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A New Lease of Death #2020

A New Lease of Death An Inspector Wexford mystery

  • Title: A New Lease of Death
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780824049980
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A New Lease of Death By Ruth Rendell, An Inspector Wexford mystery

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      457 Ruth Rendell
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    1 thought on “A New Lease of Death

    1. Can t really go wrong with Rendell To be honest, series aren t my favorite and I much prefer her stand alones, but Wexford 1 was very good, so why not continue This one is a much different book from its predecessor, yes there is also a mystery and Wexford is present, but only tangentially so The actual protagonist is a Reverend set on revisiting Wexford s first murder case to see if the victim might have been wrongly convicted The Reverend has a vested interest in the matter since his son is int [...]

    2. Read by Nigel AnthonyTotal Runtime 6 Hours 53 MinsDescription It was a brutal, vicious crime sixteen years ago A helpless old woman battered to death with an axe Harry Painter hung for it, and Chief Inspector Wexford is certain they executed the right man But Reverend Archery has doubts because his son wants to marry the murderer s beautiful, brilliant daughter He begins unravelling the past, only to discover that murder breeds murder and often conceals even deeper secrets AKA Sins of the Fath [...]

    3. From Wexford s first ever successful murder case comes back to haunt him when a vicar starts to rake up the past Was the man hanged on Wexford s evidence actually innocent 4 Going Wrong4 The Keys to the Street3 The Fever Tree and Other Stories4 A Judgement in Stone3 Fall of the Coin4 People Don t Do Such Things3 The Girl Next Door2 To Fear a Painted Devil3 Dark Corners3 Live Flesh4 The St Zita SocietyInspector Wexford series 3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 3 A New Lease of Death Insp [...]

    4. This book has a pretty good premise one that they couldn t have today, at least in England, though still in America, unfortunately An man was convicted and executed for a crime, and Inspector Wexford was one of the men who was caught him Now, years later, the man s daughter wants to prove he didn t do it Or rather, the father of the man she wants to marry comes knocking, hoping to prove that the woman his son loves isn t descended from a mass murderer this book has a retrograde notion of heredit [...]

    5. Inspector Wexford takes a backseat to Reverend Archery in this murder mystery The Reverend is concerned about having a daughter in law with a murderer for a father and tries to enlist the Inspector to help him prove that the father was innocent Honestly the whole premise behind looking into the murder was rather annoying The Reverend comes across as a self righteous prat, which if that was the intent it worked really well but it rather ruined the book for me.

    6. Ruth Rendell s writing style is to my liking.2nd story in the Inspector Wexford series,and yes, I will continue to listen to .This story was even better than the 1st.Narrator Nigel Anthony, did a very nice job.Great voices for each male and female charactersAlmost clean, mild language.

    7. This particular Rendell mystery I guess will be much better if it s not the second Chief Inspector Wexford book The story is about a sixteen year old brutal and vicious crime of an old woman whose battered to death with an axe by her helper Harry Painter is hung for it and Chief Inspector Wexford is certain that they executed the right man If one is not familiar with Rendell s whydunits instead of the typical whodunit, readers might be disappointed to learn the identity of the killer which is re [...]

    8. Intriguing story Warning for audiobook listeners Wexford and Burden s accents are not consistent with those used in other audiobook versions of Wexford novels However, loved the story so much I soon forgot this problem Little bit of a slow start but this gives way soon to an absolutely fascinating conundrum New evidence convincing to the reader if not Wexford suggests the wrong man may have been hanged for murder Sound like a trope Not the way Rendell spins it, as she pulls the reader in The abo [...]

    9. Although billed as the second Inspector Wexford book, Wexford is really a bit player in this one The story in the main belongs to the Reverend Henry Archery, who seeks out Wexford looking to re open a case that was closed 16 years before.Wexfords first solo murder case was apparently open and shut, when Bert Painter was hung for the murder of his elderly employer Mrs Primero A woman who was killed with an axe Archery s interest in the case stems from the fact that his son is now engaged to Paint [...]

    10. This was first published in 1967, and is the second of the Wexford novels His personality is developing he seems perhaps a Tory It s hard to say, as Wexford is a secondary character to Reverend Henry Archery, a poncy vicar come to Kingsmarkham to second guess Wexford s sixteen year old conviction of an axe murderer who was subsequently hanged Said murderer s daughter is now improbably at Oxford reading Modern Greats and engaged to marry this vicar s son Presumably the marriage just won t do not [...]

    11. Inspector Wexford has returned, in the second of Ruth Rendell s series of mysteries, as a grumpy cop who sees the visit of a Rev Archery a rehash of one of his first cases Archery has come to Wexford to make sure that there is no second guessing the conviction and hanging of Harry Painter for the 16 year old murder of an elderly woman, battered to death with an axe Archery s son has failed in love with Painter s daughter, who was only five at the time of the death, and while she is beautiful and [...]

    12. Reverend Archery requests that Inspector Wexford open an old case of an elderly lady who was murdered by her servant.I ve heard great things about Ruth Rendell so I continued past an underwhelming first book in the series to try a second I can see where this book would have been considered good when it was written in 1967, but it doesn t hold up well over time I won t be trying the third in the series.

    13. Quite different to other Wexford titles and very clever As the second in the series, perhaps Rendell had yet to work out how she wanted to write Wexford and I prefer this style.Similarly to her stand alone titles, there are points of view and one is partly second person The reason is perfect and really made the story for me I felt so much for Lizzie.Reading Rendell alongside Agatha Christie adds to both Christie loved her murder is genetic Rendell often questions this, but not so much in A New [...]

    14. With school starting back this week, and with me preparing for one new class and an overall overload, it took me a bit to get through this one That isn t to say it s bad, just that I was dozing off mid chapter and not remembering things I d read Going back a few pages and asking did you read this isn t the most pleasant experience.And yet, I didn t really dig this one OK, let me say that I didn t dig the first three quarters Like the first Wexford, A New Lease of Death puzzles me Here, with even [...]

    15. Interesting, and fairly short mystery This one I did NOT see the answer coming and was quite surprised Though I did surmise that some things one of the characters did and said, early in the book, did not seem quite right All the same, I didn t figure out the main puzzle or question in this mystery I needed Rendell to walk me to it Darn In this mystery Wexford takes a back seat to the Reverend Henry Archerly, who is determined to prove that the father of his future daughter in law, a man named Be [...]

    16. The mystery is not one, which is almost a dare on the part of Rendell, particularly in only the second outing of her Holmes, Reg Wexford Could Wexford have basically put a innocent man up for the drop in the beginning of his career Rev Henry Archery hopes so for the sake of his son s engagement Wexford is brusque and seemingly imperious upholder of the law, but this, tho not a bluff, hides a broad sense of compassion and intolerance of British guff The Rev is hidebound in his princess about his [...]

    17. Wexford is asked to meet Henry Archery who wants him to look again at the murder of Mrs Primero which happened fifteen years ago Wexford believes the correct verdict was reached and as it was his first murder case in which he was the officer in charge he is naturally a bit prickly about it Archery believes that the killer was wrongly convicted and sets out to prove it In the process he opens rather too many cans of worms.This is the second in the Wexford series and very good it is too There is l [...]

    18. Despite the trite title I typed it into and Rendell s novel wasn t even on the first page of search results for books called Sins of the Father s this novel is a great mystery I don t think Rendell is an especially amazing prose stylist or anything, but her characters here are fresh and startling, the plot and the story structure even so in some ways I see now why Rendell is so revered Would make a great film.

    19. Dopo La morte non sa leggere , delizioso riuscitissimo thriller psicologico, questa mia seconda lettura di Ruth Rendell strappa a fatica la sufficenza.La storia, terza avventura del ispettore Wexford personaggio che ho trovato piuttosto antipatico , improntata sullo schema del giallo classico e la scrittura, abile a indagare nella pische e nell animo dei personaggi, rendono il libro appetitoso fino alle prime cento paginepoi, pian piano, perde mordente E, verso la fine, proprio quando la tension [...]

    20. This is a different beast to the first one, with Wexford barely involved and having very little to do with driving the plot Instead he flits in and out and seems to take delight in winding people up.We instead spend most of the time with Archery, a clergyman going through a midlife crisis He s a well written if slightly whiny and emo character and his journey contrasts nicely with the central mystery.It doesn t feel much like a classic detective story but it does paint an vivid portrait of small [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first one Unfortunately I will be reading the Wexford series out of order due to fact that our local library doesn t seem to have all the books available at the moment and so I will have to try and get it as I go to the library Will definitely try to get the books All of the series

    22. Didnt see the twist at the end which is always a plus for a mystery book Wish there had been of Inspector Wexford and less of the Rev Archery The author s psychological explainations are somewhat heavy handed, just like in her other books I ve read Still, I ll read the next in the series.

    23. Forever in love with Wexford my disappointment here if I ever dare to be disappointed with the marvelous Rendell is just not enough Wexford

    24. ElizabethI have always enjoyed poi eyed the Wexford stories and this one was just as enjoyable A good read.

    25. Pretty predictable plot I am sure I read this some years ago As time goes on, the premise becomes less and less believable.

    26. A sinopse deixou me curiosa e intrigada E sabem o que dizem A curiosidade matou o gato Bem, neste caso n o me matou mesmo ou n o estaria a escrever neste momento mas voc s perceberam a ideia Sorte a minha que tinham o livro na biblioteca E j que ele estava na prateleira e mais dia menos dia acaba me o prazo de empr stimo, porque n o fazer dele a primeira leitura de 2013 At era uma estreia com uma autora nova e tudo Existia maneira mais perfeita de iniciar as leituras de um novo ano Era o plano p [...]

    27. This is my third Inspector Wexford book It is an early one in the sequence It isn t really about Inspector Wexford His role is minor Rendell s books remind me of some of those British detective serials one sees on Public TV That s good The writing is gentle in some sense, with lots of rich descriptions It can be slow moving at times.It takes place around 1960 The main character is Henry Archery He is a vicar, a clergyman His son has fallen in love with a young woman who is the biological daughte [...]

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