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Pumpkin Time! #2020

Pumpkin Time The day the cows strolled down Main Street in fancy hatsEvy didn t notice What was Evy doing Evy is so focused on watching her garden grow that she misses all the silliness going on around her pigs DA

  • Title: Pumpkin Time!
  • Author: Erzsi Deak Doug Cushman
  • ISBN: 9781402295263
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pumpkin Time! By Erzsi Deak Doug Cushman, The day the cows strolled down Main Street in fancy hatsEvy didn t notice.What was Evy doing Evy is so focused on watching her garden grow that she misses all the silliness going on around her pigs DANCING, donkeys FLYING, and sheep HAVING A PICNIC.But after Evy s spent all year taking care of her garden, everyone s invited to pumpkin time

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      104 Erzsi Deak Doug Cushman
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    1 thought on “Pumpkin Time!

    1. A fun, read a loud that celebrates all there is to love about fall, gardening, and pumpkins Recipes at the back of the book for children are easy to follow and yummy to make Author Erzsi Deak taps into a child s fixation on accomplishing a task, nothing can distract Pumpkin Time s young Evy and Doug Cushman s illustrations highlight the hilarious and absurd Fall story time get ready for Pumpkin Time

    2. I received this book free of charge courtesy of GoodReads First Reads Giveaways This adorable kids book just arrived and my children have had me read it to them no less than 7 times This very silly story is centered around Evy and what she is doing growing a pumpkin Each page has something sweet and silly going on that Evy doesn t see or ignores because she is busy doing something to grow and care for her pumpkin At the end of the story all of Evy s hard work is completed and she shares a big pu [...]

    3. I added this book to my reading pile in July as an advanced reader copy, however it was about the same time I was adding a son to my children as well Now that it is October and pumpkins are on the brain, I keep coming back to this little book and I wanted to share about it While we have a few books in a pile for when we do a unit on pumpkins and pull out the preschool and kindergarten printables, this one is quite different Pumpkin Time is about the growth and process of a pumpkin pie and it is [...]

    4. This adorable tale has a bit of The Little Red Hen at its heart, but in a much less heavy handed, message y kind of way Evy is single minded, sure She LOVES her garden She LIVES in her garden But the fruits of her labor are for the benefit of all her friends even though they ve been busy playing the summer away Evy works in her garden because that is clearly her passion, and one she is willing to share Kids are invited to guess what Evy is doing as she tends her garden answers provided in back m [...]

    5. Evy is so focused on her garden she doesn t notice anything going on around her And there is lots going on Sheep having a picnic, cows in fancy hats, donkeys sailing in boats through the sky and much .I won this book in a giveaway It s a fun read The illustrations are fun, the animals are silly and Evy doesn t even notice anything going on She is focused and works hard on growing the pumpkins she had planted.This is a really great book for Fall and although not really focused on Halloween, I thi [...]

    6. I wanted to read something by Erzsi and this book was one I picked out The story follows a seasonal theme but goes through the months as the farm animals do their antics and Evy plants and harvests a pumpkin for Thanksgiving Would be a great read aloud for Thanksgiving in classrooms I love the illustrations and colors The book continually asks the questions What was Evy doing which could be the title of the book but it isn t I would recommend this to elementary teachers for the theme and the det [...]

    7. I received this book from firstreads, and my 2 sons were excited when it came in the mail This is a very cute book for children to read, it was worded well for my 7 year old to read to his 2 year old brother who loved the pictures pointing out all the animals the pigs were a favorite of the little one and his older brother liked the flying donkeys As for me I enjoyed all the pumpkin facts at the end of the book some of them are very interesting I don t believe any child would be disappointed wit [...]

    8. Great fall harvest pumpkin book to include in storytime could work for Preschool Kindergarten Loved how every page made the child guess what Evy was doing along with the silly things going on with the animals The facts and trivia at the back of the book is great as well You could also include this in a gardening theme.

    9. Cute story and the artwork is fantastic Before I even read it to the grandchildren, I spent time just looking at the pictures In accordance with FTC guidelines which I just discovered I did receive this book as a win from.

    10. Wonderful book that shows the stages of raising pumpkins pumpkin life cycle The book asks questions that children can answer or look in the back to find the answer I feel this would be great to use with groups of children who do not have the background knowledge of where food comes from.

    11. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewThis book is an excellent on for primary readers The story is simple and easy to read The pictures and bright and colorful There is a variety of animals in the story and it is a fun book for children I highly recommend this book.

    12. This should be a fun book to share near Thanksgiving time There are lots of funny things happening, especially with the illustrations which are large and colorful A nice repetitive phrase on almost every page that children listening could participate in.

    13. Lotsa questions in this book Luckily for the parent, they are all answered in case you don t have the right vocabulary to describe what Evy is doing

    14. What a fun book, my 6 year old daughter just loved it It is a sweet story with beautiful illustrations.

    15. beautiful fun animal antics with repeating lines and a cute ending I love the recipes to try in the back.

    16. This fun picture book follows a girl named Evy over the course of a year as she plants, tends, and harvests a pumpkin crop In fact, she s so invested in taking care of her garden that she completely misses the zaniness going on around her from cows parading in fancy hats, to buckets raining from the sky It all leads up to a big harvest feast, where Evy shares the fruits of her labor with all the farm animals.There s lots to talk about with young readers in this thought provoking picture book Erz [...]

    17. This book shows how vegetables and fruits are planted and harvested though in a funny way Evy fails to notice all the strange things happening on her farm and in her town because she is so busy hoeing, weeding, planting, harvesting, baking, etc It s up to the kids to try and figure out what Evy is doing each time that prevents her from noticing the funny stuff Fun illustrations Good for preschoolers It can be used to discuss farming and where our food comes from I also put this with seasonal bec [...]

    18. When the weather and all the animals do crazy things, Evy doesn t notice because she is focused on gardening and raising a crop to make a beautiful pumpkin pie in the Fall Then she feasts with all the animals.

    19. I can t wait for pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie ever since my mom saw the turkey at the zoo she s in the mood for thanksgiving and she s making everybody hungry age 5

    20. This book shows how much effort goes into the preparation for thanksgiving day Someone has to cook the food and clean in order to make memories with friends and family.

    21. Evy planted a garden and from then on her main focus is on learning how to take care of her garden and then working in it All kinds of crazy things happen around her that she totally doesn t notice because she is so focused on her garden The story is presented in beautiful edge to edge illustrations, showing all the bizarre things going on with the animals on the farm The author always asks what was Evy doing , encouraging young readers to be observant.The end result is shown in gorgeous full il [...]

    22. There were a few spreads where even I didn t know what Evy was doing, but overall I thought the hard work that goes into making a garden grow was clearly depicted Silly and fun, this book briefly stops at Halloween and Thanksgiving, making it a fun fall read The pictures are brightly colored and full of detail.Recipes and pumpkin facts included.

    23. Popularity appeal rating 4Quality rating 3.5In a one sentence nutshell Super appealing illustrations loved the turkey in rainboots , but readers may wonder why Evy is ignoring all the cool things happening around her.

    24. A fun book about harvest What is Evy doing on every page gets you a chance to stop and look what she is doing All of her doings lead her to the harvest feast Cute pictures nice story

    25. Repetitive book Funny, but a few pages too long Good for describing what you see in pictures A good picture book to use for good readers read pictures lesson.

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