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Smoke in Mirrors #2020

Smoke in Mirrors A con artist and seductress Meredith Spooner lived fast and died young But her final scam embezzling than a million dollars from a college endowment fund is coming back to haunt Leonora Hutton The ta

  • Title: Smoke in Mirrors
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: 9780515133998
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Smoke in Mirrors By Jayne Ann Krentz, A con artist and seductress, Meredith Spooner lived fast and died young But her final scam embezzling than a million dollars from a college endowment fund is coming back to haunt Leonora Hutton The tainted money is stashed away in an offshore account for Leonora And while she wants nothing to do with the cash, she discovers two other items in the safe deposit box A con artist and seductress, Meredith Spooner lived fast and died young But her final scam embezzling than a million dollars from a college endowment fund is coming back to haunt Leonora Hutton The tainted money is stashed away in an offshore account for Leonora And while she wants nothing to do with the cash, she discovers two other items in the safe deposit box a book about Mirror House the place where Meredith engineered her final deception and a set of newspaper stories about an unsolved murder that occurred there thirty years ago Now Leonora has an offer for Thomas Walker, another victim of Meredith s scams and seductions She ll hand over the money if he helps her figure out what s going on Meredith had described Thomas as a man you can trust But in a funhouse mirror world of illusion and distortion, Leonora may be out of her league

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      130 Jayne Ann Krentz
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    1 thought on “Smoke in Mirrors

    1. The characters held a lot of potential but the bad romance and week mystery killed it Also why do all characters end up in a relationship I don t understand Why does a HEA for all characters include a romantic relationship

    2. Smoke in Mirrors was an interesting murder mystery with a sizzling romance The prologue immediately set the tone of the story, immersing the reader right into the mystery Somewhat confusing, but quite intriguing Like most prologues, it is only as the story progresses does the pieces start to make sense The murder mystery had its finer moments and other moments that were boring Thomas Walker and Leonora Hutton played amateur detectives than really facing any action The interesting moments were a [...]

    3. This novel did not pretend to be anything other than what it was a straight up, formulaic, romantic suspense and you know It s good No insta love or skanky insta sex that s become the Holy Grail of 2k romances Here there is mystery though a titch convoluted and a gothic y setting foggy woods which hold a house turned library, within which every wall is covered with creepy antique mirrors.Oh, how I wish those creepy mirrors had played a bigger role but I am a ghoul, so don t mind me.Okay, so ther [...]

    4. Oh, btw, Meredith and Leonora the h are were view spoiler half sisters hide spoiler Thought I should put that on top, just to put the quotes in perspective Oh and after all of it the entire novel , h to Meredith or her ghost memory, whatever view spoiler We re going to name our first daughter after you hide spoiler I normally like JAK This one, well, here s a snippet of the H s thoughts view spoiler he had a feeling it would have been an interesting experience sex with the h A lot interesting t [...]

    5. I ve only listened to the audio version of this book, which I enjoy because there are two narrators, a man and a woman The male voices and hero s perspective chapters are narrated by the man, and the female ones by the woman The story has many of Krentz s trademark themes a librarian heroine, a faithful pet, thick fog, a near miss on a deserted highway, and dream messages Not to mention a murder or , a break in, an annoying ex boyfriend fiance, and a mystery This book had two men who are brothe [...]

    6. 3.5 Possible Minor Spoilers The first half or so of the book was very good The story grabbed my interest, as did the characters The first chapter was definitely creepy, and several other times I thought I was in for one of JAK s touch of paranormal suspense novels Even though the second half of the book was still good, the creepy factor dropped away and the resolution ended up being fairly typical mystery fare I liked the relationship growth between the main characters I would rate the sensualit [...]

    7. What does the death of a con artist in SoCal have to do with the suicide of a math genius at a ritzy conservative college Everything, according to the math genius s brother in law, who recruits with a little strongarming the con artist s half sister to help him discover the truth of the matter.Typically convoluted Krentz setup, and a lot of her usual types of course Leonora is a research librarian Another enjoyable but not particularly memorable read I had to look up the characters names to writ [...]

    8. Well, well, didn t everyone match up just perfectly It was almost enough to make me gag, but Krentz pulled it off without any unfortunate reactions from my stomach Another cute and funny romance, just what I needed to get my head out of the last book I read And, Wrench is now quite possibly my favorite literary dog.

    9. I loved this book The characters are developed and likable, the plot has twists, and I did not guess who the killer was or how the ending would play out The romance is also nicely developed as well The prologue sucked me right in A nice lighter mystery read.

    10. Good premise and execution Good romance, okay mystery I have this thing about mirrors, so exploring what they might symbolize in occult terms was really interesting.

    11. Bethany Walker was given drugs that killed her Before she give in to the drugs she found a place to hide a book and an envelope with pictures She knew that her husband and his brother would find them It was rud that she was taking drugs and she spent a lot of time at Mirror House, headquarters for the Eubanks College Alumni Association Her death was ruled an accident as a result of a car crash.A year later, Meredith Spooner was dead, rud to have taken drugs She also spent a lot of time at Mirror [...]

    12. Love me some Amanda Quick Jayne Ann Krentz, but this one was kinda boring the pacing was off.

    13. Very enjoyable romantic suspense Viable suspects, a surprise, and a believable couple One of my favorite JAK romantic suspense novels.

    14. I enjoyed the writing style, the mystery wasn t predictable and the romance wasn t too angsty and overdone.

    15. After the horrible series that I just finished reading, this was a nice change I liked the plot line and the characters I gotta admit, I didn t guess who the killer was lol I thought I had it nailed down but it kinda threw me off when they revealed who it was The only thing that REALLY annoyed me was that JAK seemed to be OBSESSED with the word tenure It was literally on almost every other page and sometimes 3 pages in a row Not even kidding, if you made it into a drinking game where you took a [...]

    16. Nicely writtenGood mystery, thought I knew the villain twicedid not until almost the end Good job Love the humor interwoven with the mysteryiling and guessing, time well spent.

    17. Author Jayne Ann KrentzFirst published 2002Length 321 pagesSetting Contemporary Smalltown.Sex Explicit once or twice Closed door thereafter.Hero venture capitalist investor Independently wealthy.Heroine LibrarianA repeat in many ways of Krentz s Sharp Edges, but a better version of it Subtle paranormal, good story, nice mystery, sweet romance.Enjoyable.Aside One of the complaints about 50SoG is that it portray s a version of a relationship many people don t want to see replicated in contemporary [...]

    18. I can usually finish a JAK book in less than a day, even if it s just a so so story, but it took me weeks to finish Smoke in Mirrors It was just so bland and lifeless Neither the hero, Thomas, nor the heroine, Leonora, were very interesting and their romance together lacked any kind of spark Part of of the lack of sizzle was due to the fact that none of the romantic scenes were described JAK did the old fade to black after the first kiss or two and then the story picked up again when the love sc [...]

    19. I snickered, hooted and giggled all the way through while remaining involved with the mystery as well The tool jokes and the dog were worth the price of admission.I ve read JAK in all her guises Amanda Quick, Stephanie James, Jayne Castle, etc , and I probably have most of her books, and love them dearly This one marked a departure from her 190 s and earlier books The heroine is not as cutsey, the hero is of a regular guy, less wierd not that I don t appreciate these JAK iconsbut I have lots of [...]

    20. This is the kind of book where rooms are always chambers, the past is always yesteryear, hallways are always corridors, and books are always tomes And where perfectly ordinary mid nineteenth century books of no particular value but with cool marbled end papers count as ancient tomes which makes me nuts I like to imagine that JAK does this with a twinkle in her eye, sort of deliberately trying to sound Gothic and mysterious, but I worry that a she thinks her readers are dumb or b she really wants [...]

    21. Smoke in Mirrors by Jayne Ann KrentzMeredith Spooner lived fast and died young and sends a last will and testament via e mail to Leonora Hutton Now it appears that Meredith s last scam is coming back to haunt her friend Leonora Hutton Leonora is her half sister.Leonora wants nothing to do with the tainted money, taken from an endowment fund at a small college She s been accused of being in on the theft by Thomas Walker who, apparently, was a victim of Meredith s knack for both scams and seductio [...]

    22. You gotta love Jayne Ann Krentz books In two one line paragraphs in the first chapter, she manages to spark a whole series of images for the reader Get this Two junkyard dogs stood in the doorway of the bedroom One of them was human Incredible timing and style I give this book a five star rating for the characters alone A lot of people would see a similarity in all of Ms Krentz s characters from book to book, but I say, if it ain t broke, don t fix it I look forward to meeting and re meeting eac [...]

    23. What I like best about this book is that the mystery part never gets interrupted by the romance part Unlike other most of the romantic suspence novels at the end this novels has logical explanation of the events in chronological order Though it s not that hard to put up all the pieces together to find out the murderer and you can always use your reader s intuition about who it is but when the charecters discuss about how they figured it out you can compare your train of thought with them i.e wit [...]

    24. DNF I made it to page 35 and then just had to stop It was so dull and boring Lots of yammering and name repetitions It felt like some sort of Lifetime Hallmark movie that had been turned into a book Total snore fest And that whole prologue was like someone who was a math geek had an acid trip by a mirror I m sorry but math and drugs are not in the least bit a captivating subject Also the frequent word drop of mirror got kind of old too It s not like I m going to forget the intro, let alone part [...]

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