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Hellenica #2020

Hellenica The gods are back and they are tearing this world apartZeus Dagon Loki Lugh and countless other deities have come back to this earth and rule over their individual districts with no goal other tha

  • Title: Hellenica
  • Author: Jonathan Maas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hellenica By Jonathan Maas, The gods are back, and they are tearing this world apartZeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and countless other deities have come back to this earth and rule over their individual districts with no goal other than satiating their own petty desires.The sole remaining functional province, Hellenica, decides to act They build the Academy and are about to recruit 16 young gods with the hThe gods are back, and they are tearing this world apartZeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and countless other deities have come back to this earth and rule over their individual districts with no goal other than satiating their own petty desires.The sole remaining functional province, Hellenica, decides to act They build the Academy and are about to recruit 16 young gods with the hopes of training them to police this world.The HorsemenOf these 16 young gods, four have strange powers that the Academy might not be able to control Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost aren t like normal gods, and their abilities stem from the Monotheistic times.But if Hellenica has any hope of holding this world together, they will have to teach these four to exercise their powers to their fullest extent, even if it might bring everything to an apocalyptic end.

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      102 Jonathan Maas
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    1 thought on “Hellenica

    1. Reading slump over Normally I don t like YA NA Because I don t like to read about teenager angst And teenagers.And there is normally no sex and no bad assery But this one That means still a No to the sex It didn t feel like YA NA at all Although all protagonists are 16 years old or around that , they felt like adults They felt like distinctive characters to me, and I enjoyed getting to know them, especially Tommy He is just such a likeable character So definitely good stuff

    2. Wow just Wow I loved The Dog That Laid Eggs it was fun and a great read However I loved this book even The author has once again created an incredibly unique, detailed world out of personages and settings that are in many ways familiar yet totally new I especially love his development of the Horsemen, these four especially not only feel real but I love the way he takes them in new directions that our own mythology or religion has never allowed And if your looking for action then this is the boo [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book through a first reads giveaway.This is the second book by Jonathan Maas I ve read and I would say it is the better of the two The characterisation of the main characters is better explored in book And like the Fountain of Youth some pretty interesting points about the world were raised.Initially I was looking forward to this book because I seriously LOVE mythology But I m not sure if an interest or knowledge of mythology and history was of much help when readi [...]

    4. I finally finished It took me long, but it was totally worth it.Being honest, I wasn t expecting the kind of content Not because I thought the book wasn t going to be good, but because I didn t think it was going to be this good.At first glance, when you read the back cover, you think you ll get a classic adventure of a group of young people from a special school In some way, you get that, but the story it s not that simple It has good, mature characters, great prose having a degree in Literatur [...]

    5. This book was gifted to me, by the author Jonathan Maas, and I felt really honoured by his kindness As I started reading it, I was swept up from the very first word, and found myself reading one chapter, after the other I have always been a huge fan of mythology, so this book was the one, that I d been waiting for I loved the adventure, intrigue, bits of information about certain gods thrown in, but most of all I loved how the author made the characters seem almost human, or creature I was also [...]

    6. Well that was certainly different All the mythical major and minor gods of all religions mixed together in a world of its own, and a band of youngsters gods demigods destined to save this world from corruption, evil and whatnot, as apparently they are the Horseriders of the Apocalypse.A very interesting angle to look at all the old myths and religions in a different setting, a good and fluent narration style and a very good plot as long as you forget whatever you learnt about Poseidon, Herakles, [...]

    7. City of godsThis author has given pause to things we have always thought to be a certain way I guess that was the intention , to wake us up and realize there are different scenarios to all fiction and non fiction stories I loved the book and would recommend it to adventure readers everywhere Take a chance and enjoy the ride this author takes you on.

    8. Originally published at Risingshadow.City of gods Hellenica was a pleasant surprise for me It surprised me with its originality, fast paced story, and entertainment values This kind of surprises are nice, because it s fun to read new and interesting books that differ from other books.Here s a bit of information about the story This book is a story about four extraordinary persons Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost The world in which they live is divided into several ar [...]

    9. 3.5 stars.When I first saw this book on Indiereader, I thought, now here s a self published author who s struck indie gold Let me tell you, getting reviews for self pubbed titles is extremely difficult especially if that title is your debut and this little gem managed to get 4.5 stars from Indiereader, and consequently, their IR approved stamp as well Congratulations to Jon Maas.Naturally, I was than a little curious to see how this book read After all, every one wants to keep a tab on their co [...]

    10. This book mixes every god, mythology, and pantheon you can think of, from Zeus and Posideon to japanese youkai and kraken All these gods and their followers exist in a collection of city states that all exist crammed together, fighting for power and wealth With such a chaotic area, Hellenic has decided to create a small, well trained police force made of minor gods and powerful mostly mortals The four main characters are four teens and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Throughout the book are small [...]

    11. A little mythadventure 3.5 starsThis is fantasy than science fiction, and I believe it s geared towards young adults This is about gods, demigods, demons, mermaids, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse Sort of The gods are back and having a grand old time squabbling, fighting, and wreaking havoc To keep things from getting too out of hand an academy is created to train younger, malleable demigods to act as a police force This includes the newly created four horsemen Two males, two females S [...]

    12. Great book It s a bit of a cross between X Men Harry Potter but with mythological characters The book was well paced, with enough twists and turns to keep it interesting I found the first few pages a bit off putting as I didn t have a context for understanding what the character was talking about But I stuck with it and by the end of the first chapter I was sucked in and read the book in one sitting Well written with some great insights into human character and motivation Although the book is ma [...]

    13. This was a pretty good readI liked how it incorporated different gods from different myths The reason I gave it a four was because of how fast the problem at the academy was resolved The end was kind of left open so I m guessing there will be another book Overall it was a good book and I enjoyed reading it I would recommend this book if you like the different myths of different cultures.

    14. Great read I had received this book as a gift from the author and began reading it shortly after it showed up in my mailbox loads of page turning fun and suspense for those fans of adventure series like Percy Jackson or David Gatward s The Dead, The Dark and The Damned trilogy Tons of potential for an on going series, hint hint Jon This book got me to go back and refresh my memory on some of the mythological beings in this novel Make sure to check out Jonathan Mass other novels as well

    15. This was much, much better than I expected.In a world where every god and deity had returned, a school is formed to police them It s like Harry Potter for mythology fans I loved every second Looking forward to reading .

    16. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review It was an easy read but I can t really say I liked or disliked this book It wasn t terrible but it didn t grab me either.

    17. I did not understand what was the point of this story It was strange to imagine ancient gods using technology but the characters liked a lot, especially the horsemen.

    18. So much mythI liked this although there was a lot of myth to sort through These characters are interesting with so much potential I hope this series is continued.

    19. Won this book through a giveaway.This was a well written book that fit perfectly into it s niche of superhero gods type stories Look forward to reading the next book in this series.

    20. The mix of sci fi and myth just didn t work for me here, but definitely putting that down just to personal taste.

    21. Nice blend of ancient mythology, urban fantasy, and future tech Really hope there is a sequel in the works.

    22. In a world where gods and mortals squabble over a constantly changing set of countries, Hellenica has dared to try something different They have chosen 16 different beings with their various powers to train as peacemakers People who might be able to change the status quo Of those, the wildcards are the four Horsemen, whose powers no one fully understands and whose destiny points towards great things .I ll be honest I really enjoyed this as a story about kids with powers, but I think the kids wit [...]

    23. I won a print copy of City Of Gods Hellenica by Jon Maas Jonathan Maas on in a Firstreads Giveaway.This book is outstanding Probably don t need to say anything beyond that but what fun would that be City Of Gods Hellenica is the story of ancient gods behaving poorly petty and selfish An academy is created to bring stability to the world In true YA fashion, the proposed saviors are kids The godlings my word not Mr Maas s don t seem to get along much better than their adult counterparts The four m [...]

    24. This was the first book I ve read by this author, so I wasn t quite sure what to expect I am pleased to say that I found myself very happy that I did read it The authors writing style was refreshingly different and his character developement was phenominal.The four main protagonists were brought together to form The Four Hourseman of the Apocalypse, whose task was to lead the new world safely into a world wiped clean of corruption and gods, both large and small Each individual has a particular p [...]

    25. I absolutely LOVED this book It is a retelling of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse unlike any I have ever heard There were a few slow parts, but it was incredibly difficult to stop reading this book once I started So glad I have the sequel already so I can start it right away If you enjoy books about the Four Horsemen or paranormal reads then definitely add this book to your list You won t be disappointed

    26. Not what I expectedI have given 5 stars for a unique tale and story line There are so many books now using Greek Roman God s as the necessary story and character development This author has combined every world culture s gods, ancient and present, to create a a timescale like no other.

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