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Lemonade Revealed #2020

Lemonade Revealed FICTION A boy is swept ashore on a faraway island into the embrace of three powerful men a priest a warrior and a trader Estranged and tossing about in the undercurrents of abandonment abuse and

  • Title: Lemonade Revealed
  • Author: Will Chluho
  • ISBN: 9789810767761
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Leather-finish bound
  • Lemonade Revealed By Will Chluho, FICTION A boy is swept ashore on a faraway island into the embrace of three powerful men a priest, a warrior, and a trader Estranged, and tossing about in the undercurrents of abandonment, abuse, and betrayal, he finds sense in life, stillNFICTION Peppered with dashes of metaphysics, phenomenology, existentialism, and a naturalist and pragmatic approach on the questFICTION A boy is swept ashore on a faraway island into the embrace of three powerful men a priest, a warrior, and a trader Estranged, and tossing about in the undercurrents of abandonment, abuse, and betrayal, he finds sense in life, stillNFICTION Peppered with dashes of metaphysics, phenomenology, existentialism, and a naturalist and pragmatic approach on the questions of faith and hope, this little yellow book offers philosophical contemplation on a sunny island Indie Reader A relaxing, thoughtful read Kirkus Reviews.

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      229 Will Chluho
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    1 thought on “Lemonade Revealed

    1. Disclaimer I received a copy of Lemonade Revealed via a giveaway All thoughts and opinions on the book are my own.Lemonade Revealed follows the tales of 5 rather different characters on the Island of Ahio Father Rene, spiritual, calm and knowledgeable but who needs to take regular breaks from his community for his own sanity Barnett, a rather crooked trader overtaken by his own greed and exuberance Ahiga, a fine warrior who lacks trust Pahi Umi Umi, a hermit and outcast viewed as a threat by the [...]

    2. First off, I just want to say that I read this while cramming for finals so I didn t exactly read the book very in depth If that makes any sense I m saying that little disclaimer because his book is very very philosophical and psychological that if you don t pay attention to what s going, it s really easy to get lost That happened a couple time for me where I just had no clue what was happening because there are so many pieces of the story that require 100% engagement or you will miss the detail [...]

    3. Lemonade Revealed is a complex book Woven into the boy s story is a nice bit of social commentary, right and wrong, greed vs sacrifice, and the like.I spent part of the book wondering what the boy s name was, as he himself did not know When he gets a crush on the daughter of one of his benefactors, he blurts out what he wants to drink in response to the girl s question of what is his name Lemonade, he declares Hence the title.As he becomes accustomed to his new life, he gradually begins to find [...]

    4. Equal parts parable, adventure story, and quasi theological discussion, Lemonade Revealed is both intriguing and sometimes aggravating.The underlying mystery of the book, with a narrator that doesn t remember his past and washes up on the shore of an island which itself is going through some heavy political turmoil, is interesting and drives the interest of the book The characters, on the other hand, somewhat detract from that mystery, in that two of the three heads of the island are rather two [...]

    5. I m very happy I had a chance to read this novel the story and characters were intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The story centers on a young boy who washes a shore to a strange island has no idea who is he or where he came from all he remembers is that he had a bag with him and it s missing When he arrives at this island, which he later finds out is named Ahio, he is greeted by three extremely different men who help him to find his way and act as father figures to this lost boy The [...]

    6. WinnerThis little yellow book was filled with surprises The first 40 50 pages were a bit slow admittedly, and it took me a while to understand the pattern that the chapters were written in but after the scene setting, and the character introduction the book really started to hit its stride.I found the island very easy to imagine, the characters easy to understand and easy to relate to although I struggled to understand what motivated the priest and the warrior to allow the merchant to carry on t [...]

    7. I ve never read a book quite like Lemonade Revealed It s about a boy who lands ashore after a ship wreck and has no idea who he is He s met by 3 men who try to be a father figure to him, and he ends up thinking one of them might actually be his father.The book is full of philosophical thoughts and has a bit of a religious tone The story had an easy flow, but there were a few times I had to concentrate hard or I got lost and had to go back and re read a few pages.I was pleasantly surprised when I [...]

    8. My Thoughts About The Book I love odd books with odd stories and I really wanted to love this book, but to be honest it just left me feeling dry and empty I found the book extremely confusing with the switches from past to present I had a most difficult time getting past the first half of the book and getting into the story By the time the novel picked up in the second half of the book I had already lost interest in the strange little story Disclaimer I received this book free from TLC Blog Tour [...]

    9. I would rate Lemonade Revealed a 4 1 2 star The story is captivating, the characters are well developed and the narrative does not get lost even with the frequent timeline changes The story is well thought out and uplifting The good experience with the book starts with the plastic cover The aesthetic aspect of it, including the rounded edges makes the reader feel special, in the sense that the author really takes pride in his book The idea of a website that provides support for the book is also [...]

    10. I received my copy of Lemonade Revealed through the Goodread s first read giveaway and it was a sheer pleasure to read This is a literary work of art It is thought provoking and magically well written It isn t just the wonderful leather finished cover and rounded pages to prevent dog ears that make this book special but also the website and Facebook page that go hand in hand with the story providing wonderful pictures and quotes to provide you with the Lemonade Revealed experience I would thorou [...]

    11. This is a fascinating read and deeply philosophical At times confusing and and straightforward The tale of the past and once future king was a startling read The opening was unconventional and while illuminating as a flash of lightning momentarily lights a sky the story in this book confounded me until the end I could follow the parts of the story as the happened but not until the end did have enough to piece it together Even so I did not lose interest in the reading so overall a recommended rea [...]

    12. Firstly, the book itself is gorgeous, bright yellow leatherette cover with embossed text, it s a joy to pick up.The story inside brings delight, following a boy on his trip to discover who he is and how he came to be To help him find his way he finds a variety of different father figures to guide him They lead him to questions he never thought to ask and allow him to see his world through different view points and in turn you as a reader question your way of looking at the world around you This [...]

    13. This was a free First Reads book.This is a thought provoking tale of a young lad who washes ashore on an island that he doesn t know and meets three leaders who hold his future in their hands I would say that it is part adventure and part spiritual philosophy It took me a little while to really get involved in the story, but it went by quickly once I did I absolutely loved the look and feel of the small edition that I won I would recommend to anyone who is looking for something unique to spend s [...]

    14. Unusual book and interesting storyline I found it took me a while to get into the book before I started to get into it I enjoyed the relationship between the main character and his three fathers However I felt that the author was trying to bring out a series of underlining ideas or messages, that I couldn t quite fathom A delightful book to hold physically great shape, colour and with great bookmark wrapped around book.

    15. This little book is the type I will think about for years to come It was very different not at all my usual read There are many messages to think about and characters to analyze Looking for a book to ponder on This just might be the right read for you I can t really say I loved or disliked this book I can say it will be with me for a long time and I will probably will give it a reread Three stars.

    16. I won this as a First Reads on It took me awhile to get into the story but once I did I really enjoyed it.Some of the writing is quite profound and thought provoking.It would be nice to know if Iota Draconis found his real father.The characters really came to life as did the Island from Will Chluhos skillful writing.This book is well worth reading and when I have the time I will re read it as I am sure I will get a different perspective next time.

    17. Once I got the hang of how the story was going to evolve, I enjoyed reading about the boy finding himself on the island and the three fathers I am not sure I fully understood all the reasoning behind the story though but, on the surface, it was an enjoyable read I loved the small yellow leather covered book brilliant to carry around

    18. won via First Reads Giveaway Lemonade Revealed starts slowly with about 50 pages to set up the story Then it takes on a light of its own All in all a good book that deserves a re read and will be looking for Will Chluho s next book

    19. I thought this was a sweet coming of age story but I m sure I ve only scratched the surface I m betting a reread will reveal lemonade Read my full review on my blogGuiltless Reading.

    20. I received this book for free through Goodread First read I enjoyed this storyarts out slow but picks up and is very entertaining.

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