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Mates, Dates And Inflatable Bras #2020

Mates Dates And Inflatable Bras Lucy is trying to cope with teenage life She is being pressured from all angles teachers parents and even her friends Everyone else seems so sure of what they want to do but Lucy has no idea Somehow

  • Title: Mates, Dates And Inflatable Bras
  • Author: Cathy Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781853409271
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mates, Dates And Inflatable Bras By Cathy Hopkins, Lucy is trying to cope with teenage life She is being pressured from all angles teachers, parents and even her friends Everyone else seems so sure of what they want to do, but Lucy has no idea Somehow she has to find the answers.

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      175 Cathy Hopkins
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    1 thought on “Mates, Dates And Inflatable Bras

    1. I first read this series when I was about 13 years old, and they were some of my favourite books Now, years later, my reading tastes have matured, but I still really enjoy these books They re fun, girlie, easy, light hearted, and extremely quick I read this in only an hour or so I really look forward to rereading the rest of this series this year, and remembering my early teenage hood, where the only things that mattered were school, friends, and getting your crush to notice you.

    2. Jokavuotinen perinteeni on lukea n m kirjat, yleens kes aikaan Jotkut ovat uusintalukeneet Potterit tuhannesti, Sara Frendej , kundeja sarjan DD Parhaimpina p ivin muutama t ll inen menee oikein kevyesti olisiko joku 6 enn tys T n n marssin koulup iv n j lkeen kirjastoon jossa alkoi hirve sti mieli lainata jotain kevytt ja nopealukuista niin k y aina kun aurinko paistaa ja jopa l mmitt kin D No joo, perus teinih mpp Oikeasti hauskoja, nauroin useasti Muutama hivenen syv llisempi lausahdus izzie [...]

    3. To see full review click hereI remember gobbling these up when I was younger, so I decided it was time for a revisit.The result.Well, it s not terrible Oh, sure I still cringed quite a bit while rereading it But there are worst books out there I just think I ve really outgrown this series and instead of being labeled YA it should be middle grade.Well, maybe ten years ago it was YA.Let s face it, the genre has matured a bit in ten years Used to you d never see characters have sexual relationships [...]

    4. I decided to read Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras as an IR book This was about a girl named Lucy who was trying to find out who wants to be and about her romance and friends Lucy lives in Britian with her best friend Izzie Izzie and Lucy has been best friends forever But she thinks this new girl named Nesta is gonna take her away She also has to deal with this mystery boy she saw and tries to do anything to meet him and know him When she finds out it s someone Nesta knows she keeps quiet Throug [...]

    5. This book is about A girl named Lucy trying to get her best friend back, Izzie from the new girl Nesta You see, Lucy and Izzie have been best friends since like forever and Lucy thinks because Nesta is new, that she might steal her best friend away I can connect to this because I fifth grade the same thing happened to me You see, It was in fifth grade and this new girl gloriela came along and she kept on hanging out with my friends And this is what happened to lucy, she felt like as if Nesta was [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book, it was really cute and easy to read I flew through it The book is written for of a younger audience so that is why I couldn t give it the full 5 stars, but I really liked it I can t wait to continue on with the series and see how the friendship of these three girls grows.

    7. Summary The book is about a girl named Lucy who gets a writing assignment in school The assignment is What makes me, me In the beginning, Lucy does not know who she is She is always comparing herself to other girls and telling herself she is not pretty and does not know what she wants to do with her life Throughout the book with the help of her friends, Lucy finds out who she really is and becomes confident with herself then she had ever been In the end, Lucy gains everlasting friendships and w [...]

    8. Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras is the fist novel in the Mates, Dates series This novel follows a fourteen year old girl named Lucy, and her two friends Nesta and Izzy Lucy thought everything in her life was taking a turn for the worst, her parents are completely Eco friendly, which Lucy found annoying Also,Lucy had a sneaking suspicion that that her two friends were trying to turn there back to her But, everything changes when Lucy saw a boy from a near by school She thought it was love at fi [...]

    9. Emily ShepardHumorI found myself laughing and loving this story, it reminded me a lot of what forming into a teenager was like The main character is Lucy Lovering A 14 year old girl followed by her best friend since elementary school Izzie and a new girl Nesta They were all given an assignment by their teacher, Wacko Watkins as they call her, to write about themselves their likes dislikes, what they want to do when their older Lucy is stuck Shes unsure about herself, unsure about her underdevelo [...]

    10. As a 16 year old when I read it, it really made me smile.What was being written and the language used are things that actually happen to the english teen Also, what Lucy thought and said were exactly the kinds of things that were zooming through my head at 14 The fact that Lucy got panicked over really silly things and overthinking what people had said almost paranoid in some parts was exacly the things that I did Especially when it came to friendships.Also, I liked how everyhting was treated as [...]

    11. I love this series The Mates and Dates series by Cathy Hopkins is about a girl named Lucy how thinks she is losing her best friend to the new rich girl in school Nesta is a perosn who everyone was suppose to be jealous of She is rich, beautiful, and all the guys swoon over her Lucy has to deal with this and many other teenage girl problems In the end she ends up becoming friends with Nesta and they all become really good friends.I love this series because it s so girly, which every girl needs ev [...]

    12. Lucy Loverling is a girl after my own heart She s short, and people are always assuming she s 12, when she is 14 Story of my life when I was in high school Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras starts off with Lucy in class Her teacher, whom she calls Wacko decides to assign the students an essay question, What makes me me The whole book then consists of Lucy s search for self, her search for her special talent and her first kiss I definately think this book would work well with younger girls What t [...]

    13. i really liked this book because its really girly and stuuuuuff i kinda just picked it up from the shelf not expecting it to be good but i got really stuck into it and finished it in a day so yeaah, good book leaves you wanting to read and and i have gotten stuck in to the rest of the series hehe

    14. This book is about three girls named Lucy, Izzie, and Nesta Lucy has a best friend named Izzie Then Nesta moves in She becomes their friend and she is very popular Then Lucy s teacher asks her what she wants to be when she gets older and she doesn t know while everyone else does She gets very worried.

    15. This series was the first one I read when I was younger, and I was really in the mood to re read it, so thats what I am doing

    16. This was a little similar to the Georgia Nicolson books but a lot younger and not as laugh out loud funny but very cute.

    17. Amazing, for a teen I ve pretty much finished reading the series, at least one a day But I am actually sad because I feel I ve gotten to know them I LOVE THESE GUYS xx

    18. This book is great for a quick read on a sunny day With totally relatable characters, it feels like having a laugh with your girlfriends

    19. Very funny I can relate to every character in the story Each character has their own love story But than that, it is about family, school problems, friendship, everything about life.

    20. As a young teenager, I absolutely adored and devoured every single book in this series To me, the girls were very relatable, whilst also being interesting Their London lifestyle was fascinating and their, albeit slightly unrealistic comings and goings at just 14, sparked my imagination and I remember being totally lost in their world This series has a real nostalgia attached to it now as I can remember being so obsessed with each character There s no way I d ever re read it, one because it would [...]

    21. Enjoyable, quick read At 19, I m probably a bit old for this series, and I m fairly sure younger readers will enjoy it , but I m still going to continue with the series

    22. YA fluff book Little to no character development, fluff plot, no growth Would be good for a 12 year old audience Not sure why an adult recommended this book to me.

    23. Good Overwhelming British slang and usage Amusing use of language Low stakes, gentle conflict Bad The conflict is too low stakes and gentle Nothing ever seems to have much emotional resonance, even things which really should There s a constant baseline freaking out level, but nothing seems to be important than anything else Lucy s feelings about her best friend having a new best friend are about equal to her feelings about having a lousy school assignment or getting a bad haircut It would be an [...]

    24. Title Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras Author Cathy Hopkins Audio Genre Young AdultChallenges 101 Books in 1001 Days Challenge, Read and Review Challenge 2010, 2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge, 100 Reading Challenge, Young Adult Reading Challenge, YA Through the Decades, Audio Book Challenge 2010, Pages Read 2010, A to Z challengeRating 4 5 No of Pages 160Published 2002 Bolinda PublishingBack Cover A turning point is exactly what Lucy does NOT want Everything is changing around [...]

    25. Firstly, every girl should read the mates, dates series The books that make up this series are life lessons that every girl will be able to relate to and use in their own teenage journey Fourteen year old Lucy wishes she was everything she s not, taller, to have bigger boobs, brunette, funnier, flirtier, less babyish looking, blessed with less embarrassing parents Unfortunately for Lucy she learns that just wishing something would happen doesn t make actually happen When she is faced with a boy [...]

    26. Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras is a lot like Louise Rennison s Angus, Thongs, And Full frontal Snogging without so much of the light sexual humor that Rennison employs Hopkins book takes place in and near London in the life of Lucy, a fourteen year old with an underdeveloped body and a knack for self doubt, pretty much like any other teenager Lucy has to deal with a beautiful, new student named Nesta who Lucy feels is stealing her best friend, Izzie Lucy doesn t know what she wants to be when [...]

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