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Quack This Way #2020

Quack This Way Two friends both of them vocational snoots sat down to film an interview in February Their subjects language and writing The interviewee drove than an hour from Claremont to downtown Los Angel

  • Title: Quack This Way
  • Author: David Foster Wallace Bryan A. Garner
  • ISBN: 9780979606038
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quack This Way By David Foster Wallace Bryan A. Garner, Two friends, both of them vocational snoots, sat down to film an interview in February 2006 Their subjects language and writing The interviewee drove than an hour, from Claremont to downtown Los Angeles The interviewer flew from Dallas They spoke on film for 67 minutes and then walked uphill to a nearby seafood restaurant, where they continued the running conversTwo friends, both of them vocational snoots, sat down to film an interview in February 2006 Their subjects language and writing The interviewee drove than an hour, from Claremont to downtown Los Angeles The interviewer flew from Dallas They spoke on film for 67 minutes and then walked uphill to a nearby seafood restaurant, where they continued the running conversation they had started five years earlier They liked each other, and they seemed to understand each other The rest is history This is the last long interview with David Foster Wallace.

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    1. this book is the transcript of a video interview conversation between david foster wallace and bryan a garner that took place in 2006, several years after dfw wrote this amazing essay review of bryan a garner s Garner s Modern American Usage harpers wp content uploadsi was lucky enough to have attended a similar interview conversation between dfw and george saunders many years ago, and this book reminded me just how good he was in this context, how simultaneously awkward and natural how his mind [...]

    2. For a transcript of an interview about English language usage and writing, this is about as entertaining and enlightening as a book of this sort could possibly be Five LOLs and as many genuine insights into the language, usually occurring simultaneously Filled with infectious DFW phrases gooey hearted humanists who want to vivify and facilitate inter human relationships of various sorts Great bits about the religious aspects of art, clarity, efficiency, George W Bush s solecisms, and the benefi [...]

    3. Bryan A Garner s Garner s Modern American Usage was reviewed in Harper s by David Foster Wallace and an unlikely bond was formed, which led to things like DFW meeting an oppositely political Justice Scalia of the Supreme Court as well as this book The book is a transcription of than an hour s worth of video taken by BAG He interviews DFW about language, grammar, usage, proper subjectivity of words, et cetera.It s a wonderful glimpse into the minds of two precocious SNOOTS There s plenty of good [...]

    4. This is probably the epitome of a pointless review The essential idea behind a review is to encourage others to read or to avoid a book, and Quack This Way is one of those for completists only books impervious to reviews and ratings i.e if you re among the target market for this book, you re going to read it no matter what anyone says.Just thought I d get that out of the way.Okay so yes, a whole cottage industry has formed around David Wallace, this void filling proliferation of collected remnan [...]

    5. By the time I came to know and appreciate David Foster Wallace he was already dead by suicide, which really stinks because I now have so many questions for him about his life, his writings, his ideas, and I can only interact with his books as I did in my book The Joy Project Thankfully, others did have time to talk at length with him including Bryan A Garner, the lexicographer think Garner s Modern English Usage Their paths crossed after Wallace s monster book review of Garner s lexicon an artic [...]

    6. I am a DF Wallace alholic, so any book that promulgates David s wisdom is, to me, a must read This is a must read.Setting that aside, though, I would also consider this a must read for anyone who wants to be an impactful writer Dave s insights on what makes for effective writing are based on many years of his writing novels and nonfiction pieces that opened our minds in new ways, made us laugh, made is think, and sometimes scared us stiff His key insight is one you have probably heard from him b [...]

    7. This book is the transcript of a 67 minute interview, which if you re a snoot like me will take twice as long to read because you ll be underlining and reading sections again.

    8. At the bottom of page 4 in Quack This Way there is a link see below to an NPR interview hosted by one Judy Swallow and featuring guests David Foster Wallace and Bryan Garner Wallace had written about as glowing a review about Garner s new Dictionary of Modern American Usage now titled Garner s Modern American Usage as any author could hope to receive, and this conversation was the first time the two men had met if you call Wallace sitting in an Illinois studio and Garner on a long distance phone [...]

    9. Probably only for DFW freaks, and yet anyone interested in American usage will find much of interest here Garner, author of Garner s Modern American Usage which was the basis of the great essay on usage that appears in DFW s Consider the Lobster collection , became friends with Wallace after Wallace s essay appeared they had the language snoot quality in common Quack This Way is a transcription of a long interview Garner made for part of his own research evidently he teaches, or leads workshops [...]

    10. A torturously brief exchange between two of the indisputably greatest logical and grammatical minds of our time Delightful Wish it was 100 times as long as it was I think a further collaboration between these two would have been nothing short of magical More detailed analysis to follow, but too excited to keep all this enthusiasm to myself Loved it

    11. Some great bits about writing and usage and empathy I don t always agree with DFW, and his verbosity can be tiresome especially because it s so self effacing , but he and Garner shared some great insights and quotable quotes for word nerds like me.

    12. p.25 26 BAG What s the best way to learn to write well DFW In the broadest possible sense, writing well means to communicate clearly and interestingly and in a way that feels alive to the reader Where there s some kind of relationship between the writer and the reader even though it s mediated by a kind of text there s an electricity about it In order to write effectively, you don t pretend it s a letter to some individual you know, but you never forget that what you re engaged in is a communica [...]

    13. I have accepted that I am a snoot, so I have no choice but to relish every word of Quack This Way As a transcript of a conversation that really began with the writing and subsequent publication of an essay about a style guide, it seems impossible to write a review that would get anyone, other than a fellow snoot, to pick this book up But pick it up you should You will learn why it was OK for me to start a sentence with a conjunction You will learn how to write for someone other than yourself eve [...]

    14. Reading DFW s work is a pleasure His words seem to find a direct line to the sub cortical part of your brain, bypassing any conscious processing Reading Wallace on writing, then, is a sheer gift Wallace s relationship with Bryan A Garner is an unusual one Wallace s review of Garner s book American English Usage contributed than anything else to the original book s acclaim and celebrity In this book, Garner sits down with Wallace for an interview on writing Like with Wallace s essays, his answer [...]

    15. A quick, inspiring read Gave me some ideas about my own writing life It s also true that we go through cycles Right At least in terms of my own work, I ve been through three or four of these, and I m in one now, where it feels as if I ve forgotten everything I ve ever known I have no idea what to do Most of what I want to do seems to me like I ve done it before It seems stupid.And except on the days I m really depressed, I realize I ve been through this before These are actually good one s being [...]

    16. In a word meh I expected from a dialogue between these two although I m not sure whether the failing was in the dialogue or in the book Probably the latter.I religiously capture key quotes from all the books I read, and I noted a grand total of 1 from all 123 pages.The book was short with plenty of trendy white spacing, and a trendy price to boot There were lots of very trendy comments, allusions and phrases as well If that s your thing have at it If you want something with bones and meat for a [...]

    17. Some good things in the interview, and some wasted space But the good things are worth reading about the process of writing The large print, extra spacing between paragraphs, and the false starts, suggest that this would have been better as an article, or perhaps collected with other interviews.There is an interesting discussion near the end pp 106ff about George W Bush and the debasement of language in the Presidency It seems quaint now, in light of the trashing of language in the Presidency no [...]

    18. Nice little interview with David Foster Wallace by Bryan A Garner, I dare say DFW s favorite lexicographer Both extreme English usage virtuosi Bryan A Garner is the first person that I have read about that writes dictionaries In fact, after learning about him through David Foster Wallace, I bought Garner s Modern English Usage.

    19. I loved this transcript of a conversation between DFW and Bryan Garner about language, grammar, and writing Wallace is one of my favorite writers and this discussion provides some real insight into his writing process and his thoughts about language and grammar, in particular The actual conversation took 67 minutes, so you can read the book in much less time than that Enjoy.

    20. It s interesting, but not the most meaty DFW Brian Greene s intro gives us some autobiographical backstory on how rich and famous writers meet rich and famous writers pros good effort to reward ratio aka easy read, a quick character study for DFW devoteescons other interesting and in depth material in the world and I don t got time to read all of it

    21. It s rare to see the Bolzano Weierstrass theorem mentioned It s essential mathematics.It s rare to see Garner s Modern English Usage mentioned It s essential.

    22. I don t know if there s much that s new here, but I always love listening to DFW I especially appreciated his insights about writing E.g his own writing process My first draft usually approximates somebody in the midst of an epileptic seizure It s usually about the second or third draft where I begin having any idea of actually what this thing is about So my own way of doing it, it s not very economical in terms of time It is just doing it over and over and over again and throwing stuff away and [...]

    23. This book, an interview of David Foster Wallace DFW by Bryan A Garner BAG , will not be of interest to everyone But it will be to persons interested in the inner workings and subtleties of the English language its grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and trends.I ve read all of DFW s books except the one on mathematics, which is out of my area of expertise, so over my head technically and I love them all.Further, I use BAG s book Garner s Modern English Usage every day, and sometimes refer to it several [...]

    24. This book was hard I think reading David Foster Wallace is always hard, but this one was hard in a way I didn t expect it to be, especially given how quickly it moved It s hard in the way that running downhill for a long time is hard you don t realize how much you re working until afterward, when your joints swell up and you reach for the AdvilI left teaching a year ago to work on a novel full time, and while there is no way I ever would have thought of everything Wallace had to say about the su [...]

    25. Describing good writing practices, especially in a way that presents a palate of healthy linguistic standards without being overly dogmatic, is a very difficult thing to do This book contains a highly accessible and conceptually rich set of insights shared between two men who obviously care very much about the stewardship of language and have taken great pains to study and appreciate its potentials and pitfalls Discussing a range of topics from obscure grammatical points to broad attitudes about [...]

    26. I ve watched or listened to nearly all of DFW s online interviews Per usual, this one, an extended and printed version of this snippet, is delightful and placating to those who feel akin to DFW and are yearning for of his writing, a soothing voice from beyond While most of his interviews include broader conversations about contemporary American life, this is particular to American English language, writing, and grammar Nearly everything DFW says here is true, but maybe because it appears in pub [...]

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