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Knight Moves #2020

Knight Moves Earth s been a paradise too long it s time for another revolution The Falkner Generator gave humanity the stars but only at near light speed And there s the rub Doran Flakner Humanity s Savior retire

  • Title: Knight Moves
  • Author: Walter Jon Williams
  • ISBN: 9780983740889
  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook
  • Knight Moves By Walter Jon Williams, Earth s been a paradise too long it s time for another revolution The Falkner Generator gave humanity the stars but only at near light speed And there s the rub.Doran Flakner, Humanity s Savior retired , gets the startling news On a boring little planet, the creatures called lugs are engaged in instant teleportation If Doran can unravel the lugs secret, humankinEarth s been a paradise too long it s time for another revolution The Falkner Generator gave humanity the stars but only at near light speed And there s the rub.Doran Flakner, Humanity s Savior retired , gets the startling news On a boring little planet, the creatures called lugs are engaged in instant teleportation If Doran can unravel the lugs secret, humankind will once agian have new worlds to conquer

    • [EPUB] ↠ Knight Moves | by ✓ Walter Jon Williams
      145 Walter Jon Williams
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    1 thought on “Knight Moves

    1. Every now and again, I m in the mood for Walter Jon Williams deeply thought through novels of the postsingularity or posthuman condition, despite their tendency to occasional pessimism about love and the human ability to discover meaning This is such a novel, and it s a good one Genetically engineered centaurs represent wild or pre civilized humanity, noble savages speaking Ancient Greek and composing beautiful poetry Several alien characters, and several human characters, demonstrate the risks [...]

    2. It s as if WJW couldn t decide what kind of book Knight Moves was supposed to be Is it the story of second thoughts by the man who gave humanity limitless energy and immortality Is it a story of that same man rekindling a long lost love Is it about his attempt to find the secret of the mysteriously teleporting lugs Those elements could all be interwoven, but WJW really doesn t seem to be able to keep all the balls in the air at once Instead he works one theme for a while, puts it down, picks up [...]

    3. A SIMPLE MAN S REVIEW I received this book as part of a bundle and it sounded like the sort of thing I might like space travel, future technology, and aliens What I was not expecting was the depths in which this book considers the meaning of life and death, love and loss It was a fantastic surprise The surface story follows a man in an era when humans can live forever and travel to the stars Oddly enough, he owns most of the Earth, although most humans have moved off it at this point anyway, and [...]

    4. I can understand some of the low ratings for this book if you re looking for the typical shoot em up space opera, this ain t it Knight Moves is long on characterization and psychology, and short on plot Oh there is one, and it s pretty interesting, but it isn t really what the book is about.This book reminded me of the Dancers at the End of Time trilogy, in that it asks these questions view spoiler what do you do with yourself if a you re immortal and b there s no scarcity hide spoiler and comes [...]

    5. A very Zelazny esque story about an immortal person who owns most of Earth and is essentially retired to play with hobbies and focused on classic Greek myths and culture invited or begged to join a scientific research team that may have stumbled on to actual teleportation Does he have any trace of his former scientific brilliance Can this help humanity s existential ennui There are a few twists and turns some characters show up firmly on the WJW whimsy side of things, but there are some haunting [...]

    6. The vision of who the protagonist in never really falls to the page, but you receive frequent hints that the author has a fascinating character in mind Loved all the classical allusions, but this sci fi futuristic take on This Immortal American Gods never really settles on a presence for the protagonist that makes him interesting enough to have lived as long as he has.

    7. Whereas Ambassador of Progress owed heavily to Darkover, Knight Moves is very reminiscent of Roger Zelazny s classic This Immortal or And Call Me Conrad, in some versions But Williams only reminds you of the other work in this novel, and makes the idea his own by some startling variations on the theme of the jaded immortal.A large part of Knight Moves is the travel to the planet of mystery In fact, you are surprised to discover that you re halfway through the book and you still have yet to see t [...]

    8. The first 50 pages of Knight Moves were excellent, it brought up and discussed themes that reminded me of a combination of Roger Zelazny s books This Immortal and Lord of Light The writing was a bit whimsical, the characters interesting.Then, the novel takes a turn into standard plot devices like romance and regret and forgets about all the interesting themes introducted in the first pages of the book.Then, at the end, he comes back to the themes and tries to salvage the whole soggy mess If the [...]

    9. Don t let the first 20% of this book fool you, this is not a post modern meta novel set in Ancient Greece and you will eventually understand what s going on And if you re like me, you ll love the remaining 80% and never really quite know where the book is heading, right up until the end, at which point you ll be disappointed and confused, because there s still years, decades, and centuries of story left to tell that you ll just have to dream up yourself Anyway, this type of meandering thoughtful [...]

    10. I picked up this novel after reading the author s recent blog post about the book s genesis and his reaction to its re release in e book format Now, I ve read a lot of Williams work Some are better than others, or they just resonated differently This one was a lovely, lovely find.He wrote it when he was 29, but it reads like something from a much mature writer It s also shows a strong Zelazny influence There s some interesting science y bits, as well as some philosophy, with a dash of a few per [...]

    11. An immortal curates Earth and recreates some of it s mythological creatures after humanity has left for the stars Wait, am I reviewing This Immortal by mistake No, despite the obvious similarities The core of this book is about the effect on humanity, both as individuals and as a species, of the combination of immortality and space travel However the book doesn t have a particular strong focus or deep exploration of the topic, so while it is a pleasant read it doesn t rise any further than that. [...]

    12. OK, so distracted by the centaur with lyre on the cover and the narrator s Zelazny style banter yes, I m on a Zelazny clone kick I was expecting an entirely different book If I d remembered that my favorite WJW book is Aristoi and that Aristoi is, among other things, a meditation on the ennui of the nearly immortal and almost all powerful, I would have been better prepared Only maybe not, because Aristoi tarted that meditation up with all sorts of whiz bang action and skullduggery and splodey, w [...]

    13. Probably my two biggest nits about the book 1 The Jay Zimmerman section felt disconnected from the rest of the book, like a novella that was dropped into the middle It was fun, but a self contained story that didn t much move the overall plot of the novel.2 The denouement was about 50% too long There was a specific plotline that the main character needed to stop and wrap up that really hadn t been a concern since the beginning of the novel, and that I d frankly forgotten.Other than that, a fun a [...]

    14. I really, really wanted to like this book and ended up being OK with it The dramatic tension between the immortal protagonist and the woman who chooses to die in her natural time should have been amazing But the pop hop from one vignette to another was merely depressing I wanted it all tied together in a bow at the end, and it still felt unresolved I did have an emotional reaction to the story, but I m not sure it s the one the author intended.

    15. So far, no good The mystery of the teleporting kangaroos has completely failed to interest me The amorphous alien archaeologist nope The protagonist rekindling a romantic interest with an octogenarian NO After The Rift yikes If Williams hadn t written Aristoi and Days of Atonement, I might be inclined to write him off after this final verdict I wish there was a lower rating than one star What a pile of crap Absolutely horrible.

    16. I was quite surprised that I hadn t heard of this SciFi book when I found out how good it was when reading it I thought I was quite well plugged in to the genre to miss a little gem like this It does have lots of rough edges, but I like nearly every time about it the Greek stuff, the philosophical stuff, the science stuff, the human interest only the Zimmerman subplot grated a bit for me.I d say that any fans of Zelazney should love this.

    17. Classic sci fi humans can do almost anything, including live almost forever, but they are still limited by the speed of light Doran Flakner has already had huge impacts on human development but is questioning his life choices when he s given the opportunity to make an even bigger impact His struggles with math, with relationships, and with himself bring him and the reader to questions of what it really means to be alive.

    18. An interesting read, but not one conducive to categories Certainly, I probably wouldn t have picked it up if it hadn t been on sale, but for the price of admission about 50 cents, if I remember correctly it was than worth it Too many plot holes are left open, though, and the middle of the book is a ten chapter digression.

    19. Good but the story was, for lack of a better word, disjointed It was like 3 stories were going on simultaneously and fighting for supremacy, a battle which none of them actually won Then the ending was inconclusive for several of the stories.

    20. Just like most of the rest of Williams work, this is a story about a guy trying to do what is right for himself and other people, at some expense Don t get too hung up on the Greek stuff at the beginning I liked the view of the future, the style, the message in this story.

    21. This is one of those rare books with such vivid images that it stays with you long after you ve finished reading I can see the possible future with centaurs still creeping through my thoughts years after I encountered this book Recommended.

    22. When I read classic sci fi from, say, the 1960 s I often find myself pleasantly surprised by how contemporary it feels This book had the opposite effect I thought perhaps it was from the Before Time, and it turns out to be from the 90 s.Enjoyable Didn t rock my world.

    23. Nothing terrible, but nothing great The characters were pretty interesting, but the plot felt incomplete.

    24. More centaurs Less of the zman characterotherwise kept me reading, enuf action maybe too much philosophizing but a decent read and yes sometines a zelazny clone, a food thing

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