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Doctor Who: Scales of Injustice: The Monster Collection Edition #2020

Doctor Who Scales of Injustice The Monster Collection Edition When a boy goes missing and a policewoman starts drawing cave paintings the Doctor suspects the Silurians are back With the Brigadier distracted by questions about UNIT funding and problems at home

  • Title: Doctor Who: Scales of Injustice: The Monster Collection Edition
  • Author: Gary Russell
  • ISBN: 9781849907804
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doctor Who: Scales of Injustice: The Monster Collection Edition By Gary Russell, When a boy goes missing and a policewoman starts drawing cave paintings, the Doctor suspects the Silurians are back With the Brigadier distracted by questions about UNIT funding and problems at home, the Doctor swears his assistant Liz Shaw to secrecy and investigates alone.But Liz has enquiries of her own, teaming up with a journalist to track down people who don t existWhen a boy goes missing and a policewoman starts drawing cave paintings, the Doctor suspects the Silurians are back With the Brigadier distracted by questions about UNIT funding and problems at home, the Doctor swears his assistant Liz Shaw to secrecy and investigates alone.But Liz has enquiries of her own, teaming up with a journalist to track down people who don t exist What is the mysterious Glasshouse, and why is it so secret As the Silurians wake from their ancient slumber, the Doctor, Liz and the Brigadier are caught up in a conspiracy to exploit UNIT s achievements a conspiracy that reaches deep into the heart of the British Government.An adventure featuring the Third Doctor, as played by Jon Pertwee, his companion Liz Shaw and UNIT

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      186 Gary Russell
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    1 thought on “Doctor Who: Scales of Injustice: The Monster Collection Edition

    1. This was stonking good fun There s such alot of good stuff in this book It acts in a way similar to Who Killed Kennedy did, in that it gives some background to events that occurred in season 7, and substantially explores the shadowy C19 organisation that was introduced in that book And even if it s not Gary Russell s creation, lots of elements he adds to it are inspired The Pale Man with the scar is a wonderfully nasty character, and visually striking to boot He s also been enhanced with cyber t [...]

    2. Bottom line it s got a good concept that regrettably gets a bit bogged down in a somewhat laborious execution, but it s nonetheless worth it for the character stuff.Like Gary Russell, one of my favourite seasons of Doctor Who is season seven with the third Doctor and Liz Shaw That was a major draw for me when I bought this book, and on that factor it succeeded really well for me Liz getting a proper explanation for her leaving and some real internal life was fantastic to see, and Russell writes [...]

    3. Although not a Doctor Who novel I would have picked randomly, I ended up reading it because of it being chosen as the next discussion book for The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, which I have recently become infatuated with As it turns out, I ended up enjoying The Scales of Injustice greatly, and I really can t figure out why I didn t think I would The Silurians and The Sea Devils are two of my absolute favorite Doctor Who serials I love the idea of an alien whose role as a villain or a friend is [...]

    4. As Gary Russell himself has said, the Virgin Missing Adventures were created to fill in the holes left by Doctor Who s TV continuity That is exactly what The Scales Of injustice sets out to do Filling in gaps left by 1983 s Warriors Of The Deep and the decision not to give Liz Shaw an exit in either Inferno or Terror Of The Autons, this novel may well be one of the most necessary Missing Adventures for fans of the series For starters Russel seems to know his characters By the time I reached the [...]

    5. When I think of The Missing Adventure series from Virgin, this book is what I expect The Missing Adventures gave the opportunity to fill in Doctor Who History, and this does that.Before I go any further fans of Doctor Who will get out of this story, but it is a good story for those interested in Doctor Who as well The story is about the return of the Silurians, or Earth Reptiles as they are known as This time the Doctor is trying to prevent what happened in The Cave Monsters and a new menace is [...]

    6. This original Doctor Who novel features the Third Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee and Dr Elizabeth Liz Shaw and the Silurians again References abound not only to Doctor Who and the Silurians , but also The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep And, as always, meetings between apes and Earth Reptiles do not go well.Also the plot involves political intrigue between Parliament, the Glasshouse the UNIT hospice , and C19 Someone wants to discredit the current head of the Glasshouse and take it over, tu [...]

    7. nhwvejournal 743504ml return return I think the first Doctor Who spinoff novel I read was Gary Russell s Invasion of the Cat People, long long ago I was so deeply unimpressed that it was years before I read another one Since then, of course, I ve become aware of Russell as the host of numerous DVD commentaries and as a talking head on Doctor Who Confidential, not to mention being reminded of his activities as child actor in the Famous Five and editor of Doctor Who Monthly It s not always a howli [...]

    8. I can t help it I love all things Doctor Who I don t necessarily enjoy every single TV episode but I do love the books, especially when they are written by such excellent authors This is one of the monster collection and I had already read the weeping angels one and enjoyed it I enjoyed this one, which concerns the Silurians, just as much and have decided to try and read all the monster collection asap.What I do love about these books is that you always see the little nuances and differences bet [...]

    9. Read this as the copyright has reverted to author and as such was a free download on Manybooks.The Book as suggested by the cover takes place during John Pertwee s reign as the third Doctor and is very much of his Earthbound UNIT style adventuresrsarys this time around are the sillurians but in some ways they are incidental to the whole plot as the main story involves a Conspiracy around Government agencies with a hit man and shadowy grey man too.The Conspiracy provides much of the action and le [...]

    10. A beautiful reprint edition of a wonderful Doctor Who Missing Adventure Never mind the delicious details regarding Silurian culture, this is a book that develops the background of UNIT and its political paymasters to a fabulous fascinating degree it provides some powerful insight into the Brigadier in particularcluding one detail that will sends ripples into the series 50th anniversary If there is a weakness here, it s that the 3rd Doctor Liz have virtually nothing to do in this novel except act [...]

    11. A good, action packed VMA with an unsatisfying ending that I ve since learned is wrapped up in two of Russell s other books for later Doctors Well that s fine but I didn t know going in that I was going to need to read two sequels with the Sixth Doctor in order to see the villains get their comeuppance, so I was a bit put off by that Recommended for Doctor Who continuity buffs who ll catch all the references, unlike me fans of Liz Shaw as a character she gets good development in this one fans of [...]

    12. I really good novel send off of Liz Shaw She left abruptly so it s good to see some time of reasoning behind it The story read like an old Doctor Who serial With the episodes, and the graphic content they could ve only gotten away with occasionally Really good read, characterization of Liz was spot on Plus it was nice to see Mike Yates promotion and some of the Brigs home life Plus not all that much focus was put on The Doctor.

    13. This sprawling UNIT epic, set at the end of Series Seven, pits the Doctor against Silurians, Sea Devils and sinister forces Serving also as an exit story for companion Liz Shaw, the story is perhaps a little over stuffed with references to and cameos from the Earth bound Pertwee era, but is great fun nonetheless.

    14. Nice story for Liz Shaw, like the bad guys and it s always good to see an old monster brought back, but this story wandered all over the place and never seemed to come together.Felt almost like the first book in a trilogy rather than something that would stand alone.

    15. One of the better ones that I ve read so far This is a Third Doctor and Liz Shaw adventure set near the end of that partnership Gary Russell weaves what seems like too many threads in this plot, but manages to clean them all up at the end Yay

    16. Tried to tell too many stories with way too many important characters at once, so ultimately, neither storyline moved very much along A pity really.

    17. I enjoyed this one It was a tad bland in places, but not overly so It was nice to have a goodbye scene between the Doctor and Liz Shaw, as there was never one televised.

    18. There s a lot to like in this novel, which basically acts as the finale we never got for the Third Doctor s first season There s significant character development for the Brigadier and Liz Shaw, as well as other UNIT side characters the return of the Silurians and a neat conspiracy storyline involving competing British secret organizations and references to a number of previous adventures Unfortunately, it winds up overcomplicating itself, and the finale is a bit unsatisfying as a result, with v [...]

    19. There are a lot of good ideas in this novel and a valiant attempt to fill in some of the gaps which the TV series left Just what does happen to all the alien tech left over from alien invasions Sadly, the execution begins very clumsily, which may make many not continue with this novel There is too much, too soon and quite inexpertly expressed By about 1 3 of the way in, this seems worked out but it is consequently one of the poorly written Dr Who books The ideas within, however, deserve a fulle [...]

    20. A pretty solid Doctor Who book It s a bit violent, probably because it s a UNIT story, but we also get to know about Liz, since her story never got a proper resolution on the show I read this to my almost 10 yr old son skipping over the gory details, as well as the 70s patronizing comments about women in miniskirts , and we liked it a lot.

    21. This book, oh this book Never have I come across a terribly written piece of fiction As my first attempt at reading a fan fiction of my favorite TV show, I was sorely disappointed.Where do I start Oh where do I start I still don t know where The Scales of Injustice comes into play The Doctor was hardly a character in his own work Can we talk about how the title is Doctor Who and when his name isn t Doctor Who, just The Doctor So the title is bogus on two counts.The Silurians were semi okay They [...]

    22. The Silurians is one of the better Who stories, though it has many notable flaws, especially in the science Gary Russell has attempted to fix some of these flaws while not going too far away from the original story The novel is designed to explain Liz Shaw s reasons for leaving UNIT therefore, she gets a very central role in the story Russell has striven to keep the mood and style of Pertwee s first season, and succeeds in that At the same time, since the novel form is unrestrained by budget, Ru [...]

    23. A solid early Third Doctor adventure with a than adequate leaving story for Liz Shaw and a return of the Earth Reptiles from Doctor Who and the Silurians Whilst there is lots to like about this story it ultimately is nothing than a piece of nostalgia for the Pertwee era, and whilst that is not a bad thing, it does mean that you do find yourself wanting perhaps a little On the other hand, the characters are engaging and the inclusion of nearly every UNIT personnel up to that point even if some [...]

    24. Originally written in the 90 s this story was republished in 2014 as part of The Monster Collection following the success of the 50th Anniversary books the previous year.With a wealth of stories to choose from for the first Seven Doctors I suspected they would choose the standout stories whilst the show was off the air I wasn t disappointed This fits seamlessly in between Season 7 8, they are my favorite TV Tie in Novels.Lots of nods to both Pertwee s First Year aswell as other stuff that Classi [...]

    25. Largely a revisit of Doctor Who and The Silurians with some continuity patches thrown in for the Brig and Liz None of them particularly imaginative for that matter either Add to that the fact about 80% of the story is exposition and it really makes for a boring read.

    26. Captures the feel of a classic adventure.A fantastic novel that captures the feel of a classic who adventure perfectly A thoughtful and often intense story, with a high body count, but willing to ask important questions and meditate on characters as well as action.

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