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The Fallon Blood #2020

The Fallon Blood Michael Fallon comes to Charleston South Carolina to found a dynasty that ned bend the knee to none From bondsman to rice planter from planter to privateer from the beautiful Elizabeth Carver to t

  • Title: The Fallon Blood
  • Author: Robert Jordan Reagan O'Neal
  • ISBN: 9780812543971
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fallon Blood By Robert Jordan Reagan O'Neal, Michael Fallon comes to Charleston, South Carolina, to found a dynasty that ned bend the knee to none From bondsman to rice planter, from planter to privateer, from the beautiful Elizabeth Carver to the loving Gabrielle Fourrier, from peace to the greatest Revolution the world had ever seen Robert Jordan writings as Reagan O Neal HC Forge.

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      190 Robert Jordan Reagan O'Neal
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    1 thought on “The Fallon Blood

    1. Robert Jordan s 14 volume Wheel of Time series is one of my favorite stories ever I ve read The Eye of the World four times, and books 2 4 twice I love the story, the characters, and especially the way it was told The characters and the world are so 3D and real Which is one reason i picked up the Fallon trilogy to read That and the fact that it is based in Charleston, where my kids live Sadly, The Fallon Blood was a disappointment it hurts to say it The story concept, including the characters an [...]

    2. Ok, so normally I avoid books located in the Romance isle of the book store, but in my defense I read the first of this series before I knew it lived in that part of the book store I picked it up because I heard Reagan O Neal was another pen name for Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series , and well I enjoyed the mix of historical fiction, drama, and well, let s say if made into a movie it wouldnt be able to get a R rating without a lot of editing

    3. Michael Fallon, in the Fallon Blood, is one of the most interesting and believable characters I have found This book covers his trials and his successes over an extended period of time that covers the American Revolution I found the book to be very exciting and dramatic, while at the same time historically accurate and educational I would reccomend this book to anyone A very enjoyable read What is Robert Jordan s real name

    4. I finished this book 5 years ago, so I won t be able to go into many specifics I remember seeing this book in the library and deciding to give it a try because I had greatly enjoyed the Wheel of Time series, and I was curious about this book s classification as both historical fiction and romance Let s just say that if you re expecting this to be anything like an epic fantasy novel, you are greatly mistaken It soon became clear to me that the characters were not intricately crafted, nor were the [...]

    5. UmmmI m sorry I tried, but I just couldn t do it Got to Chapter 8 and decided to quit, depsite the fact that I know this author personally and think the world of himOM THE PUBLISHERIn 1765, Michael Fallon, an Irishman on the run from brutal English overlords, makes his way to Charleston, South Carolina, as an indentured servant Bound over to Thomas Carver, a successful merchant, he quickly shows a knack for trade and a disturbing attraction to Carver s beautiful, sensual daughter, Elizabeth With [...]

    6. I saw this book in a used book shop and was very excited to see what a non WOT Robert Jordan book would be like I did manage to read the entire thing, but I was very disappointed It seemed to me like maybe Robert Jordan focused a bit too much on finding ways to work in all the Revolutionary War names he knew, along with his opinions on how every lost battle should have been fought Everyone from the editor of Charleston s newspaper at the time, to Benjamin Franklin, to any general that stepped fo [...]

    7. I was blown away by this book After reading the Wheel of Time series I discovered this read I usually don t become so emerged in historical fiction but I couldn t put this down Te characters where built perfectly and their interactions were so natural Robert Jordan has got talent that makes the best writers envious.I give this 6 stars and a 21 gun salute.

    8. Very interesting use of the beginning of revolution in America to create a platform for romance, adventure, and pretty unrealistic portrayals of women The women in this book, unlike in Jordan s WOT series, are quick to give it up, either evil and manipulative or stupidly naive, and orgasm faster than a chimpanzee on steriods Why why why

    9. The Fallon Blood was one of the worst books I ve ever tried to read Poor grammar Worse dialog It s the only book I ve ever actually put in the garbage for fear someone would pick up the abandoned copy and read it.

    10. I am going to quit this book Although it s historically palatable, the love scenes and some of the fictional portions read like a bad Harlequin romance novel I made it halfway through the book last night, but am putting this one down.

    11. I didn t think this book was historical accurate, or along the lines of anything I d ever read by Robert Jordan before It is what I d call a man s beach read historical fiction with some semi raunchy sections Don t know if it was good enough for me to continue with the series, though

    12. An interesting account of an indentured servant, accurate socio political atmosphere Not one of Jordan s best works, but an entertaining read.

    13. Awful, just awful I read it in 1995 it had been reissued after the success of the first few Wheel of Time books The publisher obviously had no shame.

    14. this was dreary reading but I forged through because I re learned information about the American Revolution.

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