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The Dead and Those About to Die: D-Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach #2020

The Dead and Those About to Die D Day The Big Red One at Omaha Beach A white knuckle account of the st Infantry Division s harrowing D Day assault on the eastern sector of Omaha Beach acclaimed historian John C McManus has written a gripping history that will stand as

  • Title: The Dead and Those About to Die: D-Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach
  • Author: John C. McManus
  • ISBN: 9780451415295
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dead and Those About to Die: D-Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach By John C. McManus, A white knuckle account of the 1st Infantry Division s harrowing D Day assault on the eastern sector of Omaha Beach acclaimed historian John C McManus has written a gripping history that will stand as the last word on this titanic battle Nicknamed the Big Red One, 1st Division had fought from North Africa to Sicily, earning a reputation as stalwart warriors on the frontA white knuckle account of the 1st Infantry Division s harrowing D Day assault on the eastern sector of Omaha Beach acclaimed historian John C McManus has written a gripping history that will stand as the last word on this titanic battle Nicknamed the Big Red One, 1st Division had fought from North Africa to Sicily, earning a reputation as stalwart warriors on the front lines and rabble rousers in the rear Yet on D Day, these jaded combat veterans melded with fresh faced replacements to accomplish one of the most challenging and deadly missions ever As the men hit the beach, their equipment destroyed or washed away, soldiers cut down by the dozens, courageous heroes emerged men such as Sergeant Raymond Strojny, who grabbed a bazooka and engaged in a death duel with a fortified German antitank gun T 5 Joe Pinder, a former minor league pitcher who braved enemy fire to save a vital radio Lieutenant John Spalding, a former sportswriter, and Sergeant Phil Streczyk, a truck driver, who together demolished a German strong point overlooking Easy Red, where hundreds of Americans had landed.Along the way, McManus explores the Gap Assault Team engineers who dealt with the extensive mines and obstacles, suffering nearly a fifty percent casualty rate highlights officers such as Brigadier General Willard Wyman and Colonel George Taylor, who led the way to victory and punctures scores of myths surrounding this long misunderstood battle.The Dead and Those About to Die draws on a rich array of new or recently unearthed sources, including interviews with veterans The result is history at its finest, the unforgettable story of the Big Red One s nineteen hours of hell and their ultimate triumph on June 6, 1944CLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS

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    1. If you ve ever watched the beginning of the movie Saving Private Ryan and wondered how it really was storming Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion, then you need to read this book.The U.S Army s 1st Infantry Division, The Big Red One , had served with distinction in Africa and Sicily and thus was tabbed to spearhead the liberation of Europe on the most crucial invasion beach While there was a prodigious amount of planning which went into the invasion, the actual execution left much to be des [...]

    2. During one of the Great War s , on one of the most horrific and bloody of days, battles were won and lost far from the rooms where generals envisioned strategies, made plans, established timetables, allocated resources, and hoped for the best This books celebrates the efforts, and bemoans the sacrifices, made once the human pawns took the stage and began playing their roles on the frenetic, kinetic, blood soaked, and ravaged chessboard of Normandy Beach.This newish books adds a fresh perspective [...]

    3. People might think that D day has been done to death by historians but most histories of D day tend to focus on the 29th and Utah beach The big red one and the Omaha beach landings have recieved much less study This book corrects this lacuna and covers in detail the 1st experience on the shores of Normandy during D day Very good exposition on men who faced a wall of iron on the beaches and fought in this famous assault in France Good History.

    4. It was tough at times to read I can t begin to imagine what it must ve been like to have been on LC when the door opened What fear, anxiety, and adrenalin rush.I m so humbled and proud of their service We owe our troops our gratitude.

    5. One of my favorite D Day books Unlike broader scope books like Stephen Ambrose s book or The Longest Day, this book focuses on one division As a result, the narrative is tighter focused and gave me a much better sense of how the battle went from start to finish I was surprised how much of the major initiative on D Day was the result of squads of only a few men.I was impressed by the descriptions of the logistics of getting a division on shore and fighting, the bravery and leadership of the junio [...]

    6. A very detailed look at the struggle to take Omaha beach on D day Aside from some background on The Big Red One and their fighting in Africa along with the background of the key leaders, this focuses almost exclusively on the details of what happened on the day itself with little broad explanation of the purpose of the invasion in the grand scheme of the war It gets fairly technical, so if you re looking for a personal account of what it was like on the beach that day I wouldn t recommend this [...]

    7. Well this one proved it ANYTIME you see John C McManus name on a history READ IT Professor McManus writes in a very easy to read style, the characters take life, and this helps to tell the story Bloody Omaha is well known and this book makes the accomplishment of the American 1st Infantry Division almost EPICrhaps a chapter in an updated Book of Invasions.He really grabbed my attention with Alamo in the Ardennes in 2007, about the early hours of the Battle of the Bulge, a gripping narrative abou [...]

    8. This is an amazingly detailed account of the 1st Division s taking of Omaha beach I fortuitously read this during the Memorial Day weekend which is about 2 weeks from the anniversary of the D Day invasion , which heightened my awareness of the spirit of the holiday.I ve read other books on the invasion, but through reading this book gave some amazing insights or as much as you can get without being there into what the soldiers in the Big Red One experienced The names, places, locations, etc were [...]

    9. The1st Infantry Division the Big Red One took very heavy losses on Omaha Beach, but most of the Army historians interviews with survivors were conducted with 29th Infantry and Rangers soldiers 327 pp to 300 pp to 87 pp for the Big Red One McManus corrects that imbalance with a highly detailed account of the experience of the 1st Infantry It is harrowing stuff just as were the experiences of the 29th and the Rangers H Hour on Omaha Beach ranks with the experiences of soldiers and Marines at Okina [...]

    10. My dad went ashore on D Day with the 1st Infantry, and there has been relatively little written specifically about this division In this book, John McManus focuses on the Big Red One on Omaha Beach, so it was very personal to me His isn t the first book that has had me wondering how those kids face it, most were kids could make themselves do what needed to be done in the face of such withering fire Why didn t of them just freeze But with his many first person accounts, he helps you feel, as muc [...]

    11. Interesting read, but ultimately to specific I understand we were focusing on the Big Red One, and that is good, but the we had, at times, a step by step account of men walking of the beach, and for a couple that is interesting, but MCManus spends too much time on that level of specificity He needed to pull back The book succeeds in telling that story, but it lost me when we were on out eighth or ninth solider coming up the beach He succeeds best when he moved around and told us about the leader [...]

    12. A good account of the 1st Divisions assault on Omaha Beach The left flank of Omaha has been overshadowed by the 29th s assault on the right due to the casualties of the 116th regiment especially the Boys from Bedford Virginia One can only imagine the horror of that morning when the 1st Division struggled to hold on to that portion of the beachhead I have stood stood 3 times on Omaha beach and each time I have been overwhelmed at low tide of the distance from the waters edge to the shingle and to [...]

    13. This is a real triumph in telling what happened and why events unfolded as they did in the 1st Infantry Division sector on D Day For an account of small unit infantry action at the platoon level this book has no superior It is also very well written If anyone is interested, I wrote an essay review of McManus _The Dead and Those About To Die_ in volume 3 of _U.S Military History Review_ It is located at docs.google a usmhg vply edit delete flag

    14. A great book that follows the American company of The Big Red One as they advance through Normandy and into mainland France, the book is not only a good story read, but also an informative one since some pages even include maps and unit positions from the battles that the Company fights at, aside from this the book is told from multiple soldiers views, thankfully the book makes it easy on what soldier is talking so you should not get lost.

    15. I purchased a copy of The Dead and Those About to Die by John C McManus and published by Penquin I am posting a review to Barnes and Noble and my nonfiction book review blog I also posted it to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus pages.I chose to purchase and read this book as I have read a great deal about World War II and D Day I have never read one that strictly focuses on one of the beaches that were part of the invasion This is the first book by John C McManus that I have read.Th [...]

    16. A very well done history of the 1st Infantry Division s participation in the D Day invasion McManus notes that other units have had much historical coverage, so this is his attempt to make a systematic, scholarly study of this unit s efforts His coverage begins with a short section on the training and organization of the 1st Division, but the majority of the book is on just one day, June 6, 1944 McManus incorporates unit histories, after action reports and first hand accounts, but weaves them t [...]

    17. An amazing and harrowing account of the 1st ID at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 The author spends just enough time in the lead up to the invasion, then dives right in to the landings He follows some specific soldiers, recounting their experiences and telling the stories of iconic moments McManus rightly focuses on the company grade and below, showing how the senior leaders made the plan, but the true difference was made by the privates, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains in the heat of the battl [...]

    18. I listened to the audio book and it was horrible The narrator chosen was awful and spoke in such a monotone voice and matter of fact style he made this book boring This book is about the Big Red One Infantry Division and their Invasion at Omaha Beach on D Day What is arguably one of the most important and well known military invasions was made boring by this book and or by the narrator.I have read or listened to many war history books and I have found most to be fast paced, written with action a [...]

    19. I read most but not all of this book on Audible It is a pretty engaging story of the first day of Normandy focusing on the division, The Big Red One, at Normandy It s not as good as, for instance, Shelby Foote s narrative histories of The Civil War, but then, what history book is Also, this type of book is not that great to listen to on Audible because you miss the maps and charts that are essential to understand the lay of the battlefield I got it as an Audible Daily Deal, so beggars can t be c [...]

    20. Captivating How this man wrote such a full book on 1 army division on one day was the first question i had before reading it, but he does amazingly well A must read for any WW2 or war buffs but really anyone will enjoy this.

    21. An account mostly of the Big Red 1 of the preparation for and action on D Day, June 6, 1944 Yes, the action on D Day only, 24 hours If you have a weak stomach then this is probably not for you One of many accounts of D Day, but probably one of the best.

    22. The research that it took to write a book with this much detail must be incredible it was at times hard to read due to all the death and destruction that it mentions it makes you appreciate the sacrifice of those who were on Omaha beach on D Day.

    23. A very powerful and sobering read The action in this book was so intense, it took me a while to work my way through it.

    24. Very well written book that goes into much detail that makes one feel appreciative of the horror of life and death on the beach.

    25. John C McManus, Ph.D is Professor of U.S Military History at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla Missouri, and a recognized authority on the Normandy invasion of World War II His 2014 book The Dead and Those About to Die D Day The Big Red One at Omaha Beach is at once both a well researched scholarly account and an engaging, sometimes riveting, story of the U.S Army s First Division aka, The Big Red One at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 Bloody Omaha as that beach came to be known t [...]

    26. The powerful story of the D Day landing on Omaha Beach by the Army s 1st Infantry Division The Big Red One To describe the the 1st s experience that day as hellish would be to understate the disaster and carnage that occurred Poor invasion planning, nearly ineffectual pre invasion navel and air bombardment and soldiers severely overburdened with packs and equipment led to a near disaster Only the extensive training, combat experience and courage of the soldiers of the Big Red One prevented a dev [...]

    27. Well the story is one that is interesting, the presentation is such that it reads like a collection of scattered facts and anecdotes.

    28. Being a creature of a few habits, one being reading before sleep, I found this book to go against my typical read a chapter or two before lights out.It was that good.Not so much a page turner in the typical sense of wanting to see what happens next was D Day 6 June, 1944etty much know how this turned out but rather the many small and gargantuan events that all came togetherr better or worse.on Omaha Beach.The author does an exceptional job of not only telling this story in such a well crafted wa [...]

    29. John C MacManus The Dead and Those About to Die is about the experiences of the soldiers who fought with and against the United States First Infantry Division on Omaha Beach during D Day It is a well written and extremely detailed book about what happened on Bloody Omaha during D Day, and down to the individual level.Omaha is the operational name for one of the five invasion beaches of D Day in Normandy Omaha was assaulted by two divisions, the nited States First Infantry Division a regular Army [...]

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