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Hidden Agendas #2020

Hidden Agendas A bestselling indictment of media complicity with money and power worldwide from a first rate dissident journalist Robert Hughes

  • Title: Hidden Agendas
  • Author: John Pilger
  • ISBN: 9781565845206
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hidden Agendas By John Pilger, A bestselling indictment of media complicity with money and power worldwide from a first rate dissident journalist Robert Hughes.

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      456 John Pilger
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    1 thought on “Hidden Agendas

    1. I m going to break the habit of waiting till I ve finished a book entirely before reviewing it in this instance.There s something so stirring, inspirational and galvanizing about John Pilger s work that makes his writing essential reading for anyone with any kind of interest in world news or politics I would say the level of informative, incisive journalism on display here puts him head and shoulders above that bastion of liberal dissent Noam Chomsky, as great an admirer of his that I am Althoug [...]

    2. It was like a time capsule, given that he goes up to about 1998, but what s scary is that it all still applies So much of it is still relevant and it s as if nothing has changed since the 90s It s actually scary rather than sad.

    3. Pilger may be the journalist equivalent of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson where he hits, he hits hard This book is, for all intents and purposes, practically irrefutable evidence of the collusion between government, the media, and big business In a sense he elucidates how the distinctions between those three are practically nonexistent in today s world.

    4. Loved this book It s been sitting on my shelf for years Too busy working full time to read it Therefore it s a bit old and I m so sorry I didn t read it years ago or that there isn t an update A really interesting insight into the world of newspapers, especially in the UK Also interesting info on Burma and especially poignant knowing what s going on there now in 2017.

    5. Hidden Agendas is probably one of the best uncomfortable reads I ve come across recently The book is made up of essays exposing the nature of politics, those who are exploited and those who are responsible Pilger stays faithful to the what s of journalism, carefully backing up the statements he made It is a type of journalism which could not be criticised easily, due to the nature of the facts The author addressed the questions of East Timor, the British government s arms business, post war Viet [...]

    6. Described as a Moral interpretation of world affairs in a cynical age this book was given to me to read by Steph who said You ll learn a lot about dark countries from this Mum I soon found out that the dark countries included not only places like Burma and East Timor but Western countries such as Tony Blair s New Britain, USA and Oz Pilger unravels the hidden histories of contemporary events and allows us to read between the lines It also gave me hope for the future since he wrote about those wh [...]

    7. This is such a transparently HONEST book that I personally am surprised John Pilger is still out and about and has not met with some unfortunate accident in a distant land.But I m also surprised anyone should divide facts into left or right wing facts as many reviewers would have it There s only one set of facts, though the media can only be expected to broadcast whichever adaptation is likely to maximize their profits To expect otherwise is like expecting the food companies to put into snacks o [...]

    8. John Pilger s writing in Hidden Agendas is, as ever, powerful and compelling Like Chomsky, there are a few case studies he revisits time and again, but I think the subject matter bears repeating For a fourteen year old current affairs book the subject matter remains surprisingly relevant That said, if you re looking for your first Pilger book then Freedom Next Time might be a better bet.

    9. For years banned in Indonesia until turned into an award winning television documentary The conroversial main part of the book telling, to a large extent,the truth of Indonesia s war in East Timur Latest international court ev evidence seems to rpove that most if not all of Pilger s allegations are true Now available here A controversial but must read

    10. John Pilger has to be one of the few genuine journalists left in the world He is not afraid to tell it like it is He writes well, his style is clear and lucid, and you never feel that he is harping on about a pet hate Together with Noam Chomsky Pilger provides and alternative to the corporate brain washing and media bubbles that passes for journalism.

    11. Required reading together with Klein s No Logo and Freidman s The Lexus the Olive Tree.I won t opine here rather simply recommend and ask the gentle reader to decide for themselves.As someone once remarked, the Mind is like a parachute it works best when it s open.

    12. Yes, yes, yes for we conspiracy theorists who are so often mocked, here indeed is a book upon which we are able to rest our case Thank you, Mr Pilger, for another job well done.

    13. Bring on the revolution At times almost reads like a conspiracy theorist, while at others genuinely top quality investigative journalism.

    14. Seeing the date this was written, I thought this book would have been out of date it certainly wasn t Still very relevant today and a very interesting book.

    15. A very powerful book This book is great and should be used in the struggle against injustice all over the world.

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