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Risky Game #2020

Risky Game In the next sizzling sports romance from the author of Foolish Games Brody is at the top of his game until Shannon changes the rules Balti Blaze tight end Brody Janik is a natural born football star

  • Title: Risky Game
  • Author: Tracy Solheim
  • ISBN: 9780425266656
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • Risky Game By Tracy Solheim, In the next sizzling sports romance from the author of Foolish Games, Brody is at the top of his game until Shannon changes the rules Balti Blaze tight end Brody Janik is a natural born football star At twenty seven, his record breaking athletic performance and his cover boy good looks have turned him into a household name But Brody s hiding a major secret behind hIn the next sizzling sports romance from the author of Foolish Games, Brody is at the top of his game until Shannon changes the rules Balti Blaze tight end Brody Janik is a natural born football star At twenty seven, his record breaking athletic performance and his cover boy good looks have turned him into a household name But Brody s hiding a major secret behind his charming public persona a health condition that may cut his career short PhD candidate Shannon Shay Everett works multiple jobs to put herself through school including an unpaid internship with the Blaze training department Strapped for cash, Shay answers the call of an NFL gossip blogger to uncover personal details about the Blaze players Sneaking into the locker room one night, she gets entangled in Brody s secret and swept up by his charm Brody isn t sure what to make of the gawky girl with the whiskey eyes, especially when he discovers she was snooping His first instinct is to turn her in as a snitch, but she could destroy him by sharing his secret Instead, he decides to keep her close perhaps closer than either of them originally intended

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    1 thought on “Risky Game

    1. It s going to be hard to keep this under wraps, Shay stuffed herself into a cubby inside the Blaze s locker room, hoping she will overhear a juicy secret she can sell to the blogger who runs the site The Girlfriend s Guide to the NFL And she does discover a juicy secret, one that belongs to a certain Mr Brody Janik She can definitely use the money, it s just that her action puts her possible future career and her internship at risk Not that the internship is one that she wanted but she does need [...]

    2. My favorite of the series so far, and I ll tell you why Through 90% of the book, the hero, Balti Blaze football star Brody Janik, was a decent guy No asshat behavior until near the end of the bookwhich is the opposite of the heroes in the previous 2 books In the first 2 books of the series, I had problems liking the heroes because they were jerks until near the end of the book So Brody was a welcome change.BrodyThe book blurb explains the plot pretty thoroughly Brody s got a medical secret that [...]

    3. I love when the not so perfect girl steam rolls the perfect guy And my oh my does Shannon Everett play the game well She s such a great character all the way around She could be the Energizer Bunny s twin That girl has so much spunk and vitality she makes me admire the heck out of her And she s smart and strong when it would be so easy for her to throw up her hands and run screaming into the hills She s just delightful and makes this story a real charmer And she s keeping a very important someth [...]

    4. Risky Game was all kinds of sports romance perfection Yall know I love my sports romance and, damn me, this was just an awesome combo of the two I was in a total reader girl swoon over Brody and Shay as desperation, survival and a risky secret bring the two together and romance begins to bloom I mean Loved it.The quick of it is that Brody is hiding a medical issue from his football team and in a twist of fate a snooping Shay overhears and a slight case of blackmail ensues as Shay who is in schoo [...]

    5. My Review Definitely the best book of the series I loved this story and the emotions between Shay and Brody I love how unlikely of a couple they are and my heart just hurt for Shay as that was repeatedly pointed out during the book Shay and Brody are brought together by an anonymous evil blogger who likes to stir things up by sharing the latest in rumors and gossip among the NFL members Shay interns with the Blaze as she s earning her PhD in nutrition It s an intern job so it doesn t pay, but sh [...]

    6. See the full review, complete with memorable quotes, at GraveTells gravetells contemporary ro This review is SPOILER FREE Read on with confidence Even though this is book three in the series, you can easily pick it up and dive in without being too confused There are a fairly large amount of characters contributing to the story who were introduced in the past two books but Risky Game mainly focuses on Brody and Shay.Something that I really liked in this book, which is a nice change from the last [...]

    7. Risky Game Out Of Bounds 3 Tracy SolheimI won this book through a contest at and in return I promised my honest review.This book was great I can t wait to go back and read the other 2 in this series It is a part of a series and yes, in some instances it would have helped if I read those first but this still can be a stand alone book What s not to love about football and those hunky athletes The book was well written, with great characters, a mighty fine plot, and lots of steamy, sexual attractio [...]

    8. 4.5 stars I m a huge fan of Tracy K Solheim s Out of Bounds series I love the game of football and love reading about the fictional lives of the players I especially enjoy how Tracy pairs each player with real women They aren t cookie cutter gorgeous and perfect, each has pasts and issues they have to face Every one of Tracy s books has been wonderful and I ve looked forward to each with barely controlled eagerness When I found out book 3 would be the infamous Brody s book, I couldn t help but w [...]

    9. Risky Game is the third story in the Out of Bounds series by Tracy Solheim, and tells the story of golden boy wide received Brody Janik and awkward Shannon Shay Everett Shay is currently working on her PhD, with an unpaid internship with the Blaze, and her willingness to spy on the Blaze players for a gossip blogger leads her right into Brody s hands when he discovers her snooping in the locker room Her discovery of his potential career ending health condition will lead to an uneasy alliance as [...]

    10. A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss That s the trade off But I ll take it all Brad PittFootball star Brody Janik shares many attributes with Brad Pitt he is sexy, he is driven, and and he has a big family Instead of Brady s six children, Brody has three sisters whom he adores He is at the height of his athletic career and yet he hides a secret a secret Shannon Shay Everett overhears in the locker room She could use the cash that this secret would gener [...]

    11. I don t know who convinced you that you re not beautiful, but they were wrong, Shannon You are an incredibly desirable woman Risky Game, book three in the Out of Bounds series, is a sports romance that had me laughing, frustrated, and then finally satisfied by the HEA ending.I really enjoyed Tracy Solheim s writing style The story flowed smoothly from scene to scene, the dialogue was interesting and snappy, and the characters were very well thought out The bit of mystery to the plot was a nice t [...]

    12. I love me a good jock romance Football players, hockey players and fighters are my favorites This is the third book in this series, each book centers around different characters so it s not necessary to read the first two to understand what s going on in this book I loved this opposites attract story Hotshot tight end Brody Janik has a problem and Shay Everet,brainy PhD candidate, knows about a big secret that could ruin his career When information starts leaking from the locker room to a myster [...]

    13. I ve been eagerly anticipating Brody Janik s story, and it was worth the wait As a beta reader for Tracy Solheim, I indulged myself with an advanced copy over the holidays Brody Janik is lovable and hunkyd a good guy, to boot He has enough of a temper and edge to make him interesting though And Shannon Shay Everett is a great heroine She s smart, clever, hard working, and not known for her beauty, though you know she is easy on the eyes Fun to read a romance that is a bit unlikely Another page t [...]

    14. My original post Sept 11, 2014fangswandsandfairydust 201Includes a Three Audiobook giveaway ending 0 00 hours EDT 9 17 14Audiobook provided by Tantor Audio for review purposes No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.WHAT DO YOU HIDE There are some people who it seems can skirt the rules and never get caught, and then there are others who get in trouble even for thinking about coloring outside the lines Shay is one of those people I really identify [...]

    15. Title Risky GameSeries Out of Bounds 3Author Tracy SolheimGenre Contemporary Romance Sports RomanceBlurb In the next sizzling sports romance from the author of Foolish Games, Brody is at the top of his game until Shannon changes the rules.Balti Blaze tight end Brody Janik is a natural born football star At twenty seven, his record breaking athletic performance and his cover boy good looks have turned him into a household name But Brody s hiding a major secret behind his charming public persona a [...]

    16. There s a gossip blogger looking for dirt on the boys from the NFL The dirtier the better Shannon, everybody calls me Shay , Everett is a PhD student currently working one of her many jobs as an unpaid intern for the Balti Blaze She was supposed to be working with the training staff on nutritional coaching for team, but ended up spending most of her time in food service When she gets an offer to get paid by the blogger for dirt on the team, she sneaks into the locker room and overhears Brody tal [...]

    17. 3.5Brody Janik has a secret A secret that could possibly prevent him from continuing his career of a professional football player The only person who knows this secret besides his trainer is the one of the teams interns, Shay Everett Shay makes a deal with Brody to keep his secret if he lets her use him and his illness for her thesis paper A deal is struck and I m sure you can guess where this is going.Both Brody and Shay don t believe in love Sure, Shay finds the star football player beautiful [...]

    18. I really enjoyed RISKY GAME I liked that the characters were so well drawn that I felt like I could meet them around any corner It also helped my enjoyment that this was a sports romances I love romances between professional athletes and the women who are just right for them It doesn t seem the NFL star Brody Janik and PHD candidate Shay Everett would have much in common He s a golden boy from a privileged background leading what seems to be a charmed life Shay is from a much difficult backgrou [...]

    19. A bit of suspense and conspiracy in the football world, a strong, no nonsense nutritionist intern in financial trouble and a happy go lucky football star all make for a sizzling sports romance in Risky Game.Risky Game is the third book in the Out of Bounds series This one would work out of order or standalone thought it will be noticeable that it is connected to a series.Brody Janik, football star, is at the top of his game on and off the field Or so everyone thinks Due to a health issue just be [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book through Firstreads.I had already read the first two books in the Out of Bounds series and liked them, when I got lucky and won Risky Game.I think that this third installment of the series has been my favorite so far hint, hint, I m hoping this isn t the last in the series I remembered the introduction of Brody in the prior book and was looking forward to seeing what was in store for him I loved the storyline that the author developed While I never bought into the f [...]

    21. There s not many books that keep me up to midnight but Risky Game did.Brody and Shay had just the right chemistryeven though Shay was the opposite of Brody s type Although I thought Brody was heavy handed in the way he blackmailed Shay into keeping his secret and helping him I do have to admit that Brody had trust issues and you really couldn t blame him Shay was super womane tired me out with her schedule It was fun to see two opposites fall in love.It was fun to catch up with the past characte [...]

    22. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy and, Brody s story was worth the wait Another great story I loved Shay and I loved her and Brody s story It was sweet, funny and a wild ride, every twist and turn was a great read The characters were lovable and flawed, which makes them real It was so easy to get invested in them and sooooo hard to put down I didn t want to stop until I had finished the whole book If you met Brody in the previous book you already love him and if you didn t you will fall [...]

    23. I received an advance copy of Risky Game and loved it The book is than the relationship story of Brody and Shannon, there s a situation that s thread throughout the book and although I m usually good at guessing who done it , I was surprised this time Ms Solheim does a beautiful job of developing all of her characters whether they are main or minor and yikes, how she can describe the heat I highly recommend this book following another player of the Balti Blaze and his unexpected relationship wi [...]

    24. Right off the bat, I fell in love with Brody and Shay He is a complicated football player with trust issues She is the poor girl in the final stages of getting her Ph.D and has worked for everything she has They eventually fall in love with each other and everyone knows it but them Takes him a long time to figure it out They do get their HEA I think this has been my favorite in this series as they are so vivid you feel you right there with them I sure hope Tracy will add another great book to th [...]

    25. Loved the first two books in the series and feel so lucky to have gotten an advance copy of Brody s story as a beta reader for Tracy Solheim I LOVED IT Even enticing than the first two books of the series because I already know and care about the characters from those stories The chemistry between Shay and Brody as well as the other couples was HOT HOT HOT Couldn t put it down and then again didn t want it to end Once again great writing and intriguing characters and plot s Such a fun read I ca [...]

    26. A book that wraps up in the last two pages drives me crazy I felt Shay was stronger than portrayed as she accepted Brody s apology and just took him back That all being said, I really liked both characters Their flaws were believable and issues understandable I didn t love book one in this series but after reading this one, I m going to go back and read book two I would recommend this to those that love those sports romances I received this book for free through First Reads.

    27. I really loved this book I love mixing romance and sports Risky Game tells a great story of a football player that is pre diabetic so along with a great romance and great sports it is also teaching that with proper nutrition and diet you can prevent going from pre diabetic to diabetic I loved that aspect of the story Tracy Solheim tells a great romance with great characters that you fall in love with, they feel like friends I can t wait to read her next sports romance.

    28. This was a great book that I enjoyed reading very much even with all of the sports and football references I was reminded of early Susan Elizabeth Philips while I read this I also had a hard time putting the book down and finished reading it within one day I received a copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own.

    29. I just finished Risky Game, and it s my favorite of the three Game books I love Brody and was so happy to get to know him better I love the way Ms Solheim interweaves the stories of the Blaze family and it s great to revisit friends from her other books I m dying to know who s behind the blogease don t leave me hanging for too long Another great effort in time for the beach

    30. This is Tracy Solheim s 3rd book Each one of them have been great, but this one is definitely my favorite Make sure you have plenty of time to read because you won t want to put this one down A definite one day read

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