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Death at the Door #2020

Death at the Door Annie Darling owner of the mystery bookstore Death on Demand prefers fictional crimes as opposed to the real things But in one tragic week two acts of violence shake the island community of Broward

  • Title: Death at the Door
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9780425266175
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Death at the Door By Carolyn G. Hart, Annie Darling owner of the mystery bookstore, Death on Demand prefers fictional crimes as opposed to the real things But in one tragic week, two acts of violence shake the island community of Broward s Rock First, a beloved doctor is found shot dead, seemingly by his own hand Only days later, a local artist is arrested after his wife is found murdered, bludgeoned by herAnnie Darling owner of the mystery bookstore, Death on Demand prefers fictional crimes as opposed to the real things But in one tragic week, two acts of violence shake the island community of Broward s Rock First, a beloved doctor is found shot dead, seemingly by his own hand Only days later, a local artist is arrested after his wife is found murdered, bludgeoned by her husband s sculpting mallet Convinced her brother did not commit suicide, the doctor s sister turns to Annie and her husband, Max, for help She has found a cryptic sketch her brother drew, linking him with the murdered woman Did someone want them both out of the picture With the police considering both cases as good as closed, it s up to Annie and Max to sort through a rogues gallery of suspects to see if someone is trying to frame the artist But if Annie isn t careful, she may find herself having her own brush with death

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      400 Carolyn G. Hart
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    1 thought on “Death at the Door

    1. The best thing about this book is the cover The story isn t very good The best parts are when Annie and Max aren t talking about the case The story begins and ends in the middle of things I prefer books with definite beginnings and endings I also didn t like all the different perspectives It would have been better with just Annie s and Max s perspectives, and the others explaining things to them It s too repetitive the way it is.

    2. After twenty some odd mysteries, one might find Hart s Death on Demand series formulaic by now, but not so These characters are so well drawn and indelible and motives for mayhem and murder still fresh that it is no wonder this reader comes back to the island resort town of Broward s Rock again and again.

    3. I have read every one of the Death on Demand books and enjoyed traveling through the adventures with Max and Annie.This time it seemed I had a rather hard time keeping track of the characters It might have just been me but the middle of the book seemed to drag a little Which is a real shocker A new Lydia Adamson book was mentioned I haven t seen anything by her for years Anybody have any tips on this

    4. 3.5 stars Another excellent read for the Death on Demand series, although it felt like a LOT introspection was included in this one lots of suspect lists, summation, etc Still, the mystery was very well plotted and the murderer was a mystery right until the end Looking forward to 25 Full review jennoklikes post 113803

    5. Not happy at all with this book, it read like an itemized list of who done it Over and Over Again I read almost half, then skipped to the end was really bored with the constant LISTS A cpl books ago I found myself getting bored with the stories and characters and thought 1 chance, the last book was good, not this one, maybe it s time to hang up this series.

    6. I liked this one better than most due to the fact that Laurel didn t make much of an appearance in this one I can t stand that character

    7. openbooksociety article deBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleThe small community of Broward s Rock, South Carolina, is shocked when a beloved local doctor, Paul Martin, dies of an apparent suicide His sister Lucy does not think he would do such a thing and implores Annie Darling, the local mystery bookstore owner who has a penchant for investigating, to help unearth the truth Only a few days later, socialite Jane Corley is murdered in her home with her artist husband s sculptor s mallet This [...]

    8. Last month, when Carolyn Hart was honored as a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America, they were honoring one of the best authors of traditional mysteries Her latest Death of Demand Bookstore mystery, Death at the Door, is just one piece of evidence that she knows how to write a puzzle to keep readers guessing In a small, closed community, there should be a death that tears at the community Add in a likely suspect, a doubting amateur sleuth, a cast of interesting characters, a dangerous [...]

    9. I ve been reading lately that authors should not let themselves fall into a formula but should vary their plots Murder in the first chapter Maybe not Develop the characters first Maybe a good idea And yet as I finished another satisfying read in Carolyn Hart s Death on Demand Bookstore series it occurred to me she s done very well with a formula The novels open with a series of vignettes so the reader knows these people will be involved but how Who is the victim Who is the murderer is far down t [...]

    10. Death at the Door is the twenty fourth book in the A Death on Demand series.The morning after a party at the Wyler Art Gallery, Dr Paul Martin is found dead from an apparent suicide by his sister Lucy Lucy finds a cryptic message in her brothers study that alludes to the fact that Jane Corley s life is in danger Shortly thereafter Jane s body is found by her husband Tom Edwards, she has beaten with a sculptor mallet of her husband Tom immediately becomes a suspect in his wife death, but claims t [...]

    11. Max and Annie Darling are always a reliable source of great entertainment I look forward to each new addition to this long running series Carolyn Hart has often been referred to as The Queen of the Cozy , and that is a title that deserves Her books are always tightly plotted and there are always lots of old familiar characters and a good sprinkling of new ones and the characters are all quirky The setting for these books is exquisite an island off the Georgia coast called Broward s Rock It s a p [...]

    12. It s hard to believe that after twenty three books in the same series, book twenty four could be even better It was Author Carolyn Hart nurtures her Death On Demand series like a mother does her child, and it shows This book changed POVs among different characters and it kept the story fresh and gave me a glimpse into other parts of the story that readers don t always get to see Main characters Annie and her husband Max really have their hands full in DEATH AT THE DOOR With two deaths, and suspe [...]

    13. There were a couple of things about this installment of the Death on Demand series that bugged me First, was the way in which events of interest were disclosed it was almost a let s go down the list approach and it became tedious There wasn t much thought put into the process the usual supporting characters who often add fun elements to the story were used to help check off the list The mystery itself was reasonably well thought out I didn t suspect the killer till near the end of the book But I [...]

    14. Doctor Paul Martin is found dead and considered a suicide His sister is convinced it is murder Then Jane Hubbard is found murdered Annie is convinced that both killings are linked She and Max along with the Intrepid Trio are on the case Visiting Broward s Rock is always a treat This one seemed a little slower than the others and there seemed to be a tad too many lists this time around but I liked Marian having a bigger role As usual, most readers wish Death on Demand was a real mystery bookstore [...]

    15. Death at the Door by Carolyn Hart.This is a death on demand mystery with Annie Max Darling I can always come back to a Death on Demand mystery and feel comfortably at home the setting is the Darlings mystery book shop and the Darlings are just that they have each others back at all times.A doctor is found dead seemingly by his own hands Annie and Max are requested to find another answer to his death by his sister At another part of town shortly after the doctor s death an artist s wife is found [...]

    16. I know many people are devoted to this series, but I m really on the fence about it I read some, don t read others This one which includes several reports and letters reads like maybe Hart is getting bored with these characters, too At any rate, a local doctor becomes suspicious about someone s motives and then, surprisingly, kills himself Then Jane, a rich woman, is killed and her husband accused But Annie is sure that the husband is innocent The doctor s sister is sure that he wasn t suicidal [...]

    17. On page 157 Irene smoothed one carefully mascaraed eyebrow I wasn t aware that women use mascara on eyebrows Who proof reads check facts these days And on page 132 David said I got to talk to you And again later on in the book Thought he was fairly educated Also way too much information on the clothes each character was wearingrather have of a description on island scenes or historical facts A disappointing read

    18. I ve read all of Carolyn Hart s Death on Demand mysteries, and this is the only one that I struggled to finish There were too many characters to keep track of, and frankly I lost interest about half way through I hate giving this such a low rating, as CH is one of my favorite authors, but IMO it justcked.

    19. Definitely my least favorite Death on Demand book As always, I love Annie and Max, but this was not their best murder mystery.

    20. I liked this one Annie and Max did some growing The mystery was well done Sticking with this series even though it may make my to be read list longer.

    21. Hart s familiar cast of continuing characters in her Death on Demand series are well drawn and fun, but the by the numbers template she uses for her plots is definitely showing its age Once again we have a dizzying number of suspects, any of whom could be a plausible villain Unlike her idol Agatha Christie, Hart isn t that adept at burying intriguing clues early in the story that could logically lead to identifying the true killer So we have the all too familiar situation where the murderer seem [...]

    22. I ve read a few of the novels in the Death on Demand series Generally, I enjoy them The setting is attractive and intriguing and the characters are well depicted I found the beginning of this one a little slow but it was an interesting premise and there were a lot of twists and turns along the way While the climax was exciting, it was a little predictable Overall, a good read.

    23. Not as good as some of the other Death on Demand books I ve read This book seemed to have far too many lists and newspaper articles which I found myself skimming over quickly so that I could just get on with the story itself It also seemed to drag on a bit too much before the killer was reavealed.

    24. I think this series is getting better as it goes This was a very well written, whatisgoingtohappennext cozy mysteryd it had plenty of twists and turns, but it wasn t a convoluted disaster was a great adventure

    25. A sort of up to date Angela Lansbury Jessica Fletcher story line, told well Nice for an afternoon diversion.

    26. B There was too much going on and it made it difficult to follow Multiple murders and suspects on a small island Not the best in the series.

    27. The second cosy mystery in the Death on Demand series I have read This one, as the first, was chockablock with characters, and many of these were destined to become suspected of murder at one time or another There were two murders after one deemed suicide was re categorized Annie, owner of a bookstore, and her husband, Max, proprietor or a problem solving business, are again right in the middle of all of the action Full of twists and turns, plenty of gossip, and alibies galore, the murders of a [...]

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