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Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel #2020

Doctor Who Touched by an Angel The past is like a foreign country Nice to visit but you really wouldn t want to live there In Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident Her husband Mark is still grieving He receives a battered

  • Title: Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel
  • Author: JonathanMorris
  • ISBN: 9781849907569
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel By JonathanMorris, The past is like a foreign country Nice to visit, but you really wouldn t want to live there In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident Her husband Mark is still grieving He receives a battered envelope, posted eight years earlier, containing a set of instructions with a simple message You can save her As Mark is given the chance to save Rebecca, it s up to The past is like a foreign country Nice to visit, but you really wouldn t want to live there In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident Her husband Mark is still grieving He receives a battered envelope, posted eight years earlier, containing a set of instructions with a simple message You can save her As Mark is given the chance to save Rebecca, it s up to the Doctor, Amy and Rory to save the whole world Because this time the Weeping Angels are using history itself as a weapon.An adventure featuring the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, and his companions Amy and Rory

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    1. Eight years after his wife s death, Mark Whitaker receives a letter from his future self, giving him instructions on how to save her But why are the Weeping Angels following Mark And can The Doctor, with Rory and Amy in tow, stop the Weeping Angels from rewriting history Of course he can He s the DoctorI got this from Netgalley.I have a few Doctor Who tie in novels under my belt at this stage in the game and few of them really manage to capture the feel of a Doctor Who episode Touched By An Ange [...]

    2. Rating 4 of fiveI still don t know who sent this book to me, but whoever you are, thanks.I was gutted by the events on p223, really gutted I remembered the event on p158 though and suddenly I got it, I understood what this book was about Grieving, the process of losing your life when someone you re in love with dies and or leaves you behind The processes that take years to work themselves out, the lost time of happiness forfeited and the cruel hand of time stamping you with the stigmata of all t [...]

    3. The Weeping Angels are one of my favorite Doctor Who villains This story features the 11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory, as they try to help a man named Mark who has been sent back in time by the Weeping Angels The danger in his case is that he was sent back only 17 years within his own lifetime and he could potentially cause a paradox by changing history The book does a wonderful job of capturing the personality of the 11th incarnation of the Doctor and his two traveling companions The story was excit [...]

    4. Life s too short to be miserable, basically If you can be happy, then BE happy This book was amazing for all sorts of reasons First and foremost, it featured the Weeping Angels which are, in my opinion, one of the best and most terrifying Doctor Who baddies It can t be easy to write a story where the enemy only moves when you aren t looking at it, but Jonathan Morris did a splendid job with the writing and building all sorts of tension and scares Secondly, there was a ton of wonderful banter bet [...]

    5. I know the Doctor Who books these days are aimed at a younger audience This is right and proper And they re good books I d gnaw off my own leg for the chance to write one But I must admit, as a 39 year old reader , a tiny part of me misses the days of Virgin s New Adventures and the better BBC Books, when they were aimed at adults In some ways Jonny s book feels very adult focused with it s seemingly endless list of 90s pop culture references there s even an Echobelly gag, oddly the second book [...]

    6. The Weeping Angels are my favorite Doctor Who villians They don t exist if you are looking at them, they can t speak, you can t hurt them, and they don t give up They are so insidiously menacing Touched By An Angel takes these now classic Who villians and puts a new spin on them They are ever resourceful, and in this story their plan to feed off of even concentrated time energy is ingenious And wrapped up in the life of Mark and Rebecca Whitaker This novel has Mark backtracking through his life [...]

    7. 3.5 stars the personalities of Rory, the Doctor, and Amy Pond came through really well, and of course the angels are such a fantastic idea

    8. Blink, there the shadow is closer Blink a hand closes over your shoulder Blink, sharp teeth and blank eyes are inches away Blink, you re in another time Don t Blink.A Dr Who Weeping Angel novel Yes, a novel I thought his was a comic graphic novel when I got it, but was thrilled to find a full length read at my finger tips Happy Happy Happy me The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves dealing with a grief stricken man who wants to change his past desperately His travels send the angels after him t [...]

    9. This was the first Doctor Who media tie in book I ve read, despite being a fan of the show for years now The knock against them or at least what I ve been told is that they are written in a younger readers tone, and therefore only hold interest to the show s younger fans But since I love the Weeping Angels and could tell that I could probably finish this is about a day or two, I decided to give this one a whirl It certainly wasn t bad, and I didn t really get the young readers vibe from it s not [...]

    10. This book hit the spot It was a sit down and read in one day type of snack and it was perfect for that Morris created an interesting time travel story with paradoxes and romance to pull you into the story, and Weeping Angels to keep it going It was fun to see the trio on paper but continuously was brought to the realization that this would would have been a great show Morris captures the mannerisms of the Doctor that you just want to see Matt Smith act out The angels weren t as scary on paper as [...]

    11. nwhytevejournal 1892674ml return return Yet another story of car crashes and mixed up timelines I have lost count of how often this has come up in New Who but it s at least twice on the main show plus Sarah Jane Smith s parents , but with the excellent addition of the Weeping Angels, who both create the possibility of temporal paradox and hope to feed off it Morris does a beautiful job of conveying the history of the relationship between the car crash victim and her husband which is central to t [...]

    12. Unfortunately this one was a bit boring, I knowring book about the Weeping Angels There was just something missing here for me Maybe the wonderfully frenetic Eleventh Doctor needs to be seen to be loved Okay story, but I skimmed the last half because I was so bored Neither Amy nor Rory came across well in the written word either, not in this book at least.

    13. Weeping Angels making us weep Great story but had some kind of sad parts The weeping angels show no mercy, but that s what makes them great predators, right That s all I ll say, no spoilers.

    14. Original Link to the review at my blog Le Grande Codex here Among the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Silence, the Weeping Angels can be considered a formidable enemy and I admit on par with the Daleks on the scary quota They had some of the most terrifying episodes in their repertoire too including Blink , The Time of Angels , The Angels take Manhattan etc.GOD I still remember David Tennant s 10th Doctor Dialogue from the episode Blink Don t Blink Blink and your dead Don t turn your Back Don t look a [...]

    15. Don t blink Don t even blink Blink and you re dead They are fast faster than you can believe Don t turn your back, don t look away and don t blink Good luck The Doctor, Blink 2006 Weeping Angels are one of the most scary in my opinion of the Doctor Who monster line up They appear as harmless angel statues but are actually ancient creatures who can only move when they are not observed They feed by sending their victims back in time Mark Whitaker s wife died nine years ago and he has never quite g [...]

    16. In the last review I wrote for a BBC Doctor Who novel, I pointed out they were written for a young audience Which is a bit ironic, considering the content of this one.There are Weeping Angels who throw a man back in time, to a point before his wife is killed He and the TARDIS crew spent the bulk of the novel making sure his younger self and history stay on track It s a surprisingly mature tale, and given the inevitable attempt to stave off the wife s death, a surprisingly un maudlin one Is un ma [...]

    17. Wheeping Angels are SO Scary Whatever you do DON T BLINK Doctor Who, Blink One of the scariest things I have ever watched on telly Blink In this Doctor Who tenth episode from the third season, the Doctor and Martha meet Sally Sparrow Well, they don t really meet Sally you see, there are DVD Easter Eggs, on sixteen DVD s, where a mysterious man has a conversation, apparently with someone sitting on our side of the screen and it all goes extremely terrifying from there for the Weeping Angels ar [...]

    18. Just perfect The weeping angels are probably my favorite doctor who monster and I had been doing a stint where I was focusing on the eleventh doctor s stories and books, so choosing this book at the time that I did was kind of a no brainer I thought Jonathan Morris did a phenomenal job as a lot of the doctor who authors do in making me feel as if I was watching an episode of the show in my head He nailed the personality of Eleven, Amy, and Rory He also does a great job of creating the character [...]

    19. Bought this as popcorn to enjoy on ridiculously long public transit commute and it filled that purpose admirably The Angels in Blink were my first Who monsters, so I ll probably always have a soft spot for them The voices of Eleven, Amy, and Rory were captured well enough that my memories of the actors performances were evoked and could fill in what was missing some of the descriptions of them e.g when the Doctor is piloting the TARDIS made me smirk or even laugh aloud And the nature of the time [...]

    20. Doctor Who Touched By An Angel is the 46th new Doctor adventure and features the 11th Doctor along with Amy and Rory It took a bit for me to get into it, but once I did, I had a lot of fun reading this one.In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident, witnessed by a stone angel Ten years later, her husband Mark is still grieving her loss When he receives an envelope full of instructions on how to save her, he is thrown back in time with a chance to change his life The problem is that this i [...]

    21. This one s remarkably good.I thought we d seen the last of the deep and emotionally charged Doctor Who books, with strong, believeable characters, when Virgin lost its license Yes, this is the direction the TV series has taken, but the short, snappy nature of the New Series Adventures tends to mean there isn t room for much beyond telling a good story quickly and economically Not so here Jonathan Morris is spot on, in his introduction, where he talks about how much of himself he put into this Th [...]

    22. 4.5 stars.I really enjoyed reading this book mainly due to the way that it explores grief and explores what most of us want to do which is go back in time and change what we have done This made it an interesting and engaging read for me.Also this has a different set up than most of the episodes and the other books have as the story is set out in the perspective of Mark rather than the companions or the Doctor s perspective which I felt really worked well as a story This is the best Weeping Angel [...]

    23. This was my first Doctor Who book, and I m rather underwhelmed We learn a bit about the main character, Mark Whitaker, but even he feels a bit two dimensional The Doctor whizzes around trying to prevent him causing a disaster, and Amy and Rory are just props with no real impact on the story The whole thing felt shallow, with no meaningful interaction between the Doctor and his companions The story is OK, I did want to know the end and I did finish the book, but it was somewhat blah I ll try othe [...]

    24. One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes is Blink, the Weeping Angels are the show s scariest villains, so when I saw this book I was really excited to read it The Doctor, Amy and Rory all came across as themselves and I could easily visualize each of the actors saying the things in the book I laughed several times with the things the Doctor said and did I could picture Matt Smith doing those things and it was HILARIOUS The ending was a bit dull, but overall the story moved along at a great pace a [...]

    25. It was okay, not great There were a couple of things that sort of bugged me I found the continued need to name what song was on in the background a bit irritating Just mentioning it doesn t really add anything to a written story It happens a lot in this At one point, the sentence Amy squealed in relief shows up Just for a moment, I d like you to imagine squealing in relief Done Doesn t work, does it Finally, it seems pretty common in Doctor Who books that the author has to include a reference to [...]

    26. A typically zany, action comedy romance and young adult Dr Who thriller The end was surprisingly touching, even though the quality of the rest of the story varied.A few logical issues, like the angels covering their eyes until they were ready to attack Can t they see each other when they are attacking Clare Corbett did a very good job of narrating with very distinct and believable voices for the characters.

    27. Jonathan Morris has a skill for making me care about characters I never thought I would In this case being those in Touched by an Angel, a surprisingly touching and layered Doctor Who tie in novel.

    28. I loved this book The Angels are one of my favorite villain s of Doctor Who It was nice to go back when Rory and Amy were still the companions.

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