the O.G crazy Roman schemers wracking up a body count book And this is it The much abridged plot an unlikely uncle of crazy ole Caligula accidentally becomes E [...]

    3. For me, this is the historical novel This edition contains two books, the original I, Claudius and the sequel, Claudius the God I devoured them one after the other, and I have read them again many times since From the very first paragraph you re rooting for poor old Clau clau claudius The author manages to portray an entire character in just a few beautifully chosen words.And, despite the debauchery and the Machiavellian intrigues, of which there are plenty, this book is an unrivalled character [...]

    4. I, Claudius was one of my most riveting reads of the year Reading on to Claudius the God just as fast as I could was a no brainer and if it disappoints at all, it s only in comparison to its nigh on perfect predecessor Claudius the God provides just as scintillating a look into Claudius s reign as the previous book did into Augustus s, Tiberias s, and Caligula s But it s also a ponderous journey, and the exploration of the Empire as a whole does pale in comparison to the lively soap operas of C [...]

    5. Absolutely fantastic The author did not only manage to describe what happened in his life and what he accomplished He also managed to describe why he acted as he did in different situations, what choices he had and what he could have done different He really gives the readers a good insight into the culture and mentality of his society Prepare for a historical journey

    6. This is a combined review for the audiobook editions of both I, Claudius and Claudius the God by Robert Graves Like so many others, I was drawn to these books after watching the 1976 PBS adaption which enthralled and intrigued me This was my first foray into Roman history and I ve never been the same since That said, for those like me comparing Jack Pulman s screenplay to the actual book will be both impressed and disgusted Mr Pulman certainly got all the plot points but in the process of doing [...]

    7. I loved this book for what Graves has to say, via Claudius, about writing history, historical fictional, and memoir My favorite passage, which is so hammy really aka, look at what I m doing, dear reader , is Claudius encounter with Livy and Pollio and the discussion that ensues on the proper way to write history The historical narrative itself gallops in places and wades through mud in others I found myself skipping the long chapters of Tiberius and Caligula s various atrocities, though I suppos [...]

    8. Haven t yet read Claudius The God pending a reread of I, Claudius this summer to refresh my memory on the particulars I, Claudius is one of my all time favorites Rich, detailed, historic and accurately melodramatic To this day I revere and aspire to emulate Livia, vile though she may be Such a driven and successful woman undergirding the power of the empire and fiercely pursuing the interests of herself and her family I ve rarely seen so strong a female lead, which is to say such an honest portr [...]

    9. Just finished I, Claudius yesterday 2 5 09 for Classix Have always wanted to read this but never got to it Now I m inspired to rewatch the old PBS series too Plus I haven t read Claudius the God yet, but will put it on my list I really enjoyed reading and learning again about ancient Rome It must have been horrible to live with those wicked men ruling though.

    10. I greatly enjoyed this book it was very interesting and really well written I learned a lot about the history and culture of Rome and at the same time I greatly admired the subtle sense of humour of the author Two thumbs up

    11. Good book Well written Holds your attention Some of the historical facts can be debatable Makes it interesting to watch this on Masterpiece Theatre.

    12. Wonderful work of literature Couldn t put it down until I finished it, many years ago And I m thinking of reading it again just to relive the experience.

    13. And what thoughts or memories, would you guess, were passing through my mind on this extraordinary occasion Was I thinking of the Sibyl s prophecy, of the omen of the wolf cub, of Pollio s advice, or of Briseis s dream Of my grandfather and liberty Of my grandfather and liberty Of my three Imperial predecessors, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, their lives and deaths Of the great danger I was still in from the conspirators, and from the Senate, and from the Gaurds battalions at the Camp Of Messalin [...]

    14. After watching the 1976 BBC series, I just had to read the book I also have the dvd of the entire series and am overdue for a Claudathon I often discover books after seeing the corresponding movie tv version first and usually find that they never seem to do the book justice or were not true to the book Not so here Reading the book was like reliving the series in my mind Derek Jacobi will always be Claudius to me.

    15. I read Graves masterpiece in the eighties and used it as my last school assignment in high school I watched the BBC s series of I Claudius based on the novels of Robert Graves, but the book has something , I felt very close to the main character The book and the Dvd s are still on my top shelf and probably will stay there for a very long time.

    16. It s been many years since I read these so I thought I d pick them up again I was glad I did Then again, I do like historical novels and the Romans have always interested me Ben Hur is my favourite film I m sure that some will find the books dull but for me they were very readable And I can imagine the amount of research behind them impressive

    17. Wonderful evocative history with nasty homocidal characters and a central character who seems to have wandered out of Narnia into a fully fledged massacre of his relatives over a series of changes in the Roman Ruling family Great historical detail, you can almost smell Rome and feel the heat in the streets One of my favourite history books and one I reread frequently.

    18. Fantastic fictionalised account of the life of Emperor Claudius Rightfully a classic, even though it starts to tire a bit towards the end it s very long

    19. I, Claudius by Robert GravesValor, resilience, EQ and perspectiveI, Claudius has been included among the best twenty books of literature written in English, on the Modern Library top 100 list, which refers to the 20th century However, it is not one of my favorite books.Even if I have tried for a second time to see if I get good vibrations out of it, I still consider it a good book, but not than that.This is not a shortcoming of the book, but of this reader.The lack of enthusiasm may have to do [...]

    20. Story about the destruction of an idealist soul At times I had a hard time reading it, because It s so one dimensionaly gruesome and hopeless If you look for a proper balance between light and darkness, this is certainly not your book This book is just straight dark

    21. Fantastic story Really enjoyed this one Didn t want it to end Starts off slow so give it a chance.

    22. My full review venividilegispqr first encountered Mr Graves work in the early 1980s and I have read this work many times since then In fact it is one of the books that I would want to have in my luggage if I were ever to be shipwrecked on a desert island with no hope of rescue It is also one of my most favorite television series and Derek Jacobi will always BE Claudius for me It is a book that cemented my interest in Ancient Rome while encouraging me to seek out the original works that influence [...]

    23. I rather enjoyed the first, I, Claudius This book seemed a reactionary work Perhaps as Claudius was always a reactionary character His observations in the first go around presented much of the humor and charm Here, he is the Emperor, the God, so he does what is mostly expected of him, and doesn t have much time or agency on his own I feel like Graves really just finished this sequel to round off the series I could have done without it, I suppose The last part of the book really was a let down, [...]

    24. I ve really gotten into reading historical fiction set in classical times These two books are great examples of why they re entertaining and informative Claudius lived in exciting times grandson of Marcus Antonius, adopted grandson of the Emperor Augustus, nephew of Tiberius, uncle of Caligula He s devoted to the idea of restoring the Republic, but finds himself Emperor of Rome.Graves is able to make the story entertaining throughout, not depressing, even though he describes the reigns of legend [...]

    25. Ich, Claudius, zeigt schon wer hier berichtet Graves, aus Verehrung seines deutschen Ur Gro onkels Leopold von Ranke soll er seinen Namen erweitert haben, w hlte die erste Person Singular, um uns einen Einblick in die Zeit des vierten r mische Kaisers der julisch claudischen Dynastie zu gew hren Claudius bzw Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, so sein vollst ndiger Name als Kaiser, wurde 10 v Chr au erhalb Italiens geboren Durch seine K rperbehinderung gesch tzt berstand er die politis [...]

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