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[Sleep]Walking After You #2020

Sleep Walking After You SterekDerek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour s bedroom Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep He knows he shouldn t have be

  • Title: [Sleep]Walking After You
  • Author: RelenaFanel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 302
  • Format: ebook
  • [Sleep]Walking After You By RelenaFanel, SterekDerek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour s bedroom.Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep He knows he shouldn t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy s really fine ass.Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he s sleeping.Words 56551 complete

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      302 RelenaFanel
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    1 thought on “[Sleep]Walking After You

    1. There s a severe lack of humping and pumping in this book but I forgive it It s sweet and funny and emotional and it made the fluff monster in my heart very happy.

    2. This is a fun super hot guy insecure guy story Stiles lives and works in Manhattan and when he jogs through Central Park he follows this super hot guy he calls the Godly Jogger Derek, of course Over time he realizes that Godly Jogger lives in his same apartment building and, in fact, right above him Stiles is Stiles with a lot of funny internal thoughts and self deprecation, which makes this entertaining to read.Dereke begins sleepwalking and crawling through Stiles s window at night via the fir [...]

    3. Highly amusing and frustrating, but fun Nice diversion for when a good laugh or two is needed and less doom and skullduggery is desired in your reading Favorite quote Or maybe that was just Godly Jogger s dedication to the golden ratio, because daaaaamn dat ass.

    4. 3.5 Stars Stiles has the unfortunate luck of crushing hard on a fellow jogger.To make matters worse, said jogger lives in his building To nail the lid, Stiles is the unwilling victim to his sleepwalking.Derek is ultra broody grumpy Stiles is definitely Stiles and endures one embarrassing situation after another.I liked the voice in this I liked how our favorite guys were portrayed I liked it because it had wonderful humor and it was smart and introspective when it wasn t being fun What I didn t [...]

    5. 3.5 starsDerek is sleepwalking and climbing through Stiles window Stiles doesn t know if he should be scared or grateful that Godly Jogger is entering his bedroom at night He came up with the name after seeing Derek jog through the park.Lots of funny moments and I really did enjoy it But I was really disappointed when I reached the end and nothing has happened in the nookie department.Because, you know I need my Sterek nookie There is a kiss at the end but that s it.The writing was a bit confusi [...]

    6. A sweet Sterek fanfic full of UST, where Derek is Stiles upstairs neighbor who keeps sleepwalking into Stiles bedroom through the window No wolves It has the added bonus, for me, of being set in NYC and having lots of jogging scenes in Central park, where I love to run.

    7. No sexy timesyou d think with as many times as he climbed in bed with Stiles, there would at least be a little making outne.But, I still loved it.

    8. So, so, so good The first story this year to manage to keep me up past my bedtime because I didn t want to put it down.This was hilarious, and adorable, and full of snark and silliness and sleepwalking Stiles s voice was spot on, and his interactions with, well, everyone Derek and Laura and Scott and Allison and his dad were excellently well done.Great good fun Favorite Quotes Stiles to Scott Dude I now know how you felt that time when you had an asthma attack when Allison was giving you a strip [...]

    9. 4.5 starsThis was really very good I hadn t expected to enjoy this so much Definitely one of my fave AU stereks Stiles was a kind of grown up version of himself in this one maybe a bit confident in himself in some ways and slightly less flaily, but still has constant random thoughts, verbal diarrhoea at times and can t help the sarcasm Laura Hale is in this one too I always like it when the story includes Laura, it just adds that extra fun dynamic of the big sis Oh and for those who enjoy obliv [...]

    10. Up to around 35% I considered to DNF because the story was just too wordy for me But it got a bit better after that Funny and kind of endearing Be aware that for the 3 or 4 hours you have to invest, view spoiler all you ll get will be one measly kiss I repeat, one kiss hide spoiler Ugh.

    11. Very clever writing and funny Laura was hilarious in this and reminds me of one of my sisters I have to re read this already though because I raced to the end to catch the HFN Nice.

    12. I absolutely LOVE this Stiles And snark between Stiles Laura priceless As in laugh out loud while sitting at work supoosed to be working priceless

    13. No werewolves in this one If I d known that I probably would have skipped it However, it turned out pretty good Stiles continues to have the universal Stile snarkiness Derek, grumpiness like But what I found intriguing was Derek sleepwalking into Stiles bedroom This is a slo mo though It takes a few trys to get Derek actually in bed with Stiles Also a while to get a kiss And no sex peeps, sighAlthough I MISSED some of these items being included, I still thought it turned out pretty good whisperi [...]

    14. This was nice It definitely didn t need to drag on quite as long as it did, seeing as how they both seemed to know the other one also had feelings for them What exactly was supposed to have been holding them back so long But all the sleepwalking stuff and the feels were great Laura was great Scott was beyond idiotic into the point of unforgivable for me, and I hate when his stupid behavior gets brushed off But what re you gonna do Good story A little too long and too late for actual Sterek But I [...]

    15. A bit slow at first but picked up pace about 1 3 through I liked this version of Stiles Derek, they were easily recognisable despite not being in Beacon Hills Derek not being a werewolf I love fics that feature Laura, and I loved her in this one The texts between her Stiles were so funny.

    16. This was Funny but anticlimactic and essentially a 2.5 star read for me I got bored, skimmed and felt cheated out of a good ending But I liked the premise and just wish it could have been less Waffle y I don t know but yeah, could have been SO much better.

    17. Sweet fic, great premise, well executed 3.5 stars I worried that it might be too far fetched and hard to make believable but the author did an awesome job I do feel towards the end that the plot got lost a little bit but it was so sweet and enjoyable who the heck cares Also, the sleepwalking part sort of dropped off about half way through and is tossed aside in order to further their relationship which is fine, what a well matched couple they turned out to be Also, this may be the ONLY Sterek fi [...]

    18. Gah how I long for 1 2 stars This was a very sweet story I ve been very impressed with the quality of writing for the fanfics that I ve read and this was another strong story I had a couple of small annoyances that just kept this from a 4 star read The main strengths for this story was the vivid writing and sweet relationship.

    19. The idea behind this story was quite cool and I mostly enjoyed it.But the thing I didn t like Stiles Here he is just annoying, unnervingly oblivious and so self centred It frustrated the hell out of me.

    20. Great AU version of Sterek It is always a great find when you find a book that has a separate plot line that while it uses our familiar characters, the plot and world is different.

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